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1. admin. house, the 12th house will produce very evil effects during that period. 7th lord and  24 May 2019 □If the 7th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th House, the spouse would be sickly 7th lord and the 12th lord is Venus and he occupies the 9th House  24 Jun 2020 The 7th house of the astrology chart deals with your spouse. i have read that 7th lord in 8th is very bad for married lifealso in my rashi chart ketu\rahu is in 1\7 axis in 7th house jupiter moon n rahu are present. In a relationship, you want fun times, but you can also fight a lot, butting heads over little things. Mar 06, 2018 · Planets & Transits News: Rahu in 7th House Meaning, Effects and Remedies - The 7th house of the horoscope is usually for marriage, marital peace, relationship with the spouse, happiness in Venus in 9th house gives inclination of romantic ideas towards close relations of self or spouse at the level of brother-in-law or sister-in-law, and whether this romantic approach dies a natural death or is developed depends upon the stars of the person towards whom the romantic approach took origin. Even is 7th lord is malefic but it is in 7th house itself – happy marriage; If jupiter aspects lord of 2nd , 7th and 12th house – happy marriage. if there is a connection between 9th lord, 5th lord and 7th lord or houses, there is a strong chance that native may have inter religion marriage or may get a spouse outside own society. # Having Venus in the 9th house , aspected by Rahu . Sun As 7th (Seventh) Spouse Lord in Different Houses Astrology Seventh house and 7th lord is very important house in astrology. May 09, 2013 · Seventh House in relation to the Ninth Lord and the Twelfth Lord indicates a person who will have foreign settlements. Placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th  19 Feb 2014 CLICK HERE- http://www. Sun: The Sun, being a separative planet, in 7th house gives ill-tempered/ ambitious spouse who tries to inflict own partner. 7. If the 7th house Lord or the 9th house Lord is Vargottama, there will be a possibility of remarriage in terms of Vedic astrology. Apr 29, 2020 · RAHU, KETU SHANI placed in the 7th house will make the situation more possible for a spouse from a different culture (If thats what you meant by foreign. If the 7th lord is placed in 8th house, spouse may keep sick or may be a cause of death to him/her. Result of Saturn in Ninth house of chart. For foreign trip:– One should analyze the houses 3rd 9th and 12th and the cusp sub lords of these houses individually. How should I interpret it. It also aspects the 12 th house in the rashi chart by rashi drishti. What direction will one’s spouse come from? The signs and planets represent specific directions in astrology. If Mars and Venus conjoin in 5th, 7th or 9th house both receive evil aspect from Jupiter. Uranus in 9th House. So you’ve to see 7th house condition. 7th house lord in other houses: IN FIRST HOUSE: You may marry someone you know since very long time like from childhood. They may be much bothered by father's reputation and attitude which may cause despondency and alarm. e. thus the presence of Moon is generally considered good, usually bestows man and woman with success, good house, good Sep 01, 2007 · In this case Jupiter in the 7th house in Leo a friendly sign has actually saved the marriage. When the seventh lord is placed in tenth house, marriage will be on time. But it doesn’t develop courage in the person to proceed beyond glances and sometimes a casual talk, because Ketu is not intent on troubling the peace in and continuance of the married life. . again read that rahu is a planet of maayaa (illusion) so does that mean my spouse may cheat on me ??? not loyal to me? she will have love for me? how will be her You know, in one school of classical astrology, your Seventh House (what i usually call the House of Love or your Relationship Sector) is actually just for your first husband. Interpretation of the seventh house ruler through all twelve houses of the The activities of the 7th house serve the agenda of the 9th house. " Often, the partner has a totally different world view (because she or he is a foreigner, stranger or just someone living far away from the own birth place). The planet posited in 7th house in the D1 chart or Lord of 7th house placed in 4th house or lord of 9th house placed in 7th house indicates second marriage. when 7th lord is posited in 12th house and if Rahu is also associated with this combination, it is a strong yoga for getting a foreign spouse in kundli. Also, Saturn conjunct the 7th house lord is an indicator of late marriage. The native will prosper after his marriage. See the placement of D9-ascendant lord in D9 chart. My birth details are below: dob - 7th July 1974 Time - 9. There may be less conjugal happiness. 9th lord is of supreme importance. sun in the seventh house of horoscope/sun in the 7th house of horoscope In marriage matters, the individual gets a spouse full of ego and mild-type anger with no regret over its exposition. Mars in the 7 th House will make one go devoid of wife ( Lord Shri Rama also had Mars in 7th and we know the Ramayana, he is separated form his wife Sita devi for many many years and then again when the Demon King Ravana is killed and everything becomes peaceful, he sends his wife away suspecting her chastity, so anyway they remain separated). Family disputers, Diseases in the family, Court cases of family. Native may be fortunate after marriage or wife may comes with fortune. The seventh house of astrology is the house of partnerships of all sorts, including business partnerships as well as marriage. Jun 10, 2015 · Venus and lord of 7th house falling in dual or common signs in Lords of 2 nd and 12 th house conjoined in 3rd house and aspected by Jupiter/lord of 9th house, the native will have many spouses. matured and dutiful. The placement of Venus in the 7th house is perceived to be one of the most auspicious placements and the one which brings most of benefic results to the native. You do not do well alone and attract a well educated, knowledgeable spouse. In Astrology, 7 th house denotes marriage. Lord Of 7th House And Spouse. If you have Uranus in the 9th House, your thinking, ideas and philosophies are original, offbeat, independent and unorthodox. This house also has a multigenerational view, taking into account grandchildren, as well as in-laws. 7th lord in 1st house or in ascendant: 7th lord, is placed 7th place away from itself, and 7th place away means business and partnership. 2 Method 2: Sub-lord method; 14. The Moon, Rahu & Saturn are able to give foreign travel. If 7th House, or its Lord is conjunct with a malefic the natives wife will incur evils, especially, if 7th House, or its Lord is bereft of strength. So 10th house in 9. Understanding between husband and wife will be good. 2 jan 1990 2:55 pm moradabad, india Ruler of the 7th House in the 9th House. Such a The native with Saturn in ninth house is able to achieve everything in life by virtue of his hard work. First of all, let's see what 8th house represent - 8th house represents secrecy, occult knowledge, longevity, transformation, death and re-birth, In laws family, joint wealth with spouse, serving other people needs etc Dec 07, 2018 · Go to: 1st house – 2nd house – 3rd house – 4th house – 5th house – 6th house – 8th house – 9th house – 10th house – 11th house – 12th house. 1 Method 1: Detrimental House Method; 14. For studying effects of any Bhava, Bhava, its lord and karaka should be considered 7th House Lord in 12 Houses - 7th House is known as Kalatr Bhava. My husband and I aspire to work and settle down in UK/USA. The native will get a high position, gain from and be respected by the government. 6. � If lord of the 7th house is in Kendra aspects by a benefic, then the native gets a virtuous, food-natured, sincere life-partner. If 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn. Your partner may be of a secretive and irritable nature. Their spouse may bring everything for them. 7th lord in the 8th house: 7th lord placed 2nd house away from itself its mean person may good partner and gain wealth through spouse. 4. It is known as the house of self acquisition. transit, the Moon passes through (1) the exaltation house of the lord of the dasa, (2) the houses friendly to the lord of the dasa and (3) the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th Jupiter’s aspect on 5th House is good for students, matters related to children, creativity, wealth, relationships etc. Additionally, the Ninth House addresses publishing and multinational ventures such as import/export businesses. If the 7th lord is in the 6th aspected by Rahu and with no beneficial If the Lord of 9th house is placed in the 7th house, remarriage as per astrology is possible. Union of 7th house lord with 6th,8th,12th house lord in any house. 7th Lord in Different Houses will results in 9th House as the native and his wife will be well behaved and good persons. The Moon in Cancer denotes foreign travel as the Moon is a swift moving planet and Cancer is a movable sign. Then the results will be like this • Your spouse will have some connection by being in a foreign land • He/she can be from a different race, community May 07, 2018 · Vedic Astrology. More if 7th house happens to be the Pisces. The 9th house indicates traditions and if the 9th house has any relation with the 7th house or its significator or its lord, in addition to malefics like Rahu, Saturn, Ketu etc. Jupiter in 9th Now, the 2nd house is the house of income and the earnings of any native are seen through this house, the 7th house is the house of spouse and the 8th house is the house of income of the spouse. Seventh House Lord in Ninth House. The native will keep poor health in his early years which will improve with years. Dec 12, 2018 · When 7th lord is posited in 12th house and if Rahu is also associated with this combination, it may make yoga for getting a foreign spouse. 24. The Lord of 7 th and 9 th house in 7 th house indicates love marriage. Dec 15, 2018 · Venus in 9th House: Key Facts About Its Influence on Personality People having Venus in the 9th House might fall in love too easily and with people who always bring something new into their life. Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu then you May have tough relationship karma. If 7th lord is in sign of debilitation or combust or joined by 6th, or 8th or 12th house's lords in birth horoscope Nov 24, 2015 · 8)12th house and 7th house both are travel house so 7th house Lord in 12th house may cause travel to a forigen country or lives in forigen place. Jupiter in seventh house of horoscope makes a person scholar and fortunate. Mar 09, 2020 · This is self-explanatory as the 7th lord of a spouse is in the 9th house of fortune, which ultimately produces this given effect. Placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord is indicative of foreign spouse in astrology. Matters related to international relationships are indicated by the seventh house. Jupiter is friendly to the ascendant lord. The conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 7th house of 9th house also indicates remarriage after divorce as per the astrology. For example, the presence of benefic exalted Sun in the seventh house of a horoscope in the sign of Aries along with benefic Mercury can make the native interested in some type of business and the native may do so if at the same time, benefic Mars is placed in the third house of his horoscope in the sign of Sagittarius. It may be for a short period or a long one and this depends on the houses that are involved. This house is located on the right side of the circle of house and coincides with the ‘Descendant’. 23. Well the 7th from the 3rd, or the 9th house will shows your co-borns spouse. Sep 15, 2019 · If the same combination occupies 7th, 8th or 9th house of Navamsa chart then that indicates a lack of trustworthiness between spouses and also indicates extramarital affairs. If any inimical planet to Venus gets placed in the 1st house as if Rahu would be in first house then, the native's spouse and his/her household affairs would get adversely affected. Also marriage will transform the native . Jul 05, 2016 · The twelfth lord’s aspect on ascendant house gives long stay in foreign land and earn money there. If every thing not matches with the right time of concerned planets, Maha,Antar,Pratyantar Dasa, We will have to wear the gemstone for the related planets. 1st house represents you and 7th lord denotes your spouse. Mar 04, 2018 · 7)7th house and 9th house both are Travel house in a horoscope. Lagna lord Venus is in 9th house and Saturn is 12th lord fulfilling the promise of settlement in a foreign land. Opportunities to visit famous places and big temples arise. He may have to survive under single parent. You may even marry a person known to you. The owner of the seventh house is Jupiter here which is also the owner of the tenth house. Jupiter result in seventh house of the horoscope, kundli according to Indian vedic astrology. In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra it is said that when the 12 th lord is Moon and it is exalted, “the native will enjoy beautiful houses, beds and Jan 18, 2016 · The seventh house of astrology is ‘the House of Partnerships’. Effects of Moon in 7 th House Basically seventh house in horoscope is the house of marriage (Kalatra) apart from other significations such as business partnerships, sexuality, opposite persons, internal reproductive organs etc. 9th lord when in 4th house, 12th house, 7th house becomes very powerful to bless with foreign traveling. Jul 21, 2016 · Lord of seventh house and lord of 7th from Moon. To see a relationships from Navamsa one should first see 7th house from the Ascendant ( Lagna ) of the Navamsa. Sep 10, 2012 · If the lord of the house of marriage or the 7th house is associated with 8th, 9th or 12th house, it indicates foreign travel after marriage. Partnerships may involve much duty, responsibility and hard work. The Main House for Spouse Prediction is 7th House and 7th Lord. 7th lord and Venus in Shubh houses in the beneficial signs or feminine planet in 7th inspected by malefic gives spouse of beyond Rahu with Venus in 7th house with 12th lord is a strong connection for foreigner spouse. These need to be There are a lot of ways to see if someone will get a foreign spouse. The 7 th house is an angular house i. 7) If Lord of the Navamsa happens to be in lagan or 7th or 9th house of lagan chart then marriage would be auspicious and stable. You find your significant partner in a foreign country. Rupert Francis John Carington, 7th Baron Carrington, DL (born 2 December 1948), is an English businessman and crossbench member of the House of Lords who succeeded his father as the 7th Baron Carrington on 9 July 2018. They will be known for their versatility & will be able to concentrate on many fields. Jan 15, 2015 · Eight House governs hidden wealth, in-laws, taxation, secret knowledge and death. So say you’ve got Capricorn in the 7th – you hook up with a driven warrior type. Mercury placement provides mixed results but with Sun or Jupiter it may give more favorable results. Essentially what the 7th house represents is any situation where you are in ‘contract’ with another person in a one-on-one circumstance. Dec 21, 2019 · If the placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord, then it clearly indicates foreign spouse in astrology. here can always be a power struggle/ friction due to mars in 9th however more important to see the state of venus as the 9th lord and its dignity and relation with saturn – the lagna lord. This rule is same like rule no one but here you will be responsible for marital discord whereas in rule no one your spouse will be the trouble maker. 7th house lord sitting in 9th house. Because mine is Saturn my spouse will likely be older. The ascendent rising in the east shows your mental and physical traits while the 7th house falling in the opposite of ascendent represents the mental and physical traits of your life partner, the 7th house is exactly placed opposite to the first house and hence reveals about the To add auspiciousness to this combination, the 7th lord in 1st house is in seventh from own sign, which means that the 7th lord casts direct aspect upon its own sign. Sensitivity and feelings would be the keywords in your relationships. 8. 9th House: You may marry a person from a different community, they can be interested in religion and philosophy, they like literature or higher studies. Posts: 2175 From: Asia Registered: Nov 2018 Mar 20, 2009 · Effect of Seventh Lord in the Ninth House. (22) 7th lord has sambandha with 12th house relating to movable and common signs; (23) 4th lord in strength in 12th getting aspect of Saturn or Rahu. If lagna Moon and Sun are under malefic aspect 8. He is Deputy Leader of the House of Lords and former Minister of State for Defence. Residence Abroad: The 7th house being the 4th from the 4th house can show one settling abroad. 9th House From 11th House Determine the 7th house lord in D1 chart. Tags Ketu, ketu in 7th House, Seventh House According to Vedic Astrology, effects of Ketu in 7th house from ascendant (lagna) in horoscope of male and female on marriage life, spouse (husband or wife), life partner, relationship, business, partnership, venture, disease etc are both good and bad. Contrarily to the 3rd house, this house represents higher education and universities, as well as the understanding of abstract topics. A strong benefic placed in 9th house, compensate the 7th house lord weakness. They feel that time wasted is life wasted. G. Find where your Venus is placed. Aug 09, 2016 · If 4th, 9th & 10th lords are beneficial and related to each other in some way head of state; high authority. Effect of Seventh Lord in the Ninth House As the 7th lord is in the 9th, the native will do well with their spouse They will be unorthodox by nature and with diverse interests. Your Lagna is Aries. 12 Jun 2016 When 7th Lord goes into 12th house native's wife will be spendthrift. The 7th house ruler in the 8th- Transformation thru partnership. 1 and 8 sign or 10 and 11 sign then the marriage of the native will be delayed. In either sign (Capricorn/Aquarius) as 7th house lord, Saturn in 9th house (for Cancer/Leo Ascendants respectively) shows that Spouse may be of nature where he/she imposes own religious views and beliefs to the native. 5)7th house belong to wife and when 7th Lord placed in 9th house native wife may be good. i. Nephews and niece, Intellectual and love affairs of younger Brother & Sister. So to find your partner it is advised to look where the lord of 7th house is located. 6th house from Lagna being 12th from the house 9) SEVENTH LORD IN NINTH HOUSE: If the lord is strong then the father of the native lives in foreign lands. When 9th lord is in 12th house, individual travel to other countries in search of a Guru, as we often see people coming from west to India for Spiritual pursuits. The position of the 7th Lord tells us how would a native would his or her spouse at a certain point in life and in what circumstances. So 9th house in 8th house. Apr 26, 2017 · 9th house: 9th house is occupied by 7th lord Jupiter and 9th lord is well placed in 10th house with 3rd lord Sun, 4th lord Mercury and 5th &12th lord Venus exalted. 10th lord in the 5th house: Excellent placement for the performing & creative arts and other centre stage roles like politics, literature. Jan 12, 2016 · Navamsha Lagna Lord in 7 th House, 7 th Lord in 12 th House – marriage in 23 rd or 26 th years of age. Well, the 9th house in any horoscope is considered the most auspicious house, its lord is considered the greatest benefic to a chart. So, in our example, if your ruling 7th House planet is Mercury and placed in your 10th House (“Career”) of Virgo, you may partner with your spouse in your career and/or your partner has a public career. If the two owners are friendly and the owner of the ninth house has a beneficial influence on it, the parents will have good relations between them. Hence the spouse / partners will be of lesser status or calibre. Effect of Seventh Lord in the Ninth House As the 7th lord is in the 9th, the native will do well with their spouse. At the time of accident, the native was running Venus/Moon dasa, Moon is seventh lord (House of spouse) Moon, is hemmed in between Sun & malefic Ketu. The effects will be good and auspicious, when in the course of his. Wife may be religious and traditional following lady. in the 7th House, one will marry a foreign spouse or someone from marriage. Secret enemies and clandestine deals. com Book link- http://www. If there is the combination of 7th and 12th house, then it increases the chance of marriage in foreign or in a distant Jul 19, 2020 · Foreign Travel: Travel to foreign lands is seen from the 7th house. Native may gets his suggestions and help regarding to get success in life by right way. 7th house represent Married life and Marriage partner in life. Because Saturn is the owner of the 7 th house, there is a natural issue with fear and distrust in relationships and honesty and openness is important for Cancer rising. So, naturally, 6th-from-7th represents debts of the [first] spouse. -effect of ruchaka yoga on the nature of my future spouse. The 3rd shows leaving home; the 9th tells about ones long journey; the 12th indicates new environments and foreign land. if 7th lord is in the 11th house, the native may fall in love with a The lord of the seventh house and its placement in the horoscope indicates about the nature, body complexion, education, parental background and dreams of your would-be spouse. Involvement of Jupiter in the yogas related to foreign trips indicates trips related to participation in religious functions/conferences/activities. Venus in 3rd house and the lord of the 7th house occupying 9th house i. Lord of the fifth house deals with the results of one The placement of your 7th House planetary ruler will tell you how your Relationship karma will be experienced by you in this lifetime. 8th: The placement of Moksha lord in Moksha house indicates strong spiritual nature. If 7th Lord is devoid of strength and is relegated to 6th, 8th, or 12th, or, if 7th Lord is in fall, the natives wife will be destroyed (i. e Mars in D9 7th house shows spouse would be very active, Dynamic in nature, Round face, stout body, short heightened, reddish appearance, whereas the Sign, Aspects and D9 7th Lord Strength can totally change the whole picture of a spouse. LORD OF THE SEVENTH IN THE TENTH. Cuspal Interlinks theory considers 5,7,11 houses for marriage and 2nd house is not taken as a house of danger and death to the 7th house; in System Approach (SA), 8th house is considered as one of many marriage significators. [/box] [box type=”error”] Fifth Lord in various houses. You may be known for speculation, gambling, gaming, or children. Placement of 6th,8th,12th house lord in 7th house. 9th house: If 7th lord is in 9th house with 9th lord or benefic planets, dasha of 7th lord may give quite auspicious results. 2nd Lord in 10th House. The spouse is supportive and help in fulfilling duties of spouse. It represents moral, immoral, legal or illegal relationships. If your Venus is placed in the 9th house. The connection of the second house with the ninth also means that the native will earn through research, international trade, religion or long jour­neys. Level of fortune and relations with father are also seen from this house. 5. and your spouse. While it is the house of initially meeting and attracting your future spouse, it is not the house of being married. So 1st in 12th house. Jun 14, 2018 · Jupiter DK gives the traits described in this post, but also having your 7th lord, Venus, in the 9th house (naturally ruled by Saggitarius and Jupiter) puts even more emphasis on a Jupitarian partner. War, arbitration, foreign affairs and international trade are symbolized by the seventh house. Jan 07, 2014 · 7th lord in the 7th house: 7th lord, is placed in its own house which is good. When Rahu is Placed in 7th house of Kundali, it can Give Spouse from foreign land. Her lord of 7th house is Libra, ruled by Venus and is placed in 7th house-> Meeting spouse via the arts (music) and he is an artistic person (He is a music artist). 7th lord in the 9th house: 7th lord is placed 3rd house from itself, its means the person get good luck from spouse and rise after marriage. 7th house not only Indicates Marriage but it 22. So in case of foreign spouse in astrology, Rahu is the main planet too. ¨ Mars and Saturn are in the 7th in Capricorn, the spouse will be chaste, beautiful and lucky. 6) Then check if DK relates to AK of spouse. 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter in the 7th house may have got her married to a wealthy family and 7th lord in the 12th house aspected by 12th lord can just mean that she got married to someone who is settled abroad. Dec 19, 2015 · Compare the strength of the 1st and 7th house. The twelfth lord Jupiter will be in Libra. May 15, 2019 · 3rd House: The 7th lord in 3rd house, then your spouse can come through your siblings, relatives or neighbours. It's about the "grand amour. 9. LEO OWNING THE 7TH HOUSE FOR AQUARIUS RISING 7th lord in the 9th house: 7th lord is placed 3rd house from itself, its means the person get good luck from spouse and rise after marriage. , and weak in handling things which are more suitable to you. the planets have more influence in this house. - Duration: 22:40. Aug 01, 2014 · If 5th house lord is staying with 7th house lord or 5th house lord is sitting in 7th house or vice-versa, signifies ‘love marriage as 5th house is also called house of spiritual practices, and If 6ths Lord is in 9th House, the native will trade in wood and stones (Pashan also means poison) and will have fluctuating professional fortunes. Your partner needs to be broad-minded. 4 Selection of If we divide a star further into nine parts, this 9th division of a star is called a 'Sub'. Since the 3rd lord is in the 9th the native may not get much from the parental side. 7th lord in the 2nd house: 7th lord, is placed 8th place away ¨ T he 7th Bhava occupied or aspects by the 9th lord, or sign lord or other benefices marriage will be happy and the wife, a loving and fortunate woman. He is a generous person and will be more successful than his father. Jan 05, 2017 · The Lagna Lord having some relation with 5th and 7th house or its lords. This is considered very auspicious as per sidereal Vedic astrology as the given lord protects and strengthens own house and brings the strengthened characteristics into the ascendant. The 7th house is often associated with romantic relationships, however this is commonly the simplified modern interpretation of this house. Malefic effects on seventh lord turned out in so much of disaster that he had to face widowhood. Sudden and unexpected long journeys are possible. she will die If 7th lord is well placed, and having a beneficial aspect of any other planet like Jupiter or Venus or even benefic Sun and Moon assures happy married life. When the ascendant represents your own self, then the seventh house reflects you in the form of your Ruler of the 7th house in the 9th house Relationships have a fairy tale characteristic. 7th: This signature may indicate spouse from a different cast and creed. I will probably meet my spouse in foreign lands (9th house) and my prosperity may increase after marriage (7th house) You should also examine which planet influences the 7th house. If the 7th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th House, the spouse would be sickly. As the name suggests. 9th House is the House of Dharma and is governed by Jupiter. In some cases, the spouse comes from a culture that is very different from your own background. Technically, the above parameters are not just the only ones to form an opinion about your spouse. Dear Sir, Lord Shani is the lord of 6 & 7th houses in my chart. 17. If 9th sign then native spouse having a good height. Sep 29, 2017 · So check if 7th house factors match lagna factors of spouse. ) 7th lord in the 9th house is debilitated for Leo. As 7th house is bhavat bhavam of 10th house regarding profession so native may go forigen for his live hood. Saturn Saturn from tenth house aspects 12th house of foreign lands. One should assess the strength and benefic influence of the 10 th lord and 10 th house for high prospects in life in both the birth chart and the dasamsha chart. Rahu in 7th house spouse appearance Rahu in 7th house spouse appearance Oct 06, 2015 · Aquarius in 7th House – Aquarius on the cusp of the Seventh House. Saptama 3. So you need to check, what planets in the 7th house and the condition of 7th lord. partners in business, foreign lands, success in love affairs, fertility, foreign travel, trade or business etc. Combinations for a Romantic Spouse is Very Straight forward- The 7th house or 7th Lord Should be connected with Venus or Moon or Mercury. Therefore the 12th cusp sub lord should signify the above 3rd 9th and the 12th house. 9th House From 9th House. So therefore my 7th lord is placed in the 9th house. However Conditions of dematerialization are indicated by bhava-8 and its residents. First of all, let's see what 9th house represent - 9th house represents Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Law, Faith, Fortune, Gurus, Teachings of Father (as father is 1st Guru we get) etc. He may associate himself with the world of spiritualism in later life. 3. If 6) If the lord of Navamsa lagan is present in 2nd or 11th house of lagan chart then the spouse will bring wealth to the family. The 9th is the house of fortune, of luck, and of Dharma. , and ninth house represents luck, fate, travels, higher  In general, if you have the 7th house lord in the 2nd house then your spouse be of foreign origin or from a different cultural background since the 7th lord is house (7th) is having a connection with a trine house (9th), the spouse would bring  So in case of foreign spouse in 7th house is the main house for 5th house or Lord with 12th house or We have to see the condition of 9th house too. His life partner would be someone whom he has known for a long time. People with this placement look for the best in people while trying to ignore the negative qualities in others. 12th house is foreign house, L-7 in 12th suggests partner may be from far 11th house belong to elder brother, 7th house is 9th (fortune) from 11th so  20 Apr 2019 Placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord is indicative of foreign spouse in astrology. Navamsa is also called D-9 ( Divisional Chart - 9 ) Apparently it look like any other Rasi chart . Spouse can be of foreign or different culture. Strong 9th house and 9th lord indicates that native will prosper in foreign country, Einstein become american citizen in 1940. Though union in trines will be less damaging than in other houses. The native may be weak in health and strength. The 7 th house rules our partnerships. May 31, 2019 · 7th House Lord in 9th HOuse || ‘bhagyodaya’ after marriage | Rajyoga | धर्म से दूर और काम की ओर - Duration: 9:13. He or she is always ready to fight opposition concerning the religion and philosophy they follow Read: Lagna Lord or Ascendant Lord in Seventh House Navamsa plays a very vital role in marriage partner production. There may be a desire to study metaphysics or a fringe religion or foreign culture. Venus occupying 5th house and Rahu placed in 4th house may give marriage around 30 years. If 7th lord is well placed, marriage may take place with a relative and partner may be a rich person. It indicates public image of the native and foreign travels made due to his/her own profession. Hikaru29 Knowflake . As the 7th lord is in the 9th, the native will do well with their spouse They will be unorthodox by nature and with diverse interests. If the 7th lord is in a benefic's house (or in the 9th as subha Rasi so means) while Venus is exalted or is in own sign, the native will marry at the age of 5 or 9. Mar 04, 2018 · Hello Truth Seeker: Season's greetings, how are you today? Thank you for your question in my feed at Quora. Placement of Rahu in 7th house and Dec 26, 2013 · If in Navamsa, 7th lord occupies a Trika house, the evil results may not happen. Jun 08, 2017 · # If in the navamsa chart , 3 or more planets sit in the 12th house or get associated with the 12th Lord , or the sign of pisces becomes prominent. Seventh House Significator in Horoscope. Ambition for power is manifest. This is favorable placement for the seventh lord. Mars in 7th house and Saturn/Rahu in 8th house without having any benefic aspect Aug 15, 2018 · Because Saturn owns the 7 th house they tend to attract foreign partners who are hard-working and who may not want to be home much. Such a person is quite rigid when it comes to their ideals. The horoscope house and astrological sign decide where you could find your future spouse. You marry a trophy wife or husband. Ascendant lord in 9 th or 9 th lord in ascendant indicate foreign travel. Ketu (with Moon) in 7th house does draw inclination and sometimes develops attraction for outside members of the Opposite sex. The same Venus Dasa is the lord of 4th and lord of 9th Yoga karaka Dasa for your mother in law ( her lagna being the 10th ( Aquarius ) of your Navamsa as discussed earlier). But Marak (lord of death) in the house of Longevity will reduce the longevity of spouse, the death of spouse at some distant place from own place. This house signifies partners in life, sex organs, marital relationships and character of your spouse. 8) Predict the lagna as these above signs or with lord of that sign or ruled by the lord. The 7th house lord conjunct the 9th house lord is a strong indicator of the spouse being of foreign origin or from a different cultural background. When 7th lord is posited in 6th, 2nd, 12th from 7th Jul 05, 2007 · Well consider the 9th house: the 9th = the 7th house counted from the 3rd house. 9th lord in 4th house/12th house is very frequently seen in such cases. Feb 21, 2012 · Cancer navamsa7th and 8th lord saturn in 8th house along with jupiter. If there is malefic planets ( Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu/north node and Ketu/south node ) in the 7th house or if your 7th lord in the malefic houses ( 6th, 8th and 12th ) and with the malefic planets e. Jupiter’s aspect on 7th House is good for matters relating to marriage, spouse, public image, foreign relations and travels. Sometimes there would be moodiness in the relationship but it would be changeable. 36. Foreign travel, 3, 9, 12. In Astrology, 7th house and its lord represents spouse and. she will cooperation with her husband . The 7th lord and Karaka God Venus in the even zodiac sign gives spouse with womanly qualities. Remember, 7th house in Birth chart shows what we want or what our desire is and 7th house is Navamsa chart shows what we will actually get. He may not be very well educated. The partnership not only A seventh-house Venus has finesse in relationships and treats relationships tenderly but not emotionally. Anytime you see Rahu in the 7th house or conjunct with the 7th lord, there is a possibility of marrying a foreigner. The same result happens when Mars and Venus also exchange houses in Navamsa or D-9 chart. Benefic Jupiter being the lord of the sign Pisces may cancel the debilitation status of benefic Mercury and these two planets may form Neechbhang Rajyoga in the ninth house of this horoscope which may gain even more strength due to the presence of benefic Sun in the same house of this horoscope. 7th House and Life partner. 9th house is belong to long travel and 7th house belong to travel to far away place or forigen place so 7th house lord in 9th house may cause native may goes for foreign place or far away form birthplace for a long time. Venus in 2nd house and the lord of the 2nd joining Mars, the marriage may take place late around 27 years. Own spouse, partners, oppositions. The spouse will bring gains, but the Lord of the 7th Aquarius Ascendant - If it is Aquarius Ascendant, Venus rules 4th & 9th house and sits in 7th house in Leo sign. The 9th house: travels, abstract and higher concepts, spirituality, and foreign matters. When Jupiter is placed in seventh house of horoscope, the person is blessed with a beautiful wife. 8th House From 12th House. The native fortunes rise after marriage and there is harmony and trust in the relationship. Although we get partner according to the 9th house because 9th house is the house of fortune and partner in life is also luck. The spouse might belong to a family of bureaucrats or Politicians or a person in senior management in private sector. 6)9th house belong to foreign land or far away place. Whether your spouse would be of a different cultural background, would be an inspiration to you, a friend, a motherly figure, a competitor, or a disciplinarian - you would find answers to such questions in this DIY guide. The native may Nov 05, 2016 · If benefic planets or 10th lord is in Taurus or Libra and Venus or lord of 7th house is in 10th then the native will become rich by marriage or through the wife's earnings. When there is a disturbance in this environment, a conflict between one partner’s ideals and another’s, the solar return will reflect this with planets in the 9th. If Venus in seventh House or the Seventh Lord or the Lagna Lord of Navamsha is all afflicted then one can say that it The 7th house ruler in the 7th house- You need a partnership to feel whole. Location of benefics and malefics in 7th house or that in 7th from the moon. More if  13 Jan 2019 See the Rahu strongly placed in the 2nd house along with lagna lord 7th house gives much age difference between the husband and wife. 12th House From 7th House. If Sun and Rahu are in 7th house, spouse may be barren. astrologykrs. In seventh house of chart, Saturn generally delays marriage. (Both the houses are shadow of each other). The 7th house and its lord reveals if there would be any lawsuits related to matrimony, and 9th house is significator of 2nd marriage. Apr 21, 2013 · Seventh House Lord in Different Houses Seventh House Lord in Ascendant This position indicates – ascendant is connected with outside world. Lagna lord (1st lord) with 12th lord/in 12th house or in 7th house also generates this yoga. � Benefic Rashi and planet in the 7th house aspects by a benefic and good position of Venus and lord of the 7th are essential for a happy married life. So We have to check the 7th house of main birth chart as well as the 7th house of Navamsa Chart. 55 Am Place - Bangalore Sex - male Shani is also sitting with Mercury(2nd & 11th lord). Venus / Jupiter/7th lord placed in the 12th house indicates a possibility of marriage with foreigners or in foreign lands. If Venus in the fixed sign then native spouse having middle height and solid body. The second from any house “fills up” the house with its’ values. The ascendant or 1st house reveals nature of one’s personality, the 2nd house indicates longevity of spouse and nature of family life. If the 8th lord is in bharani , these people will be very good with reading minds of other people and will have a great sense of intuition . 1st in 12th house Sun lord of 8th house in 7th house. Read: How to make Accurate Marriage Prediction We have too all these combinations in Navamsa chart also. She will be talented and will have good self-control. Saturn in 7th House. You might shy away from a legal commitment. Your marital life may suffer a lot of hardships, especially due to health issues to partner. The Navamsa is really the place to look at your Saturn, as well as 9th house in Navamsa, 7th from Atmakaraka, and also applying some Jaimini techniques to UpaPada. You bring a philosophical attitude to your significant relationships. The first thing I look for is a connection between Rahu or Ketu (the North Node and the South Node of the Moon) and the 7th house or the 7th lord. The 7th lord in different houses - a DIY guide to check out the personality, characteristics, and profession of your spouse using Vedic astrology. I appreciate it. If your 6th house or its lord is strong, this life will be scripted to enforce neutrality regarding the spouse's debts. 7th and 8th house occupied by malefic planet/s having bad aspects and Mars placed in 12th house increases the opportunity for second marriage. 7th house lord should not be in 6th , 8th , 12th house & 6th , 8th , 12th house lord should not be placed in 7th house of bad sign. Know the effect, Moon is in 10th House and know the remedies of Moon. This person, if any, should be skilled in trade and diplomacy. Your partner brings out the philosopher or wanderer in you. Sep 02, 2013 · Seventh House Lord in second house from its own house indicates – spouse of natal can be a rich and wealthy person. Co-dependency can be a problem. There is a deep connection of the 7th house and life partner in your birth horoscope. as lord of the Seventh house. 12th lord in the 7th house makes the married life unhappy and ends up in separation and re-marriage. Below readings should be applied to both the birth chart and the dasamsha chart separately and combined thereafter to get the true hidden meanings. Jul 20, 2020 · 8th House: When 7th lord in 8th house, your spouse can be interested in research, they may like the occult, they can be working people. Applications of the 7 th House. Frederick Richard Penn Curzon, 7th Earl Howe, PC (born 29 January 1951), is a Conservative front bench member of the House of Lords. Grand father, father’s luck, Teacher’s knowledge. Lord of 7lh in 1 ll house and Venus in 2nd house. 8 th House of Rashi chart is 7 th House of Navamsha, Venus in Navamsha Lagna, marriage in 25 th or 33 rd years of age. Its mean a person can marry with business partner and brings great sense of self, purpose and fulfillment and the person attach with their spouse. Ketu in Seventh House Should Ketu be found in the seventh house of a horoscope, the native is likely to get a partner of questionable character. And the 7th house lord in the main horoscope be in a water sign. Native’s married life will be good. 6th House From 2nd House. Lord of seventh house The Effect of the Third Lord in the 9th House . However if the 7 th lord in the ninth house is a malefic planet, then natives partner will be of dominating type, harsh and authoritative. Seventh House Lord in Eighth House. It is the realm of spirituality and philosophy, higher ideals, faraway travels, both physical and inner ones. Let me leave you with the wisdom of my teacher regarding the 9th house The 9th house of your astrology birth chart is referred to as the ‘house of philosophy,’ and it’s directly opposite the 3rd house, which deals with short travel, your neighborhood and your early schooling. Ninth house in a horoscope of a native shows his attitude towards faith, religion, his beliefs and long journeys which are mostly religious. # Having Rahu in the 7th house and if 7th lord makes a connection with 9th house . You may meet them through media, or you may meet them during some short course, or short journeys. The spouse would be well educated, well-traveled, would be from a different cultural background, and could be working in the field of academics. Because seventh-house Venus people treat relationships with tenderness and respect, they are generally treated well in return. 7th house lord sitting in 8th house. Venus lord of 5 and 10th in 9th house. The results may change and vary according to the planets placed in the 7 th House, the placement and strength of the Lord of the 7 th House, and the aspects received by the 7 th House as well as the the Lord of the 7 th House. Or wife. Venus from 3rd house aspecting 7th lord placed in 9th house. Use DK, AK and venus or Jupiter (wife or husband) and sun in this comparison. 1st in 12th house Mercury lord of 6th and 9th house in 8th house. -its effect on my married life. 7th House From 1st House. But the lord of seventh house played so nasty with the native. The lord of the 12 th house Moon is exalted and vargottama in the 7 th house in the navamsa promising a great love and marriage. Planets positioned in the 7 th house of Navamsa, 7 th sign of Navamsa and the 7 th Lord of Navamsa or D9 chart will be the main factors to indict the nature, character, look and profession of your life partner. Also, the presence of raja yoga in navamsa also results in the spouse from the rich background. The reality of spouse is seen from D9 7th House and the planet sitting there reveals a lot about the spouse. If we talk about the Lord of 7th house and spouse, then It is the native desire of every person to bagging a beautiful and charming spouse. Mars in the 12th from the ascendant and malefics especially Saturn, in the 7th. Jan 04, 2019 · For example, you are an Aries ascendant. They will be unorthodox by nature and with diverse interests. Lagna and 7th house lords are in 3rd, 5lh, 1lth house together 6. Your spouse could be involved in politics, religion, teaching, or counseling. Traditionally, in astrology the seventh house is the house of marriage. The chance becomes stronger if the 7th house happens to be the Pisces. Thus 12th house from the house of wife would receive three foreign influences of 6th and 7th houses alongwith foreign influence of Rahu. You evolve with your mate and experience many up's and down's LORD OF THE SEVENTH IN THE NINTH. 16 Apr 2020 Well, with the available information here is the answer: Seventh house is for business/ partner, spouse etc. One needs to consider the seventh house in respect to the change of residence. The 7th lord indicates the spouse’s physical body, which preferably is joined benefic planets/signs to give healthy stature, whilst malefics gives opposite results. If Sagittarius sign fall in 7th house, means 7th house have Sagittarius energy it may also bring some foreign element in life and if Jupiter sitting in 9th house is strong indication of different culture spouse. -> Jupiter in 7th house indicating a foreign spouse-> Sun in 7th indication that spouse will have leo qualities or rising (Partner his ascendant is Leo). The spouse may be matching with the nature of Saturn i. Read Part -2 of this Navamasa lesson Series here – If the master of the seventh house or Yuvati’s Lord is in Labh Bhava or eleventh place of gains in the kundli or Horoscope, the person will pick up riches or gains through his better half or spouse( as there is a trade of vitality between the seventh house and the eleventh house of additions) Lords of 2nd and 12th house conjoined in 3rd house and aspected by Jupiter/lord of 9th house, the native will have many spouses. 7th house in your birth chart is the house of spouse or say legal marriage partner, this house governs various other legal partnerships such as your business partnerships or any other partnership with people in general. The 3rd house shows co-borns, usually younger ones then you. 10th House From 8th House. Native may have financial crisis or may be poor. Oct 11, 2013 · The ascendant and 9th house connection indicates foreign travel. If Mars and Venus exchange navamsha, it indicates extra marital relation. 3 Method 3: Ruling Planets method; 14. Evils to spouse. Jun 02, 2013 · 1. Seventh House in relation to Eleventh House and Second House indicate a person who will basically rise in life after marriage due to support of in-laws. You not only My Saturn is placed in the 9th house. Effect of Seventh Lord in the Ninth House. Dec 20, 2015 · 2. Venus in 7th house or as 7th house ruler always gives a very beautiful spouse and the relation also is very good and peaceful but when Venus is in Leo it shows a spouse who wants all the best things in life. 14. 7th house lord or the occupant of the 7th house in their respective Dasa or Bukti at a suitable age gives the first relationship of the native. You come to agreements here, and this is why this house is Jun 04, 2014 · Astrology can give clue in advance about your would be spouse. Because 7th house is taken as the house for spouse – husband or wife. He gets a well behaved and cultured wife or partner. Gochara positions for Ketu (Transit of Ketu) (Favourable in 3, 6,10 and 11 positions. Hello Sir, I have tried a lot but not able t find the effects of ruchaka yoga on my future married life. Have good diplomatic qualities, like to make everyone happy, compromising and devoted to spouse. Now, one of the rules is if the 2nd house lord in a horoscope is placed in the 7th house in the same horoscope, then it can be safely concluded that If Mars and Rahu are conjoined or associated with 7th lord or Venus, inter-caste marriage is likely to take place. If the 7th lord is powerful than 1st house lord then the spouse will be of higher status. Cooperation, conflict, significant partnerships and negotiations serve the need to expand your horizons, travel, and explore foreign cultures and philosophies. So, seventh lord in this place in a horoscope chart is considered as favorable placement. In birth chart 7th house represents- marriage, love relationship with your spouse. 12th lord in 7th house/4th house also signifies foreign settlement. Among All the 9 planets, Venus deal with Romanticism, Moon deals with Love and Emotions and Mercury is the Friendliness. At the end of the day, however, the Ninth House is best described as philosophically inclined in the search for meaning and truth. Seventh Bhav is the house of marriage. Moon & Venus in 7 th house indicate love affairs/Marriage; Any connection between 5th and 7th lord like conjunction, mutual aspects or house exchange indicates love marriage. Mars in Ninth House The person having Mars in 9th house is fond of travel and adventure but with it, also comes the associated danger due to Martian recklessness and desire to take risks. The house whose lord is placed in 9th house usually 2nd-from-7th can indicate the timing of the grieved the decease of first spouse or end of first marriage or divorce) 2nd-from-4th or 7th-from-4th can indicate time grieved the decease of mother . Oct 31, 2019 · 7th lord is in 5th house or in 9th house can give a rise after marriage. With Cancer as the 7th house in your natal chart you would be more emotionally tied to your partner in marriage. Having said that Mercury in 9th House is great for higher studies or for doing business in foreign countries. Malefic in 6lh, Sth or 12th house. 12th House: If the 7th lord is in the 12th, your spouse can be from a different religion or foreign place. Benefic debilitated Sun placed in the ninth house of a horoscope can bless the planets may not only go abroad on the basis of his marriage, but his wife may lord of the sign Leo becomes the lord of the seventh house in such horoscope. - its effect on my career in the near & long term future. Relationships must be vital and alive rather than static and routine in order for you to feel fulfilled. I have read some where 1st house lord in 12th (dusthana) is very bad. - effect of ruchaka yoga on my peace of mind over time. 7) Use Padas as well. Why don't you find more clues from the D-9 chart? IP: Logged. You might end up meeting your spouse during college, or on a trip to a faraway place, or on the internet, which is a meeting place of different cultures just like a tourist destination is. 12. Follow-up query: Venus is in 7th house. There may be a karmic tie from the past to the partners in this life. If well placed 6th house then native may gets name and fame in forigen country. Dec 17, 2018 · The seventh house reflects our desire to be in a relationship – in case of strong 7th house and its lord a person has a high desire for partnerships whereas, in case of a weakened 7th house or lord, the person prefers or is forced to be alone. You like being nurtured by your partner in a motherly sense. html These videos are based on the ancient science of  20 Jun 2019 When planets such as Venus, Jupiter, the lord of the 7th house, and the Darakark build a relationship with the 9th house lord, the 12th house  4 Apr 2019 7th lord and Venus in shubh houses in benefic signs or female planet in 7th unaspected by malefics gives wife of unparallel beauty. This person may do business which involves travel. This principle does not apply in instances where the 7th lord is Swakshetra or exalted in one of these three Houses. May 02, 2018 · Hi Richa, examing compatibility and fulfillment from spouse requires additional techniques. 1. Ascendant / Moon /Rahu in Adra Nakshatra [ruled by Rahu ]in a horoscope indicates foreigner spouse. Strong Jupiter adds to the happiness 6th-from any bhava shows the person represented by that house engaged in their karmic struggle with enemies, debts, and disease. The placement of the lord of the 7th house shows the person the native considers as a spouse/ lover, i. 1 Sep 2007 “foreign”. The 7th cusp sub lord indicates whether marriage is promised or not. The wife will be religious and there will be good fortune in foreign lands. Spouse has strong interest in the Jul 20, 2018 · If Venus for Male natives and Jupiter for female natives is placed in 12th house or with 12th lord in a watery sign can grant a foreign spouse to the individual. Oct 05, 2018 · 4th to 11th house 5th to 10th house 6th to 9th house 7th to 8th house 8th to 7th house 9th to 6th house 10th to 5th house 11th to 4th house 12th to 3rd house (… in progress) Second from any house. Natal may enjoy long life, but lack of happiness from spouse. Loss of spouse. Oct 06, 2016 · For spiritual learning or journey in foreign place if your 1st/9th lord in 12th house or vice versa. Jan 25, 2019 · · When 7th lord in 12th house foreign spouse can be predicted. 7th lord is in 5th, 1st, 9th and 11th houses can give love marriage chances too. The seventh house in the horoscope chart receives the influences of Planet Mercury and Venus who are natural friends with Saturn for which the arrival of Saturn in seventh house would be truly positive and would bring growth and dominance to the native. So 6th house Lord in 9th house indicating native may face such type of bad condition so he may force to leave his homeland for earning. It also acts as benefic for business men and helps improve the matters relating to business. It is the 9th House that describes your 2nd one. Because 9th house represents long distance traveling therefore there is lot of chances the person may meet spouse in traveling or in foreign land. He may prosper in foreign lands. 9th lord related to the 5th/7th house, there is a lot of chances a person may get a different culture or foreigner spouse. 13 Venus and its combination with other planets for a man and Jupiter 12) When Rahu transits 12th house in Gochara, it is good for foreign travel, but not good for money, finances. Pada of AK, DK, lagna and 7th house are important. Libra Planet Houses Ruled Signified Themes Mars Second & Seventh life-threatening diseases, financial dearth Saturn Fourth property* Mars Seventh sexual passion Venus Eighth Mercury Ninth & Twelfth spirituality, long-distance travel, foreign residence, pilgrimages) * Saturn is the secondary karaka of property. If you have the 7th house lord in the 9th house. Expanding horizons, traveling, publishing, and exploring foreign cultures and belief systems serve cooperation, conflict, significant partnerships and negotiations. These are general predications of Saturn in Ninth house of chart. Read more about the 7th Lord House in 12th Houses. He is placed in the 11th house. 12th House From 6th House. Co-Wives or Plural Marriages Prom 17th house of the birth chart, the lords of 12th and 5th houses would be respectively the lords of 5th and 7th houses from 7th. They can be even foreigners. When Rahu and Mars are related to 7th house or Venus. Natal will be crazy for the spouse. She will be loving, accommodating and good-natured. 70. If the Sun is in the 7th while his dispositor is conjunct Venus, there will be marriage at 7th or 11th year of age. The spouse will be courageous but not very intelligent. Jupiter is the ninth lord too. JyotishGher Astrology 25,808 views 9:13 Jan 22, 2018 · Seventh House in Astrology is also known as the “House of Marriage and Partnership”. With Aquarius in in 7th house, you likely seek or find partners through your participation in group or humanitarian activities, who have strong affiliations with groups or certain social circles or within a partnership, you participate in larger humanitarian causes as a couple. Lord of seventh house in tenth house: The native will beget a disobedient wife, will be religious and endowed with wealth, sons etc. Marriage is serious business, and it is therefore more appropriately relegated to the eighth house where all of the serious and deeply-entangled, relationship If 7th lord is in 7th house itself, then it is good for marriage. You often pair up with your Guru. ( Conditions applied ) Malefics in 7th house or with 7th lord reduces the good effects of your married life and also delays the marriage. ) Oct 24, 2013 · In 7th House:- In this house, Venus is an exalted and good spouse. The wife of the native will be attached to her brothers/sisters, and neighbours­. The same Venus Dasa is the lord of 4th and lord of 11th Dasa for your father in law ( his lagna being the 3rd ( Cancer ) of your Navamsa as discussed earlier). 11th lord in the 7th and aspected by the 2nd lord; 9th lord posited in the 12th. Aries: Aries ascendant lord is Mars. This may If the 7th lord and the 12th lord is Venus and he occupies the 9th House aspected by Saturn, two marriages are signified. This will show how the native inherently behaves with his/her spouse. You will have a very acute mind. com/Shop. The activities of the 7th house serve the agenda of the 9th house. Also, the asc lord Saturn & Jupiter both in 3rd house (mutual aspect with Mars in 9th). Mar 07, 2014 · To understand this in logical manner let's, first understand what does 7th house signify and what the first house signify. If the seventh lord and Venus are placed in benefic signs, without affliction, the native will get extremely gorgeous wife, who will be emotionally attached to him. If 6ths Lord is in 10th House, the native will be well known among his men, will not be respectfully disposed to his father and will be happy in foreign countries. If it is placed in 6th house: native will tend to fight with his/her spouse. 50-51. Nov 16, 2019 · Because the Seventh House is also the place for partnerships, it can even tell you the best career plans are for you and who would make an ideal partner to go into business with. Note: Generally, if two or more combinations are present in a horoscope, and its lagna or the luth, the 9th and the 12th are quite strong; they show indications for foreign travel. As the combination forms the 3rd disposition, it indicates that the spouse of the native is very witty, mentally strong, and resourceful who is active and boldly willing to take action towards a brighter future. Penalty, Punishments, death of enemies. Sometimes, it is possible for a person to remarry. Native will be very cunning, wicked but will be perfect in work. Mercury in 7lh house and Venus conjoined with 7 th house lord. The native will possess good logical skills and a sharp mind. Native’s mind is with spouse. The 9th house pertains to travel to far away places, your more distant environment and your later education. Venus is with 9th lord Jupiter in Rashi chart and gets the aspect of 5th lord Mars. Being on worldwide forum “Quora” it is my desire to help you - the seeker, it is my aparigraha (selfless service). The activities of the 9th house serve the agenda of the 7th house. Saturn - Saturn also can be 7th house ruler through its two signs. 16. Benefits in 2nd, 7lh, 1lth houses from Lagna and Moon sign and have favorable connections with benefits. Jan 22, 2018 · Seventh House in Astrology is also known as the “House of Marriage and Partnership”. 9th House Lord in Different Houses will results in 4th House as a weak owner of the ninth house will be detrimental to the longevity of the father. Mar 03, 2015 · 5th House From 3rd House. The 3rd house denotes short journeys while the 9th house promises a long journey. Unfavorable in 2nd, 4th , 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th positions. 9th Lord in 4th House. Obviously subjects under the jurisdiction of the 8th house are better off kept a secret. This is enemy sign for Jupiter. Moon in 7th House - The native will be very erotic and physically active. So house placement colors the nature of the planet in sign. If you have Saturn in the 7th House, there may be the tendency to attract older, more serious partners. Conclusion The 3rd house describes the mental environment of the 1st house self… the 9th house describes the mental environment of the 7th house relationship. , inter-caste marriage in lower class will take place. They are emotional and they are always swayed by emotion. Lord of seventh house in first house: The native will go to others wives, be wicked, skilful, devoid of courage and afflicted by windy diseases. Jul 21, 2015 · This is fourth house from seventh house. Marriage is one such institution in our society which is Jupiter and Venus: In female chart Jupiter represent husband and in male Principle IV: Seventh house and its lord should be connected with a The influence of Rahu on the 7th and 9th has to give high chances of marriage with a Muslim. The 7th House in the Signs 7th House in Aries You want a partner who has a take-charge personality, who is independent and full of energy, and who will stand up for you when you need someone by your side. Kindly help me understand the following things. Promise of Marriage . Sagittarius in 7th House Astrology. This house considered death inflicting or Maraka house along with 2nd house. Then your 7th house is Libra. 8th house: native will hide the things from his spouse and will not be transparent. The ruler of Libra is Venus. Sometimes when lord of the 12th house if the main horoscope is positioned in 7th house of navamsa. Foreign people are potential marriage partners. Jul 07, 2017 · The 7th lord in bharani shows that the spouse would have all these characteristics . 2) Navamsa lagna lord aspecting navamsa is a good combination for a peaceful married life. Social background and proffession of the family of spouse. A strong 9th house can often go a long way in countering the other malefic aspects in a horoscope. 7 th lord in 9 th house: Fulfillment in marriage life and gains after marriage cannot be ruled out. Foreign spouse or marriage in foreign place if 12th lord in 7th house or 7th lord in 12th house or rahu influence to your 7th house/ 7th lord through aspect/conjunction/only sits in 7th house. 2nd House: If your 7th lord is in 2nd house, then your spouse may be known to 9th House: Long distance travels, foreign countries, church, religion, theology,  12th lord in 7th house/4th house also signifies foreign settlement. 7th lord in 9th house foreign spouse

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