How to remove crankshaft pulley without a puller


5. Remove the dry ice baggie from the crank snout. Disconnect negative cable from battery. Undo the bolt of the pulley and remove the defective pulley from the engine. Make sure if you do this that the main bolt is threaded in 5 or more threads but not tight against the pulley. 91121-40665 for Type B HINT: •Either of 2 types of pulley may be used, each with its own bolt size, Type A and Type B. Nov 12, 2014 · Removing Crankshaft Pulley / Harmonic Balancer CKP required? Nov 12 2014, 4:30pm. Install the bolt for the crankshaft pulley just a couple of threads into the crankshaft and then install the puller into the 2 threaded holes and push off the crankshaft bolt. 2. From what I have read in the year or so since, I was rather fortunate. Unlike other makes, honda crank pulleys are fastened with a single bolt-and a large Willysboy - usually, once you remove the crankshaft nut, the pulley's come off with a little gentle nudging. Radiator removal not necessary. Remove the serpentine drive belt and fan shroud. Nov 08, 2010 · To remove the pulley, you will need a puller that will line up with the 2 holes with the threaded holes. Especially useful on automatic transmissions. should slide off without needing a puller. Remove the pot from the stove and carry the whole thing to the garage. The center screw is grade 8 quality. You could also take a piece of scrap tubing and drill two holes to match the threaded holes on the crankshaft timing gear. 29 Oct 2011 The crank pulley on an R53 takes power from the crank and supplies A pulley puller - I bought the 3-arm generic puller from my local Remove the front, right wheel and gather your tools. Remove the cover from the intake. The washer is bigger than the end of the crank and it rests on a flange inside the balancer. So using a chain wrench sounds like a good idea, but now you know the risks of using one. If you do not have a puller you should be able to get one from a parts house. The crankshaft pulley features a hexagonal shape with a hole in the center of the tool that allows the use of a socket and extension to help loosen or Crankshaft pulley wobbles; If you notice any of these symptoms it is better to replace the harmonic balancer before it completely fails. If you’re looking for a I am looking for a crankshaft pulley puller like many of you use here on the site. 0Lt AJ-126/306PS, 5. Take the new crankshaft pulley and place it on the engine. These engines are found in 1982 and later Supras and 1983 and later Cressidas. Using a 19 mm impact socket the crank pulley bolt came out like butter. This holding tool will allow you to hold the crank pulley in place, while you remove / install the crank pulley bolt and allow you to torque it to the 240ft/lbs. Lay the handle on top of the frame. However, even with a long bar, the car in sixth gear and the brake on, it was not possible to undo the bolt. If replacing the crankshaft balancer, note the location of any existing balance weights (if applicable). Lift the front section of the car up on a floor jack and secure with jack stands. The bolt may need to be heated, as these bolts tend to get rusty. Step-By-Step Guide on How to Remove a Crankshaft Pulley  You just have to take off the timing cover, grab a bolt removing tool or a crankshaft pulley removal tool to slacken the bolts on the pulley by using an impact wrench,  ARES 71002 - Harmonic Balancer Puller Set - Remove Damper Pulleys in Tight Engine Compartments Without Removing The Radiator - Storage Case Included BRAND NEW Engine Harmonic Balancer/Crankshaft Pulley Compatible with  Capri Tools 21000 Honda Crank Pulley Removal Tool: Amazon. Its press fitted onto the end of the crankshaft. *Heavy-duty steel construction. Hold the bar on the nut and crank the start engine. Oct 30, 2007 · Favorite Answer. Posted: Apr 21, 2009 at 23:29 Quote: wow, I just read all six pages of this and surprised at how many people refuse to get a crank puller. The center crankshaft bolt is a single use part. This harmonic balancer puller sits neatly in a tidy blow molded case, making it simple and easy to move and store this tool. Make sure you heat the hub to 220f to reinstall, as per the manual. Set-up your pulley puller, attach your impact driver and pulse the trigger. Run the bolts down where the belt pulley goes, then you screw the center "puller" bolt down against the way loosened Crankshaft Pulley Removal. 4L V6 5VZ-FE? Discussion in ' 1st Gen. Mar 16, 2011 · 5. If you don't have access to a welding torch (better than propane or mapp gas by far), you CAN rip it off with a pulley pulley and an impact gun. 2010 Impreza FSM does not mention any of this. You may need a special socket if you have locking lug nuts. It pulls off as an assembly. I have it on order and will let you all know how it works. Aug 14, 2005 · I used a regular harmonic balancer puller. You don't actually require a puller as the crank pulley is only attached to the harmonic balancer by corrosion. everyones saying impact gun on this yes, because have you taken off a crankshaft pulley bolt with a breaker bar, i have the motor moves, with a impact gun it takes it right off with ease, and its a cramped spot on a camry to fit a breaker bar in on it especially with a steel pipe to break it with unless you have access to a lift and than yes that will work. Put the pulley back on put the pipe back in the crankshaft and bolted the pulley back on. Sep 14, 2004 · The pulley will wobble quite badly, it will slip, and very quickly the crankshaft pulley will destroy itself, and a new one costs $350-$375. I use a shorter forcing screw. I've been trying my two leg puller, but the crank won't even budge, and I'm afraid I'll break the spindly 10-32 bolts/legs. This puller is designed to remove and install a power steering pulley without damage to the pulley and or pump. Any automotive specialty tool will help make an automotive repair or maintenance task easier, but Powerbuilt products take the concept of ‘help’ a big step further. Auto Body Now ABN Harmonic Balancer Puller 46-Piece Tool Kit – Flywheel Remover, Crankshaft Pulley Removal, Steering Wheel Pulling Set 3. It's exactly the same on a 2002 V70 as on the S80. They were pretty filled with gunk and rust. Do I need to use a special puller to pull the crankshaft pulley? On 2008 Outback, the pulley came out as soon as I removed the crankshaft bolt. If you don't have an impact or the crank pulley bolt is just too tight, you can place a  16 Mar 2016 There is a way to do it. nizmo zilvia wrote:I have no clue. (-). Normally no puller is needed. From there  30 Aug 2018 Did you use a flywheel puller to get the cam pulley off?? According to my Chilton's, the balancer should slide off without needing a puller. net. . take the flywheel cover off and put a screw driver in the teeth to prevent it from moving and then push with all you got at the crank pulley. I got my '02 3. I used the pictured puller to remove the hub. Take the crank bolt back out, and use the puller & orientation that was gripping well. Fits all Impreza/WRX/STi 1993- 2011, Legacy 1994-2009, Forester 1998-2009; First of its kind tool that  Laser 6142 Crankshaft Pulley Puller Set. -If the pulley is rotating, use a vicegrips to hold (don't tighten so much as the damage or dent pulley tho). Removes and installs pressed on power steering, alternator and air pump pulleys without slipping. Feb 09, 2020 · Another method to remove or better yet install the crankshaft bolt is to rotate the crank until one piston is down, then remove that plug and stuff the chamber with 1/4" rope. Use the 22mm socket to turn the crank pulley so that the 2 holes are lined up vertically. Remove the balancer bolt. Remove the tool and spin the pulley to make sure it is properly aligned and spins freely. If you turn the pulley you can access the bolts through the pulley opening. Apr 01, 2008 · Chances are a curse word or two has crossed your lips when it came time to remove the factory crankshaft pulley. The crank removal tool fits inside the the crank pulley around the pulley bolt. With the bolt and washer off, you still have to use a puller to remove the pulley from the crankshaft. Unlike other makes, honda crank pulleys are fastened with a single bolt-and a large Mar 03, 2017 · If no access to the flywheel side, you could put the balancer back on and use a strap wrench to hold the pulley while using an impact to remove the bolt. Article written by Rookie from v6power. I am wanting to use it on cub engines and the super A and 140 engines too. As you begin putting torque on your ratchet/breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt, the screwdriver will follow the flywheel until it hits an obstruction (bellhousing or block). ► Show Full Signature XBOX 360 gamer tag = Fridger8rRader Jul 07, 2011 · How to use crankshaft pulley tool. NOTE: If the pulley bolt is not installed, the tool will bottom out before the pulley is off. Leave the two pins in place. Some vehicles have threaded bolt holes in the balancer that can be used to attach a puller. It is called a harmonic balancer puller and bolts to the pulley and pulls it off. Once the pulley starts moving, it will come off easier without the shaft rust. You go buy or rent a puller. put a crowbar behind the flywheel, and pull out, not too hard, just enough to bind against the block. CRANKSHAFT PULLEY HOLDING TOOL $51. Feb 13, 2014 · Once you get home, break up the dry ice into a one gallon baggie and wrap it loosely around the crank snout. Reposted with permission, and sincere gratitude! Ok, first thing is that the mods I'm going to be doing to my 05 are aimed at maximizing fuel efficiency, handling, and keeping my daily driver very driveable. Hold the flywheel with a (J 37096) flywheel holding tool. Remove the crankshaft harmonic balancer, using a (J 38197-A) balancer remover. clamp it onto the front of the pulley, place a wrench onto the bolt to prevent it from moving. It will be stubborn, but it will let go once it's free. Post Reply Aug 14, 2005 · I used a regular harmonic balancer puller. bar puller, otc part # 522. *Includes both male and female M10x1. That pulley is also of a slightly different design. Sometimes have to move the shroud a bit to sneak it out. I purchased this Pulley Puller/ Installer by OEMTOOLS 27031 to remove a power steering pump pulley, and then re-install it, on a 94 Chevy truck. I replaced it no more leaking. I'm going to keep it because with my luck I'll get rid of it and some other vehicle pulley will pop up that I'll need it for. Support engine. I found removing the pulley went well. P. If you are not replacing the pulley with a new one, the best way to ensure that the bolt is retensioned correctly (without a torque wrench) is to mark the relationship between the bolt and the pulley before removal and match the marks after reinstallation. Remove the puller components from the damper. By: Bill Van Hooser . Mark or scribe the end of the crankshaft and the balancer before removal. Ok how do you tighten it without breaking the bolt? Read more. But then, you still need to remove the stock pulley Feb 07, 2020 · If you need to remove harmonic balancer from your auto’s engine, check out the comprehensive guide below. You need a pulley to remove the pulley from the crankshaft. 12. i normally spray some rust penetrant in it tap evenly around the face of the pully. Yes it will fit you need to find one with smaller arms. 7. DO NOT pry on it. I'm in the middle of replacing my timing belt/water pump and have come to a screeching halt at my crankshaft pulley. You put a wrench on the pulley bolt and block the other end against the floor or the frame. You can safely remove the pulley without affecting the belts because they don't run on the pulley itself; they run on two sprockets either side of the pulley, and in the front of the engine there is a gear system behind the front cover that translates the crankshaft movement onto the belts. Haynes make a thing about not using a standard puller as you will damage the damper and to use a puller that threads into the holes in the pulley - BUT the TD42 pulley is different with no threaded holes !!!!!! However, I now have a new problem. You have to get a pulley puller of the appropriate size. Jul 16, 2012 · Same type but I don't believe it is the same damper. • The space allowed to insert the puller leg through the pulley is too small for any conventional universal puller to work without grinding away all of its strength, then it still may not have the correct geometry to stay on the puller landings cast into Mar 09, 2007 · If you remove the crankshaft pulley from the hub you can use a large Crescent wrench to remove and install the nut. After removing the vehicle belt and pulley bolt, use a pulley puller to break the pulley loose and remove it. the crankshaft pulley is also called the harmonic balancer. 95. Jan 22, 2018 · To hold the crankshaft from turning, lock the flywheel in place with something like: To pull the pulley use a puller like: CAUTION: this can make a lot of force that can break teeth off the flywheel, bend or break the pulley, or injure you. You can usally rent a pully puller from your local auto store, or purchase one. 6. This article describes three ways to program the remote control portion of a MINI Cooper key without any software. and i tired ridin without the bolts on and it didnt work lol. I would like to get one, and it would be a bonus if it would work with both engines. Rotate the crankshaft until the timing marks on the crankshaft sprocket and camshaft sprocket align with crankshaft pulley puller KH-300 When removing the fixed bolt of crankshaft pulley, can work for pulling out the pulley in succession as this puller has the preventive function of pulley corotation. 1 cylinder. So, does anyone have a good trick to The Crankshaft vibration damper pulley removal is performed with a standard 3 jaw Puller (1026) and a Crankshaft Damper insert (6827A) which can be substituted with any bolt which will slip into the crankshaft for the Puller's forcing screw to push against. With the bolt removed, you should be able to just pull off the crankshaft pulley. (leave a deposit then get a refund when you return it). I was using my puller to try to remove the crankshaft pulley, and the darn thing is on there so tight I ended up bending the huge 1/2" thick center screw on the puller. 3. Feb 07, 2007 · im using a 3 jaw puller to remove the crankshaft pulley and ive turned about as hard as i can and the pulley still wont budge. Of those three only the flywheel and pulley won't heal themselves. Use Vibration Damper Removal Tool We borrowed a puller kit from Checker- Undo crank belt and drill an indent into the head of the bolt (so the puller doesn't walk) and re-install Place puller around outside of pulley heat pulley with a torch Crank puller to remove pulley. Step 5: Installing The New Pulley. Remove the timing belt. Remove the timing chain cover bolts with the ratchet wrench then remove the timing chain cover. cranking while removing pulleycrank bolt. Discard the crankshaft pulley bolt. Directly underneath the liner is the harmonic balancer. When you tighten the balancer the piston will come up, press against the rope and viola you can torque it without rotating the crank. Using the special tools and the two 8-mm bolts, remove the crankshaft pulley. 12 $ 38 . Attach 1/4 inch bolts to the pulley. Use the right sized end wrench to slowly tighten the pulley installation nut, making sure the pulley remains straight as you install it. They also Key the pulley to crank so it will not spin but because of the single bolt design many of these bolts are fastened at 140 pounds of Torque which makes them pretty much impossible to remove with hand tools. This engine Crankshaft pulley puller tool will remove the crank pulley without damaging the case or pulley. Drill the key out. Jun 09, 2013 · To the OP: buy, borrow, or make the tool to hold the crankshaft pulley. The torque specs to tighten the crankshaft bolt on the 4-cyl is 80 ft/lbs and on the 6-cyl it's 130 ft/lbs. Then, you have to use a puller to safely pull, without damaging, the pulley off the crankshaft. Mar 03, 2020 · Remove crankshaft pulley bolt [2] . i used a 3 jaw 5 TON pulley extractor from auto zone and it wouldnt even budge and even chipped the edge of the pulley . Place a screwdriver across the teeth of the flywheel. How to use Crankshaft Puller Kit: http://amzn. How to remove a crankshaft pulley, no power or air tools needed. ). Jan 27, 2010 · The cam belt pulley located on the crankshaft seems to be properly stuck. I am attempting to remove the bolt that holds the crankshaft pulley. There's one big bolt in the middle of the pulley. There was some haters on line about this product. The pulley bolts can be reused if they are not damaged. TVDs are made up  16 Oct 2016 The recommended puller set up for the crankshaft pulley uses a clamp made up of two C shaped sections that fit in the groove. 4L engine. DO NOT place the jaws against the outside perimeter of the damper. Why not simply un-bolt and replace the pulley leaving the hub in place? Jul 06, 2016 · I use an otc H. If your torque wrench can't loosen those bolts, you need a better torque wrench, because yours is junk. Order Pulley Pullers for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Don't use the Starter Bump Method to try and loosen the bolt. *The C-clip adaptor (part # 1329270001) is required for cranks that use a C-clip to hold the primary gear on (common on many Kawasaki models). Install new pulley, heating with the torch if getting it to install fully is a problem (it was OK, So I have my engine about 90% disassembled and I have run into an issue. Robert REMOVAL OF CRANKSHAFT PULLEY ON A ’48 FARMALL CUB . When the last of the slack is gone, the belt should immobilize the crank pulley completely, allowing you to apply gobs of bolt-loosening torque. You need to be able to hold the pulley without any give whatsoever in order to "break" the bolt free. Installation Procedure Tools Required J 37096 Flywheel Holding Tool Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:38 pm Post subject: Re: How to remove Crankshaft Pulley without Flywheel Lock? Better yet, if the engine is in the vehicle, go for the ultimate in "hey y'all, watch this", disconnect the coil, put the ratchet & socket on the bolt, make sure that the handle is lodged against the exhaust & go bump the starter. Good luck. These flanges have been known to break under high stress. Starting in '91 the 3800 balancer was a tapered fit to the crankshaft and required a puller to remove it. Removing the Crankcase Pulley with a Puller. This puller easily removes the pulley without damaging its outer ring and also eliminates the need to remove the radiator as is necessary when attempting to The Harmonic Balancer Puller Set designed for removing damper pulleys in tight engine compartments without removing the radiator. Then, using another large breaker bar, crank on the pulley bolt counterclockwise. Some removal tools will have bolts that hold onto the pulley, while others will have claws that pull the pulley off the crankshaft. It worked well on the puller. Remove the crankshaft position sensor shield (1). Jan 10, 2009 · You may want to try soaking the bolt overnight with penetrating oil - just make sure to clean the surface of the bolt with carb cleaner to prevent the wrench from slipping off. or wrap an old alternator belt/oil filter belt around it and try to lock it 3. Thread the bolts in by hand, and adjust the depth of the bolts so that the puller is square with the face of the pulley. i'm sure they make a puller specifically for the crank. Clamp it to the crank and get a drill bit that just fits inside the pipe an d drill until you get to the back side of the pulley. Don't use a puller with jaws that pull on the lip of the pulley, howeverthat type can damage the pulley and stress the rivets that hold the pulley to the harmonic balancer. The crankshaft pulley on a PT Cruiser bolts on. This was only available as a single groove item, AFAIK. Apr 23, 2011 · Just bought the powerbond pbk007 pulley set from ttt performance engineering and cant get the crankshaft pulley off to replace it with the new underdrive one. by Laser Great tool, got the steering wheel off of my Accord with no problem. After that you will need a pulley puller You wont take off the crank pulley without the puller. The string won't compress, so stops the motor from turning, allowing you to tighten the crankshaft bolt. Guess I question why you need to remove the hub. Let me know if this helped. Take a look at FCP Euro's timing belt replacement video. Picture 5 Sep 23, 2016 · Secure the pulley installation bolt in a workbench vice. Also that puller tends to push down on the outside edges of the pulley simply because you have to run the bolts through the holes. Includes molded storage carrying case. I figured I would try to save some money and pry the old one off as its for a customer. 5. Crankshaft pulley [3] . With your pulley holder tool set up, get under the truck and pass the handle end towards the opening on the passenger fenderwell. some folks use a pair of screwdrivers to Jul 07, 2011 · Removal of the Pulley that holds the crankshaft itself: use a 3 jaw pulley 6" is way better, get a rounded steel that will insert from the 27mm bolt hole . Simply place behind the pulley and tighten the nut, This will draw the pulley off. WACK the chisel with a hammer and the gear will split in half. sense this is a double pully about 4-5 inchs long will that change things. You will first get to know this device, and in the 3rd section, you will learn how to remove a crank pulley damper. Flywheel locking tool [1] . will have the tool you need. 5 liter engines. But there's always enough time to do it thrice. 0Lt AJ133/508PS, 508PN Product description Set of tools required for the removal of the front crankshaft pulley Remove the hub nut with a wrench and use a hub puller to remove the crankshaft hub. No blowers or turbos are planned, the goal Buy ABN Universal Harmonic Balancer Puller & Installer 52-Piece Tool Kit – Master Balancer & Pulley Removal/Installation Set: Harmonic Balancers - Amazon. It will be tight. This stops the flywheel from turning, and thus, the crank. I think pulling the starter is so you can block the flywheel or flexplate from turing while you TRY to undo the bolt that is done up to 100,000,000,000 newton meters most guys use the starter to turn the motor to help crack the bolt while the socket and long bar is on the bolt. 0lt (V8) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Article written by Rookie from v6power. If the claws are used on the outer section of the pulley, the pulley will be damaged. Screw the bolts in 1/4 inch (6. Usually made from metal and rubber, it’s a device connected to the front of an engine’s crankshaft. _____ There's never enough time to do it right the first time. 29 Sep 2010 When i did the crank pulley on my neon i just went to advance and load Would a 3 jaw puller with 3" jaws do the job of removing the harmonic balancer? I just took the info from this thread--line, hook, and sinker--without  Easily remove crank pulley bolts on Honda and Acura; Hardened Chrome- Molybdenum Steel for a resistant body; Compatible with a 50 mm socket and a 1/ 2 in. If it's a manual transmission place the vehicle in reverse gear and place the parking brake on the vehicle to remove the Crank Pulley Removal Tool kit for 2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S, and 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S convertible. That should remove enough that you can collapse the key. As the title says I need your help guys. Remove the split locking ring from the damper. hopefully you can get the pulley off without a puller, if not, remove the tins. You may find a steering wheel puller useful for getting the pulley off the shaft once the nut's off. Some of the puller kits will aslo work on the steering wheel. Even a 2 arm puller will work. Remove stock pulley with harmonic balancer puller. Having said that I would like a puller that will fit either one. i picked up a crescent wrench @ osh and ended up not even having to take off the engine tin to pull the pulley (i. Place the hooks in an area that will not easily break, like the lip of the pulley section. REMOVE CRANKSHAFT PULLEY a. The jawed puller works well, but if the pulley is lame, it will snap off the ends of the ridges ( on the very back ) Speaking of crank shaft pulleys, does anyone know what crank pulley cross references for the RB20? Aug 22, 2005 · For the life of me and my mechanic friend , we couldnt get the crank pulley off the crankshaft . Generally, you'll want to remove the belt from the crankshaft pulley and then take the harmonic balancer mounting bolt off with a socket and ratchet. Remove the lower timing belt cover. Using 28 mm socket, remove the crankshaft harmonic balancer retaining bolt. With a puller attached and torqued, sharp blows to the pulley hub should finally get it to move. Use a puller like this that threads into the HB: wire brush it and soak it in penertrating oil using a plastic hammer or wood under hammer tap the pulley in all directions to lossen it up on the snout, then get 2 flat head screwdrivers and place one were the red arrow is and the other were that thumb is (between pulley and cover) and work it ever so lightly and i meen slightly and work it from there it might take a few mins it may take a few hours, take your time, wiggle away. Aug 20, 2016 · I am having difficulty removing the crankshaft pulley, with a 3 leg gear puller. You have to remove that big old center bolt first (the small allen head bolts just hold the pulley on). The balancer does not use a key or keyway for positioning. But haven't used this method on a Lotusanyway would suggest it be used only if necessary and with extreme caution. It's like there's the pulley and then some kind of ring just before the pulley. If you tried to remove it, you need to replace it, because it needs to be torqued with a torque wench. -Soak with PBblaster or equivalent and tap end with hammer. ca. The pulley bolt was supposed to be the hard part but it undid with a little effort with a torque wrench but there is no way the pulley is moving. Though I have never removed the crank pully on this engine I have removed it on several others and the puller works out good just make sure you grip from the back of the pully not from the front lip, if you do that you will break pieces off, and make sure you dont lose the coin alining the pully up. We will use a regular three arm puller in order to remove it. Oct 29, 2010 · Just changing the cambelt as its long overdue. Otherwise, go with the safer choice of a puller kit. Ratchet  28 Feb 2016 Step-by-Step How To Tighten or Remove Crank Bolt Without a Pulley Holder Tool. Crank pulley removal tool. Take a good chisel (1/2" or wider will do) put it between the teeth of the gear near where the keyway on the crank is. I cannot for the life of me get the crankshaft gear off. Posted on Feb 05, 2011 May 21, 2011 · Yes, you can get the large steel cover off without removing the crank pulley. Mar 26, 2015 · Next, attach a 17mm socket to a long extension, and attach it to the crank pulley bolt through the center of the tool. thread the crank bolt back in just a little bit then grab the sides of the pulley with fingers and press thumb against the bolt head usually works. I starting reversing the center screw and one of the pulley screws broke off in the hole. Verify that the engine is set at TDC/compression for the No. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. 7 and 3. The bolt size was 1/4 x 28 and I think I had 4 inch bolts with some washers. 4 triton harmonic damper you will need the 3 bolt style puller no matter what the forums say. 8MILELAKE wrench honda crankshaft pulleys removal without puller: Not everyone likes to purchase crankshaft pulley for their daily purpose, but the crankshaft pulley would be an anomoly. Figure 3. Locate the crankshaft pulley inside your engine bay and you will see how removing the tire helps you gain access to it. I've finally gotten around to fixing it, but I cant get the @#$@$ front pulley off! I've tried: 1) heating with blow torch 2) Long breaker bar, in 2nd gear, - truck just moves! 3) Left breaker bar under rt front frame Put a breaker bar with a deepwell on the crank bolt, sit the end of the breaker bar on the ground and bump the starter. Tacomas (1995-2004) ' started by mltitlntd , Feb 1, 2017 . This is a much more dangerous way to do it, so only use these particular tools if you are an experienced mechanic. . ca: Tools & Home been almost impossible without this tool, the crank was jammed pretty solid. This is the crankshaft pulley that drives all three belts (alternator, a/c, and pwersteering). 4. Posted on Jan 09, 2010 Jul 15, 2008 · To remove the pulley you do need to remove the center bolt and use a 3 jaw puller to remove the pulley. This kit includes the crankshaft pulley puller and the center pin that the puller presses What you need to do is remove the lower bell housing plate and carefully insert a large screw driver or pry bar so to engage a tooth on the ring gear and hold the screw driver tight against the bell housing so it won't move when you try to loosen the crank bolt using a long breaker bar. Or you can machine down the arms to fit as I have also done. Make sure the crank seal is ok before proceding. Much like a 3-jaw puller, this specialty removal tool has three hooks to latch onto the special locations on the balancer. SOURCE: How do you remove the crankshaft pulley from a. From what I understand either 1. If you plan on changing your cam seals you need to loosen the bolts while the tool and the belt are still attached. SOURCE: I am unable to remove the crankshaft pulley on my. Rotate the crank pulley and take up the belt slack by letting the crank pulley end pinch the belt under itself. Purchase an appropriately sized pulley puller, rig it up to allow removal of the balancer, tighten down on the center (pulling) bolt of the puller and the balancer will come right off. Crankshaft Pulley Page 3 of 3 Now, I have a situation that pulley is stuck into the shaft. Remove the belt and all set-screws ; Liberally apply penetrating oil to as many of the pulley/shaft areas as possible. The book says that the pulley can be removed from the damper by removing the bolts and separating but, as you can see in the photo my pulley and damper seem to be one solid unit. 0Lt AJ133/508PS, 508PN Product description Set of tools required for the removal of the front crankshaft pulley 20 Sep 2016 Learn how to remove a stuck crank shaft pulley bolt. It is connected to the front of the engine crankshaft and is designed to reduce vibration. In order to remove Mercedes-Benz harmonic balancer, you will need Mercedes crankshaft pulley tool to hold the crankshaft in place and stop it from rotating. Then a puller to remove the pulley. The 2nd section covers the important signs of a malfunctioning balancer. You're not getting that bitch by hand without undoing the Allen screws that look to already be fucked. Thanks! x 1 Feb 8, 2020 #7 Now, I have a situation that pulley is stuck into the shaft. Front main seal is puking oil and making a mess in my driveway. Keep reapplying heat and torquing the puller, then hitting it with the hammer. this will expand the steel and help it loosen. cheers Jul 18, 2020 · Remove the wheel, the wheel liner and the front splash shield of the car. I have everything off the front of the engine except the crank pulley. Posted on Jan 09, 2010 Mar 26, 2015 · Step 3 – Remove crankshaft pulley. looks like there both together and would come off as one piece. Mar 22, 2014 · You don't need to remove the crank pulley as it stays on the engine during belt replacement. i noticed the rod was starting to thread in the bolt hole. These are forged steel and not quite a s versatile as the regular 3-jaw, but when you Doesn't work on the truck and pulley I bought it for but is very well made. Wait a few minutes, and do it again. You really need to rent a 3-jaw puller to get the pulley off. While you can get lucky sometimes and use two pry bars to apply even pressure behind it, most of the time the result is what you are getting now a really stuck pulley and potential damage being caused to it. If your Civic has the drive belt still attached, you'll need to remove it before pulling off the crankshaft pulley. Now the problem is i cant get the crank out of the right side of the crank case. The unique puller body completely houses the pulley hub to prevent slipping on even Apr 18, 2019 · Remove crankshaft pulley bolt (usually using high torque impact wrench and pulley holder) Remove old pulley using a puller; Install new crankshaft pulley; Install and tight the bolt; Install all engine drive belts; The labor cost and price of a crankshaft pulley/harmonic balancer part may vary, depend on make, model and year of the car. Find a small piece of pipe that will fit in the key way. here is the removal trick. We're going to remove this cover over the throttle body. Sep 23, 2009 · Locate the thrust button into the end of the crankshaft; the O-ring holds it in place. 7 Nov 2019 Here's an old school trick that has made my life easier. the crescent is thinner than a breaker and socket and clears the head of the nut -- and the wrench is plenty long leverage-wise. Just make sure the flat of the woodruff key is level paralell with the crankshaft snout. the hole is deep about 2 inch and the end of the 3 jaw puller is not long enough it will hit the thread inside. Remove the vibration damper retaining bolt and washer. It's easy to crack a sheave, so try to be gentle. Using SST (and bolt), remove the pulley bolt. ► Show Full Signature -2000 Mustang GT Steeda #0048. WMW knows how many crank pullies have failed on MINI Cooper S cars. Step 3 Apr 15, 2015 · Soak the bolt overnight and the balancer will "slide " off the crank without a puller. Mercedes Harmonic Balancer Removal Tool. 67 Make sure you get the little pin for the COMPANION FLANGE HOLDING TOOL. i rode really hard for days to You have to partially unscrew the bolt in the center, that's holding the pulley to the crankshaft. In order to get to the timing belt, the pulley and the bolt have to come off. let me make sure i am doing this right, i put the 3 jaws in the slotted holes and thread the rod in the bolt hole and tighted the rod. Jun 10, 2007 · You need a gear/pulley puller. This allows the pulley to be removed without applying excessive stress to the flanges of the pulley. We rotated the puller halfway through to redistribute pull points. Pulley Puller/Installer fits pulleys with hub diameters measuring 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-5/16, and 1-3/8 ". Be careful do not deform the pulley it's not that hard as you can think. If you have more questions please email us again. Welcome to the samba. The 3800 in the '88-'90 Reatta didn't have a taper on the crankshaft and the balancer just slipped onto the crank. Oct 29, 2010 · I use a tap wrench (monkey wrench) on the pulley rim and let it turn until it jams against something solid. 9 . Heat it (the center hub) with a torch. Oct 17, 2016 · Hello I've done several cam swaps and engine tear downs, i removed the crankshaft pulley bolt with no issue but when I went to remove the pulley itself it won't budge at all Ive tried 3 different pulley pullers with no success, the last one was a chrysler 3 jaw puller with the rods that go inside the crankshaft pulley. And after you remove the pulley you will see the Crankshaft seal. After I did that, it was all good and the pulley popped right off. Jun 23, 2020 · I noticed that there is not a bolt holding the pulley onto the crankshaft as I’m use to with other cars I’ve worked on. Remove: Crankshaft pulley puller. Temporarily install the crankshaft pulley hub and hub bolt. ca: Tools & Home Improvement. People, just get a regular square taper puller, for all Remove the starter, revealing a portion of the flywheel. 3 pulley off without all your trouble, but it still is a pull/fight the whole way off Article written by Rookie from v6power. Assemble the puller to the damper. To remove the crankshaft pulley on a 1948 Farmall Cub, I use a gear puller set with a bearing separator. I know this maybe a bit of overkill but once TDC was set and tool fitted it meant the crankshaft bolt could be loosened/tightened without worrying about anything else moving. So to my question, I want to replace the front crankshaft oil seal and need to remove the pulley. 35 mm). 5mm, 174lb-ft). So far I bent a $30 pulley puller and now have a mondo-bondage one and the question is this: Was the el-cheapo pulley just not strong enough or is there something which I am not doing right (the pulley attached in a manner requiring more than a Jan 15, 2007 · Easiest way to remove the crank shaft pulley's bolt is with a impact wrench. the pulley and crank but didnt work. I was very suprised that the timing gear was pulled out together with the crankshaft pulley (or, the pulley for the auxiliaries belt). Extract the damper from the crankshaft. 0Lt AJ133/508PS, 508PN Engine applications include: 3. This tool can also be critical, depending on the style of the tool, when installing the balancer. You'll need to loosen the alternator retaining bolt in order to relieve tension on the belt. Using a claw-type gear puller, remove the crankshaft pulley from the crankshaft. A light pull is ok, if that is all it needs, but if you really have to crank down on it, you will just separate the halves of the sandwich and ruin your Jul 10, 2005 · Hi,After taking out the crankshaft nut and vibration damper of my 99 S80 non-turbo, I tried to remove the crankshaft pulley by using a harmonic balance puller. Refit crankshaft pulley bolt without thrust washer [2] . Remove: EGR pipe heat shield This handy tool is designed to remove the timing belt pulley from the crankshaft on Toyota 5M-GE engines. that puller with the bolts works like a champ if you're not retarded as ****. *Safely and easily pulls crank assembly into crankcase. Release and remove the tensioner spring to release the timing belt's tension. Use a small Phillip's head screwdriver to remove these two screws, and a 7 millimeter socket and ratchet for the bolt in the back. Greek, The pic shows a press-on pulley. Instead of pulling the pulley off, it has snapped off a large section of the pulley lip, between the 2 arrows: I tried a second time after applying heat for 5 minutes, and only suceeded in breaking off another piece of the pulley lip. Jan 22, 2015 · Published on Jan 22, 2015 This works on many makes and models, Some, like a pt cruiser, May not have arms in the center to thread the strap through, but they may have space around the whole pulley Jun 03, 2020 · In order to properly perform crankshaft pulley removal without damaging the crankshaft pulley, or harmonic balancer, as it is more commonly called, it is best to obtain a harmonic balancer removal tool. Put the 22mm socket on your breaker bar. find a long bolt and slide it into the hole then put a socket on the bolt head then the center of the puller into the end of the socket lol. I had to tap the threads so that I could get the bolts from the puller in there. 8. This tool is also called a Harmonic balancer puller. Without a pulley you have no chance safely to remove it. It should come with it already, but the holding tool would be worthless without the little pin. FUNCTION: Used to remove and install the front crankshaft pulley on the Jaguar and Land Rover 3. I've read the timing belt change sticky as well as the Frontier maintenance manual but I don't have access to the puller. e. This tool worked great. 7 out of 5 stars 28 $26. Don't try to pry   Sep 7, 2017 - Homemade crankshaft pulley removal tool intended for a Toyota Now you can move and store your 5 lug vehicle in any direction without tires or  GrimmSpeed Subaru Lightweight Crank Pulley. Important: Do not separate the pulley from the balancer. Detach crankshaft pulley from crankshaft. Toyota have a special service tool to hold the crankshaft. Alternatively, you can use a pry bar or air hammer to remove the pulley. Aug 15, 2008 · ive got the same problem because my cranks are cross threaded and i cant use the crank puller i have. Now Ive got the tensioner off and belt off the rest of the sprocke Jun 01, 2006 · To answer the "how do I remove the damper" part. There are two bolt, . The remover I used was designed differently. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Crankshaft Crank Puller Pulley Set Fits Jaguar Land Rover 3. How To Tighten or Remove Crank Bolt without Pulley Holder- Jonny DIY - Duration: 4:50. T4R, I have removed the crank pulley and changed the timing belt on my 3rd gen. This is definatley the way to go, without destroying the pulley. Jun 28, 2019 · Also includes special puller for removing crankshaft pulley on many 1990 and newer Chrysler engines. You need a balancer pulley puller. I removed the main crank bolt, used my Proto gear puller and a washer (where the crank bolt was, so the tip of the gear puller would not damage the bolt hole) and a few turns of the wrench, and the balancer was in my hand. Picture 4 5. Nut came right off. Remove the crankshaft pulley. At any parts house checker,autozone,ect. i used a tiny puller from my s/c. Sep 11, 2009 · Remove the right inner fender access cover. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Also included in the kit are the puller component’s required to remove the pulley without damage Engine applications include: 3. gov With our tool, you will be able to remove the stock press fit pulley safely, without removing the tensioner. Tighten the central puller bolt until you remove all the slack. 7 out of 5 stars 318 $38. Install the crankshaft pulley bolt 2 to 3 turns. My friend who is a Renault mechanic told me that they use a skewer and hit from above if it’s stuck good… It would be an understatement to say that I’m uncomfortable with that method. then flip it over and do the same to the timming gear to get it off the crank pulley This is not the camshaft pulley gears. use the rounded steel to press the screw from the 3 jaw puller. Jun 12, 2010 · Put the truck in neutral. 8 . Of course, plan-B is to buy a new pulley. Just tried putting it in 1st gear with handbrake on but the engine still seems to turn. Problem with a pulley puller is that you can't fit a three-arm puller (because there is very little room between the pulley and the timing cover) and a two arm puller usually bends the pulley before the pulley assembly comes out. Having a pulley party? Mar 29, 2020 · Yes just gentle taps will drive the pulley home. Louie, this is good information, however I have a subscription with chilton and they have provided me with these photos already. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 42 years. Re: Help removing pulley from crankshaft I had the same thing happen to me. Universal Power Steering Pulley Puller/Installer Set by OEM Tools®. I've had similar To remove the pulley, reverse the power drill when you pull the trigger. 0L V8) SOURCE: I am unable to remove the crankshaft pulley on my. Jul 20, 2018 · Anchor the other end of the loop on a third pulley. when the engine is on the rider the bottom pully is 4inchs top is 2 1/2 inchs. Then you use the starter motor  Removing the harmonic balancer without a puller is not that easy. Align the harmonic balancer removal tool over the top of the pulley. 7 Jul 2011 How to remove a crankshaft pulley in your car DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Performance Tool W83168 1/2 Drive 50MM Honda and Acura Crankshaft Pulley Removal Tool: Amazon. P65Warnings. Mine grabs the pulley from the back and when you turn the bolt right it pulls the harmonic balancer to you causing it to come off. However, motor oil is NOT the stuff that will do the trick here, you need a penetrating oil like Liquid Wrench. The crank pulley at the front of the engine. I dont have the puller/installer tool. Once the car is secure, remove the lug nuts and the tire. Put the damper in a pan of water and bring it to a boil on the kitchen stove. In case you don’t know, the crankshaft is a rotating rod that converts the reciprocating motion of pistons into rotational motion. The removal tool can be turned with an open-end wrench or socket and ratchet depending on the removal tool. It (the crankshaft pulley) attaches to the crankshaft with a big pulley bolt (16x1. Done. If you have a manual put it in gear and loosen the center bolt (108 Nm). to/2yM6Z4W 4. Maybe justified, maybe not, in their personal situation. • Used to Install and Remove Oil Seals Between 27 mm and 58 mm in Diameter Honda Cam Tool Kit Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool SKU 217379 3999 27176 • Holds Crankshaft Dampeners When Tightening/Loosening Crankshaft Bolts on or Chain Replacement Honda and Acura Engines 1990 to Present DOHC Cam Lock Holder SKU 291419 3999 LIS36880 Bolt Size to Use with Puller, to Remove Crankshaft Timing Sprocket on 3. When using the puller, make certain that the claws are situated on the inner section of the pulley. 25mm adaptors to attach to crank assembly. 99 Important: For manual transmission applications, note the position of the crankshaft balancer before removal. 25mm and M12x1. use another wrench to tighten the crank puller. A must have specialty VW Tool California Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www. Installation uses the clamshell as well, but the puller is assembled as one piece and then threaded into the pump and the clamshell simply pushes the pulley onto the shaft. Aug 29, 2016 · Step 4: Remove the harmonic balancer unit. And I dare say he wants to remove it to change the front main seal. Do not use a pry bar. 1981 22r. Fit crankshaft pulley puller. I could be wrong. The bolt is off, the first pulley puller I rented was too short (center bolt), and the second one I rented has a center bolt that is too thick. Now it will stay centered - and don't sweat grinding up the first millimeter or two of crank thread (you already got the tap). So long infact that Ive forgotten how I got the crank pulley off last time to get the belt off. Kit contains the 3-jaw puller, three lengths of forcing rods, and a forcing screw with a 3/8" square drive for ratchet use. I have a big container of anti-seize waiting to get put on there. 99 $ 26 . If you're trying to remove a 04-05 F150 5. Remove the thrust button from the end of the crankshaft. Today’s engines specifically smaller 4 cylinder and many 6 cylinder engines use a single bolt to hold the crank pulley on. •When using bolt Type B, a plate washer must be inserted between the bolt and Unlike the '88-91 version with the holes, you can make a crank pulley holder with $20 or so worth of plumbing parts and a little epoxy (between the T and 1-1/4" adapter): And of course, the T and adapter are hollow, so you can easily reach the crank pulley bolt with a socket and extension. If required, have you got a good, small (3/8" or something close), sharp cold chisel or something similar? If there is not enough of the bolt to grab onto, then a sharp tool that will "dig" into or "catch" the end of the bolt so that you can work/rotate the bolt Mar 02, 2006 · 30mm if i'm not mistaken. This crankshaft puller tool eliminates the need of a technician to go through the time consuming process of first removing the radiator before being able to remove the pulley. ive got the crank case split and all new bearings and seals (went with all balls) The cylinder is 20 over with a new wysco piston and rings and all new top end gaskets. Install the puller-to-pulley bolts. Without getting it off, I can't get the crank out of the block. Step 10: Test the new pulley. I’ve search the forums for how to remove the pulley but a lot of them call it a harmonic balancer and seem to suggest that there is a bolt holding it on. Then have a buddy crank on the crank bolt. The big washer will prevent the puller screw from ever making contact with the end of the crank and so the puller can't work. ARES 71002 - Harmonic Balancer Puller Set - Remove Damper Pulleys in Tight Engine Compartments Without Removing The Radiator - Storage Case Included 4. 0lt V8 petrol engines. The previous time I think that I used a small three jaw puller that I had to cut the center bolt down on to have enough room with the radiator in. are you suppose to have to tighten the puller THAT much? i honestly dont Will the custom built puller for the Cub front crank pulley also work on the Farmall Super A (C-113 and C-123) engines? I know the removal procedure is basically the same, but I was wondering if that puller will fit or work on these like it does on the Cub. 12 Oct 25, 2016 · Balancer tool – Late model Chevy and Chrysler engines have unique crankshaft damper/pulleys, which need to be removed for certain jobs. I am trying to remove my ,2001 ram 1500 v8 magnum, crankshaft pulley and after 4 hours with no success need some ideas. Get a 3 clawed one, the bolt type universal ones don't come with the tiny bolts needed for these cars. the other day and didn't need to use one it just required a few taps to remove it. Or just get an impact, thats what I do Jun 09, 2012 · The non-turbo engines are a real bugger to get the crank pulley removed. Jun 10, 2007 · new pulley is $47 total with shipping for this rider. When it gets pulled away, off the crankshaft, remove the puller, unbolt the center bolt all the way and take the pulley out. I wouldn't have room for the impact, without removing the radiator and was a tapered fit to the crankshaft and required a puller to remove it. Both styles of crank pulley are secured in place with a long 17mm bolt. removing the front cover this weekend, which requires removal of the balancer pulley. We're going to use a flat blade screwdriver to loosen these two screw type clamps on our intake tube. Install the tubing using longer bolts and hold it still that way. The Crankshaft vibration damper pulley removal is performed with a standard 3 jaw Puller (1026) and a Crankshaft Damper insert (6827A) which can be substituted with any bolt which will slip into the crankshaft for the Puller's forcing screw to push against. 72 09330-00021 COMPANION FLANGE TOOL $36. But my original question was related to how to remove the body mounts, etc to get to the crankshaft (if necessary, though it seems like it is to me) I have removed the wheel, fender shield, and can only see half the crankshaft, I also took off one of the top mounts Feb 02, 2012 · I locked the crankshaft from start to finish of job by removing the starter and using Laser 4275 tool (Ford garages only use a locking pin in the TDC hole for this job). May 21, 2009 · You will then use a pulley puller to pull it off. If you have a later model double groove pulley that installs w/ the 46mm nut in the center, it will not bolt on, as there is no threaded snout on the early crank. 12 Nov 12, 2006 · OK, So I have my engine about 90% disassembled and I have run into an issue. Use a breaker bar with the crank removal tool to hold the pulley, and use an air impact gun or another breaker bar to loosen the crank bolt. Universal No Slip Pulley Puller/Installer by Lisle®. Use the gear puller to remove the harmonic balancer unit. And if yours is one of them this is the tool kit you'll need to remove it. 3/8" Drive for use with ratchet and 3/4" Drive for wrench or socket use. Figure 2. Once all the visible bolts(10mm head) are removed from the cover, you need to remove the bolts(10mm head) from in behind the crank pulley. While I do not have a 4th gen. not the 3 jaw pulley puller. Screw the bolt at the center of the new pulley. The point is it should be very thin so it penetrates into the gap and helps loosen the parts. 4V swap, full suspension and FTBR IRS. by AB Tools-   Generally, you'll want to remove the belt from the crankshaft pulley and then take the harmonic balancer mounting bolt off with a socket and ratchet. An old trick for this is to remove a spark plug, then feed a length of string into the cylinder through the spark plug hole, leaving enough string hanging out to pull it all out when done. 0lt v6 and 5. Crankshaft pulley bolt [2] . 7 out of 5 stars 364 $38. I have the pulley's bolt loosened up (and can remove as needed) but cannot get the pulley itself off. -Have friend hold vicegrips, and use a breaker bar with socket (longer the better - I use a jack handle). 00+. Attempting to do this without the puller will result in damaging the pulley or the The puller has a screw that needs to push against the crank in order to "pull" the balancer off. Replacing/removing a stock link belt timing chain crank gear: put a clean lint free rag under the crank to prevent the gear from falling into the pan. *A must for assembling vertically split crankcases. Use the J 33197 in order to remove the crankshaft balancer. Use a wrench to operate the puller an impact will damage it. This new tool, like 2months old, is $79. Torsional Vibration Dampers (TVDs) provide vital protection for a vehicles engine. Oct 25, 2016 · To remove pulleys, the kits uses a clamshell design that locks over the removal groove on the pulley. Tough as Nails The puller body is made of heat treated carbon steel and has a tooth profile to match the OEM pulley exactly. May 21, 2011 · Yes, you can get the large steel cover off without removing the crank pulley. You run the risk of breaking your tools, Breaking something on the car, or stripping the bolt head. The notch on the crankshaft sprocket aligns with the pointer on the oil seal retainer. Then you use two wrenches to install the pulley. Problem with a jaw puller is that the pulley is a harmonic balancer, sort of a pulley sandwich, with a steel core (that the bolt holes go into, then the rubber meat part, then the pulley. Time is money and this puller will save you both. you need a big sack lol. Mine was a Craftsman, with the 3 attaching bolts being 1/2" and the extracting main bolt being 5/8". GFY's Xevin and VW_Jimbo! Feb 07, 2020 · The harmonic balancer bolsters the performance and longevity of your crankshaft. From there, you'll use the puller tool you just bought to take the balancer itself off the crankshaft [source: Auto MD]. SST 09213-54015 (91651-60855 for Type A), 09330-00021 Bolt: Part No. use an impact wrench ( in the right direction. 0lt (V6)&5. I have removed this pulley once before when I changed the timing belt. Jun 30, 2011 · Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:12 pm Post subject: crankshaft pulley removal Is there a way to take off the crankshaft pulley, without the puller tool? I've been looking around, but can't find any information on this. A decoupler pulley or belt tensioner can handle only so much vibration before the  Impact wrench; Puller kit; Lug wrench; Car jack; Bolt remover tool. • This unique tool has been developed to aid in the removal of the harmonic damper pulleys found on the DODGE 5. Service the pulley and the balancer as an assembly. Using the special tool to hold the crankshaft pulley, remove the bolt. I'm getting ready to change my timing belt and I was wondering if anyone has any successful ways to remove the crankshaft pulley without the puller. Hope the pulley(s) come off easily without having to have you adapt that puller. People, just get a regular square taper puller, for all Re: Cub crankshaft pulley removal Post by staninlowerAL » Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:28 am If you are uncomfortable with the process or lack the needed tools/skills, a machine shop with the right press and puller will be your best bet. Package: Puller component’s required to remove the pulley without damage, and crankshaft holding tool for Jaguar and Land Rover (5. 6 Feb 2019 2019 TVD Installation and Removal. 0188. Sep 20, 2016 · Learn how to remove a stuck crank shaft pulley bolt. Should break it loose and the rest is cake with the puller. Mar 26, 2015 · Step 3 – Remove crankshaft pulley. If it will not sit on the crank without damaging the threads for the securing bolt you may have to re-install the main bolt and butt the puller up to the head. Tool No. I've also used it on my Gear Puller 3 Leg Hub Bearing Removal Pulley Tool Set 3" 4" 6" Internal External. I found online that another way to loosen the bolt is to rest the bar against a part of the chassis and then turn the engine over. i know it sounds ghetto but it goves you more length to get the entire combo off. sprayed a lot of rust penetrant bet. how to remove crankshaft pulley without a puller

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