1502 frac iron


5. Pressure rating given at ambient temperature 70°F/21°C. 2000 Kenworth T-800. shawcor. Our ball injector ball dropper is installed on the top of the frac head with 12 balls capacity and pressure rating up to 15000 psi. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. ”When the rest of the crew arrives on location, they’ll typically rig up to the well head with a missile,” Weijers said. Its Weco lines of butterfly valves, operators, unions, and actuators have stood the test of time and remain among the most consistent, durable, and easy-to-maintain in the industry. The system even has a proprietary "fail-open" design and self-reporting diagnostic alert to ensure total field safety. Treating Iron Treating iron is temporary surface piping and assembled choke manifolds for well testing, fracturing, completion, flow back and well clean-up operation, end connection is Fig 1502, Fig 1002 and Fig 602. Hydraulic fracturing involves OUR VISION. Published Article on MGB Reinventing Frac Fleets JPT identify MGB as a Top 5 Company to Reinvent Frac Fleets. Webbing Safety Sling for 2”, 3” and 4” PIPE 15,000 PSI pipe. bop's -. ft. All iron is inspected, tested, certified, and banded prior to going into the field This site uses and sets "cookies" on your computer to help make this website better. 1502 and 4” Fig. About. Black. Union. Arctic Energy Services rents 1502 flowback iron packages. Flowline and Frac Iron for Sale. Features. null Qty of KEMPER 15,000# 1502 High-Pressure Iron (Unused) - SEE SPEC SHEET (Item Pressure Control Equipment & Services. 10344 Sam Houston Park Drive, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77064. Our laterals are frequently used in fracturing manifolds and other high pressure manifolds. Flowback Manifolds are designed for well cleanup operations. MxM. 2”- 15k – 1502 Manifolds 2’ or 3” – 15k – 1502 Flow Iron 15ksi 1502 Integral Frac Iron. Hammer Union Seal Rings (FIG 602/1002/1502) 4-STAR Hose & Supply offers Buna and Viton Figure 602, 1002, and 1502 Hammer Union Seals with Brass, Stainless, and PTFE Backings. 660 cfm Compressor. Cico uses only the highest quality equipment that has been maintained to leading edge industry specifications. Rig up, rig down, trucking, and other costs will apply. 21,000 Frac Tanks. 602, 1002 & 1502 High grade steel. info@f-e-t. Deck is in good shape and measures 7'3" wide inside the rails and 24' long. The pressure relief valve body is forged. ISO Color Fast™ banding is used in the Oil Industry to mark pressure tested iron pipe for flow/frac iron recertification, high pressure iron   Coil Solutions processes ensure a customer's High Pressure Iron (HPI) equipment is free of flaws, damages, defects, or excessive wear that would render the  Chem Oil Products offers Flanges, Butt Weld Fittings, Flowline Products, Flow Iron, Red Iron, Frac Tank Supplies, Fittings, Instrumentation, High Pressure . Contact Jeff Weber at +1-302-231-1880 or email jeff@jeffweber. 3” 1502 Hammer Iron. – Frac flowback. First, it has fewer parts. From as little as $650 per day for our basic 2" Iron Frac Package. •Threaded and weld ends options are available. The 4" iron is Figure 1002. Read more about Gas Buster; 21,000 Frac Tanks. American Iron Works medium duty blue piping red iron sling 1502 restraints. We stock a complete supply of hammer union connections. Essentially what this is for it goes on hose makeups, midwest hose service companies. e. Cico Oil & Gas Company’ equipment offering includes a full line of frac stack, flowback and well testing equipment. Frac Iron RecertificationISO Color Fast™ banding is used in the Oil Industry to mark pressure tested iron pipe for flow/frac iron recertification, high pressure iron recertification, oilfield equipment pressure testing, and identification purposes. Tango offer 2” and 3” 1502 Flowline Iron and valves / chokes for use in frac flowback, well testing, and general drilling and workover activities. Our entire process starts with the highest grade American-made steel and iron, and transforms it into beautifully mastered components for the Oil and Gas Industry. Search Equipment Can't find what you need? New SPM Nonpressure Seal Pipe, 3" Fig 1502, 3 Feet 4"es, part no. Frac Valve. Located in San Angelo Tx Price: $5500; Read more We offer a wide range of services in piping from tubular rentals to inspection. ••Use of the proper tools is necessary when servicing SPM® treating iron. Welcome to 1502, your best source of high pressure Coflexip hoses, 1502 certified iron and test pumps. Pup Joint (compatible with FMC Chiksan Pup Joint) is a pipe line with thread, flange or union connectors on both ends, we can provide various pup joint for high,low pressure and temperature and H2S environment, with size range from 2" - 4" and working pressure range from 3,000psi - 15,000psi. Section 2 – High Pressure Iron Recertification Levels Level 1 HPI Recertification: Level 1 Recertification is a basic level of inspection/recertification, and does not include the complete disassembly of the item. 307-436-2780 or Contact Us Form. Equipment cannot frac manifold. Get Price Flowline and Frac Iron for Sale. Frac Union with hose nipple and stem attahced Fig 200/206 hammer union on hose stem machined and fitted for ease of use for fracing application. 24/7/365 service in Midland, Permian, Haynesville, Barnett, Eagleford, Midcon, Anadarko. Anvil International manufactures a full line of hammer unions with threaded or butt Our trailers are loaded with a variety of flow iron components including various lengths of iron, nineties, plug valves, crossovers, and various adapters. Custom control systems allowing for sustained ultra-low injection rates and an unprecedented level of control and automation (screenout remediations, lubricator equalizations, protection injections) Brand new 1502 treating iron. 15ksi 1502 Integral Frac Iron. Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. g. 5” frac ball respectively. Ductile Iron. We will strive to provide a level of quality that meets our customer's expectations. Want more information? (42 Tier 2 Frac Pumps, 4 Blenders, 4 Hydration Units, 4 Chem Adds and 4 Datavans, Semi Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Iron, new Powerends, new Fluid Ends,   Frac Iron Recertification. 505 NA Integral Flowline – See page 9 SPEC: 9-2014 REV: V REV DATE: 12/20/2016 Page 5 of 12 Energy Products specializes in providing complete rebuild and inspection services to keep your flow iron, high-pressure manifolds, pump bridles and frac trailers performing at maximum levels. OFT Well Testing performance exceeds expectations in Drillout/Cleanout support, frac support, flowback and pipe line testing and bleed offs. Considering the frac spread equipment: generators, frac pumps, tractors, service trucks, lights, compressors and frac iron as a system, MGB significantly increases efficiency, reduces cost and enhances safety in pressure pumping. ANSON flowline equipment is built to meet customer fracturing and well servicing requirements. Frequent injury occurs due to the amount of equipment on site 1. 2". 1502 series, featuring longer ball race life. Manifold trailers. Jun 20, 2006 · 1502 pipe is rate to 15000 psi, for the rate you can take the size of the pipe times itself then double that amount, so that a 2" pipe will be 2X2X2=8, this gives you the barrels per minute ( 42 Our standard plugcatcher design flows in at 3” Fig 1502 and flows out at 2” Fig 1502 or 3” fig 1502 to handle normal flowback operations. All tail lights, turn signals and side marker lights; Racks for high pressure iron storage and transport. Pressure Point Testing has one of the most diversified mix of solutions to get your equipment recertified, repaired, or replaced and back out in the field fast. We understand the critical importance of having the right equipment in place at all times. 625 0. Adapter Spool. In addition to protecting an operator’s production wellhead from the effects of pressure and abrasion during the fracturing process, our frac stacks allow high pressures and volumes of proppant to pass to the formation for maximum well response. two Topco racks 3" 1502 (sour 10K) SJ style 50 & Is style 10), check valves, cross-overs, companion flanges and misc. The relief is created by a conical seat/ball/spring assembly. This unit arrives on location with a standard 64 feet of 2” 1502 iron and chicksans. Two or Four Spring models MGB reduces OPEX and CAPEX with new surface systems in hydraulic fracturing operations. Item Details; Varco AR-3000 Iron Roughneck (2500 PSIG / 60 hz) Drilling Equipment (0 treating iron We hold an extensive inventory of treating iron, HP and LP hose packages and associated ancillary equipment required for the safe and effective provision of service. Flowback and Rental Division 2” -1502 Iron Rentals 2 - 1/16 15K Single Hydraulic Choke Gas Buster . with Black River Oilfield Services. Piston Separators. American Iron Works is a leading supplier of high pressure hose and piping restraints. 1502 hammer union ended 2. Specially-designed racks keep components secure and dry until rig up operations begin. 1502. It is also known as Flow Control Equipment, Flow Control Iron, Flow Line Equipment, Flow Line Iron, Stimulation Equipment, Stimulation Iron, or Frac Iron. 1502 - over 13% more ¤ 4” Fig. The relief pressure is adjusted by compressing the pile of spring washers with the hexagonal nut on top of the valve. Electric pressure pumping fleet takes up about a third of the well pad area than that of a conventional fleet. San Antonio & Midland Tx Pump downs- We offer a fleet of 2017 2500hp Quintaplex pumps for your pump down needs, Each one of our fracturing units feature side mounted centrifugal pumps, digital data acquisition units, 1502 spec iron(2” or 3” iron packages), and a 2500HP Engine with 7-speed transmission capable of pumping 16 barrels per minute (BPM) at 4,500 PSI. In a recent field test, the Scorpion Composite Frac Plug from Nine Energy achieved an average millout time of 11 minutes per plug, compared to 27 minutes for the market leader on the same project. S. Locations are currently in Ft. Yellowjacket Locations with Completion Services. As a leading manufacturer of flow control equipment, we are able to get you what you need, fast. As far as being fat fucks, we have to rig up all the iron and equipment our selves, and that’s usually a shit load of 4” hoses and 3” 1502 or 4” 1002 iron. Our FlexConnect™ high-pressure frac hose is a composite hose that can be readily manufactured to multiple lengths, from 2- to 7-in. Frac Head. 4" Hydraulic Frac Valves 15,000 PSI . Call 844. Adjustable Chokes. Style 10 Fig. 1002, 1502, 2202. 00 3. The irons heavy, Chiksans damn heavy, and all connected via hammer unions. 18 Safety Iron 19 Safety Hammer 20 Flow Line Safety Resistant System 21 Well Service Pumps 22 Pump Reference Guide 23-24 Well Service Pump 25-29 Frac Pumps 30 Pump Accessories 31 Worldwide Services Symbol Key: Available for rental Fluid Control AS offers a wide range of equipment for hire suitable for both Standard and Sour Gas service, Don't Blink. So essentially if you want to take a 100 foot of hose cut it into four slots of 25 pieces or 25-foot hose, this would be your connection between the 25-foot hose on this side, 25-foot hose on this side. BEST crossovers come in a broad range of configurations and sizes from 2” Fig 602 to 5” Fig 1002 and all Fig 1502 sizes in between, suitable for pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi NSCWP. operation of 3 phase and 4 phase separators,heater treaters and heat exchangers,. Wireline/pumpdown data overlay. FIP's hydraulic frac pumps are comprised of a trailer, truck, or skid, equipped Low pressure valves and plumbing for prime up tank2” or 3” 1502 Treating Iron: Frac Stacks: 4-1/16”, 5-1/8” and 7-1/16” full-bore valves rated at 5, 10 and 15k psi in 2-1/16” and 3-1/16” 15k psi; Flow Iron: 602, 1002, 1502 and flanged iron. – Snubbing. 32 sq. 2500 HP Frac Pump Unit w/ 3512C Engine 1. Overview. Blue Texas title. As with all processes at GN2, the Iron Truck is set up to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. Product Features: Hammer Unions are designed to enjoin mud tanks without the need of flanged connections. ¤ 3” Fig. Midland, TX Mountain Supply and Service offers a complete line of Flow Iron products. We provide Nondestructive Testing and Recertification of low and high pressure flow iron for your frac, cementing, acidizing, flowback, pump down and coil tubing jobs. 3” DC15 Resonant Fatigue Test DC15 Resonant Fatigue Test Results Chart showing DC15 48 times stronger 48 Times Stronger! Significantly Reduce or Eliminate N. Avg. 0 15,000 2-in. We provide high pressure flow iron such as 1502 chiksan Swivel Joints both for standard service & sour service. $0. Tandem-Tridem Truck. 1502 iron 2" restraints Temporary Pipe Restraints, Weber Systems is the leading online destination for finding surplus unused and used SPM, Weir and FMC flow line, flowline, and frac iron including pup joint, pup joints, swivel joint, swivel joints, wing union, wing unions, plug valve, plug valves, and check valve, check valves. This failure can be the result of one of many different things, or even a Because all frac jobs pose unique challenges, each job typically requires a different collection of specialized tools and equipment. all of them are strictly desined, manufactured and tested according to API 16C, Q1 and NACE 0175, both Constructed in three rating sizes to accommodate a variety of iron diameters and pressure ratings, the system is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 15,000 psi for 2” and 3” iron, and it is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 10,000 psi for 4” 1502 iron. Racks: Compact (Capacity: 50’ to 300’ of 2” Iron on one basket/lift) Fork Lift Capability. Manufactured by FMC, Katawissa, CNC, Kemper and Perveen. -All brand new certified and banded 1502 Iron-Hydraulic & Manual Choke Manifolds-3 and 4 Phase Test Separators up to 72"-Control Trailers-Sand Separators-2"/3"/4" Flow Line With Restraints-Electronic Ignition Flare Stacks up to 60'-Torque and Testing Units up to 20,000 psi wp. Due to Iron Failures. 2" 1502 Plug Valve Standard Service 15K Fracturing. Hammer Union-WECO® 1502, 2 inch, pressure transmitter The Stellar Technology Weco®1502, 2 inch, hammer union pressure transmitter is a second generation hammer union pressure transducer designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of hydraulic fracturing in shale oil and shale gas formations. • No danger for any mismatches. series 602 with series 1502) can lead to destruction of property, serious bodily injury or death. Gulfstream Services, Inc. A mud pressure piston separator is a device that displays the pressure of well fluid to a remote gauge or recording device. They are available in 3” Fig 1502, 4” Fig 1502 and 4” Fig 1002 working pressures with custom end connections to fit your needs. rig up and down 1502 frac iron. Heavy Iron Oilfield Services, LP provides well testing and frac flowback services to the oil and gas industry in the Eastern United States. 1502 (MxF) P51410011. Frac support services such as manifolds, line iron, and valves. . Not everyone’s fat but it is a lot easier to lift the iron and beat up connections the heavier you are. net. Worth MetroPlex and Midland, TX. Energy Products stock one inch (1"") through ten inch (10"") unions and from 1000 PSI to 15,000 PSI. iron horse has engineered a line of specialized down-hole tools for your frac-thru-coiled tubing operation which are designed to withstand the severe down-hole . The plugs in plug valves have one or more hollow passageways going sideways through the plug, so that fluid can flow through the plug when the valve is open. Type . Zipper Manifolds. We design, test, and manufacture restraints capable of restraining hose and pipes from 100 PSI to 50,000 PSI. From swivel joints to hose loops, from pup joints to hammer unions, BEST delivers the BEST Quality, BEST Service and BEST Engineered Products. P65Warnings. BEST Flow Line Equipment is the world's second oldest manufacturer of swivel joints and flowline equipment. Rental tools for frac packs and gravel packs including 1” to 4” wash pipe, 15K 2”, 3” and 4” connecting iron along with 2”, 3” and 4” Coflex hoses. But the field-  Frac Manifold 10x15Kx3 – 4 Inch Safety Iron (Trailer Tandem). – Toe Prep. 000 18 9. Valves are available in 1-1/2 to 4-inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow. com website soon. FRAC STACKS. P. 3" FIG 100 HAMMER UNION Big Tex dual tandem gooseneck trailer, 22,500 gvw, oil bath axels, two 10k trailer jacks, fully welded permanent safety rail on the deck. Also standard, is the 120 feet of 3” 206 hammer –up suction line, that is good for almost any chemical used in the industry. 3". Full log of Frac services: • Frac Stacks • Zipper Manifolds • Accumulators • 1502 iron. To extend the life of the choke body a choke saver is mounted downstream the choke bean where the flow throttling effects happen. gov Designed for optimized distribution of material for female ball race components, the ball bearing connection of SPM® swivels are robust while providing consistent rotation. Whether you are running a frac operation, performing well intervention or testing a well, we provide products and solutions for all pressure and flow control projects. In this deep dive, we look at an aspect of the frac site that appears to be ripe for technology-driven disruption and a replacement cycle. Figure 1002 - 10,000 PSI Hammer Union Model B: Staged fracturing ball injector - dropper. •Alloy steel forgings in high-pressure manifold and treating iron connections. Other services include support personnel to manage manifolds and operate valves. 10,000HP Frac Spread Description : Frac Equipment Spread 10,000HP Frac Spread Four (4) 2500 HP Pumpers Data Van (Computer Van) Iron Trailer Chemical Additive Van 70BBL Blender 6 Pump Manifold Trailer Two (2) 2000 cu. Seat, Ball, Spring. - ®2” 1502 hammer union or 15K Safety Iron end connection - 3” 1502 hammer union or 15K Safety Iron® end connection - 4” 1002 hammer union or 10K Safety Iron® end connection - ®4” 1502 hammer union or 15K Safety Iron end connection • Each hammer union is clearly marked with an identification code (e. Various  2" 3" and 4" FMC and MSI 1502 Plug Valves and flowback accessories. ✓. With over 65 years of experience, our team can assist you in finding the right product for your application. CHASSIS SPECIFICATIONS: 53 Fft long, standard 5th Wheel configuration with landing gear. The missile is a manifold around Description. Safety (Helps prevent mashed fingers and back strain) Standard packages for specific jobs can be pre-loaded and ready for shipment. The spring effect is generated using a pile of conical spring washers. 500 OD) 0. Excellent trailer to haul 1502 iron or frac valves. Strength Analysis Results Summary 3” 1502 vs. 1502 - over 13% more than previous versions ¤ 4” Fig. Like all pressure This arrangement will tie both front and rear of the fluid end via 3”-1502 treating iron and fittings. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 0197 today to match one of our tanks to your needs! Locations: Shinglehouse Iron; Stainless Steel; Steel; Boss™ LPS Products. The manifold can be built as a manifold skid for up to 6 pumping units. is your go-to source for a full array of specialized offshore frac assist equipment, including 4″ x 3″ 15k dual choke frac manifolds, 4″ and 5″ 15k frac heads, and frac control flow control products are the process of managing the rate of data transmission between two nodes to prevent a fast sender from overwhelming a slow receiver. 5. TSI Recertification is fully-insured. Union Combos Frac Balls Rubber, nylon, phenolic or Plug valves are valves with cylindrical or conically tapered plugs which can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow through the valve. equipment for Frac Flow backs, coil tubing wash outs, blow outs, 2” 1502 Rental Iron Single Hyd. 00. 88 (48). $$The$unitcan$be$equipped$ May 09, 2016 · This includes two inch to four inch 1502 iron, 15,000-psi frac stands, 15,000- psi plug valve manifolds, 15,000-psi hydraulic choke manifolds, 15,000-psi plug catchers, 1,440-15,000-psi sand separators, flare stacks, combustors and multi-phase test separators with working pressure ratings ranging from 200 to 3,000-psi. Frac Support. 1002 - over HPI (High Pressure Iron) is the term HSC uses. Contact Arctic Energy Services for  Dark Green. RES provides state of the art API A1 manufactured pressure control equipment designed to service pumping conditions ranging from 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi: Frac Stacks (5-1/8" to 7-1/16") Frac Valves (5-1/8" to 7-1/16") Goatheads (6-Port or 4-Port) Crosses. Design Features Significantly Improve Tension, Bending and Fatigue. Is there a standard flow direction for 1502 hammer unions? Designed for rugged duty and high pressure well intervention – CT Rotation joint delivers reliable fluid transfer for coiled tubing applications such as cleanouts, circulation, hydraulic fracturing, acid stimulation, cementing, and drilling. Browse our available rentals below and request a quote today: Flowline and Frac Iron for Sale. All units are equipped with 2" 1502 iron and some have additional racks that allow how many times I've been on project (E/L, Coil Tubing, P&A, Frac jocs, etc. We are based in Brisbane Australia and will ship our equipment anywhere. Kemper Valve & Fittings Corp. Iron trucks carry massive amounts of pipe that will be used to keep the well opened and separate from the well. Efficiently handle high-pressure frac operations without traditional iron 2. Youre getting all the boxes and their contents for a single price. 602 / 1002 / 1502 iron. Size. 0 General Unit Specification . Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically  Reduce Downtime and Iron Failure With Safer Fracturing Operations 48 Times Stronger than standard 1502 Connection based on testing by SES, Inc. American Iron Works  Simple, permanent solutions for frac iron recertification and identification programs. Seller Description. 2” Weir SPM's customizable frac heads allow customers. - One (1) 3” 1502 Plug valve – no wheel valve – Discharge - Two (2) 3” 1502 Pup joints – Discharge - One (1) 3” x 2” 1502 Cross Over –To Tank - One (1) 2” 1502 90 –To Prime Up Tank - Two (2) 2” 1502 Plug Valves –To Prime Up Tank - All discharge treating iron will be rated for 15,000 psi operating working pressure. Frac Restraints help contain high-pressure piping and components in case of rupture during the pumping process. Offered in three primary models, these rugged valves seal against a complete range of well-servicing fluids at pressures to 20,000 psi. FRAC IRON for sale, some good, used, most new, never used. Gate Valve 2 Manufacturing: Whip Checks, Nylon Hose Chokers, Cable Hose Chokers, Whip Stops, Piping Hobbles, Red Iron Chokers, Red Iron Slings, Cable Choker Hose Restraint, Hose Pipe Hobble Clamps, Hose Hobbles, Safety Shackles, Oilfield Hose Pipe Restraints, 1502 Piping Restraints, Frac Iron Safety Restraints, Rotary Hose Clamps, Pipe Safety Clamps, Flow Back Pipe Restraints, Four Bolt Pipe Clamps Chiksan swivel joints are pressure rated in Ductile Iron to 750 psi, Carbon Steel to 1000 or 6000 psi, and up to 20,000 psi with the Triple Step Swivel Joint. 1502 Pup Joint. Consequences of a flow line failure can be devastating. We partner with an outstanding vendor that can provide our clients with any parts/kits they may need. Zipper Frac Rig-up Specialists Complete Pad Rig-ups in 12hours! Including Frac stacks, Zipper manifolds, all 2-4" 1502 iron & restraints. 3” 1502 – MSI Iron package for sale: 2 pipe racks – over 600’ of pipe; Multiple valves, tees, 90’s and 2”- 15k – 1502 Manifolds 2’ or 3” – 15k – 1502 Flow Iron. We currently have 2″ 1502, 3 TSI Flow Products. Location  1502 Flowback Iron. – Frac Stack. In addition, we provide all lengths and diameters of B7 stud bolts, ring gaskets, and hammer wrenches to pair well with the flanges. 2”- 15k – 1502 Manifolds 2’ or 3” – 15k – 1502 Flow Iron The Gangline™ RD, appropriate for 1502 pipe up to 15,000 PSI, is a game-changer for pressure pumping and oilfield service companies looking to implement a faster, easier, and lighter flowline restraint system. Figure 1502 - 15,000 PSI Hammer Union Fig 1502: 15,000 PSI CWP – 22,500 PSI TEST •Specially designed field replaceable lip-type elastomer seal protects the metal to metal seal. No welds on ANY high pressure iron. We proudly serve the West Texas oilfield with the highest quality and service that is second to none. Standard Sizes: 2″, 3″, 4″ Standard   1502 Integral & NPST Pup Joints Minimal lead time. Less equipment results in less labor and reduced workplace injuries 2. Photos available if not posted here. Design. Sand control. 175 (12). ca. – Coil tubing. All frac iron (manifolds, flow lines, wellheads) needs to be tested every 3-6 Jul 15, 2019 · Frac iron is a stone that hasn’t really been turned over yet. Frac Stacks. If your oilfield high pressure iron and pressure equipment isn’t in the field, it isn’t earning your business money. Spartan’s services and equipment are operated by highly qualified and experienced employees, who have undergone rigorous safety training programs. Wing nuts and segments are removed to expose all inspection points (if applicable). The 3” 1502 swivels and 4” 1002 swivels are gauged during manufacturing to enable them to pass a 2. Our basic drill out package contains a trash catcher, manifold and 1502 iron. Weco Unions Fig. operating and maintenance of cent pumps, gate Flowline and Frac Iron for Sale. 000 18 12. Full line of frac stack, flowback and well testing equipment. This gives our customers the opportunity to view, download and e-mail the history of their iron that has been recertified through TSI Recertification. Valve (Safety Iron ) ® 4” 1502 Swivel (Safety Iron ) 3” 1502 Swivel (Hammer Union) manufacturing to enable them to pass a 2. While not a new process, hydraulic fracturing has been increasingly used in the last ten years due to the increase in horizontal well development, which requires multiple stimulation stages per well. The horizontal frac ball injector is connected in line with a frac head or a high pressure valve using 1002 or 1502 frac iron. 283. Stuart’s Flowback and Well Testing services provide safe, customized and dependable well testing and flow control. Legacy Energy Services utilizes up to date, environmentally friendly equipment. Rating. Frac Equipment in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States for sale. Price: $0. 1502 is also associated with MaxTank, an Australian company focused upon providing highly mobile water storage solutions and large quality site offices in living quarters for the Oil, Gas and You can rent or buy flowback iron from Tango with the peace of mind that you have the best FMC equipment on the market, fully certified and documented. We stand apart from our competition because we focus on one part of the oil process. Custom skidded standard storage container of 2" 1502 series sour (10k), elbows, hoses, transducers, plug valves, caps, pups, spacers, nipples, regulators, tees, chicksans (incl. Figure 1502 15,000 psi cold working pressure Recommended service Cementing, fracturing, acidizing, testing, and choke-and-kill lines Features • Replaceable, lip-type seal • Available for sour gas service: 10,000 psi cold working pressure; butt-weld or non-pressure seal configurations only • Butt-weld available Figure 1002 ANSON flowline equipment is designed for today’s extreme well servicing environment. Open to offers. Available in lengths up to 20 feet. DFL (Direct Frac Line) zipper manifolds currently available in both 7-1/16”10k and 7-1/16”15k; Screen out packages – both 5 and 9 plug valve choke manifolds and associated Iron packages ranging from 2”1502 to 3”1502 iron TREATING IRON/ CROSSOVER/ BLAST JOINT ACT’S one piece Treating Iron comprises an integral ACT’S wing union end connection which eliminates, welds and threads. Pro uses only the highest quality equipment that has been maintained to leading-edge industry specifications . 1502 MxF. com Our Mini Frac Tanks feature: -compatiable with 1502 iron . 1502 hammer union orientation 1502 hammer union orientation CRG (Mechanical) (OP) 23 May 05 18:57. Learn frac with free interactive flashcards. Standard configurations for 1502 and 1002 available in 8' and 10' lengths. This allows us to to remain impartial and ensures our work remains uncompromised. We have iron and manifolds for frac support. Oct 14, 2016 · A typical frac job will utilize from 1. The unit can be equipped with either 10 or 12 stations for frac pump connections. 5” and 3. Topco Oilsite Products, 2014, 2 rack stands to hold 40 Swivels each, equipped with lifting lugs, originally had 44 - Chicksan swivel, 3" fig 1502 10k, sj style 50 & 14 - Chicksan swivel, 3" fig 1502 10k, style 10 ls, banded for 10K sour Treating Iron to be supplied by customer and installed by FIP to include Discharge Manifold Brackets: One (1) prime up tank Low pressure valves and plumbing for prime up tank 2” or 3” 1502 Treating Iron: Two (2) 1502 90s – Discharge One (1) 1502 Plug valve – no wheel valve – Discharge FRAC PRE WORK RENTALS H2S SERVICE LUBE AND BLEED . BO2 Adapter. 150# – 15,000# Adjustable Relief Settings. Frac irons 182, 1502 or Frac Head Gate Valve Manifold w/ Chokes Plug Valve Manifold w/ Chokes Plug Catcher Sand Trap. All the units will be fit in 6 wooden boxes and weigh close to 6000lbs. Learn more about how BAND-IT can help today! 14 Jun 2017 Old Dowell testing along with American Iron Works testing. 1502 Flowback Iron. Style 60. – Rental Equipment FLOW IRON. Guardian Moving to the www. Description. capacity Frac Sanders Configuration and Features - Frac Pump uses Cat 3512C Engine, Cat TH55-E70 transmission and a Weir SPM OMT Flow's goal is to provide high-quality products with unparalleled service. Plug Catcher, also referred to as Ball Catcher, or Junk Catcher, is the equipment often used for fracturing, drilling, or well testing operation. The company specializes in providing a full range of completion services ranging from standard P&A work, workovers, drill outs, frac flowback and well testing. 2A23709 : Frac Manifold 10x15Kx3 – 4 Inch Safety Iron (Trailer Tandem) Frac Manifold 10x15Kx4 – 3 Inch Figure 1502 Iron (Trailer Tandem) Frac Manifold 4x10Kx2 – 4 Inch Figure 1002 Iron (Trailer Single) 1502 Hammer Union, 15,000 PSI; FIG 1502 1502 Hammer Union, 15,000 PSI Description. BE builds manifolds for all the well service operations: – Cementing. With Red Diamond on your team, you can have confidence that our high quality well control equipment, backed by a seasoned team of industry veterans, will perform as designed and promote the safety of your personnel and assets. 4″ Figure 1502 High Pressure Manifold 15000 CWP Frac pads and large projects can be difficult, time-consuming and costly to manage with myriad vendors on site. 1002 models. Our Frac Tanks feature FRAC MANIFOLD UNIT The Low – and High Pressure Frac Manifold is designed for the distribution of frac fluids, mixed by the blender, to the pumper. forged, heat treated steel. Contact Arctic Energy Services for more information regarding rental equipment and services. It is currently in Midland and can be shipped quickly. Expertise with conventional and salt solution drill outs 2” – 15 K – 1502 Manifold 2” or 3” – 15K – 1502 Dual Plug Catcher w/6” Barrels 2’ or 3” – 15k – 1502 Flow Iron. Integral/NPST. These rugged fittings come in 3/8 inch to 12-inch sizes and can handle cold working pressures up to 20,000 psi. Conveniently, the horizontal frac ball injector can be left on a The chokes are equipped with an orifice size indicator enabling the operator to adjust precisely the opening. Used :Misc. Available for standard and sour service. Eagar to sell. Standard length is 7” long. com (713) 351-7900 2250, 2500, & 3000 BHP frac pumps; Traditional & innovative suction manifolds to significantly improve flow; Reliable stainless and low alloy VOV and Y Block fluid ends; Long lasting valves and seats boost pump performance; Refurbishment and Repair; Treating Iron Complete Solutions. The very low mass of Ni produced and ejected in such events would Treating iron is temporary surface piping and assembled choke manifolds for well testing, fracturing, completion, flow back and well clean-up operation, end  3” 1502 hammer union or 15K Safety Iron® end connection. Available in lengths up to 20 feet. Express Flow Control Services, is on a mission to provide our customers with a first class service in the oil and natural gas industry. From Power Ends and Fluid Ends to Flow Iron, we have you covered. 2 1/16". 37. 15,000. 15. High pressure flow iron fittings with the most commonly used end connection types in various sizes and pressure ratings: 2″ 1502 Hose Barb Frac Union, Figure 26H C&C’s Figure 26H hose barb union is constructed of high quality cast ductile iron. Frac rentals provide a cost-efficient way to your drilling operations and maintenance services Oil and gas frac iron rentals in Oklahoma When it comes to frac and flowback iron rental equipment, you need the right equipment that you can rely on without a doubt, knowing it is sufficiently maintained, cleaned and operating with superiority. We offer 1502 swivels in all styles including some of the most popular style 50, 10, and 30. 10,000 (690) 1. Gangline™ RD offers many desirable enhancements that competitors do not. Energy Products is dedicated to quality and continuous improvement for both our customers and employees. • Hydraulic fracturing is effectively regulated by numerous federal, state and local requirements. It could be next. You can learn more about these cookies and general information about how to change your cookie settings by clicking here. Search. T. Single lift Capability. Down Stream Sand Trap 1502 Iron (2-Inch) 1503 Iron (3-Inch) Test Dumps pressure quickly (less than a second) with zero reduction in ID from 1502 iron to valve; The KLX Frac Relief Valve System helps streamline frac operations without compromising personnel, wellbore or reservoir safety. Hydraulic fracturing should not be placed exclusively under the purview of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) or any other federal statute. -Treating Iron • High Pressure well service flowline • Fracturing flowline 15,000 Standard Fig 1502 Available Size Swivel Joint. 1002 long radius swivel joints are designed to extend the life of a swivel while maintaining uniform flow. 2" 1502 Low Torque Plug Valve. USD $5k to ship to TX – you unload. Heavy Iron Oilfield Services transports, installs, and maintains high-quality, reliable rental equipment that spares your permanent site equipment from everyday strain or exposure to abrasives. 500 BBL Open Top Tank We offer a full line of companion flanges from 1502, ANSI, bevel for weld, and NPT. The union is made up of three parts, two male ends that weld to the ends of pipe and the threaded nut that forms the connection. American Iron Works frac red iron sling 1502 piping restraint. The materials are carbon steel and alloy steel and are light weight. Guardian is an oilfield tubular management company with a focus on production tubing, casing and drill pipe. Learn More. Both locations are fully capable of in-house recertification and mobile on-site recertification. We can custom […] Flowback is an important phase of the well completion process to put a well into production for the first time, or in the case of a re-frac, return a well to production. We also offer comprehensive strategies for selecting the proper plug catcher within our vast inventory. 206, 602, 1502, 2202; Domestic; Import; Standard Svc; “Sour” H2S Svc; 2”, 3” and 4”; Integral; NPT  Failures of 1502 flow iron connections during frac completion operations are responsible for a large amount of NPT and a heightened HSE risk. High pressure flow iron such as hammer unions, 1502 plug valves, swivel joints, treating irons, air unions and cementing & circulating hoses for sale. Our commitment to our customers is delivering the highest quality of equipment and tools in the industry coupled with professional and safe personnel. Whether you need new oil & gas products or a repair or recertification on your existing equipment, you deserve to have the best in quality and service. The iron will be able to be stored for traveling purposes. Real-time data transmission. This will extend to the rear of the trailer where a Style 80 swivel and pup joint will be located in order to reach the ground with the iron. Figure 1502 15,000 psi (1034 bar) cold working pressure Recommended service Cementing, fracturing, acidizing, testing, and choke-and-kill lines Figure 1003 Misaligning union 10,000 psi (690 bar) cold working pressure, 2- and 3-inch sizes; 7,500 psi (517 bar) cold working pressure, 4- and 5-inch sizes Recommended service Spartan Flow Control Services, LLC was founded in 2011, and is committed to providing quality pressure control and flow back services. All relevant equipment meets current legislative requirements including PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). • Better distribution of material for more robust female ball race components in 3” Fig. Unlike most iron recertification companies, we do not sell iron or parts. Mission offers, but is not limited to ANSON pup joints, swivels, plug valves, hammer unions, and wellheads. We stock unions from figure 100 (1,000 psi) up to figure 2202 (15,000 psi) in both threaded and welded styles. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www. Std 65 Part 2 –Isolating Potential Flow Zones During Well Construction, 2nd Edition, December 2010, (API) The frac head 150, which may be a frac head of any known configuration, is mounted, for example, to a wellhead with a master control valve 180in a manner known in the art. Consult factory for configurations. Add to cart. SPM® 3” Fig. • 12)Hands on Frac Iron Rig-Up • 13)Hands on Lock-out tag-out on a Pump Truck • 14)Hands on Fluid end Rebuild • 15)HRP process • 16)Remember Charlie Video • 17)Friday overview + Test Jun 09, 2017 · 4" 1502 NPST Flowline STD ONLY (4. 8$| M ⊙, white dwarf. Our customers are commonly putting 12-16000 psi at 70-90bbl/min through the gas buster during a screen out without issue. Frac Manifold 10x15Kx4 – 3   High Pressure Flow Iron inspection and certification is essential in the oil and gas industry. ID, and pressures up to 15,000 psi to meet your individual With fewer connections, the SPM® Simplified Frac Iron from Weir significantly reduces rig-up time and eliminates much of the ground iron. Available in 16 different colors, Color Fast™ banding comes in 1/2" and 5/8” widths, 100’ rolls, and cut-to-length banding. You can see them in the photos. Weir SPM's Safety Iron is now available in a next generation manifold trailer package for increased Style 20. Well kill. Description Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Texas Flow Iron in Henderson, undefined Discover more Oil and Gas Field Services, NEC companies in Henderson on Manta. Backside pumps feature a 5” – 300HP pump that is great for high rate at low pressures. Larger sizes can be sourced upon request. The equipment is installed prior to the frac and monitored by Quantum employees in case of a screen out during the frac job. Hammer union (all sizes of 602, 1002, 1502, 2002, 2202) Clamp Hub (B20, GR14, GR31, others) Connection Combinations for specific applications; Custom connections; WingSeal(WS20, WS30) Common and Custom lengths available; Integral STD Service Flowline Manufacturing: Whip Checks, Nylon Hose Chokers, Cable Hose Chokers, Whip Stops, Piping Hobbles, Red Iron Chokers, Red Iron Slings, Cable Choker Hose Restraint, Hose Pipe Hobble Clamps, Hose Hobbles, Safety Shackles, Oilfield Hose Pipe Restraints, 1502 Piping Restraints, Frac Iron Safety Restraints, Rotary Hose Clamps, Pipe Safety Clamps, Flow Back Pipe Restraints, Four Bolt Pipe Clamps As with all things, mechanical oil field equipment is vulnerable to failure. Proper functioning and reliable equipment are essential to ensure the protection of surface and groundwater while cautionary measures should be made to prevent sudden pressure Flowback Manifold. Actuator Valve. The Plug/Junk Catcher is designed to remove larger pieces of well debris from the well effluent during operations such as fracturing flowback, sand consolidation testing and completion clean-up after perforating or drilling out a bridge plug. Quality Rental Equipment. tools. We offer the displayed products to meet all your needs and specs, including: 206, 602, 1502, 2202 • 8)Frac Iron Training • 9)Pipe works • 10)SPM Safety Iron and Hammer Hazards video • 11)Iron Ident. The tank has several tie down points for restraints to anchor tank to the ground. 1502 iron ; 15,000-psi maximum working pressure to suit the highest pressure demands ; Improved reliability and minimized maintenance costs due to all integral fittings and no welds or threads 0. National Flow Technologies, LLC is manufacturing new, 100% American-made flowback consumable components in Dover, Ohio. *. 2A23709 : Large-bore, high-capacity flowlines, up to 135 bpm, gives you the capacity for the most demanding frac jobs; 4¾ times greater flow area than conventional 4-in. Whether you need to create an RFID-integrated band, custom marked band, or color-matched band to a nonstandard color, our experienced team will partner with you to help solve your identification needs. Our service centers are strategically located to satisfy customers in the continental United States. It provides a mechanism for the receiver to control the transmission speed, so that the receiving node is not overwhelmed with data from transmitting node. Our solution is to design, plan, execute and review full-scale integrated projects reducing time to first oil and costs to our clients. 2A23709 : The lack of iron-group elements in its atmosphere clearly distinguishes SDSS J1240+6710 from the two other recently discovered classes of supernova survivors, and suggests that it may be the result of the thermonuclear ignition of a low-mass, |$\lesssim 0. A great way to branch out. 10ksi 4 1/16" High Pressure Hydraulic Pack-off. Hammer union (all sizes of 602, 1002, 1502 TSI Recertification has an Iron Management Program that is accessible to its customers 24 hours a day. • 4” 1002 Working in the oil field, including at frac sites, and using high pressure equipment is. 5 million to 6 million pounds of sand. ) Created and Hosted by Self Logic. Our products include hammer unions, pup joints, swivel joints, plug valves, check valves, relief valves, integral fittings, valves, manifolds, and flowheads. TSI Flow Products manufactures both custom designed and off the shelf plug valves, choke valves, gate valves, and flowline as well as a wide assortment of flanges and fittings for API 6A Wellhead and Frac & Flowback Equipment. 2” 1502 Hammer Iron. Our rental fleet includes: 2″ 1502 Iron, Elbows, Tees and Plug Valves, assorted lengths to assist rig up BAND-IT colored bands are used for frac iron recertification, asset management, and other visual identification programs. All equipment is calibrated annually. With 50+ years of experience, Dragon Used Equipment offers the largest collection of used tanks, trailers, and pumps in the nation. Flanged. Features include: • Additional erosion material under critical ball race locations: ¤ 3” Fig. Two separate pressure systems are provided for uninterrupted operations. Gate Valves (1-13/16" to 4-1/16") Spools. jpg. The small crane is ideal for working in the tight confines of a well location. With over a decade of supplying blender type components to recognizable names in the hydraulic fracturing industry such as Schlumberger Manufacturing: Whip Checks, Nylon Hose Chokers, Cable Hose Chokers, Whip Stops, Piping Hobbles, Red Iron Chokers, Red Iron Slings, Cable Choker Hose Restraint, Hose Pipe Hobble Clamps, Hose Hobbles, Safety Shackles, Oilfield Hose Pipe Restraints, 1502 Piping Restraints, Frac Iron Safety Restraints, Rotary Hose Clamps, Pipe Safety Clamps, Flow Back Pipe Restraints, Four Bolt Pipe Clamps 1502 Iron Packages We place packages of up to 15000psi, on and off shore. Iron Management TSI Recertification offers our customers the advantage of using our comprehensive iron management portal, accessible through our TSI website. Smooth and round bore design keeps pressure drop low and minimizes turbulence. 35-foot Crane Style Class I/II Hybrid Rig. 1002 - over 22% more • More stable assembly with better load distribution in 3” Fig. Its linear design maximizes power straight to the wellbore, reducing pressure drop, and component erosion. “1502”). Our Frac Tanks feature: -compatiable with 1502 iron . Equipped with low torque plug valves and chokes, lighter than gate valve manifold TY fracturing pump parts. Unlike Fuel & Product Tanks, these tanks typically store 'dirty' liquids that will not be run through an engine. Accumulators Our chrome white iron frac blender tubs, for example, significantly outlast traditionally fabricated blender tubs, increasing operating uptime and saving you money on replacement costs (see testimonial below). Big Tex dual tandem gooseneck trailer, 22,500 gvw, oil bath axels, two 10k trailer jacks, fully welded permanent safety rail on the deck. Recommended service: Cementing, fracturing, acidizing, testing, and choke-and-kill lines Feature: Replaceable, lip-type seal provides primary seal, protects secondary metal-to-metal, and minimizes flow turbulence, Butt-weld available, Available for sour gas service: 7,500 psi (517 bar) cold working pressure, 5- and 6-inch sizes have O-rings for Freedom Iron Testing specializes in the rebuilding and recertification of frac iron and flow iron, including: frac missiles; 1”- 4” swivels (chicksan) 1” – 4” 1502 flowline; 1” – 4” plug valves; line trucks; Dart valves; check valves; pop-offs; kill trucks; pump trucks; safety iron; Gate valves; spools and DSA’s Freedom Iron Testing also does custom Iron Basketsfor better organization of on-site equipment. Dixon® Male Frac Fitting with Nut Hammer Union 1502 Series Whether you're fracturing, cementing, acidizing, or working with other high pressure applications, you need swivel joints you can trust. Flare Stacks Line Heaters Top Tank Gas Busters Plug Catchers: Single Barrel & Dual Barrel 5M-15M TechnipFMC sets the benchmark for pressure control and flowline products and is the original equipment manufacturer of Chiksan®, Weco® and Coflexip products. 2A23709 : All of our packages can be customized. We carry a plethora of Domestic and Foreign 2" - 4" 1502 iron. RDI specially designs our products to integrate easily into your existing equipment, whether you got it from us or not. Pro Oil & Gas Services, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, TX. Customizable design options are available upon request. Hammer unions work at extremely high pressures. Figure 1502 Hammer union 15000 psi working pressure. Sour gas models available. 1502 CHIKSAN SWIVEL JOINTS. Valve Automation Square stem direct mount actuators MX200, MX450 & MX 750. With RDI, that's what you get. Feb 15, 2016 · 14,000 PSI piping failure. (1034). Stuart equipment includes a fleet of NACE equipment – capable of handling hazardous flow streams including H2S and CO2 as well as high wellhead pressures and temperatures. We do so by installing new or updated bands on the equipment, by making electronic reports available online via desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. Pressure. Flanged, NPT, EUE, or 1502 Connections. Frac Manifold 10x15Kx4 - 3 Inch Figure 1502 Iron - Trailer Tridem. 0 15,000 21/ 16 treating fluids during fracturing applications. Create. – Gravel packing. ✓ 1502 union. – Frac. The basic production test and flowback packages high volume separators, iron and restraints. Custom designs available upon request. Spool. Browse various Frac Tank sizes and models from top manufacturers including Dragon Frac Tanks, Wichita Frac Tanks and others. 4-1/16" 15K FRAC HEAD, SWINGS, T's Crosses, Crossovers etc. 2A23709 : 3” 1502 – MSI Iron Package: (2) Pipe Racks – Over 600’ of Pipe Multiple Valves, Tees, 90’s and More All with Current Certification ACCEPTING OFFERS Call to Inspect and Buy Today!!! Call NOW! (800) 952-1973. Pins drop in place to secure load. 386. Does Propetro have 4" 1502 iron? No. Flow Control and Rentals Services. Imagine a high-quality composite plug that can be drilled out in less than half the time required by the leading competitor’s. 1502 2” Chiksan Flowback Iron. OSES supplies and services frac stacks that temporarily replace the production wellhead during pressure pumping operations. )  TREATING IRON. This will ensure no markups on cost and allows our clients to save even more! Start studying Frac quiz. The higher pressures the 1502's, the 1002's will offer some butt weld to hammer unions. Operating Cab. h2s contingency and well flow backs. Our top-notch pressure pumping products and rebuild services will make you successful at the well site. Frac Valve 2. Hitch Methods: Half Hitch, Spine & Rib. (if it's not in stock, chances are we can get it. Choose from 321 different sets of frac flashcards on Quizlet. Equipment cannot be deployed in the process or may cause extensive damage to property, production, or people without it. This model B ball injector/ball dropper is a kind of ball drop tool which is usually used for staged fracturing service. Jun 14, 2017 · Old Dowell testing along with American Iron Works testing. This Hydraulic fracturing is a treatment process that stimulates well production in the upstream oil and gas industry. The temporary surface piping, valves and manifolds necessary to deliver a fluid treatment to the wellbore from the mixing and pumping equipment. FESCO, Inc. Frac Heads, Manifolds & Support Equipment giving land operators and service companies a flexible high-pressure pumping iron rental, 1" thru 4" / 1502 2 Applications: Chiksan Pup Joints, Injection Well, Surface Flow Lines, Frac Iron Securments, Surface well, Surface Manifolds. Located in San Angelo Tx coiled tubing fracturing treatments drilling oil wells . A full line of hydraulically actuated 15K 3” and 4” manifolds, chokes, frac heads (rated up to 1 million pounds pull) and valves for deepwater applications. FMC has been a leading name in oilfield fluid control products for more than six decades. , an oilfield services company, specializes in frac flowback, wireline, lab and production services for the Texas & West Virginia oil and gas industry. 15K Flange. Our 1:1 piston separators are designed to hold well fluids out of a pressure system’s internal parts and offer additional protection by using both a rubber diaphragm and a piston to separate the well fluid from the mud gauge or recorder. Lot of Hammer Unions or Frac Iron parts starting from 2 - 4 inch. is one of the United States' leading suppliers of pressure pipe unions and fluid control products to the oil and gas industry. High Pressure Flow Iron inspection and certification is essential in the oil and gas industry. B 1 Adapter. 1502 Flowback Iron 350 1502 Flowback Iron. Skip navigation The do's & don'ts when securing 1502 temporary piping. Click here to read article. Each lateral is machined from U. Complete range of treating iron in 1502 and 1002. The materials are carbon steel and alloy steel 2" Iron Frac Package 2" Iron frac package includes 150 feet of 2" Fig 1502 flow iron with six (6) valves, multiple elbows, x-overs, one (1) 2" manifold, and anchors $ 650 /day blended frac fluid to the wellbore that’s being fractured. We furnish our customers with proof of certification for all equipment which successfully complete the inspection and testing process. Figure 5: FracLock Benefits Incumbent Solution FracLock 1. Choke. It features a union end connection that is interchangeable with a figure 200/206 connection, and it comes with an integral hose shank on both the male and female sub. Hammer Union | FIG 1502. Mismatching components of one series with another (i. 2”- 15k – 1502 Manifolds 2’ or 3” – 15k – 1502 Flow Iron. Our services include 1502 2” with 5 valve and 9 valve manifolds that are compatible with 10k and 15k frac stacks. This technical specification covers the construction and design requirements for a HP Trailer 2500- Mounted Frac Pumping unit capable of performing general pressure pumping well service operations in ambient conditions of 12°F (-11°C) to 115 °F (46 °C). By providing quality equipment and experienced personnel, Pro is committed to service excellence for our customers. Long sweep swivel joints are designed generally from 6000 PSI CWP to 20,000 PSI CWP, both for standard and sour service and ensure better flow characteristics. We understand the industry’s current challenges, which consist of numerous leak points and long rig-up and rig-down times with traditional iron setups. Both standard and H2S service-rated flow iron are available 1502 Flow Iron. Listing Details. Available in 20′ custom sea container racks of mostly new 2″ 1502 frac iron and hoses (list available) worth new USD $250k and, with or without (same price), 2 Topco racks (40 ea +/-) 3″ Chicksan 1502 swivels worth new USD $191k. For today’s extreme fracturing and well servicing environments We manufacture and supply Anson™ flowline equipment for today’s extreme fracturing and well servicing environments. Weatherford Frac - Only The Strong Survive The 1 1/2", 2" and 3" iron is all Figure 1502. Pro offers Frac Stack, Flowback, Well Testing, Torque & Test, and Drilling services throughout the Permian and Haynesville shales. Phoinix also produce a line of frac support equipment including custom designed manifold trailers and iron trucks. 1502 Swings Fluid Pumps • Frac Stacks • 2" and 3" Chicksan Iron • Swings • 90s • Tees • Loops • Cross Overs During the drill out process, Falcon Flowback provides manual or hydraulic upstream packages that can be combined with flanged or 1502 iron in 2” or 3” sizes. Contact Information Energy Products is dedicated to quality and continuous improvement for both our customers and employees. We hold an extensive inventory of treating iron, HP and LP hose packages and associated ancillary 1”, 2” 1502, 3” 1502 and 4” 206. 2″ and 3″ 1502 iron for sale or for rent. Pro Oil & Gas Service's equipment offering includes a full line of frac stack, flowback, and well testing equipment. As an integrated service company, Guardian is able to offer a wide range of products and services including: WLC Pressure Testing Services specializes in the rebuilding and recertification of frac iron and flow iron, including: Frac Stacks: 4-1/16”, 5-1/8” and 7-1/16” full-bore valves rated at 5, 10 and 15k psi; Manifolds: 5, 7 or 9 valve with hydraulic or manual chokes in 2-1/16” and 3-1/16” 15k psi; Flow Iron: 602, 1002, 1502 and flanged iron. Asset tracking with Iron Management System Recertification & repair of any manufacturer's iron products   GSI's intensive iron maintenance and technician training processes provide our customers with optimum performance, safety and Contact us to learn more about our onshore surface frac assist rentals! 1" thru 4" / 1502 2" - 2202 / 4" - 602. FxM. Frac Tanks are typically used around the Oil & Gas industry for storing water and other liquids. 4″ Figure 1502 High Pressure Manifold 15000 CWP It is fitted with a 3” 1502 inlet in order to tie into the downstream frac iron. -Frac Stacks and Zipper Manifolds MISSLE&(MANIFOLD)&TRAILER EQUIPMENT&DESCRIPTION:& The$Manifold$trailer$is$the$back$bone$of$the$well$site$frac$operaon. 1502 frac iron

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