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1. With this transverter board you can work on 2 meter band using any type of HF radio that has 10 meter band. Ideal new use for those idle 10 meter mobile rigs. 8. PTT Connection 28 to 144Mc/s Transverter The Transverter arrangement I have opted for here is a very cheaply available unit which can be bought from the Ukraine for under £20 and the board is very well constructed. Available in two models, the only difference is that the LA 144 is 4 W in and 60 W out, while the LA 145 is 4 W in and 85 W out Find RM ITALY VHF HT Linear Amplifiers LA-145 and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! 2 Meter IF for 902 on Up Look For Low Power Option 1W is the right level for most Transverters Ultra Sensitivity not Required Noise floor is set by transverter Disconnect the High/Low power button Band Scope Capability? Power Drain and Portability (if necessary)? Less than -137dBm is a darn sensitive receiver. It would work the whole 2m band at 144 to 148 MHz if your base radio has 26 to 30 MHz band. 1 Click Here to Email-- Send this Ad to a Friend wave transverter, interfacing it with a 2-meter IF transceiver may seem trivial. . The 144LP model (low power) is a basic design that can be Based on the popular DEMI VHF transverter design, they have developed a 2 and 4 meter power amplifier design to compliment the FLEX-6700/6500 transceivers. It would work the whole 2m band at 144 to 148 MHz if your base radio has 28 to 32 MHz band. AU $110. It is built from a length of 4" copper water pipe that is now hard to find, at least here. The level with the 7 inch panels holds, left to right, a 100 watt 6 meter amplifier, a 200 watt 2 meter amplifier, and the 150 watt HF front-end section of the transceiver. sensor. most traditional transverters only put out about 10 watts on transmit. No cable patching is required when changing from the HF to VHF frequencies. One of the big problems with the TV2 is local oscillator drift. 50 Feb 15, 2016 · Execraft KX3 2 Meter Transverter Install - Duration: 8:32. [ Hits: 1567  Results 1 - 22 of 22 146 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER + ATTENUATOR BOARD 2m Transverter 144 mhz to 28 mhz HF VHF UHF 10W 2 meter band ham radio. Best 2m transverter to buy? I don't have ssb/cw on 2m, and I'd like to consider a 2m transverter. The transverters can be used with nearly any transceiver that covers the 28 to 30 MHz frequency range (28-32 MHz on the XV432), including Elecraft’s high-performance K2 and K2/100. It looked like a high-performance unit, so I bought a kit. 368100 GHz would be just below the 2-meter IF radio's 144. The alu box is also the cooling for the TX-Fets. Ten-Tec made a 2m transverter kit, model 1210, it doesn’t look like they are made any more. This Kit requires a suitable low noise 1152MHz +7dBm Local Oscillator. Each is 28 MHz in and 50-60 watts output, and interfaced to my Apache Labs Anan 100D which is located in the upstairs shack. (168x153x336mm 5. 4GHz Transverter. Carrick would be much, much better off with a $99-$149 2 meter mobile with a Hustler MX-2 5/8 wave mag-mount mobile antenna. QRP operation can be fun, but if you're like me, you probably have the occasional need for a bit more power. 11 Apr 2017 Ultimately, operations will extend up to Maine as more Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3 repeaters are interconnected. 68 Please look at other items listed. You may want to choose TRANSVERTER BOARD 144 mhz to 28 mhz HF VHF UHF 10 W 2 meter band ham radio - $47. June 17, 2016: 630 Transverter. Verified purchase: No A 2-meter transverter requires a local oscillator at 116 MHz to transform 28-30 MHz to 144-146 MHz. It would work the whole 2m band at  2-meter transverter. was known to occur on the " 1 1 ⁄ 4-meter band" as early as 1933, with reliable communications achieved in fall of 1934. SevenFortyOne 4,082 views. Jul 23, 2018 · with an optional transverter. 3 GHz Transverter MKU 13 G2 28 from 2007 (*pdf file), English. $15. It works any modes such SSB, CW or FM if its available in your radio. 5Watts to 10Watts input gives 20-30Watts output. The task may be more difficult than it first appears, though, be- cause the transverter and 2-meter radio can damage each other if Murphy pays a visit. If there is anyone who can bring a 28 MHz IF, 2 meter transverter to the AMSAT symposium, and has time to coordate that with Jim Sanford, please do by emailing Jim. 5 inches 11. The SG-Labs transverter hangs from the back. 847 excactly) and the keying from beacon comes clear and loud to my headphones with S-4. Here is a link to the 500 kc website. 000. 6 Meters. When the 70 MHz band was introduced in Denmark during 2003 we all started up using whatever equipment available: 4 meter PMR radios, Yaesu FT-847, ready made transverters brought in from the UK, etc. 2 MHz ssecalling frequency at 1555Zand misc - 630 meters monitor sensors 630 meter transverter 472 to 479 khz if frequency 1802 to 1809 khz output power 50 watts, 50 ohms, supply voltage needed 13. The PTT was connected to ground and the IF transceiver connected to the IF port of the transverter. An enable signal to the sequencer will produce sequential output commands to a RX relay, a TR relay, an amplifier and a transverter automatically, plus a polarity change lockout . Solid-state T-R switching. 432kHz Transverter, front. Selecting an antenna for 5760 MHz is easy: Nothing matches the performance of a small dish. So this recording is the FT757 through the transverter (first FM then SSB). 4. I don't need a new converter, but I'm damn sure gonna buy this one. 5 A 10368-144LP 10 - 15. May 05, 2016 · Product Documents Product Description Download TEN-TEC 1201 1201 Circuit Board X-ray view 1201_x69e4 TEN-TEC 1202 1202 The transverter requires 2 watts of drive from a 40 meter cw transceiver and outputs 2 watts on 6 meters. OH1MN once again, kindly recorded my transmissio on both, FM and SSB. Information about the modification and units specs are in 10th 11th I. The heart of the transverter is the LO, and this cir- cuit should be constructed first. Add a new band to your high-f requency transceiver with this hybrid circuit. version 25 watt transverter models. 144 to 28 MHz High Dynamic Transverter Board Add more bands to your HF radio!!! To note, please:Only in our store you buy transverter assembled and adjusted by official designer UR3LMZ. 285 using XVRX to receive the signal: Second, below, the Power SDR screen when feeding the same transverter signal in via the ANT1 port. Its receive sensitivity is approximately 0. Update May 27, 2020: 6 meter FT8 10 O'clock in the morning 3 days ago Eenvoudig Leven. 00. Using this configuration, I am able to receive using the 2 meter transverter button, but when I try to transmit (regardless of power level), the transverter does not key up. The transverter requires 2 watts of drive from a 40 meter cw transceiver and outputs 2 watts on 6 meters. 2. The 6 Meter amateur band runs from 50 Mhz to 54 Mhz. The Kenwood TV-502 is a 2 meter transverter for the TS-520S series. 5 VDC @ 600 mA Description: The DEM 10368-144 or 10368-144LP is a complete transverter ready to be interfaced with a 10 watt or less 2 meter transceiver. If I go with the LPDA, I’m pretty much locked into the Flex, while a transverter would be usable on other radios. New Production Transverter. 25 Meters. 5 4 7. 06 at 144. Many Ham's around the world use this 2N2/6 - 40 to 6 Meter "No Tune" Transverter by K8IQY This project is a 40 meter to 6 meter CW "no tune" transverter using ten 2N2222 transistors and one 2N2907. The DSP-10: An All-Mode 2-Meter Transceiver Using a DSP IF and PC-Controlled Front Panel -- Part 2 QST October 1999, pp. The Heathkit Model SB-500 2-Meter Trans- verter provides you with SSB or CW operation on the 2-meter amateur band by using your lower frequency Heath  The Mini-Kits 630m Band all mode Transverter is an easy way to get up on to the The Transverter stability is typically around +/-1 Hz with a 2 minute transmit and going from TX back to RX mode there is a high spike reading on the S-meter. Transmitter power is 12 watts PEP SSB, 10 watts on CW and 4 watts on AM and FM. 15 Feb 2016 145. HY-POWER TRANSVERTER HX-240, MAKEOVER This was offered on eBay in 2019. 2 Meter Transverter ter. S. Hmmm, need PTT and another jumper. Karl WD9BGA and I made history in August, 2016 with the first North American 2. 0-MHz band edge—a problem with some radios. They do make a 2 meter to 6 meter transverter so you could run you equipment and feed it to the trtansverter to get on 6 that way. Jul 05, 2020 · Read more The Best SWR Meters for 2020. Connect the DC power to the transverter. Any help, schematics, info, new used, etc. I need a more up to date transverter! My skills at building now are very limited, so constructing another 23 transverter is completely out of the question. (3 watts will fully drive Apr 28, 2003 · I would like to either buy or build a transverter for my FT-840 so I could run all mode on 2 meters. Allison KB1GMX says “The ubitx sans driver and finals will put out roughly the right power for most modern transverters without the problem of too much power. THE fdm duo works on HF as far as I know but that is SSB not FM. Dave KA9SRU Most of the units can't be tuned low enough to use an IF of 2 meters. 99 $ 169. A transverter local oscillator must supply considerably more rf power than a VHF converter LO, since a transmitting mixer typically requires an injection level of a few hundred milliwatts. Het lijkt me toch wel leuk om ook op 2 meter uit te kunnen komen met verschillende modi. So, lots of hams got on 2 Meters with converted gear. 1269mhz transmit converter by ve2zaz (mini kit) $39. f. Information about the modification and units specs are in 10th 11th pictures. This unit adds the 6 meter and 2 meter capability to the S-Line product line. Hardware Interface. Monitor Sensors - This company offers both a 630 meter and 2200 meter transverter. My question is are there any digital modes that can be used on either the 2 meter or 440 bands using this transverter operation. frequency to the transverter frequency. T-Kit model No. 200. To Order Call: 386-364-5529 19519 78th Ter. 8 MHz and used low side injection to translate 474. With this transverter board you can operate on the 2 meter band using any type of the HF radio that has the 10 meter band. It operates from 144 to 146 MHz with 16 watts input. Up for sale is this original manual: HALLICRAFTERS HA-2 two-meter transverter, operating and service instructions, part. 2 5. Last modified: September 6, 2012. The Two-Meter Transverter Project Buildthis VMOS transverteranduse allofyour Kenwood TS-940'sbells andwhistles-ontwo meters! Y OU are the proud owner of Kenwood's amazing TS-940S. I've got my eye on the Icom IC-2820H dual band FM unit that I'll be setting up as a base station. Please call or email with price and picture(s). Super VXO. TEN -TEC model meter to hf transverter modified handle 10 watts of input power. 2-m-Transverter SB-500 Amateur-D Heathkit Brand, Heath Co. - USAF MARS  After that, I searched the Internet for 2m to 6m and HF to 6m transverters, because my intention was to work with CW/SSB and FM on 6 meters. The transverter plugs into existing connectors inside the KX3. DEMI / Q5 Signal transverters for 144, 222, 432, 902, and 1296 (Q5 Signal). 0) for QO-100, allows to transmit from a HF, VHF or UHF radio from 28/144/432/1296 Mhz to 2400Mhz (13cm) on the QO-100 satellite uplink and the narrowband transponder (NB). Economy, utility, innovation, and  29 янв 2019 Предлагаемая вашему вниманию новая конструкция вседиапазонного КВ трансивера под названием STEP-II сохраняет ту же структуру  SKU, F-SM-MM-02. Downeast is the only one left I believe. When the 2 meter band is not in use, the K144XV module is turned off, consuming no current. 6. This photo shows one corner of the homebrew 432 transverter built in March 1972. A 644. ) or COMPLETE READY transverter see. It does require a 50ohm matched antenna. 26&27. 5A max) ALC circuit. 674200 MHz in for 20 - 25 watts 474. Evenals de FLEX-6300 overigens. 5 V at the drain of the transistor. A 2-meter transverter for Flex-1500 and Microwave Transverters Miniverter-F for 2 meters, also 222 or 432 MHz A Personal Beacon for 10 GHz 10 GHz Personal Beacon or LO for 8 to 12 GHz LED bargraph Power meter. Options included: Common RF output, - 20dBM split IF, PTT-L and AUX to GND for external amplifier keying. Dual Band 144 + 432 to 28 MHz 12Watts ASSEMBLED TRANSVERTER VHF UHF 28mhz. Author: Hansen, Markus, VE7CA Encouraged by my friend Steve, VE7SL in June 2016 I built a tranmitter for the new amateur radio band, 630 Meters (475 KHz). It would work the whole 2m band at 144 to 148 MHz  2 6 M TRANSVERTER CONNECTOR. Marina Communications Buddy TX-11B & RC-11B; 2 to 10 transceiver. incl. amsat journal may/jun03. The spike is no longer visible in the transverter output LEDs. Jun 13, 2018 · 886 Four state-of-the-art transverters are included in Elecraft’s new XV Series: the XV50 (6 Meters), XV144 (2 Meters), XV222 (222 MHz) and XV432 (432 MHz). Ten tec 2 meter complete with mic, bracket fused power lesd and manual. 368 First, the PowerSDR screen with the 144 MHz transverter/Flex5000 receiving a 2 meter CW beacon at 144. I had taken the orignal LO and mounted it in a small aluminum box above the chassis, adding a proportional heater circuit which ran continuously even when the Transverter. 432 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER + Sensor Interface Board 432 433 Nov 29, 2017 · The information provided below can be used to Interface an Elecraft XV144 transverter to a FLEX-6300. 2 Meters to 1296 / 2304 / 3456 / 5760 / 10. Either the 2-meter or the 4-meter transverter may be installed. Jan 01, 2019 · They are attached to an HF transceiver and to the 10 meters band where they will then allow the operator to go on the band on the transverter. The  Better than many converters that are much more expensive. I use a Yaesu FTV-901 o a FT-901 for 2 and 6 meters ssb. 5 Concluding the transmitter side of the measurements, if the final gate bias is set as described above, and the transverter output power is kept to 5W or less, the transverter output is relatively After building and running the Ten-Tec 6 meter transverter, adding the 2 meter version to the shack was a natural. IF input & output BNC connectors My dream is to get the full line of 6/2/220/432 transverters, add some switching circuitry and strap them to this Radio Shack 10m radio. Ten Tec Model 1210 2 meter transverter 10mtrs in 2 meters out. Ten-tec model meter to hf transverter modified handle 10 watts of input power. 2 kg). 499-MHz crystal. 368 GHz transverter sits on top of the box, to the right of the 2-meter IF transceiver. It is connected with a short, very low loss coax pigtail and the transverter runs 2 1/2 Watts. pdf (10. It would work the whole 2m band at 144 to 148 MHz if  With this transverter board you can operate on the 2 meter band using any type of the HF radio that has the 10 meter band. Download SWAN TV-2C 2 METER TRANSVERTER service manual & repair info for electronics experts Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians This site helps you to save the Earth from electronic waste! Apr 23, 2016 · It describes a 28 MHz to 145 MHz transverter. I was unable to get 20 KHz tuning range using varicaps. Categories Radio Accessories Leave a comment. HF to 2 meters transverter F5RDH project of a transverter, that can receive input in HF and convert output to 144 Mhz in french 70 MHz Transverter This purpose of this page is to give a brief description of a 70 MHz transverter that has been published in the Danish amateur radio magazine "OZ" Q5 SIGNAL The Source for Down East Microwave VHF/UHF Transverters, Amplifiers, and Accessories 2 meter transverter. 3 MHz to give an output frequency  Тонометр Omron M2 Classic + адаптер + универсальная манжета (HEM 7122- ALRU). 2ghz 1296mhz 10ghz ten tec vhf amplifier qo-100 ham radio 2m transverter antenna tuner 2 meter transverter all mode cb radio. Jan 19, 2019 · Minikits - An Australian company that makes several kits, including a 630 meter transverter kit . 50 to 200 watts power out with a high gain antenna system (10 dB or better) is desirable. Transverter Board 144 mhz to 28 mhz HF VHF UHF 10 W 2 meter band ham radio. Assembly went smoothly, owing largely to the high quality glass pwb that was a joy to solder. 1209 6 meter Transverter Kit, $95. 4 mi. Power input is 20watts on all three bands. 2/4/6m & 222MHz high performance transverters. The unit was opened to verify installed resistor which is 4700 ohm. EUR 132,53. 6m to 10m Transverter (Part 2) developed by Martin Steyer DK7ZB and translated by Anwar v. Applicaton: If your high-band transverter uses a mixer (as most do), with the 2-/4-meter module's output used additively rather than with multiplication, then the total frequency stability will be a simple sum of the 2- or 4-meter module's and the transverter's. " This way hams outside Denmark may also benefit from the design. HIGH DYNAMIC 144/28 MHz TRANSVERTER 2m / 10m 2 meter 144Mhz 28Mhz Converter - $74. 00: arrl handbook chp31 fig. The maximum available transmitter out-put power is 20 mW. 37. Recently Sold Used. The possibility of using the modified transverter in conjunction with a 2-meter transceiver (as the model 1209 originally does) has not been considered, the required crystal frequency being too close to the operational band, this possibly causing spurious emission problems. The IF switch described here is designed to protect the transverter and frequency falls inside the 2-meter band, I specify a 106. We are on a roll so let’s test transmit. 2-METER TRANSVERTER Modular approach makes construction and modification easy By Bob Lombard;, WB4EHS, 1874 Palmer Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32935 I t seems that many VHFIUHF enthusiasts say they became interested in this part of the spectrum after having worked just about all of the DX available on HE This wasn't thecase for me. Sroka DL5DBM Part two considers the building of the transmitting-converter and a 3W linear-amplifier Selecting the FET´s for the transmitting-mixer: In part 1 we discribed the use of this FET-mixer, and it`s advantages to other types. Connect your 23 cm antenna system or a dummy load with a power meter to the appropriate 23 cm transverter ports. Approximately 1000 watts is delivered to the antennas after taking into account cable losses . No returns or warranty on these items. Priced from . My 2 meter DEMI is Tangu Uniform, I think the front end is zotted. On 500kHz, using an 80-100m square loop the best DX was Finland with over 100 unique stations spotting my 5W (ERP low mWs) WSPR signal. 25 meter band has a very long and colorful history, dating back to before World War II. DownEast Microwave (DEMI) has new pre-assembled 4 and 2 meter power amplifiers / LNA exclusively for the FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500. 0MHz to 10. Remember: ground ground ground - common grounds between boards - grounded coax at each end or very short leads and a ground lead near it. 50. #2 w9cll, Jun 24, 2019. T-KIT Model 1210A Factory Assembled, $239. If it is determined that a transverter port does not exist, does the transceiver have  Finden Sie Top-Angebote für 144 bis 28 MHz Transverter 144/28 MHz 2m/10m 2 Meter 144mhz 28mhz Konverter bei eBay. 97. A simple dipole of around 3 meters in length (two times 1,45 meters) will work just fine if the propagation is there. 000 and ending frequency to 146. This is the "heart" of the transverter. $16. 5MHz, 7MHz,14MHz, 21MHz, 28MHz out. F5RDH project of a 2M to 10M receive converter - EI9GQ 144 to 28 MHz converter. 98 $188. You have to "mentally" convert the i. The complete 13cm Band 2300 to 2390MHz Transverter is suitable for countries that ha. 2 meters is also supported, but at this time additional switching is going to have to be developed to accommodate a greater power output from the DEM 2 meter transverter to adequately drive the 2m KLM brick. Most hams now operating on these bands with 2-way (i. nl Hytera I3VHF IC-9100 IC-9700 Icom JT65 LNA loop LoTW MD785 MLA-T modification QSL QTH repeater Sporadic E SSPA Ubiquiti vertical VHF WAS Wimo Worked All Europe 2 meter => 6 meter transverter. Nov 16, 2019 · This past week the DEMI 222 MHz 25 watt transverter arrived from Q5 Signal. s. Under the transverter screen, I have activated the transverter for 2 meters, have set the offset to 116, set starting frequency to 144. $5. $18. June 4, 2020 June 2, 2020 by Robert Combs. I added TX/RX switching, a switchable 12dB attenuator for 0. back to the bench. Posted in Transverter, Yaesu. there is a bump sound at power on from the speaker and that's all that can be heard. Refine. 4 2 6. The basic unit comes equipped with 144 MHz capability, and the 50 and 430 MHz band modules may be added as options. Larsen NMOQ 2 Meter Mobile Antenna Install and Tune - Duration: 10:15. Supply voltage; +13. Th is wasn't the If >there is anyone who can bring a 28 MHz IF, 2 meter transverter to the >AMSAT symposium, and has time to coordate that with Jim Sanford, please >do by emailing Jim. There is a video of this earlier design on my YouTube channel. 5MHz. May 23, 2016 · The transverter will be based partially on the popular G3XBM circuit but will eliminate the PA. ] Link Budget: 11. Pre-Cairo Conference. 1 input from the Flex6300, 1 output to the 2m/4m/6m EA-antenna and a 2m/4m relay switch in the alu box, connected to the ACC PTT. As such, when the frequency read out on the IC-761 reads 28. 4~20 watts input on 10 meter 10 watts out on 2 meters. 2 meter transceiver dispatched upon receipt of payment, PayPal only please. A short breath and fired up the Yaesu. VHF / UHF Transverter stack. 10 Sep 2019 Homebrew 144/28 MHz Transverter. A pin-  As seen in January 2003 QST; HF to 2 meters transverter. 675 x 6 x 11. Your email made me curious and I did find the signal near 144. The transverter has low insertion-loss, low-noise RF bypass switches that enable the bladeRF to seamlessly enable or bypass the transverter without having to dismount the expansion board. It provides 0dB gain and +17dBm LO drive on receive with a 3. The IF frequency is 50 MHz for an RF frequency of 10,368. Based on the popular DEMI VHF transverter design, they have developed a 2 and 4 meter power amplifier design to compliment the FLEX-6700/6500 transceivers. only will be shipped in original box and original packing material. 65. 76GHz - 435MHz, TRV5670, Accessories, by VHF Design, Transverter’s block scheme is shown on Fig. 70 MHz Transverter by OZ2M This purpose of this page is to give a brief description of a 70 MHz transverter that has been published in the Danish amateur radio magazine "OZ. 00 . The frequency is 500 Kilohertz and a few kHz either side of that frequency. £30. 2 mi. ere is a solution to a common problem—strong pager signals interfering with 2-meter signals. Two metre amateur band linear power amplifiers are relatively easy to design. This came this a yaesu 2m radio i had this i do believe to be working. It is highlighted in the last picture. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele  Review of the Kuhne Electronics TR 144 PRO transverter for 144 MHz: Part 1 There is now a 2nd rx output on the IF side, antenna as well as IF connectors can be 15 km from a VHF TV and FM transmitter and 600 m from a GSM mast. All band The RX Adapter has split the rx and tx leads meaning the risk of blowing up the transverter receiver has gone. 4Ghz antennas and transverter, Bias-T and LNB PLL. ] Link Budget: 16. I have 2 FDM Duo and a Yaesu FTDX1200 1 Transverter 1 2 meter 70cm antenna and a vhf dummy load with meters to suit. If your transverter is equipped with Jan 05, 2016 · This is a mini-review and mini-HOWTO for the $75 UT5JCW 2m VHF transverter when used with the Flexradio 6000 series radios. Transverter for 76 GHz with 0. 144 to 28 MHz Transverter. 472kHz needs more people! EME223 630m Band Transverter: high performance 630 m linear transverter kit. 6% similar) The unit was opened to verify installed resistor which is 4700 ohm. Engineered from scratch for optimized 10M-2M conversion performance. Recently repaired by DEM - replaced Rx FET. In the block diagram I assume that the transceiver has a separate low-power output port from its driver or exciter. To their right is a surplus 19-inch rack-mount cabinet inside which are the transverters for 903, 2304, 3456 and 5760 MHz. I agree with the recommendation that Mr. Variable output PWR (front page,5-30W)( 5-60W on ME2HT-PRO-II version) SND jack for ext PAs (GND out when TX, open collector +50V/0. The Linear Transverter TR 144 – PRO is the youngest transverter of our TR-family and satisfies many criteria so that it’s not necessary to open and reconfigure the interior anymore. T-KIT Model 1210 10M-2M Transverter KIT, $139. Beware of fakes !!! It was developed by the Ukrainian engineer UR3LMZ especially for Ham radio. PROFESSIONALLY BUILT AND TUNED TRANSVERTER! 24,52 EUR. this is not enough power for most 6 meters activity. 68 postage. 2) offers better performance and some new functions. This relative power meter is a forward power indication only and will not measure or indicate reflected power. Implementing technological innovations and expertise in a timely manner and combining them into a state-of-the-art product is a thing we have The Collins 62S-1 is the only Transverter manufactured by Collins radio. The attenuator has reduced the power into the transverter to around 2. 4 MHz TCXO, a couple of bucks again, and doubled it to 28. Transmit spurious outputs are less than -50 dBc, meeting FCC spectral purity at a 2 watt power level. But it can be used in any amplifier antenna scheme. 8750 MHz reference is generated by a Silicon Labs Si530 chip. Designed as an IF for microwave transverters, it provides high dynamic range operation from 144-146 MHz. 850 (well is on 144. what doyoudo The DEMI144-28FRS is an optional integrated 2 meter transverter. transverter is used ahead of this transceiver, this readout is corrected to allow for the transverter’s gain. 0 MHz intermediate frequency, the injection frequency is normally 116 MHz. The similar Kenwood TV-506 is a 6 meter transverter allowing operation from 50 to 54 MHz with 16 watts. 160 meter linear qsk transverter (2bd set) $15. Review Original HALLICRAFTERS HA-2 Two-meter Transverter Manual. $599. Built in heatsink temp. 1 1 4. 000 MHz the input/output of the transverter is actually 144. Yaesu FTV-901R – 2 meter Transverter. 4m transverter built by john g0fmi. 000 MHz. I. 2M Low-Drive Power Amplifier. Transverter IF Output Power: +0 dBm Typical; +15dBm max (+7 dBm, 2m) Transverter IF Frequency Coverage: 100 kHz – 72 MHz; 135 MHz – 165 MHz Modulation System: Digital Low Power at Carrier Frequency Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: 2-Meter Transverter Switch transverter to position "Senden" ( = transmit). This device uses your 2 meter all mode rig as an IF. The low price transverters can be found on ebay from Ukrainian sources. Sota Oblong for 2 meters. A compact transverter module and an RF MOS 10W It is the 600 meter radio band which is located just below the bottom of the AM Radio Broadcast band. Custom Metering – Our premium custom crafted digital meter gives you peak- over-average metering, typically found in expensive outboard mastering meters. , Live Oak, FL 32060 USA Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm Eastern Hi Bob. I use the cables that come with the PX3 and my PX3 is mounted above the KX3. 144 to 28 MHz Transverter Board Add more bands to your HF radio!!! To note, please:Only in our store you buy transverter assembled and adjusted by official designer UR3LMZ. The modifications could be done by anyone who could build the kit ( for 2 Meters ) in the first place. Refer to the 23cm 1200MHz Transverter Block Diagram for more information on what is required. A HIGH- PERFORMANCE 2-METER TRANSVERTER Modular approach makes construction and modification easy By Bob Lombardi, WB4EHS, 1874 Palmer Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32935 It seems that many VH F/U H F enthusiasts say they became interested in this part of the spectrum after having worked just about all of the DX available on H F. Many Ham's around the world use this DC Power requirements: 10368-144 10 –15. W5DFN uses a 1/2 wave, directly fed by coax, dipole. it works good the only problem i had was i damaged the attuator board had to order a new one plan on getting more for 6 and 440 maybe 220. Sep 05, 2013 · Having been away from amateur radio for some time I'm considering getting back into it. However the ready availability of the low cost Mitsubishi RA08H1317M module makes it an attractive option for use with the Anglian and other low power transverter modules. Click on this pic to get it large 2 meter transverter. Discontinued Accessories : The Kenwood TV-502 is a 2 meter transverter for the TS-520S series. For microwave use the W1GHZ transverters look like a good deal. $169. 00 TR144-PRO 2 m Linear Transverter 144 … 146 MHz Transverter for 2m Well-equipped RF transceivers are now widespread and offer a performance that can hardly be compared to what VHF / UHF or SHF come with. Preset the TXIF (R20) and RXIF (R14) gain controls in the displays the actual 2 meter operating frequency, thanks to the built-in transverter band displays. Some experimental amateur use in the U. 8 V DC (+12 . It would work the whole 2m band at 144 to 148 MHz if your base radio has the 28 to 32 MHz band. The output of the Si530 is multiplied x16 with a Hittite HMC445LP4E chip to yield an output level of +4 dBm. You may add 50 or 430 MHz as options. This is a great way to get started using VHF simplex and repeater communications. It is specially developed for Review (mpn: SB-500 for sale) SB-500 Manual Transverter 2-meter HEATHKIT Original. 3 GHz project (see photo C) and another for a 903 MHz project. Physical: 6. Optional fan module (2pcs 50x50mm external fan ),standard on ME2HT-PRO-II. 15 отзывов2 вопроса. and can power the 13cm DXPatrol 12W amplifier. Monitor Sensors 2200m Transverter The Monitor Sensors TVTR2 2200m Transverter enables any Amateur Radio Station, equipped with a conventional HF transceiver, immediate, all mode, access to the new 135. pdf (1. 7-137. Eventually 2 Meter transverter (available in kit form at a reasonable price) to come out on 222 MHz. Instead, I'll just use a few volts of the transverted squarewave signal and a doubler, so that I can feed the signal directly into my present homebrew amplifier which uses two switching FET modules into a power combiner. Transverters are most commonly used to convert radio transceivers designed for use on the VHF 144 MHZ band (2 meters) to operate on even higher frequency bands (Microwave). After making a determination of what frequency output transverter you wish to use, and understanding our transverter schemes, (6 meters through 70 Centimeters convert to 10 meters, and all transverters 900 MHz and up convert to 2 meters), consult the manual of the desired transceiver. All KX3 Jun 21, 2008 · The Yaesu FTV-901R is a three band, VHF/UHF transverter. The Heathkit SB-500 2-Meter Lineair Transverter provides SSB / CW operation on the 2 meter band by using your lower frequency Heathkit station as a tunable 6-meter or 10-meter IF system. Jun 30, 2020 · With this transverter board you can work on 2 meter band using any type of HF radio that has 10 meter band. RM ITALY VHF HT Linear Amplifiers are broadband, compact amplifiers covering 135 to 175 MHz. Our new transverter's design (v 2. In the Collins collectors market this is a rare unit selling for about $2000 (08/00). I’m delighted with the transverter’s build quality and the instructions. 03. 99 shipping Table II - Unit one transverter power out as a function of power in Power in (Watts) Power out (Watts) 5 7. Advertorial 52 mhz with their transverter. Both, up and down converters are connected to the circulator (Ports 1 & 2) to obtain the best isolation and the short peace of the wave guide is connected to the Port 3 where antenna should be Feb 20, 2019 · Hi Ron, Here is some info about transverters with respect to the possible use of the Proficio with a transverter for operation on the 2200m and 630m bands. Introduction. It works any modes such S SB, CW or FM if its available in your radio. It is fitted inside the SP-38 box with the other ancillary items and mounted on a large finned heat sink. 7. I decided to try to find a ready built transverter by looking on the internet and ebay. The basic unit comes with equipped with 144 MHz capability. My activity has been nearthe bottom of the band in the SSB segment around 50. 5-4 watts for low power QRP operation, in all modes. TRANSVERTER BOARD 144 mhz to 28 mhz HF VHF UHF 10 W 2 meter band ham radio - $35. Too little power. 5" copper pipe like the 2 meter amp. Add 2 meters to any HF transceiver. If this has not been provided by the manufacturer, it's usually a simple matter to so modify the transceiver. I also have an external DEMI 222/28 transverter connected to Next transverter Last modified 2010-06-30 Kenwood TV-502S SPECIFICATIONS. I've had good luck with my TenTec 6m transverter in front of my FT-757 and TT Argonaut. Add to Cart. 2768MHz crystal, and is set to 3. The Collins 62S-1 permits you to enjoy operation on either 6 or 2 meters by simply snapping a switch. 5W. (168x153x336mm Use a saturated NPN switch driven from the +TX to key the transverter”. WorldwideDX Radio Forum 5,423 views. 100 MHz is very helpful to assist during testing and troubleshooting your transverter. Now thai you have found it. Neverthless, I use it at the 2m station since then, without a single failure, all the more that the device is remotely operated, away from the shack in a “harsh” environment (ambient temperature ranging roughly from 0° to 40°C). I need advice how to move forward on this issue. 2765MHz by a 5-65pF trimmer. This converts a 2 m signal to the five pre-WARC amateur bands. Technical description A modern 70 MHz/28MHz linear transverter module and power amplifier The Nacton transverter consists of two parts. : +49 (0) 9293 - 800 640 Fax: +49 (0) 9293 - 800 6420 Jun 24, 2018 · A transverter interface for the ‘7300 Posted on June 24, 2018 by dh8bqa After the quite good experience with the Icom IC-7300 during WPX-CW I thought it might be a nice idea to also try it out with a transverter on 2 m in the big VHF contest in two weeks. Full 10 watts RF output. For a simple 2m transverter take a look at the Miniverter-F, about $60 from Down East Microwave. With a few cables I’ve been able to get it set up in the shack and conduct a bit of Apr 25, 2020 · Two (2) VK3XDK transverter boards are used, one populated with parts for both transmit and receive, the other, receive only. The rear panel has an SO-239 antenna jack plus AC and DC input. Please see the photos for actual manual you will receive. or Best Offer. The alternative is a transverter that takes another band output. 225 Watt 630 meter non-linear amplifier (WB4JWM) 25 Watt 472 kHz PA (GW3UEP) 28 MHz to 472 kHz QRP transverter (DL8YCA) 400 watt FET amplifier for 630 meters (W7IUV) 472 kHz transmitter (M1GEO) 472 kHz transverter (G3XBM) 472-479 kHz QRP linear amplifier & RX-preamplifier (DL8YCA) 475 kHz 7 pole elliptical low pass filter (VK5FQ) 2 4m amateur band transverter module Version 1. ; Tokyo: Ebay DE Auktion von germany_made 140538868336 Apr 17, 2018 · Use a saturated NPN switch driven from the +TX to key the transverter”. Using a transverter on an AM only or AM/SSB CB will only give you the same modes on VHF. Wideband receivers rarely have enough filtering to reject pagers signals just above the 2-meter amateur band, resulting in strong intermodulation products, or intermod. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. The transverter’s lower end frequency range extends down to 60kHz making the transverter board suitable for LF/MF/HF/VHF applications. 2 W SSB power and controlled by GPS. Possibility of using separate transmitting and receiving antennas: 9 ** NEW ** Analog S-Meter PCB (Dutch) Analog S-meter (YouTube video)Communicatie Center: A cheap PCB for building a remote analog S-meter for the IC-7300 (and other Icom radios). One Rev C update was that an auxiliary RF port will be included to send a “Pre-Mixed” signal to a separate 5, 10 and 24 GHz add on transverter that will also be a Jul 05, 2012 · I disconect my ME4T 4m transverter from my FT-2000 and just put the plugs to the new 2m transverter. level 1 As designed 10 years ago, this transverter is no more state-of-the-art and there could be room for improvement. Version V3. 7 MB) Modifications: Top deal of the day : Save up to 17% on 2 meter transceiver sale bargains! 146 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER + ATTENUATOR BOARD 2m 144mhz 146mhz VHF UHF 144. Mar 29, 2020 · First FT8 4m QSO with the transverter over 24 km with PA3EWP. 2 Introduction The KX3-2M or 4M transverter extends the frequency range of the KX3 to include the 2 meter or 4 meter Amateur bands and allows reception on frequencies near those bands. 26 Sep 2015 I'm interested in a 2 meter transverter to use with my Icom 761. 122 - 134 - 241 GHz Transverter System. However,using 28 MHz as a tun­ able IF would cause some spurious re­ sponses to betransmitted. ;-). 5 inch panels holds, left to right, the 6 meter transverter, the 2 meter transverter, and the computer interface. transverter. I am using a diecast box with 2 transverters (2m and 4m) build in. The 2-meter station consists of an Elecraft K3 followed by a DEMI 144/28 MHz transverter driving a W6PO design 8877 linear amplifier that runs 1400 watts output with a SWR of 1. , Live Oak, FL 32060 USA Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm Eastern Two Meter Transverter FTV-250 [Converter] ID = 984810 439x338 Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for download. Converts 80 m to 630 m with maximum 5 W output. Introduction The KX3-2M or 4M transverter extends the frequency range of the KX3 to include the 2 meter or 4 meter Amateur bands and allows reception on frequencies near those bands. It is likely that there are more than the above transverters available and I will update this list if supplied information. Thanks, Mike. Good newsif you have a couple of afternoons to spend on a project, you can With this transverter board you can work on 2 meter band using any type of HF radio that has 10 meter band. By choosing an IF of 903 MHz, I was able to build a transverter for a 10. 2 of our transverter features better performance and some new functions. Transverter MICROSTRIP V. The Best Police Radio Earpieces for 2020. This connector is used to connect TS-520 to TV-502 and 6 m (50 MHz) transverter (see Table 1). Transverters range in price from $75-600 or more. 7MB) FTV-650B. Afterwards LO-filter F3 should be adjusted. 8 volts is optimum but the transverter will operate normally from 11 to 15 volts. Выбор покупателей. Shipping $7. 00 Spectrum communications 2 meter to 6 meter. We only need one. 000 MHz and on 222. 0 MHz. May 24, 2011 · All job can be done using the "LNB diode" power indicator/meter and a frequency meter or a surplus wave-meter. 125 to 50. XV Transverter Owner's Manual Errata XV Transverter (50, 144, 222, 432) Owner's Manual Errata: Rev F1-3 (8/27/2016) 94 Kb: XV Assembly Manual for XV50, 144 and 222 MHz Assembly Manual for XV50, XV144 and XV222: Rev E (1/31/2012) 1. 13cm Band 2. IF connections. I know nothing of the 2 meter transverter you intend to use, but I've used the Yaesu FTV-1000 6 meter transverter with my Mark V, so know a bit about the subject. Recently Added. $479. Wouldn't mind one for 6 meters either, but am really really interested in one for hf to 2. 8 kHz, 2200m band. A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter A homebrew solution to annoying intermod. Check Steve's blog for further inforatiom about local BC activity on 630 meters: ve7sl. blogspot. A second SMA jumper was attached to the TX output port and connected to a power meter and dummy load. Down East Microwave 2 meter transverter 144-28 HP 60 watt output linear transverter. The latest product of our transverter family is the TR144 PRO for the 2m band Over 25 years of experience in development of new transverter technologies led to this masterpiece of VHF technology. What's neat about this 2-meter transceiver is that most of it is in software! Your PC is its front panel. plus shipping · TR6SW - switch unit · RF - range; DC 146 MHz. Inside the cavity is a short length of that 1. 2 KHz out! Originally designed by John Molnar, WA3ETD, these have been in service for years. Automatic Transverter Interface 1 KW 6 Meter LDMOS Amplifier 2 Meter 80W All Mode Amplifier 1 KW 2M LDMOS Amplifier 1 KW 222 MHz LDMOS Amplifier 500w 70cm Amplifier 1KW 70cm LDMOS Amplifier A Big Power Supply for SSPAs Low Pass Filter/Dual Directional Detector Sampling RF Power LED Bar Graph Meter Amplifier Control Board LNAs (preamps) and MMICs The CT1FFU DXPatrol transverter MK3 (v3. $395. Winter 2010/2011 at DK0NA. 4GHz. E. Five watts at 3. with manual House cleaning. All my comments are based on use of the Mark V - I have no knowledge of the other FT1000s. HIGH DYNAMIC 144/28 MHz  2 TO 10 TRANSCEIVER. I strive to keep my 100% feedback rating. It is designed to match the FT-901DM and FT-902DM. E 10 meters to 6 Meters / 2 Meters / 1. 10 GHz Transverter Construction. To byu full compllete TRANSVERTER KIT (transverter board, attenuator board, all connectors and etc. ; Benton Harbor MI, build 1969–1971, 1 pictures, 2 schematics, 9 tubes, United States of I had been thinking about a 2-meter transverter to use with an SDR to replace my aging IC-275 when Sam Jewell, G4DDK, published his Anglian transverter 3,4 in 2014. =C ME4T-PRO very high  2M Amplifier for Flex 6700. Description. The board is a surplus Qualcomm part which has been modified and combined with a Mini-Circuits SRA-11 mixer module. 4 3 7. Prices are in the $100 range, but they don’t come up very often. pdf (7. + EUR 17,67 spedizione. Due to the many years of experience and a lot of information from our customers we have decided to revise the proven TR 144 H +40 completely and implement some types like the FT-817 or the Elecraft 2M transverters. For model Two Meter Transverter FTV-250, Yaesu-Musen Co. THE COLLINS 62S-1 TRANSVERTER. 3 to 2. The introduction of the attenuator is to reduce both the spike and the wanted signal by a fixed 2 Meter transverter (available in kit form at a reasonable price) to come out on 222 MHz. 2,3 GHz EME Transverter, German Moon Noise Meter (*. I found two designs: Maar heeft wel een transverter input. 2 out of 5 stars 361. The new design v 2. 50 160 METER LINEAR QSK TRANSVERTER ( 2BD SET) 14 RECEIVING CONVERTER FOR 2M RADIO ARTICLE ON DVD. 191. The output monitor may be calibrated to indicate certain levels if required. The RF detection circuit may be used separately or in conjunction with Mar 20, 2007 · A 2-meter transverter for Flex-1500 and Microwave Transverters. Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. Ltd. Thanks to K1WHS I used a Swan TV2 transverter for all of my 2 meter SSB/CW operations (including EME) from 1998 to 2007. Now I feel that I’m gaining real VHF experience — finding one more band for still more white noise. The transverter described here is based on an earlier design for the 500kHz band (now withdrawn in the UK). The design utilizes many of the features found in the popular DEMI VHF transverter designs such as a robust preamplifier, a bar graph RF power meter, sequencer, and cooling fan speed controller. This type has Uitgangspunt is een 2 meter transceiver en een elektuur 50MHz transverter. 00 With the same general features as our popular 1208 6 Meter transverter, the Model 1209 was designed for those regions where 6M FM repeaters take the load off busy 2M systems. 8 vdc at 15 amps operating modes cw, ssb, wspr and all other data modes $545 shipped in u. 3MB) FL-2100B. 1208 Ten Tec Kit Meter Transverter Factory Assembled Watt Mod Manual (55. After about two months of discovering new buttons every day, you'verun acrossthe transverteraccess jack on the rear panel. Ultimately the transverter stack will be located in the garage near the VHF tower base, to minimize feedline losses. The K3 (10watt version) is used for an IF on 50, 222, 902, 1296 and 10Ghz . Absolutely Perfect Condition. 6 Mb: XV Assembly Manual Errata Assembly Manual for XV50, XV144 and XV222 Errata: Rev E-2 (10/11/2018) 100 Kb C. Selecting a 106,500-MHz crystal might prove to be unwise if it was cut 10 ppm high—the usual calling frequency of 10. I have completedhundreds of contacts using a Ten Tec 1208 transverter coupled to a Kenwood TS-120S HF Transceiver, with the whole mess connected to the lower of the two antennas inthe picture 2-meter transverter, rotator control box and the 100W 432 MHz amplifier. The output of the 2 meter converter is 16 to 20Mhz and the 6 meter is 10 to 14mhz. Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced Portable AM FM Weather and 2-Meter Ham Band (Black) CC2BE. Only the cavity amplifier is now used. G3CWI 11 September 2019 09:06 #2. I find the transverter interface on the 890 the best there is; the DRV output is variable up to 0dBm and you can program the full offset to the radio display. Adjustment of the idling current of the final amplifier to 220 mA or 9. 100 MHz. To get out I use a Directive Systems 27-element loop Yagi rated for for 18. In either case, it's worth a look at Zack (KH6CP) Lau's transverter control circuit described in August 1988 QEX. The easy way for the owner of a high-frequency transceiver to get  2m Transverter for IC7300 kit part · 77,01 €. ca/ For my first 630 Meter transmitter I used GW3EUP's design . pdf (746KB Aug 20, 2015 · On transmit the output is much less than 1/2 watt even though I built a linear. The FLEX-6300 can only be connected in a simplex or common IF configuration, where the FLEX-6300 XVTR connector is used for both RX and TX and is connected to the XV144 TXin (IF1). In my transverter I used a 14. Output frequency is 28-30 MHz. When Sam improved it 5 to the Anglian 3L, I bought another kit, plus an extra PC board to experiment with. Typically they HF rig on 10 meters with transverter to get to 2m and 70cm. It is a high-end solution to getting on 6 meters, but if you already have a Mark V it’s a really nice luxury to own. 2742 MHz. Mar 09, 2015 · Single Sideband on 2 Meters: The Other VHF Mode Most new hams get started on the ham bands using FM, with 2m and 70cm being the most popular bands. The 1. Apr 04, 2012 · I know for 2 meters they made several rigs that are now discontinued, and seems like I recall seeing an old rig from the late 70s with SSB, however I have never seen a SSB rig for 440, only transverters, which I think would be the cheapest way to go for SSB. If the tunable IF had been 28 MHz, there would have been greater coverage of 6 meters. If the S-meter of the 2 m transceiver shows more than S 1, the amplification of the transverter may be adjusted with the RX-gain control. The new LDMOS amplifier line ME2T-PRO very high performance 2m transverter. . It was developed by the Ukrainian engineer UR3LMZ especially for Ham radio. 00 A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter A homebrew solution to annoying intermod. 5 dBi gain. 1 Featuring a very high dynamic range receive converter and spectrally clean transmit converter. There is a little discoloration around the RADIOVHF - WTB - TenTec 1210 2m Transverter Looking to buy a TenTec 1210 10 meter to 2 meter transverter in working and good condition. A Tokyo 350 watt amplifier mates well with this combo with no bothersome RF in the shack. 5 lbs. Review TEN Tec Kit 1208 6 Meter Transverter Factory Assembled 10 Watt Mod Manual TEN -TEC. Iron Goat Guns/W5DFN 80 Meter to 630 Meter Transverter . I was pleasantty surprised on July 5, 1997 when I gave my callsign on the 50. Hilltopper rig. It uses a RCA type connector. 110 repeter on my YAESU FT-920. 5MB) FTV-250. Since I would like to use SSB modulation on 2 meter I am considering to make a transverter based on the schematic shown here: My Yaesu FT450 can be used for the 28 MHz Intermediate Frequency processing. The output power of the converter is 200mW max. 3 2M TX IN JACK. 6 meter band 10 meter band 23cm 50 MHz 70 MHz 144 MHz Amersfoort antenna ATV Baby loop certificate CG-3000 Ciro Mazzoni contest CW D-Star DARC DMR DXCC eQSL HAMNET Hamshop. 13. Dec 11, 2009 · You can't slam the transverter with 100 watts, most want a low level (under 1 watt) drive. 148 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER 2 meter 148 MHz Converter 2m VHF UHF. It puts out a tidy 180 Watts (200 watts advertised) on 50 to 54 MHz. now need a good deal on some 100 watt amps hint hint. MF SOLUTIONS 630 Meter Transmit Converter: 80 m to 630m, 25 W output? Antennas. Original manual HEATHKIT SB meter transverter an original equipment manual, not a poor photocopy. The design for the 630 metre band transverter is based on using the 30 metre amateur band as the transmit and receive IF as some modern commercial amateur radio HF transceivers including my TS930 the coverage of this band for both transmit and receive is from 10. 5dB NF so that it can easily handle the output from other transverters. I use my TS-890 with transverters to create my QO-100 uplink; TS-890 to 2M via a G4DDK transverter then a second unit upconverting to 2. e. arrl handbook 1985. The 2 meter converter has an additional 74AC86 to generate the fourth harmonic from a 32Mhz clock osc. This is sufficient to drive any mixer used in a transverter. 5. A more thorough description of the circuit design can be found in the original 50 MHz transverter article found below. 6 meter band is covered with the 1208. The Yaesu FTV-250is a 2 meter transverter converter covering 144-148 MHz in SSB, AM, CW and FM modes. Interior is clean I still have several hundred original manuals to offer. Equipment for amateur satellites communication, reception and transmission on QO-100 (Es'Hail2), 2. I first built the XV6-2 transverter (Holger was so friendly to sent me the pcb lay-out, because he did not sell the kit anymore). Day 5: The transmitter chain To test and adjust the transmitter chain, you need a power meter capable to measure easily about 200 mW at 70 MHz, and a 1 mW (0 dBm) signal at 28 MHz. mmWave DX Videos . Two (2) W1GHZ T/R PCBs are used for routing the main transverter board’s IF port to the K3’s separate TX and RX IF ports and for switching +Vcc during transmit. maandag 28 september 2009. Beware of fakes !!!Up for sale New Generation of UR3LMZ - transverter with high dynamic range. 1300nm multimode (SC) [2 km/1. Miniverter-F for 2 meters, also 222 or 432 MHz *PC Boards available* A Personal Beacon for 10 GHz. The 10. There are lots of colour photographs showing details of the conversion. Type: Amateur VHF transverter: Frequency range: User manual (2. On receive, it uses the 40 meter rig as the intermediate frequency amplifier. I tuned directly to SV5VHF/b frequency at 144. 38 An FM handheld test radio and rubber duckie antenna that will Rx on 194. So I tried a variable Jan 03, 2016 · The transverter output provides up to +5 dBm which won’t destroy anything if I happen to forget to lower the transmitter power or warm up the shack with a big attenuator. If you have a KRX3 sub receiver installed, you can tune HF-6 meters with the sub while operating on 2 meters with the main receiver/transmitter. 34-40 With most of the radio in software, the mechanical construction of the radio is much easier to handle. For 2-meters, with a 28. ALC-controlled 10M input handles power range of 4 to 20 watts. Note the absence of the noise: The S2 Sequencers’ primary application is for VHF/UHF transverter, amplifier and antenna switching. £5. I would like to add 2 meters to my 6700. 1-5 watts input gives you 15-40 watts output on high power, or 1. These converters make a simple way to receive 6 or 2 meters with your general coverage receiver. 00 Model 1209A, factory assembled, $159. INTRODUCTION. 432 to 28 mhz transverter: 435 to 28 mhz transverter: transverter kit with box: rf vox attenuator board : 435/28 mhz rx converter: 739/144 mhz qo-100 converter : rf bridge: rf active probe : ra mitsubishi amplifier board : miniwhip active antenna : microphone equalizers: microphone adapters : antennas & baluns : cw key: beacon & cw memory keyer Description Second Hand HX-240 Tokyo Hy-Power HF transverter 2m in HF out. Transverter number 3 is configured for 9 cm as a down-converter so that the above 2 m IF frequency is subtracted from 3543. The 1210 worked flawlessly the first time. 98. 99 $188. 16% Vat. 220mhz converter. Converting from 10 meters to 6 meters is not done very often as it is FTV-250 2 meter Transverter: FTV-650B 6 meter Transverter FL-2100. Listing #1485985 - Submitted on 04/25/20 by Callsign W3ATT - IP: 162. 60 meter mod info needed Richard Heindel: Equipment: 0: June 26th 04 04:12 PM: Triplett 3423 meter movement help needed: Sam Lloyd: Equipment: 4: March 26th 04 02:07 AM: 50 MHz transverter ( was : rx for a 10 year old) Frank Dinger: Homebrew: 0: January 16th 04 06:04 PM: Ten-Tec 1209 2 to 6 meter transverter info needed: Dan/W4NTI: Equipment This board takes a 1136MHz LO from the transverter, amplifies it, and mixes it with 144MHz from a common 2 meter handheld radio, supplying 992MHz as a second IF to the transverter board. 4 GHz summit-to-summit contact. It should be applicable to the Flex-6300, Flex-6500, and Flex-6700 The Transverter can handle up to 5 Watts input from a 144MHz Transceiver as it has an on board attenuator and RF sensing circuit for switching from RX to TX mode. At least for transmitting a dedicated (tuned) antenna is required. I’d appreciate comments or comparisons. The manufacturer TOKYO HY-POWER (THP) has made many beautiful HF/VHF amplifiers with tubes and transistors, but also other equipment such as an HX-240 transverter in 1990. Second Hand Yaesu FTV-901R , The FTV-901R is a transverter for the FT-901DM and FT-101ZD series, capable of operation on the 50, 144, 430 mhz bands. The photos make paper look more yellow than it actually is. This means you must use high injection. 4 but I could not find any other signals being picked up from the PX3. Band PLL Synthesizer, VHF/UHF Legal Limit Switching LNA, 2M transverter Coming Soon, 2M-23cm Multi-Band transverter   To our knowledge, we don't know of a 2M transceiver with a transverter port! 2. Any suggestions? I want to start 2 meter SSB along with FM. The receiver design incorporates a 7pole Chebyshev filter, 3kHz wide roofing filter and a 5 pole Transverter Board 144 mhz to 28 mhz HF VHF UHF 10 W 2 meter band ham radio. Most VHF ham activity and ALL business band activity is FM. Ad-hoc day-to- day VHF SSB activations. 5 microvolts. Consequently, I used an IF of 432 or 903 MHz. 2 kHz to 29. After the adjustment, I connected the transverter to the external antenna and I was successful receiving some locals, so the adjustment is finished. 5w or 8w drive and an output via a 100pF capacitor for attaching a frequency counter. Maybe I will abandon the Elad although it should work on 10 Meters but it does not for some reason yet unknown. 144 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER 144/28 MHz 2 m 2 meter 144 Mhz Converter VHF UHF. 0 dB to 1310nm single mode (SC) [20 km/12. If you only have 11 meters available, a simple transverter mixer xtal swap will make the transverter still give you the required 2 meters! These are readily available from the likes of Spectrum and others, and will give you all the modes available on the prime mover driver radio! KUHNE ELECTRONIC GMBH Scheibenacker 3 95180 Berg Germany Tel. A bar graph above the signal-level display acts as an S meter with 6-dB steps. It was not easy to get the 94 MHz x-tal, but Holger had some spare x-tals in stock and helped me. 1 Fig. I have other 2 meter SSB rigs but find the KX3 to be very good on 2 meters. In this 2-meter transverter, the LO, or functions. > >I will not try to guess the infinite possibilities on hook up but the >drive will be XVTR IF output on the Flex 5000 (small) and the connector >to the Apr 07, 2008 · The XV144 is an ideal transverter for any rig except for it's crystal stability which can drift as much as 400 Hz on startup and during long keydown times. 1 Transverter’s Microstrip 5,76 GHz – 435 MHz V2 block scheme How it works Possible IF frequencies 430 432 435 MH Labels: cb to 40 meter transverter schematic. 5 VDC @ 2. 0 dB . arrl handbook chp30 fig. The FTV-1000 6 meter transverter is designed to be used with only the FT-1000MP Mark V low frequency transceiver. If AUX filter positions are designed into the transverter, it could become a complete microwave transverter through 10 GHz as components became available. 63. Discontinued! Please check our Used List. The local oscillator uses a 3. 0 - DX Patrol MK3: New OL, 4 FI available 28, 144, 432 and 1296 MHz and Related: transceiver 1. pdf file), English MKU 13 G2 28, 1. not WSPR) modes are using a transverter, either homebuilt or commercial. Look at my homebrew site for a 3-element beam that works much better then a dipole and gives more gain, or a my 1/2 lambda vertical antenna. The level with 3. more Format Build a 1296 MHz no-tune transverter board to use as a first IF, and use a 2-meter multimode radio as the IF transceiver. 00 After few Bandpass filters and amp stages I had signal strong enough to drive the 2 meter PA which was originally ment for 2 meter FM but worked really fine after biased properly to a class A. 144MHz High Power 50W Transverter. IF RF VOX . "Returns accepted should the contents be unopened, please e-mail me should the need arise and i will gladly do all that i can to assist" The KX3-2M or 4M transverter extends the frequency range of the KX3 to include the 2 meter or 4 meter Amateur bands and allows reception on frequencies near those bands. HF transverter 144MHz in 3. Repeater offset is provided for 6 and 2 meters, and full duplex operation on OSCAR modes A/B/J is possible with an external receiver. Someone here recommended the DEMI 2m LPDA, which takes the mW output from the 6700 and amplifies it. , greatly appreciated. 144MHz 25W Transverter. Several experimental ham radio licenses were issued for this band. 2 meter transverter

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