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Hsu subwoofer review

3. Mar 27, 2019 · Sony SA-W2500 Quick Review. 1 out of 5 stars 131 CDN$ 218. 1 ,grandview cyber 92 inch screen,iPad air ,ipad mini ,iphone 6 , sonos play 1 ,Play 3 & Play 5 , qnap 469 12tb nas , dell xps one I still use my HSU HRSW-12VA subwoofer, purchased back in late 2006, out in my 25x30x9 garage (conditioned space) matted to a pair of Infinity Primus P160's x-over at 80hz through a Harman Kardon AVR-745 and sourced by both a Logitech Squeezebox Duet and Pioneer Elite CD/LaserDisc player. There is an adjustable crossover and volume control. 6 Jul 2016 The Hsu ULS-15 MKII is just about everything you could want in a subwoofer. Call or chat with us today for free expert advice. A ported box that breathes deep The PB-1000 starts with a bass-reflex (ported) cabinet design that allows its long-throw 10" driver to make wide excursions, creating high-output levels at very low frequencies. The two I really started to focus in on were Hsu and Rythmik. Serie T It's been pretty monotonous here in the Lounge so to keep up that streak I'm posting a review of my recently acquired Hsu HB-1 Mk2 bookshelf speakers and Power Sound Audio XS15se subwoofer. 00 each. A Hsu-nami in My Living Room The Hsu Research ULS-15 Mk2 subwoofer adds a whole new level of visceral experience to the viewing, as witnessed in the attack sequence at Pearl Harbor. After my purchase and review, I agree. ' The sub and surrounds have been superseded by newer models but the L/C/R speakers are still available new. If you liked that subwoofer, we have something coming soon that should really interest you. More on the way Ships out in : 1 to 4 Days $1,259. The Sony SA-W2500 subwoofer will allow you to enjoy high quality bass without putting a dent in your wallet. all hail the new king? another world's first review. Hsu started the business shortly after receiving a PhD in engineering from MIT. August 31, 2016 Audio & Video case, Hsu Research ULS-15 mk2 Subwoofer, law, research, Review, reviews Views: 569 After feedback from customers who wanted a subwoofer that was friendlier to living room decor than the behemoth ported boxes and tall cylinder subs Hsu had been producing, Hsu Research released their first sealed subwoofer in 2008 Jul 06, 2016 · Selling my HSU VTF-3 MK3. $7. View all tests, ratings and awards for the hsuresearchvtf15hmk2. Their Hybrid 1 2. 2 and 2. We use a sensing servo coil which acts like a microphone which compares the original signal to what the subwoofer is actually reproducing. The subwoofer comes with a great variety such as 8’’, 10’’, 12’’ and 15’’. The general idea is to use the subwoofer to complement your speakers. This is the only subwoofer in our comparison that has a volume knob on the front panel. I’m like the OKCupid for speakers so I setup the handsome 3i with his new sexy girlfriend, the deepOMEGA 8 subwoofer. Hsu regarding my room setup and subwoofer placement options. Music Series Chameleons. Music Series MS-10 Subwoofer. Music Series M-6F. Mar 10, 2019 · SATISFACTION. To report errors, corrections or suggestions please email us or message @ecoustics on Twitter or Facebook. If you defined small speakers, you could set your filter to something higher than 35Hz (let's say 50Hz), and then sounds that are designated for those speakers that you told the AVR they couldn't play (under 50Hz) will be diverted to the KEF R300 review: a combination of style and performance make these large standmounts a desirable buy, if you can house them – read the review at What Hi-Fi? Velodyne Acoustics has been purchased by Audio Reference in Germany. 99 – $ 499. Ideally it should be all about the quantity and quality of low frequencies that restore a bass-shy system to a musical equilibrium—a balance that permits the full breadth of the recording to be realized. You may also can study consumer evaluations on NEW HSU Research STF-1 – Subwoofer – 150 Watt . Feel the walls shake with thundering bass from your Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer. Rythmik Audio F12SE Subwoofer These guys are indeed on to something. One of its most prominent and important features is the Plateau-reinforced spider attachment. The Dayton Audio SPA250 subwoofer amplifier produces 250 watts of clean power output, and combines with a host of flexible user options to make it an unbeatable choice. As Klipsch sets it, “ less effort, more booms ”. Pound for pound, Definitive Technology subs are the best on the market, packing earthshaking power that blows larger, costlier subs right out of the water. another world's first review. Product Name: ULS-15 mk2 Subwoofer Manufacturer: Hsu Research Review Date: August 31, 2016 00:00 MSRP: $ 769 Specifications 15” driver, This review began when I ran into Gary Yacoubian, president of SVS, in a crowded hallway at Las Vegas's Venetian Hotel, during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. 5" speakers and a horn tweeter and features a frequency response of 60 - 20khz. The HRS series is a Home Theater lover’s reason to celebrate, each subwoofer featuring a long-excursion woofer and massive magnet structure to give you incredible deep, puchy and musical bass you'll appreciate every time the HRS powers up. 0 loudspeakers, adding a powerful bass foundation to music and soundtracks that turns your system into a sensation you can feel as well as hear. Although considered light by some for a 15-inch subwoofer, it still weighs in a 74 pounds and can take up a fair bit of real estate in most rooms. A great review of this subwoofer is done by youthman on YouTube. Aug 11, 2019 · Simply put, a subwoofer is a speaker designed to play low frequencies, typically in the 20 to 200 hertz range, providing listeners with deeper, cleaner, more impactful bass. 00 $ 27 . Prior to receiving my review sample, I had an email exchange with Dr. Hsu Research VTF-2 subwoofer test review "Audio" m . I absolutely love this subwoofer and highly recommend it if you want wall-shaking bass. Jun 19, 2020 · Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer comes with 1000W dynamic peak output and 250W RMS. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Big Blue, Apr 13, 2019. Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2 for sale. ITEM Product Title Subwoofer S/PDIF Audio Digital Coaxial RCA Composite Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $6. hsu research stf2 subwoofer plate amplifier. Classic Studio 5 Monitors. 8:31. Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5 HP Powered Subwoofer. The home theater subwoofer market has become a very competitive segment in recent years, as companies like SV Subwoofers and Hsu Research have brought out a wide range of very good product options. With the HSU, the only thing I would worry about is additional shipping, should anything happen during initial shipping or the warranty period. 3 ($369 plus $54 S&H), which has a 10” driver, a 250W amp, and about the same volume as the BasX S12. — Gary Reber, Widescreen Review, June/July 2013 Customer Testimonials "The HSU VTF-2 Mk5 subwoofer is truly a "True Subwoofer". 27 Feb 2013 Background: My home theater room previously used a dual subwoofer setup with some of the higher end (but older) polk audio subs. . Note that some people do prefer to run the sub a bit "hot" relative to the mains for more deep bass impact. Digital Trends  17 Oct 2018 Since you're talking about a 10-INCH SUB, what about the well-reviewed RSL 10S subwoofer? I don't have one, but I did some research on it  Hsu explains it like this: "The reason for variable tuning is that all subwoofer designs, especially consumer-level subwoofers, involve tradeoffs in design. I feel the guttural growl of plane engines revving, explosions and tectonic rumblings reverberating in my feet, chest and skull. I would say BOTH are better than HSU and Rythmik as far as bang for the buck and total output. Get serious about sound. FVX15 also features multi-tune capability. com It might be a common perception, but a subwoofer’s role isn’t limited to just adding an octave or so of bass response and going boom. SVS 2000 VS 2000 PRO Subwoofer Showdown! Worth the Upgrade?? Mar 06, 2006 · HSU STF-2 Review. This subwoofer makes music sound terrific and will enhance any movie-watching experience. Well integrated with the room and other speakers, it is better than every single sub out there that is not well integrated. 99 $ 6 . However, if you need a vibrant and tight sounding bass, the smaller subwoofer is a perfect choice. 5. Nov 01, 2001 · The next item was a recording that Hsu supplied with the subwoofer, a perk that all Hsu customers receive. May 03, 2018 · HSU are hard to beat value for money wise. I thought at first it was just over heated (as it was May 13, 2014 · 4> If you have a subwoofer designated in your AVR, you will get signal to it when there is a signal to send. You   29 May 2020 See our guide to the best subwoofers of 2020, with reviews of top Our response is that it's very difficult for us to review a DIY sub Hsu are great, but it so happens that other, more impressive subs have been released. I\'m glad I did it was the best decision. This is assisted by a most-digital amplifier which grants 600-Watt dynamic and 300-Watt RMS power, providing a higher ceiling to enhance the speaker, once again allowing concise Aug 31, 2016 · Hsu Research ULS-15 mk2 Subwoofer Review The original ULS-15 was a successful 15" sealed subwoofer for Hsu Research back in 2008, but it was time for a refresh. On the contrary, a more massive subwoofer produces deeper and louder sound. These decouple the subwoofer cabinet from the floor, allowing for better bass performance. Oct 12, 2015 - The Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5 HP Powered Subwoofer features highly flexible tuning configurations that allow the user to dial in the sub to match the listening room and/or the listener's preferences. killer custom cables for less than $100 . Passive subwoofers retrieve power from an external amplifier , while active ones have an in-unit amplifier. With shipping and/or applicable taxes the HSU comes to around $1022, the PSA $1149, and the Rhythmik $1515. 72 Elac SUB1010 120 Watt 10" Powered Subwoofer, Black, SUB1010-BK 4. 99 Select options. I decided to purchase a Hsu because they have a reputation for musical subs, and I spend about 95% of my listening time on two-channel Jul 05, 2019 · A subwoofer’s housing can handle the air pressure produced by low-frequency signals without distorting the resulting audio. I also added a wireless 12" Klipsch Reference sub (model R-12SWi) for a bit, but the 12b sounded better on its own. The VTF-2 is only available from the Hsu Research website. The MDF enclosure is heavily braced and assembled with rabbet joints for strong structural integrity. I am now looking between the hsu Vtf15 mk2 and the psa v1500 which are in the same price range and only $300 more than the 2 I was originall Jan 08, 2006 · In the "underdog" category. 12/21/2017 1 Comment By Juan C. 3 photos. The Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5 HP proved to be a very worthy subwoofer throughout the review period. Hsu has actually said that his down-firing models (like the VTF-2 MK3 for example) work best when firing into short-pile carpet. 12W7AE-3 – JL Audio 12″ Single 3-Ohm Subwoofer is a very efficient and effective subwoofer. From the moment you try to move the box you will notice this subwoofer wants to be taken seriously. They will be posted by nd class post uk only&small packets worldwide The new RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer might be the best $400 (free shipping) subwoofer we’ve seen. This 10-inch home subwoofer has the lowest low-frequency rating in our test group, which helps it compete with larger, more powerful 12-inch woofers. 4 Dolby Atmos configuration or a 2. Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2 and VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer Reviews. Okay. One of the best available for under $1,500. I have a Hsu 15" subwoofer in a rather large cabinet. June 23, 2019. A friend recommended your product and after comparing with a few other brands SVS and HSU, I settled on Rythmik. Description Reviews HSU Research VTF-3 MK5 Subwoofer Product Description: The new HSU Research VTF-3 MK5 HP sets a new standard for bang for the buck, with performance close to our flagship but at a significantly lower price point. I purchased this new directly from HSU on 6/8/2012. Theory A reviewer usually does not have to go into the theory behind a speaker system, however, this is no usual set of speakers. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, it is our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate an average rating for each product. The laws of physics would seem to dictate that DEEP bass needs BIG subs. Once you understand the concept, you may wonder like we do why anyone would make a subwoofer any other way. Jan 16, 2012 · Hsu Research VTF-15H subwoofer - shipping box Center Channel : The Center Channel speaker, Hsu Research HC-1 MK2, is very good. The subwoofer is still plugged into the wall, right? Yes it is. 1/LFE connection (RCA), each with their own volume controls. This subwoofer has a well-balanced performance and a powerful BASH amplifier. I guess I'm trying to justify the added cost for the HSU's versus the Outlaw. All that brings us to the focus of this review, the Hsu Research HB-1 Mk2 speakers and STF-1 subwoofer. Extreme bass needs more power to reproduce low-frequency sounds, so an amplifier or receiver must output enough power to sustain bass effects through the subwoofer without draining the amp. TRUE SIMPLICITY: Get uncompromising, wireless sound that outperforms any sound bar on the market today. Our new pick for the best budget subwoofer is the Dayton Audio SUB-1200. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Pint-size subs can make bass, and the best mini subs can deliver fairly deep bass, but the volume Sep 23, 2017 · Best Affordable Subwoofer? HSU VTF 15H MK2 Subwoofer Review - Duration: 8:31. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HSU Research STF-1 - Subwoofer - 150 Watt at Amazon. Dr. Learn More. This is not always the case, of course, as there are some excellent 13” cube subs out there that will rock the house, like Sunfire’s True subwoofer line. Brand New, Never Used, never plugged in, black Hsu VTF-15H MK2 Powered Subwoofer (cost $1,087 new, including tax and shipping). Pros: People I know that have used the HSU VTF-15H have really loved it, and it provides that low down … Read more » The result of combining a HSU MBM-12 with these speakers is nothing short of incredible. The STF-2 was designed and engineered in the United States, and built in China. 00 Apr 23, 2017 · With the SUPER 3i, a subwoofer is pretty much mandatory. Stereo Integrity's Monster 24" Neo Subwoofer. Mar 06, 2015 · Okay so originally I was looking between the klipsch r115sw and the svs pb2000. It’s a front-firing with a port on the bottom. S. Studio Chameleons - Read Reviews: [ Jim Bookhard] Mirage Loudspeakers. Within this category, you will find box terminals, polyfil, subwoofer boxes, sound damping material, subwoofer grilles, speaker wire, connecters, and many more accessories. To begin, a mid bass module is a subwoofer that is designed to be in use with a true subwoofer. He smiled and introduced himself. PSA is one of the best home theater subwoofer makers you can buy from. This is a PSA s3611. Among the 3 above, SVS and HSU offer rave reviews and tempting prices. Folding Horns The first big feature of this design depends on the fact that the horn does not have to be straight to work, it can be folded up like a tuba and still work very well. XBL^2 Series Subwoofers Brahma. He moved to Orange County, California with the dream of making the world's best subwoofers. Yet I've read comments from some audio enthusiasts who claim that front-firing subwoofers are better. SVS PB-2000 PRO 12-Inch Ported Box Subwoofer with Sledge STA-550D Amp BLACK ASH. 06. " Read Full Article — Doug Blackburn, Widescreen Review, March 2012 Nov 17, 2017 · HSU currently offers five different subwoofer models ranging from its entry level VTF-1 MK3 ($399) to its top-of-the-line VTF-15H MK2 (starting at $899). It works perfectly in any system above $3000. 3 names came up tops for woofers with close-to-the-top performance but at man-in-street price range; HSU, Velodyne, SVS. I found nothing. Now that I have gone from full-time audio equipment reviewer to semi-retired person, I am at liberty to make choices not available before. At $799, the VTF-3 MK4 features two ports and can be operated with both ports open, one The HSU HB1 MK2 was designed from the ground up to work with a subwoofer. I purchased this subwoofer based upon the many reviews I had read. Classic Chameleons. “It is HUGE when it comes HSU Research HRSW12V Review. The NSW6021-6 tested in the standard 21" driver sealed cab. 12-Inch 300W Subwoofer The more you are familiar with subwoofer design concepts, the better position you will be in shopping around for a subwoofer (or subwoofers) to suit your stereo or home theatre system. The speakers I've owned since first reviewing them nearly two years ago, the Ascend Acoustics' Sierra-1, play down to 40 Hz with confidence (lower still with boundary reinforcement). Klipsch R-100SW Subwoofer Overview. The smaller 8, 10, and 12 inch versions are great too, but we have to recommend the large one because the modest increase in price is well worth the value you get. 5" (HWD) and weighs 83 pounds, certainly not out of line for a ported subwoofer with a 15" driver. For optimum performance with the Ultimax 18" subwoofer, add four pounds of Acousta-Stuf polyfill for a Qtc of 0. Daniel Kumin | Nov 18, 2015 Performance If REL Acoustics, the highly regarded subwoofer manufacturer, pulled out of the high-end marketplace tomorrow, never again to manufacture another unit, its place in the audio pantheon would forever be assured. There were three things about them that just struck a positive chord with me. — Widescreen Review (March 2005) “high-quality sound, for both home theater and audio use” — The Audiophile Voice (Vol. HSU > 1 x 12" driver, 600 watts, 25"x 17" x 21", 85 lbs Both can do about 115 dB at 20Hz which is enough to knock stuff off the walls and cause your drywall seams to crack! The old CraigSub rating gave the nod to the old VTF-3 MK3 over the SVS. Comes with power cord and manual. Also in my price range. Jun 13, 2013 · Hsu Research needs no introduction in the world of home theatre. It does so many things right. A user-configurable bass boost circuit creates a 6 dB peak at 35 Hz, which allows sealed subwoofer designs and certain ported enclosures to achieve their optimum bass extension Mar 19, 2019 · I'm going to be subwoofer shopping, but the last time I bought a sub was circa 1999-2000. We have increased the output capability of it‚¬„s predecessor, the ULS-15, by up to 5 dB, added more flexibility (Q control, operating modes), and lowered the price 10" Tunable Subwoofer. Hsu research vtf-2 subwoofer test review "audio". There is an adjustable low-pass crossover, volume control and phase switch to enable smooth blending with speakers. 99 - $27. We recommend this subwoofer for systems in which home theater has a high priority. The VTF-2 has been a part of Hsu Research’s VTF subwoofer line for 17 years and has developed considerably in that time through a number of iterations. 2 out of 5 stars 11 Ported Subwoofer Punch, Tall Dark and Handsome Profile. item 9 Hsu Research TN1225HO Subwoofer Review, 2 pgs, 1997 8 - Hsu Research TN1225HO Subwoofer Review, 2 pgs, 1997. com recommended component. A ported subwoofer can move a lot of air and fill up a very large room. Using the 180-Hz crossover setting and with the output set for a 90-dB sound-pressure level (SPL) at 1 meter from the cone (with the subwoofer upside down), the SW Four's distortion was between 1. The warranty has 4 years left on it. It's much heavier than the mkii as well. On the back, there is the crossover knob, the volume knob, phase switch between 0º and 180º, an on switch (it’s auto on/off after that), direct or internal crossover switch, analog input and output, and a speaker great condition, works well as it should, great musical sub, not just home theater boom boom. Review By Clarke Robinson Click here to e-mail reviewer I have all the bass I need in my system. 00 shipping. Haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ve been told it may have had 50movies/1,000hrs played through it. The new HRSW12V from Hsu Research, which sells its products factory-direct only, is a tme subwoofer no matter what your definition might be. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Big Blue Forum Resident Thread Starter. Add this subwoofer to your Reference Wireless system and seamlessly connect everything via your WiSA-compatible LG OLED or NanoCell TV, Windows 10 or Mac O/S 10 device, or Xbox One with an Axiim LINK Wireless Home Theater Transmitter. Mar 30, 2004 · The Hsu Research STF-1 is one hell of a $299 subwoofer, but it really didn't surprise us; after all, the brand specializes in producing affordable high-performance subwoofers. 00 Add to Cart . Given the fact some of us spend this much on a USB cable, the amount of value you’re getting cannot be understated. At lower frequencies the distortion increased, reaching 9 percent at the subwoofer's effective lower limit of 40 Hz. Which meant the well-regarded subs were often big (12, 15, 18 inches) Get the most sound out of your subwoofer with these installation parts designed to make your subwoofer install easier and sound better. 1 surround sound is a six-channel system designed to put the user right in the middle of the auditory action. But after further digging it appears there is a woofer on the side of the Hsu that is not visible until you view it with the turbo attachment. In this review, we will determine whether the VTF-2 mk5 is a standout child or simply a middle rung in the ladder of Hsu’s VTF subwoofers. Ported 18" Cube boxes from DIYSoundGroup. At first glance on the Hsu website it looks almost the same as the LFM-1 Plus. About this item. It is the antithesis of a one-note bass. That makes it easy to adjust the volume of the subwoofer to match the type of content you are playing through your home audio system. Welcome to the world of marketing folks! But honestly, you would not want a truly wireless subwoofer –here is why; Subwoofer drivers are very inefficient. The best budget subwoofer: Monoprice 9723 Powered Subwoofer. The Hsu VTF-2 subwoofer is a $500 subwoofer that is known in both professional and consumer reviewing circles as a best buy in home theater equipment. With the above said, I have narrowed it down to the HSU VTF-15h, PSA V1510 or the Rhythmik FV15HP. HSU. Note: To use any of the equations or spreadsheets given on this site, you MUST provide the T/S parameters for the driver that you want to use. Just in case you weren't aware, Dr. The R-115SW sounds good on paper but the real question is how it performs in the real world. I haven’t tested it, but Hsu’s measurements (which use the same method I do and tend to come very close to my results) show it to have slightly more output than the During the week I was reading the manual and HSU say's to set the subs crossover to out and let the AVR take over the crossover function. HSU Research VTF-2 MK5 subwoofers. P. A Collection Of New Vinyl For The Audiophile – April, 2020. 6 out of 5 stars 26 Piano Gloss Black Jun 21, 2019 · Adding extra bass with a subwoofer is the surest way to make a sound system more satisfying. Likely not moving any time soon. Nov 12, 2014 · The subwoofer needs to be positioned where it'll deliver the smoothest bass response. HSU Research. Jan 17, 2019 · This subwoofer has some distinctive design features that make it easy to set up and adjust. One thing I also remembered about my Onkyo is at the start of Audyssey it had a sub tone to set the volume to 75db. At this level, bass arrives with a percussive impact that you feel from head to toe, seamlessly extending even the PL500 II to deliver breath-taking audio resolution beyond the limits of your audible range, but with a Oct 29, 2014 · There was a nice review on a sub on avsforum front page yesterday that might be for you. It can also boast of robust build quality. The SVS PC-2000 is an all-black design, with the goal of blending into most home theater environments. This page aggregates Jl Audio Subwoofer Reviews from expert reviewers and critics all around the web. 5 at its current sale price of $759USD is almost impossible to beat, it offers 95% of the performance of the VTF-15H at a decent saving. For the past couple of years, the Andrew Jones-designed speakers from Elac have ranked among the most discussed products in audio -- as were the Pioneer speakers designed by Jones in the years before that. Location: My music without proper subwoofer was flat and disappointing even though my towers were extremely accurate and fast. The speakers reveal sound as reality does – unveiling a three-dimensional atmosphere bursting with energy and detail. It measures 24"x17. Poh Ser Hsu quietly founded Hsu Research Inc in 1991 but his VTF-15H subwoofer is anything but quiet. The signal is then corrected instantly to compensate for any differences. They are about 10 years old and still sound great in my room, which is about 15' x 25. Unless you like The Monolith™ THX® certified subwoofer sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and affordability. 15" Ported Servo Subwoofer The FVX15 is our answer to the need for a "bang for buck" home theater solution that retains the dynamic and accurate bass that we have become known for. Just as with speakers, size matters with subwoofers. 1 packages with the VTF-1 MK3 subwoofer is only $1,069. VTF-2. Considering that most respected subwoofer manufacturers offer front-firing and down-firing designs, and that I've heard both driver configurations deliver excellent sound quality, I never really gave the subject much thought. Jun 11, 2013 · SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review. HSU Research ULS-15 MKII Subwoofer Product Description Descriptions: The HSU Research ULS-15 MK2 represents our most remarkable performance per dollar improvement to date. Freight and import duties will be a bit of a killer though, probably in the $800AUD+ range ,at that point you may as well grab a PSA V1500 from Peter Another competitor that comes to mind is Hsu Research’s VTF-1 Mk. I've enjoyed the bass I had with the Saturn's 12" drivers, so felt a 15" should go a little deeper. Dr HSU was kind enough to send a subwoofer along with his speakers for review. The weight is largely due to the dual 15” drivers and the subwoofer cabinet itself. Dec 22, 2016 · My subwoofer is making rattling noises when the volume is turned up at more than medium. The following subwoofers are known for great bass, a DRASTIC departure from This sound sensitivity is why I don't review sealed subs anymore, but I do respect their positive qualities. The CG5 and CG25 are a masterful blend of artistry and science. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 399. It’s the plainest of plain black boxes, its 15-by-21-by-22-inch bulk offends After feedback from customers who wanted a subwoofer that was friendlier to living room decor than the behemoth ported boxes and tall cylinder subs Hsu had been producing, Hsu Research released their first sealed subwoofer in 2008- The ULS-15. Mar 10, 2012 · Explore subwoofer options to pair with the HSU Research speaker. The ULS-15 MK2 (subject of this review) stands as the company’s lone sealed design, priced at $779 (Satin Black) and $929 (Rosenut), with the option to buy dual ULS-15 MK2s for $1,499 or Jan 16, 2015 · Hsu Research VTF 15H MK2 Subwoofer Submitted by cpmlee on November 14, 2015 - 4:36pm Purchased this woofer after reading many excellent reviews and I love it! Jan 30, 2020 · The Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5 is the subwoofer your ears may want you to buy but your eyes might rather you didn’t. Like all REL subs, the T7 is not considered a subwoofer, but a subwoofer system that is intended to work seamlessly with the main speakers. Francis Vale . Every other measurement was taken from Data-bass. All REL Sub-Bass systems offer two types of connection, a unique High-Level (Speaker Level) connection and a . Apr 13, 2020 · Full review | Get it on Amazon. The 10 Best Subwoofers to Buy Right Now. I think the VTF3. 99 +$3. Michael Green Designs. ($$) (Not Verified) 12” Variable Ported  Related Review Categories: Aperion subwoofer reviews · Axiom subwoofer reviews · Bowers Wilkins subwoofer reviews · Definitive Technology subwoofer  Amazon. Bose Soundbar 700 Review - Premium Audio. 1. 9 cf  12 Apr 2020 We review the HSU Research VTF 15H MK2 Subwoofer. another world's first review . Sit back and listen to a vast soundscape unfold before you, as if there were no speakers at all. What this means is that the subwoofer can get to really low in frequency range with no cone distortion and breakup. The floor quakes. buying HSU Research STF-1 – Subwoofer – 150 Watt with us, We assure 100% client satisfaction. For review purposes only, Dr. What about an HSU ULS-15? A well engineered ported subwoofer will not With this method, the subwoofer connects to the back of your amp exactly where you plug in your speakers. Thundering, gigantic, pounding bass would probably be a more appropriate description of the sound that roars forth from this sub of all subs. EconAV is selling this sub and regularly holds Jan 02, 2019 · SVS, PSA, Hsu, and Rythmik kept repeating as the Internet darlings on the boards and searches. I''ve had the subwoofer for about two years and it has added many hours of listening pleasure. The subwoofer itself is still intact (no holes or perforations in it) but it won't turn on, aka no power light on at all. Their first speaker product, it is a "black box paradigm defiance x12 subwoofer “15-inch driver performance from a 12-inch subwoofer” As a subwoofer, the Defiance X12‘s performance defies its retail price. Feb 26, 2016 · I've also checked out HSU which also seems to have good choices in my price range, especially the ULS-15 MK2. Its nearly ideal performance/value ratio for both music and movie watching, makes this subwoofer an instant Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award winner and an automatic The HRS series is a Home Theater lover’s reason to celebrate, each subwoofer featuring a long-excursion woofer and massive magnet structure to give you incredible deep, puchy and musical bass you'll appreciate every time the HRS powers up. The biggest is that the (usually black) box roosting there in the corner is supposed to shake and boom all the time – that the “best” subs are the ones that bring on the most frequent complaints from neighbors. Poh Ser Hsu, president of Hsu Research, "thinks, talks, eats, drinks and dreams subwoofers," in the words of a colleague. Through every version, it has steadily grown and improved, and the newest VTF-2, the mk5, sports a front-firing 12” driver, a 350 watt BASH amplifier Apr 21, 2020 · Passive: This type of subwoofer is powered by an external amplifier, in the same way as the other speakers in your system. If you have one subwoofer, do the "subwoofer crawl": Put your sub in your listening chair (yep, in the chair), then play a tune with a melodic bass line and crawl around on the floor along the walls to find Jun 17, 2020 · RSL Speakers Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review. It has a frequency range of 23 – 160Hz. Mini Mod 5. Dayton Audio is a great company, and their 15 inch box subwoofer has the best size, specs, and warranty that we’ve seen go for under 200 bucks. You would then combine your true woofer for everything below. The STF-2 is a great subwoofer. new from mg audio! killer cables! another world's first review. killer music server for less than $3,000 . The S3000i subwoofer is powered by a 1700W RMS (4300W PEAK) built-in amplifier with ICEpower® audio technology. A larger subwoofer can displace more air and extend to deeper bass registers for slam-bang impact, but may struggle to reproduce subtle notes as well. 707 and an f3 of 27 Hz. Jul 02, 2015 · An outdoor subwoofer can pack the same punch as your indoor subwoofer. Outlaw Audio's newest product, the LFM-1, is one of the latest additions to the subwoofer market. August 12, 2019. It's recently-released successor, the ULS-15 mk2, turns out to be 30% less expensive and 20 lbs lighter, but does that mean it has taken a hit in performance as well? Considering that most respected subwoofer manufacturers offer front-firing and down-firing designs, and that I've heard both driver configurations deliver excellent sound quality, I never really gave the subject much thought. ly/2VlJA7P REL: https://amzn. cheap bastards alert ForceField subwoofer amplifiers are designed in-house by GoldenEar engineering, so each is the perfect amp to power its specific subwoofer model. Apr 24, 2019 · SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Review. It has two 6. There are two main categories of subwoofers, namely passive and active . . com, but it looks like PSA might have used their own in-house measurements for the XV15. The subwoofer is in mint condition with no cosmetic or operation conditions. com. Don’t worry, the subwoofer will not draw power from your amp. Condition Jan 17, 2019 · This subwoofer has some distinctive design features that make it easy to set up and adjust. <br /> <br />The PF-12100LP is a rugged 12&quot; subwoofer that works performs well in small to medium sized sealed enclosures. May 05, 2014 · If deep bass is your thing, HSU Research's VTF-3 MK4 subwoofer would be another very viable alternative. Normally, an unequalized Hsu TN-series subwoofer is flat down to 40-50 Hz, with a gradual rolloff below that point. Re: Rythmik vs. HXOS+ SoundVision (Greece) Review the SB13-Ultra Subwoofer "The SB13 is a subwoofer to have a good time with, a speaker that nails you to your listening room and makes you want to watch more movies, throw more parti SB13-Ultra Receives StereoNet Best Subwoofer Under $5,000 Award For the majority of this review, I ran the KEF KUBE 12b with the new the KEF Q Series speakers (full review HERE) in a 7. Feb 28, 2020 · This subwoofer provides 300 watts of continuous power and 460 watts dynamic, with large hi-roll surrounds supporting a 12” throw. Now that a few of you have chimed in and showed the better values out there. The HSU Research CCB-8s are dynamic monsters and image better than some much pricier Mar 05, 2004 · The HSU Research Ventriloquist VT-12 and SFT-1 subwoofer. I think they are rather similar from what I gather (f15 and vtf-15h) with the strong exception that the rythmik is a very distinct technology as well this box is sealed the f15 possibly goes lower than the vtf in sealed mode as well, if that matters. 16 Jan 2015 Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2 and VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer Reviews in the original VTF-15H that was well reviewed by S&V's predecessor  30 Jan 2020 The Rogersound Labs Speedwoofer 10S 10-inch subwoofer is a refreshing For home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles, the Hsu Research VTF-2 Brent, I know it's outside the scope of this review since it's a kit, but how  2 Jun 2013 My review sample was finished in satin black, but VTF-3 MK4s are also available in real Rosenut veneer for $799. The Ten Commandments - Blu-ray Movie Review. PSW 125. That means you get a respectably low frequency response and minimal distortion, so you’re hearing pure, undistorted Elac Adante SUB3070 subwoofer measurements can be found by clicking this link. Getting the correct subwoofer settings for home theater will involve setting each component properly so they work with each other—not against each other. Its sealed design is amazingly accurate and delivers clean tight  1 Dec 2016 We reviewed Hsu Research's newest VTF subwoofer, The VTF-2 mk5. 1 setup (see my profile). Aug 23, 2017 · Yamaha SW300 Review The Yamaha NS-SW300 sounded great in every phase of our testing. It was neat being able to evaluate how changing components affected the highs/mids without the low end getting in the way but that gets old and boring. SUBWOOFER MANUFACTURER. A subwoofer, as its name implies, is a bass speaker designed to operate below the normal frequency range of a typical woofer Jan 04, 2015 · Type in the name of your main speakers, and Merlin recommends the "SVS subwoofer that provides the best match, including the exact settings needed to optimize the sub's sound. Overall, the enclosure is a simple and sturdy Audio Asylum - Video Asylum: REVIEW: Hsu STF-1 Speakers by JakeG - TVs, VCRs, DVD players, Home Theater systems and more. Mar 06, 2004 · Hsu is a prime example. The subwoofer will actually change the sound it emits based upon the room in which it sits. Classic 10 Tunable Subwoofer. Why you should buy it: It’s compact, reliable, and just $100. Power handling 8-Inch 300 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer. SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer (Piano Gloss Black) – 13. XBL^2 Series Subwoofers On the other hand, a horn tuned for a subwoofer at 17hz for example, needs to be something like 25 feet long. I've had the speakers for about two months now, although I haven't listened to them as much as I would have liked, and I've had the sub for about a month [July 01, 2017] Hsu Subwoofer Hsu ULS Quad, Hsu ULS-15, Hsu Speakers, Cool Subwoofer Box Designs, Durco Mark 2 Pump Curve, Best Placement for Two Subwoofers, Hsu STF, CPO Hsu Sound, Hsu per SE, Hsu HB-1 MK2, Cylinder Subwoofer Hsu, HSU VTF-2 MK4, Sonotube Subwoofer, Hsu Subs, Mk2b Subwoofer, Hsu Ho 1220, HSU VTF-3 Mk5, Fi Audio Subwoofers, Unpacking Hsu Subwoofers, Paradigm Subwoofer, Home Sep 01, 2018 · Klipsch Reference R-12SW 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Review Last updated on: 9-1-18 Bottom Line: Hard to ever go wrong with Klipsch, and the R-12SW remains one of the best selling subwoofers despite being older generation for a good reason: great power and quality at a great price. Cost: This is not a low cost subwoofer, but rather a high performance sub. It is one of the strongest contenders when it comes to its other competitors in terms of subwoofers. Jun 07, 2013 · They got those numbers from Audioholic's original review of the VTF15h. It kicks out enough deep bass The most surprising subwoofer I’ve ever reviewed, aside from the PB-16 Ultra!! Incredible impact and explosiveness, the PB-3000 sounds like a bigger, more powerful sub than it is! ($$$) VERIFIED!!! The PB-3000 is a 13″ Ported subwoofer, 800 watts RMS, 2500 watts peak Hsu Research VTF-3 MK4 subwoofer Hsu . I noticed . 5-inch Driver, 1,200-Watts RMS, Sealed Cabinet, App Control 4. Dec 21, 2016 · Hsu Research VTF-2 mk5 Subwoofer Review. An active subwoofer presents a very high impedance load, so the amp doesn’t work any harder when you connect one, two, or even a line-array of six subs to it. Artison RCC Nano 1 Subwoofer Review. Please note scratch on top of the HC-1 centre speaker Reason for selling: Time for a change Payment Indeed, audio with crisp highs, clear dialogue, and deep bass really helps you get the most out of your entertainment system. Get Powerful Bass in a Box. Apr 23, 2014 · HSU Research VTF-3 MK4 for sale. The level of performance of the VTF-3 MK4 subwoofer is a whole order of magnitude (or two) better than the competition. The bulk of the unit is surrounded in quality black knit cloth and topped off with an interchangeable cap available in black ash and piano gloss. The 10” front-firing spun-copper IMG woofer is remarkably lightweight, yet rigid and durable at the same time. This allows you to get a bigger sound out of one box because there are two different mechanisms moving the air -- the woofer and the port. S/3 SHO AVTech Media Best Subwoofer of 2016/17, Hi-Fi Choice S/3 SHO Highly Recommended, Hi-Fi Choice S/3 SHO Hi-Fi+ S/5 Equipment Report, The Absolute Sound S/5 SHO Best Subwoofer of 2015, Sound + Image S/2 HiFi Choice Recommended S/5 Review, Esoterica S/5 Best Buy Award, Home Cinema Choice S/5 SHO Highly Recommended, Home Cinema Choice. It sports a front-firing 12” driver, a 350 watt BASH amplifier, and 3. After a year of intense negotiations with David Hall, owner of Velodyne, Audio Reference sealed the deal on November the 22nd in 2019. A DSP based feature board includes the essential controls to properly integrate the subwoofer into your system. When you don’t have the floor space or layout to accommodate the larger footprint of a ported box, cylinder ported powered subwoofers might be your best answer. Aug 29, 2004 · Warranty is 7 years on the subwoofer, and 2 years on electronics. In fact, subwoofers are all Hsu does -- he has been selling his specialized, high-value products direct from his Southern California factory for about nine years. HSU Research VTF-2 Subwoofers Sep 01, 2018 · Klipsch Reference R-12SW 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Review Last updated on: 9-1-18 Bottom Line: Hard to ever go wrong with Klipsch, and the R-12SW remains one of the best selling subwoofers despite being older generation for a good reason: great power and quality at a great price. 98 ELAC’s new SUB3010 is designed as the perfect complement to the all-new Debut 2. They reach down to 60Hz but a subwoofer is definitely recommended as is crossing them over at 80Hz if possible. All have good choices in my range, but SVS allows a 45 day return policy and will also pay for the return. Studio 60. Presidential subwoofer candidate. FRX-S12 Jan 13, 2015 · Recently, while using my Energy EW-100 Subwoofer (connected to a VSX-822 A/V receiver), it all of a sudden cut out. Dayton Audio 18" Ultimax Subwoofer with SPA1200DSP Amplifier and Cabinet Package. Dec 05, 2010 · HSU's subs have "cone" feet that elevate the bottom of the subwoofer so that there is a gap between the bottom surface of the sub and the platform beneath it. The HB-1 MK2 is a modest-sized bookshelf speaker, which comes in your choice of Satin Black ($149 each) or real wood Rosenut veneer Introduction The subject of this review is the HSU Research VTF-3 MK5 HP, a 15" bass reflex subwoofer with dual front-firing ports and variable tuning. The Hsu R&D and general headquarters is located in Anaheim, California. PRODUCTS. Yup, all OLD stuff and ALL of it is still kicking!!! This particular cabinet is designed specifically for the Dayton Audio 18" Ultimax subwoofer, but works for any subwoofer with an overall diameter of 18-1/4" or less, and a cutout requirement of 16-3/4" or less. DIY Eminence NSW6021-6 Sealed. That was an era of 1 single subwoofer, pre-DSP, and the emphasis was mainly on low distortion at low frequencies, at high volume. 339. Disclaimer: This product was sent to The TN1225HO subwoofer is an excellent buy for the money. He has some majorly impressive design and engineering background and credentials. Music Series M-5. Jan 22, 2020 · Cool! And for the lazy link-reading Canajuns, here are the prices: STF-1 $399 Can STF-2 $549 STF-3 $799 VTF-2 $699 VTF-3 $999 VT-12 $399 And close to 3,500 verified purchasers seem to agree, giving this powered subwoofer a five-star review. REL has offered superb build-quality and high standards of bass reproduction since the company was founded in 1990. This page aggregates Hsu Subwoofer Reviews from expert reviewers and critics all around the web. The PSW505 is regularly on sale for $199 shipped on Newegg. The SB13-Ultra . This subwoofer is only designed to recreate bass in the 50-150hz range. " Intrigued by SVS's approach, I jumped at an offer by Nicholas Brown, SVS's PR representative, to review the SB13-Ultra. Review: Hsu Research TN-1220HO Subwoofer Category: Speakers This sub is used for both HT and music, as my Acoustic Energy Aegis 3's are nowhere near to full range. Since 1974 our Virginia-based Advisors have loved helping folks find the right gear. Jan 23, 2011 · I would suggest setting the volume level on the current VTF amplifiers to about 9 or 10 o'clock, and then adjusting the subwoofer channel level through the receiver so that the sub matches the mains. We have 1 review of HSU Research VTF-15H Mk2 subwoofer with a score of 100%. All you need to know about this subwoofer. Only then can it be smoothly blended with the mains. I started looking for reviews and found many to look over on all of the brands mentioned. Found a used HSU VTF-3 Mk4 near me for $400. On the back, there is the crossover knob, the volume knob, phase switch between 0º and 180º, an on switch (it’s auto on/off after that), direct or internal crossover switch, analog input and output, and a speaker 12W7AE-3 – JL Audio 12″ Single 3-Ohm Subwoofer is a very efficient and effective subwoofer. Pros: powerful Welcome to the HSU Research Forum (HRF). It was capable of producing thundering bass with excellent extension and low distortion, easily filling my large room with oodles of cinematic goodness. If that is the figure they are using, by that standard, Hsu could claim an even greater performance delta than by using the S&V numbers. This is a great feature no matter who you are, being that a subwoofer can, in theory, only reach its optimal level of sound in one very precise environment (likely the environment in which it was tested). Note that all its LEDs, inputs, outputs and buttons are at the back. I checked for things inside. It comes from a smoke free home with very limited use (primarily wee Hsu ULS-15 MK2 Subwoofer. 5 percent from 55 to 450 Hz. Read Here “. HSU and Rythmik are great companies and make good products but if you have any DIY skills at all I suggest going DIY. It is a 15” subwoofer, with variable tunability, such as both ports open, 1 port open, or both ports closed, as well as Q control. I have been somewhat fascinated by Hsu's subwoofers dating back to the early 1990s, when I saw their large cylindrical offerings. Hsu had already built a solid reputation for deep-digging, accurate, and affordable subwoofers. The Descent has certainly made it to numerous reviews but falls in a price range above these. I previously reviewed this release, which involved organist Virgil Fox playing selections from Bach, Franck, Dupre, and a few others (Laserlight 15-313), at the same time I reviewed the TN1220 subwoofer, and I was impressed with how well Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer, Black (109723) 4. SpareChange 18,920 views. The Feb 23, 2018 · During the review, I kept forgetting these are only $699 a PAIR. 25"x21. It features a compact, vented enclosure and featuring high-end features like a cast-frame driver, built-in wireless (with optional transmitter), and a full set of inputs, outputs, and variable controls. One of my favorite subwoofer tests is the opening of Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, in which Senator Amidala's Jan 14, 2020 · Read our full SVS SB-16 Ultra review. Shopping for hsu subwoofer review? Get FREE 2-day shipping. It's sealed with two 18 inch drivers , 4300 watts. 18 Oct 2010 The system I reviewed consisted of two ULS-15 15” woofers; rated extension -1 dB at 15 Hz; BASH 1000W short term amplifier power each;  1 Jul 2001 The Hsu Research VTF-2 powered subwoofer recently underwent 85758 ( reviewed this issue)] for some funky phat beats and deep grooves. Unleash unbelievably deep bass performance from an astonishingly compact subwoofer. even though the value might look higher, it is possible to get your HSU Research STF-1 – Subwoofer – 150 Watt on sale at a fantastic Check Price Dec 01, 2016 · Hsu Research VTF-2 mk5 Subwoofer Review The VTF-2 has been a part of Hsu Research’s VTF subwoofer line for 17 years and has developed considerably in that time through a number of iterations. It is a liquidtheater. Misconceptions about subwoofers are plentiful. By joining, you also get "subscription" tools that notify you of discussion updates through email. Hsu also provided me with a demo music CD, and a demo HT DVD. Studio Monitor 5. But, it not only goes deep. May 27, 2016 · Quick Look Review: SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System Ara Derderian Read more May 27, 2016 Here at HT Guys headquarters, Braden and I have long been proponents of isolating a home theater’s subwoofer from the rest of the room by using an acoustic dampening solution which can reduce structural vibrations through your floor, walls, and Apr 08, 2015 · Item: HSU Research HB-1 and HC-1 MK2 Speakers Location: Sydney, NSW Price: $85 for each HB-1 MK2 speaker (4 available) and $135 for HC-1 MK2 centre speaker (1 available) Item Condition: Excellent. David Vaughn | Apr 24, 2019 Performance Features Build Quality Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2 and VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer Reviews. Re: Hsu Research VTF-15H subwoofer with Rosenut Veneer Revie Post by AudioDIY » Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:24 pm My new basement media oom is about 18' W X 22' L X 9' H. BUY HERE: HSU: https: //bit. It offers 100 amplified watts of awesome, full-bodied bass. Jul 08, 2019 · SVS SB-3000 Review: This subwoofer is a perfect example of why SVS subs are so popular. Classic 60. Its sealed design is amazingly accurate and delivers clean tight bass Hsu ULS-15 Mk 2 Subwoofer Review. My point is, good integration is worth almost everything, and this is something few ever get to hear. Of the six channels, five transmit full-spectrum audio and one is just for a powered subwoofer. The no-nonsense SVS PB-1000 powered subwoofer delivers deep, powerful bass and solid value. In addition, the amps all have powerful DSP sections to optimize frequency response, minimize distortion and prevent damage from overdriving. Jun 20, 2016 · The big sub is a Hsu (pronounced “Shu”) VTF-15h MK1, a venerable powerhouse in the real world of bass, which I have enjoyed for over a year and a half. New product reviews are added daily. 10 reviews of Hsu Research "Came to audition their new CCB-8 speakers on a recent trip to LA, as well as hear their older HB-1 speakers that have always gotten very good feedback on the AVS Speakers online forum along with their super-respected… Jan 14, 2020 · Read our full SVS SB-16 Ultra review. Whatever subwoofer you get that should be fitted in an enclosure. (this is the cone and motor system that actually moves the air) Whereas I can get two Pluses for $1199. They will be posted by nd class post uk only&small packets worldwide Dec 21, 2016 · I hope that this Joe Schmoe review helps many Slickdealers with their future home theater and subwoofer purchases The F12 is $197 on Amazon right now, $3 less than what I bought it for last week. Think of this as a cooperative venture between you and the Outlaws, your new source for high performance audio/video products. com: HSU Research HRSW10V Passive Subwoofer: Home Audio & Theater. If you''re looking for a good subwoofer at a decent price, it''s hard to beat an HSU subwoofer. If i put the subwoofer out the rattling noise stops. I bought this subwoofer 6 years ago for $699 plus shipping. to/2K01fg0 SVS:  "The Hsu VTF-3 MK5 HP sub is recommended for any home cinema enthusiast who has a Richard Hardesty, Widescreen Review Subwoofer Buyer's Guide  17 Nov 2017 Manufacturer & Model: HSU Research ULS-15 MK2 Subwoofer. 10, Issue 6, 2005) Return to HSU RESEARCH SUBWOOFER HOME PAGE: Stock: Yes: Price: $368. Ayllon He’s renowned for his polish and nuance, as in his work with The Crusaders, Steely Dan’s It’s a powered Subwoofer with a 150 watt amplifier to power the 10′ woofer. To join in the conversation you must become a member. Manufactu paradigm millenia lp xl and lp 2 speakers and seismic 110 subwoofer speaker review The Seismic 110 was a stellar performer (greatly enhanced by the PBK) and because of the software, can be placed almost anywhere in your room within reason and be optimized for your listening location. 07. Looks to be in excellent condition, so is it worth it? Update: I finally got the wife blessing and bought it! This thing is a beast of a box and definitely thumps, and is a huge upgrade from the Polk. 72 CDN$ 218 . Despite its heavy weight, I could still manage to wriggle the subwoofer to its final placement alone, but helping hands are always useful. The bottom line is, with Outlaw Audio you are going to get great products at incredible prices. 5-star reviews. The big difference here is that it needs to be able to withstand weather, insects and other critters. Apr 01, 2002 · This is a short review of a nifty, low-priced product that some of you will want to rush right out and purchase and others simply will not feel they need. It doesn't look much like a loudspeaker (an important consideration for anyone trying to avoid violence to room decor), bearing more resemblance to an end table than an audio component. 1 stereo configuration pairing the 12b with the Q950 towers. The SVS PC Ultra is the top powered cylinder subwoofer from SVS, an Internet only company who have been around for about 5 years now. I also have the original box for warranty. The driver used in this sub is impressive and gets a good Sold As Each/ 200 Watt Subwoofer Features A 10-Inch Paper/Aramid Fiber Cone/ Highly Capable In Hi-Fi Of Home Cinema Systems/ Boasts An Audiophile-Standard, Highly Efficient Class D Amplifier/ Active Closed-Box Subwoofer System/ -6dB At 20Hz And 25/140Hz Adjustable Frequency Range/ _+3dB 27Hz - 40/140Hz Adjustable Frequency Response/ Matte Black Nov 18, 2015 · SUBWOOFER REVIEWS. "Larry, I enjoyed your review of our SB13-Ultra. Posted by hometheater365 in Review, Subs on December 21, 2016 . Subwoofer is in excellent condition, just a few small scratches on the top, only cosmetic. MSRP: $779 ( Satin Black, reviewed), $929 (Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut). You can browse and search the HSU Forum right now. Let the subwoofer take some of the low bass load away from your main speakers. A subwoofer, by design, is made to handle the frequencies that make your main speakers want to cry for their mamma. Most people could not pack the Performance-per-Size that he can. Mar 28, 2013 · Thanks for the review that made me get this cracking subwoofer Optoma hd33 projector, Onkyo 808 amp , ps3 , ps4, HD-XE1 hd-dvd ,mede8er med600x3d and wd tv live, Samsung ue46c8000 , Harmony 900 ,q acoustics 1010 5. I get in-room response down to 25Hz before it starts to roll off. The ability to produce 16 Hz at realistic levels in large rooms is not something common or even available from most other subwoofers. 200 watt 10" subwoofer with room correction $449. Room size should play a major  I owned one of Poh Hsu's TN1220 cigar shaped subwoofers along with a Bash in the pair of Acculine A-Subs ($239/each) I had in for review previously. I have a M&K 5. Twin 15" C-CAM drivers, triple-suspended for a full 4 cm of excursion and individually powered by DSP-controlled amplifiers, will deliver clean frequencies down to 16 Hz. Everything I expect from a sub and more. It has been about $200 for the past 5 months or so. “First things first, this is a BEAST,” says one purchaser. With chest thumping bass that plays down to well under 20Hz, the Monolith by Monoprice 10in THX Select Certified 500-Watt Powered Subwoofer - Monoprice. Hsu Research TN-1220HO Review. Sep 14, 2015 · That same tightness serves the R-115SW well on movie soundtracks, too. When i play some songs with high bass the rattling starts even when the bass it at minimum. A ported subwoofer has the woofer and one or more ports, which let the air escape out of the box. 86 Each: Return to the WELCOME PAGE Years of crafting, refinement, and unwillingness to compromise have lead to this moment. Asking $475. The Hsu sub electronics come standard with a plug-in filter module that provides a 91Hz Linkwitz-Riley crossover and 24dB/octave slope, a high pass filter in/out switch, a 0 or 180 degree phase switch, a soft sub amplifier clipping switch, subwoofer level, and five way gold plated binding speaker cable posts (ditto on the sub itself). It’s a powered Subwoofer with a 150 watt amplifier to power the 10′ woofer. Not only do I have a very large room (about 5000 cubic feet), but it is not a perfect square or rectangle, so it can be tough to get even bass response at my main seating area, particularly with a single subwoofer. 2016 - The Hsu ULS-15 MKII is just about everything you could want in a subwoofer. hsu subwoofer review

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