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Baling hay into small squares

3. We used an International square baler. Whether it is oats for hay as a crop, oats for hay sown into lucerne, or a wheat crop cut for hay because it was frosted (2013) or because the spring was poor, hay despite all the different scenarios, continues to be a top returning enterprise. Bring a trailer and I will load You. According to Frazier, the Midwest produces a lot of hay, but more commercial hay production is done in the western U. 00/bale. The Kuhns Hay Accumulator system uses gravity and a simple mechanical system to efficiently arrange small square bales into a group. Russell Hay and Straw, Inc. If you have a large hard-core round baler,   2 Sep 2019 This classic can be solved with lots of algebra, or a little carefully managed Weight of Each Bale of Hay You have a question like the one I am going to After first referring to the three answers we already had (in the order I have The translation is a nice idea -- I use it for ugly magic squares, and I hope  A baler or hay baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and raked crop into It is inserted into the approximate center of the round bale, then lifted and the bale is hauled away. 4X5 net-wrapped bales of 2nd cutting Brome/Red-Clover/alfalfa mix hay (approx. I didn’t do much baling because I was very slow at it, but I did do some when I was at the in-laws. The only difference between square and round bales is the type of machinery used. usabelting. Hays, Kansas | $55. 4% Many times the hay is almost ready to bale, but is a little tough and you bale it and hope it doesn’t mold. The Chainless SX105 efficiently teases apart your large bales in less than 4 minutes, simplifying the task, reducing labor requirement, and the unique teasing action and hydraulic drive system can feed directly into an existing small square baler, utilizing existing capital outlay! Jan 25, 2013 · baling small square hay bales with a john deere fleet of tractor Co, Armagh - Duration: 4:22. au/ May 18, 2018 · Hay in small square bales should be baled between 15 and 22 percent moisture to minimize leaf shattering, molding and heating. Baling Hay It is Hay is usually stored in round or square bales that are created with modern machinery. Baling Science and art converge in haymaking with the critical decision of when to start baling. Using just 1 man and 1 tractor, the Stacker operates quickly to collect and stack big square bales into stacks of 6 or 4 bales, for storage or transport. Feb 28, 2019 · Check out the Big Bale Stacker manufactured by Jadan Enterprises. hay crop price averaged $98 per ton, and the price for the 2012 crop was nearly double that, at $191 per ton,” says Hurt, citing USDA statistics. Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the 348 Square Balers Hay and Forage Equipment. 50 / bale -- Good quality (grass or grass / alfalfa mix), leafy, soft hay! Normal size bales. up to 60 lb. I'm looking at bailing approx one acre into small squares or rounds. All bales are stored in the barn. The small squares are naturally much easier to handle, maybe a little more  Bale shapes and sizes. Good leafy hay, baled dry, string tied bales. 1 Jul 2013 Square bales -- they aren't called “idiot cubes” or “dumby squares” for nothing. 00 per bale Fair quality Alfalfa (RFV 130-150) 100. You can cancel the email alert at anytime. Hustler round bale unwinder that feeds it right into the baler to make small squares. I was able to place hands of hay into it, pack it pretty tightly and still use it but if I was to purchase again, I would definitely buy a larger one. This ensures a constant uniform movement and compression of hay through the bale chamber. Jul 18, 2020 · Now we feed around 40#'s a day per head. Here was the thought, on 50 acres you would get 100 square bales per acre, which is a conservative number. Another option is have the bale unwind onto a conveyer, the conveyer  14 Oct 2019 Then they raked the dried hay into rows and ran baling equipment over the If someone has a horse and needs hay, small square bales are a . 50 or more if delivered. May 26, 2015 · This makes these balers a perfect choice for many small farms. ) It outputs extremely uniform, finished bales with either four or five baler twines or four plastic bands. Models include SB541, SB531, SB541C, SBX540, 8530, SB521, 8545, 8555, 540, and 8520. Messick's offers several unique pieces of equipment to provide an easy and convinient method of producing minature sized hay bales by breaking down large square bales and converting them into mini-bales. These are baled much wetter than hay bales, and are usually smaller than hay bales because the greater moisture content  SQUARE BALER W/HYDROFORMATIC BALE TENSION--WAGON TONGUE & LOADING CHUTE KIT--HYD SWING TONGUE--TRIPLE PURPOSE . Small Square Hay Bales Small squares, however, may have the edge when it comes to spoilage. 2 Oct 2019 (I feed small squares in their stalls and round bale outside. Average weight per bale is 45 to 50 lbs. JMO BTW. It may be easier to get help getting the hay into storage if the bales weigh less. This is especially true if bales are to be stacked several layers deep. 00 per bale (some Square Hay Bales for sale $4. His patent was purchased and mass produced during the 1940s. RFV 173, RFQ 180. , (Feb. T's E-Z UNROLLER was designed and manufactured by a farmer to answer the consumer needs for smaller, easier to handle bales. Small Squares. The preservative can be applied through spray nozzles fastened above the pick-up attachment on the baler, which is common for large-round balers, or discharged directly onto the hay within the bale chamber for small or large-square balers. It was a series of teeth mounted on a bar that moved the hay down and across and down and across and into the baler. Small square balers, on the other hand, create bales that are light enough for a person to carry. Because we did, we are almost out of small squares of hay and are having a tough time finding any. I am very familiar with the challenges of making quality hay. The attendant then pulled the trip lever, which allowed the weight to drop into the baling compartment and compress the hay. Print Report This Ad Suggested Listings Small square prairie/alfalfa mix hay Provide Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes freely, keeping in mind that treats should make up less than 20% of your Small Animals's diet. The hay is picked up by the baler and tightly compacted to form the bale. Hay and Forage Baling Equipment Meet the C451R Wrapping Baler By combining the multi-crop capability of our V Series balers with the efficiency and innovation of our bale wrapping system, the C451R is a true productivity powerhouse. Will you go with small square bales, or large round bales, or even large square bales? Either way, good used balers of any type can be $10,000 more or less. Jul 14, 2020 · Browse our inventory of new and used CASE IH Small Square Balers For Sale near you at TractorHouse. Hay will Most small squares of grass hay weigh about 30 - 40 pounds. It was a great way to get the baler ready for the 2017 hay  13 Dec 2017 This hay will be baled into small square bales and sold for horse hay to racetracks across the country. Hay is uniformly distributed into the bale case, which produces easy-to-handle bales and bales that stack well. Small square balers use a knot strength twine ranging from 130 to 190 pound-force (lbf). Hay Equipment - Hazen, ND Haldeman says the New Jersey customer plans on buying big squares at hay auctions and re-baling them into small squares for people who sometimes pay from $5 to $10 for a single small bale. Unless you purchase a hay accumulator, bales must be picked up from the field and stacked in a barn by hand. Inagra wrapper for small square bales of haylage / Enrubanneuse pour petites bottes de préfané The wrapper wraps small square bales and accumulates them by 2 or by 3,so that they can be loaded with a bale grab. Seeing if someone has a bent elevator I can buy. 00 / bale -- Good quality (grass or grass / alfalfa mix), leafy, soft hay! These are slightly smaller than our normal sized bales. To bale the hay into small squares, the tractor straddles the windrow and pulls the baler slowly over the hay. You can simply position a pair of wires or twines lengthwise in the box, pitch hay into it, press it down with your hands and feet, and tie the bundles together with the twine or wire. Small squares, 50-70 lbs each. Hay Type Quantity Available Bale Type Delivery Available Date Submitted/Updated 502: Small Square: No: 05/10/2020: 606: Alfalfa: 1000 Bales: Small Square: No: 06 While round balers and large square balers can pick up more hay in a single pass, those larger bales typically require a tractor or another piece of hay and forage equipment to move them. Apr 18, 2013 · Moisture at baling for large square bales should be no greater than 12 to 15 percent; for round bales, no greater than 16 to 20 percent; and no greater than 18 to 20 percent for small-square bales. Approximately 348 Square Balers Hay and Forage Equipment from John Deere. Best polypropylene baling twine, baler twine, hay bale twine for large forage balers. Hay will continue to lose water until it reaches a moisture content of 5—8%, at which point equilibrium is attained. I am looking at getting into square baling. Jadan - Small Bale Accumulator by Jadan Enterprises. It is already very tight and does not fall apart without the packing material. Maxilator Hay Handling equipment Accumulator, Grapple, & Accumagrapple Elite by Consider a small square baler if you have a small operation. With farm labor getting harder to find and specialized equipment being manufactured or custom fabricated by hay farmers as needed there has been a rise in hay rebaling. clover. These early baling machines were stationary, and the hay had to come to it. Baling with New Holland 276 with New Holland Jul 02, 2020 · Hay production needs also vary by geographic area. With the threat of barn fires removed by outside hay storage, many operators of large round balers try to bale hay with too much moisture. The double knotters can handle a wider range from 350 up to 700 lbf knot strength on the high-density balers. From Hay Rake and Misc. Large round bales $65/bale (weigh approximately 900-1000lbs each). About 10-12 square bales make a round bale, which means it’s an option best suited for small farms; large farms would not find small bales effective due to the extra time and resources it would take to produce the same amount of hay. 50 a bale and was thinking of going to buy 50 bales. The Stacker will fill your requirements of a fast, uncomplicated hay handling system. They are all about productivity. SQUARE BALERS-TWO-STRAND 70-POUND HORSE HAY BALES. However, there is a large variation in bale weight from as low as 30 lb. -- NEARLY SOLD OUT. We had not planned on taking in the 2 rescued fillies and the newest rescue, Marquesa. This means there are about 34 bales in a large bale. 5. Grass /Alfalfa Hay Small square bale (Bonners Ferry) $185. Table 1 indicates that hay has been one of the top returning enterprises each year. Taking small square bales directly from the baler, the Bale Band-It stacks the bales 3 high and 7 deep creating a 21 bale bundle that can be handled with standard loader attachments. Once the bales have been loaded, one bale is advanced into the large bale slicing box. Built with the same ‘horse tough’ construction and long-lasting, weather-resistant materials it also includes a sturdy base that won’t sink into the ground yet allows for easy relocation. 00 per bale (some alfalfa/grass mix)  Their use reduces curing time in the swath, exposure to the weather, leaf Therefore, don't bale hay to be stored in the field until the moisture level reaches 18 to 22 In general, hay in small rectangular bales should be baled at less than 22  Large square bales need to be baled at a lower moisture content than small square The following is a guide to the moisture content of the hay crop as it is drying: You are baling too soon if – the crop wraps on moving parts of the baler ; the  30 Apr 2020 As well as normal small square bales, we also have big squares (8' x 4' x 3') for people wanting bulk hay (contact us for wholesale enquiries by  Baling of 1 acre. But there’s a better, easier, far more profitable way to never touch a bale again: Our extensive line of bale accumulators and handlers for small square bales, large square bales and everything in-between. 50 per bale if the customers pick it out of the field, $7. 9, 2013) — Hesston by Massey Ferguson®, the industry-leading hay equipment brand from AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), will introduce and display the MF1840 small square baler at the 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill. An Iowa State study found that baling hay into the small square bales costs $14 per acre more than round bales. As a Looking for small square baler drive assembly I need the electric motor brackets and shaft assembly for a small square baler elevator. Remove the bar and feel with your bare hands. Hay Equipment - Hazen, ND 11 Jun 2019 Saturday, June 8, we baled the last bit of grass from the woods into small squares . Check out the unique Bale Shredder that you feed large square bales into and watch it tear apart the bale and reconvert it into loose hay. g. S. Unlike small balers with side-delivery, crop flows into an 1800 Series baler in a straight line from the low-profile pickup to the stuffer and into a pre-compression chamber forming a square, equally dense flake. Each small square hay bale weighs approximately 35lbs(16kg) and measures roughly 36"x19"x15" (L x W x H). There are four main components to baling hay, including mowing, teddering (scattering), raking and baling, the latter of which creates the round or square bales you’ll often see in roadside fields. - Wraps +100 bales /hour - Has an own Jan 15, 2019 · Cutting the hay or haylage into 4-inch lengths before baling has been shown to reduce feeding loss. We cut with a disc mower, go over it a couple times with a tedder, then rake it and bale it. It is common knowledge that many horses are fed small square-bales in outdoor paddocks; however, no research exists to characterize hay waste of small square-bales fed in outdoor paddocks. Small Square Balers New Holland Super 66 Baler selling for local farmer with Wisconsin Pony engine we did not test baler was always shedded twine tie 540 PTO viewings encouraged we can help load located near Thurston Nebraska . In the next few weeks, this report will move to the new platform and will be Grass hay 80. John deere 214t square baler I am looking to start out a little smaller and build up. Forks are spring loaded for protection and are timed independently of knotters. The BaleSkiis® Baler Liner covers the bale chamber with a specially designed, self adjusting material. Here we unroll the round bales and run them through our small square baler and bundler (see video to watch the process). New Holland bales are the only choice for hand-feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. up fields. For sale 2020 1st cutting grass hay. Jun 25, 2013 · A small, square bale with these dimensions will feed one horse for a week if fed twice a day. Weight-wise, most of your small squares are going to come in the 40 to 75 pound range. Looks pretty slick. It is a common misconception that hay can be baled directly from the windrow or swath created by the hay mower. Small squares bundled in 21 bale bundles. 00 per bale Premium quality Alfalfa (RFV 170-180) 160. Nolt’s brainchild made it easy to gather and bind dried forage and put it into a package that could be easily stacked. The cost will vary depending on how much hay you need and the type; you can expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars for a small bale to between $125-$160 for a ton. OEI designed a small, square bale bundler for Boxel Manufacturing. 50 per bale Location: spencer Wausau Wisconsin Garden & House 2 $ Small squares grassy hay - $2 (Spencer) Square Baler Small. 3%, Safe feeding with very low Baling. Square bale hay feeder for goats! Nebraska rancher came up with a design to build a small square bale feeder out of common lumber lengths. Hay balers are a specialised piece of farm machinery which are used to compress harvested crops into bales for easy storage and transport. Cured the old fashioned way, --Mother Nature and sometimes a little salt! --No preservatives or dry down agents. 19 Jun 2011 Some jobs are easier on the farm than others. , Aug. We repack big bales into small bales and then put 21 small bales into SQUARE BALERS-TWO-STRAND 70-POUND HORSE HAY BALES. the weekend baling hay -- both round bales and the smaller square the unknown troubles mowing a ditch can add to the equation -- culverts,  6 Jul 2015 An older side delivery rake used for raking hay into windrows. 5 ft wagon from one side to the other. 00 each, baled on 5-11-2012. Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep is the quickest, labor saving, most cost effective way to pick up small square hay bales from the field and load them on to a trailer or hayrack, without pushing or dragging bales accross the ground. My best guess is that they are about one-third to half the size of a regular small square bale. You name it, it has gone up. He Turns Round Bales into Square Bales A commercial hay grower in Ontario launched a thriving new business enterprise when he hit on the idea of rebaling large round bales into conventional small square bales, according to a recent report in Hay & Forage Grower magazine. table to feed big square bales, hydraulically driven from tractor, bales are pulled apart and dropped on auger conveyor to feed Into small square baler. Square bale grass hay $4. com. 00/Bale. Show less Show more. com/economics-of-small-squares-vs-round-hay-bales/#. The system for large square balers includes a 110 gallon tank, enough preservative to cover 200-400 tons of hay . This is because an animal is able to swallow most of a bite and not have to chew and drop lengths of the forage onto the ground. Georgia-Made Product Helps Producers Better Handle Hay Bales - Duration Oct 29, 2013 · Page 1 of 2 - Baling large squares into smalls - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: Wondering if any one has had any success re baling large squares into smalls? The hay is first cut mostly OG and canary-reed with some clover. Using excess energy from the baler plunger, the bales are pushed up and out the top of the chute. Jan 29, 2016 · Making: Baling forage into small square bales is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Great protein levels at 12. is just the ticket for converting round bales of wheat straw and coastal Bermuda hay into more convenient square bales. The Case IH SB541C small square baler commercial model handles challenging baling conditions, season after season. Forage quality is at its peak when harvested at the correct stage of maturity. Again, depending on the density of that bale and the type of material that was baled up. A retail three string bale weighs 100 # there are 20 bales in a ton. If you have a few small square bales of decent quality hay that you can donate, deliver or sell us, we can sure use them ASAP. $8. 00-8. Our Products: Polypropylene Baling/Baler/Hay Bale Twine. Baling hay too early will trap moisture in the bale and result in spoilage. Hay originally baled as round bales will often keep ‘fresher’ than small square bales. The extent of quality loss your source for small square bales At the Bale Barn in Cascade, Iowa, we provide small square hay and straw bales for the residents of Eastern Iowa and the Tri-State area. The slat feeder had the lowest hay waste (1 percent), while the control had the most (13 percent). Compared to baling with dew rehydration, steam re-hydration significantly reduced baler losses by an average of 58% (1. $2. from any and all manufacturers, including Case IH, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and more. □. Supreme quality Alfalfa (RFV 185) 180. Large square balers are high-capacity machines that can harvest as much as 20 tons of hay per hour. Sale Department - Bộ phận kinh doanh: inquiry@asiadragoncordage. Plenty of Sturdy, Closely Spaced, Curved Finger Tines Of the different kinds of hay bales, small square bales tend to have the highest tolerance for moisture. Although many have converted to wrapping large hay packages as a means to make the best of the short baling windows, there’s still the matter of those pesky little dry square bales. Then the farmer will rake the hay into what are called windrows. com J. A valve on the side of the bale unwinder controls the speed with a forward and reverse switch on the same side. Hay Spike – The bucket can be used to move a round bale but in some operations, it is easier to move the large round bale with the hay spike. clarkfarmequipment. With four models, these balers get the job done right with high-capacity features like wide pickups and heavy-duty, smooth rotary feeding systems. These are the times you think, if I only had a preservative applicator on the baler I could bale this and shouldn’t have any problems. The THB series is a high production machine which can bale over 350 bales an hour in good conditions. . There are limited opportunities to bale dry hay, and if you are making small square bales, you have limited wagons and sometimes even more limited willing The 10 bale accumulator is well suited for small farms. Factor in a 200hp tractor and about $70,000 for a Excellent quality horse hay, alfalfa and orchard grass blend. With a crop preservative, you can bale at up to 30 percent moisture. as well as palatability of the hay can be significantly reduced at temperatures over 100°F. Apr 22, 2020 · The most common problem with hay balers involves twine knotting issues. Small Square. Grass hay mixture (Timothy, orchard grass, clover, and some Carbondale Illinois Garden & House 4 $ Crank out high-quality bales in all kinds of crops and crop conditions with the SB Series small square balers. ) I can get 1 1/2-2 of the x large flakes into the hay nets. The hay was good hay but there just seemed to be some dust that collected toward the bottom half of the bale. Inline balers produce consistent uniform bales due to their feeding system. Baling too dry will cause leaves to shatter and break, lowering hay quality. Aug 01, 2013 · This is a picture of me using the small square baler attempting to get all the hay in the baler. Delivery additional charge. Orchard Grass Small Square Bale Hay (Elkton) $6. ” Predictably, fewer hay acres lead to higher prices. Similar to the hoops of a barrel, the twine helps the bales maintain their shape and prevents flattening. You can find old beat-up square balers to bale your hay into the small square bales that horse people like for a minimum of around $3,500. All operate on basically the same principles * Small Square * Large Square * Round Intake Hay is first cut and organized into swathes via a swather and occasion I am trying to figure out what it actually cost us to produce a square bale of hay. Small square bales should be baled at There was a difference in hay waste between small square-bale feeder designs (table 1). On my old John Deere (and most other small square balers I’ve seen) it looks like there are two adjustments that affect the bale tension. 00 Good quality Alfalfa (RFV 150-170) 120. The remainder get transported to the Bale Barn at 1193 Farley Rd in Cascade. It depends in part upon the type of hay (alfalfa or grass – and the type of grass), the maturity of the hay when cut, the dryness of the hay when baled, whether the bales are small or large (big round bales, large square bales, etc. The exception to this rule is when hay preservative is applied during baling, which allows hay to be baled with moisture content up to 30 percent. Balers - Square (Small) for sale. The 2 1/2 bale length fills a 7. Models include 4590, 4690, 4550, 4650, 4655, 4260, and 4570. Hay Grazer Round Bales $50 per Bale. By the 1930s, hay baling equipment could be pulled by tractors and pick up the hay from the  Large Squares in 3x3x8's of Brome, Timothy/Orchard/Alfalfa. According to research cited by the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development site, a small square bale’s moisture content can be between 18% and 20% and be safe. 00-200. 6 GHz Dual-Core The moisture of dry hay at baling is critical to hay quality during storage and can be the difference between high-quality hay and trash, according to Hill. It's pretty slick. , this represents about ½ a bale of hay per day per mature 1000 pound horse. Have propionic acid-based preservatives been effective at reducing heating in small-rectangular bales? Hay producers will unroll round bales or break down large square bales into smaller 2-tie square bales that are in demand by a majority of the equine industry. and to boost the hay’s Small Square Hay Bales for Sale. Hesston is the number one choice of top hay producers in North America, and that includes round balers, small square balers and large square balers. “The 2005 U. This helped contain the hay and limit waste related to trampling and soiling. These balers incorporate many options that adapt them to most any square baling application. The disadvantage I can see is the hay will be dry. Fertilized Brome mix, including Orchardgrass, Timothy and Fescue. You can bale with a tractor that has a minimum of 15HP up to tractors in excess of 50HP if desired there is no PTO HP limit. For middle to high production, the 15 and 10 bale edge groups are versatile systems. Square hay bales do not require a tractor or more than one person to either lift to store or to feed – unless they weigh close to 70 pounds or more. (987 lbs per bundle). LARGE SQUARE BALERS The tank system is integrated into the baler’s frame for correct weight distribution and maximizing the carrying capacity . The Bale Band-It’s fully automated system unloads on the go, providing continuous, non-stop Small square bales can be neatly stacked to fit a lot of hay into a small shed or barn. 2020 White 2-85 and 2-110 Baling and Check out the Big Bale Stacker manufactured by Jadan Enterprises. Is the Slow Bale Buddy safe? As with the Big Bale Buddy,  22 Jul 2014 Baling hay that shows a moisture content of over 14% can be a recipe for will also have a different make up to the previous hay you have fed. To complete the diet, feed Kaytee exact, Forti-Diet Pro Health or Fiesta Max daily in a separate container. There are a few reasons why this will not work. 'large squares' to differentiate them from. The biggest thing for us is storage. Feeder forks can be adjusted to five positions to match the feeding requirement to the hay conditions. A decent used one can be found for around $1500. It was an instant hit on farms across the United States. jdrussellhay. With small square bales, very little hay goes to waste—it’s easy to distribute it carefully and make sure that all is eaten, rather than trampled or used as bedding. Despite these advantages, this system is impractical for small hay producers because the equipment requires an initial investment of $60,000 to $100,000. No need to buy two pieces of equipment, Bale Sweep will pick up and load hay by carrying hay up and off the ground. I purchased this but found my small - about 50-60 lb. 00-160. 27–29. After baling, a percentage of the large rounds are used for the livestock on our family farms. Type of Hay: Small Squares in Brome, Alfalfa, Timothy/Orchard/Alfalfa. 1ST CUTTING (2020) - $6. The reason im toying with the idea is fairly obvious, I Dec 28, 2016 · Thanks to our unique and innovative handling process we can provide low-dust herbal hay for horses, camels and other animals. Rain tends to wash nutrition out of hay and can cause spoilage or mold. Prior to baling, producers must consider the form of hay packaging they will use. This adds to a bale's ability to "breathe" and dissipate moisture. Also Chaff hay is dried forage that has been cut into small pieces and bagged. If you feed large square bales, you need the forks Hay Bale Accumulator for small square bales. 00-7. Crank out high-quality bales in all kinds of crops and crop conditions with the SB Series small square balers. Then you think, they are too expensive for me. Small square bale hay (Perry county mo) QR Code Link to This Post. Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the 338 Twine/Wire Baler Hay and Forage Equipment. 25 Oct 2016 Many people argue that the small square bale is all but a history lesson and handle small squares, welcome to what has now evolved into a  Like many agricultural business issues, a variety of economic factors go into For example, baling small square or rectangular bales of hay can be quite labor https://www. the hay is baled, to allow additional drying and to make an easier passage with the baler. I found a 214T that is kindof close to my area. ), weather conditions (air moisture, ground moisture), whether hay is baled soon after being cut or several days Used John Deere 348T Small Square Baler, 14x18x50" balesize, 74" pick up, 540 rpm pto, Koyker 1200 bale caddieaccumulator, hay accumulater bale grapple, ssl style, hydraulic hoses & couplersE As the hay comes back into the baler, this baler used the flow action flow for the crop. We make two types of hay bales; round bales and small square bales. Good dry hay, not rained on and stored inside. grass hay - bales will not fit into it as they were too long and nearly too high (which is actually width on their side in the bag). The small square bales are bundled as groups of 21 and resemble big squares once bundled. 6-8 w Effectively teases the hay to mimic that “raked windrow” texture to minimize jammed balers and broken shear pins Allows the operator to feed the baler consistently to produce uniform square bales One tractor can run both the square baler and the rebaler Mar 05, 2017 · Hay is commonly fed to horses and is usually the largest and most expensive dietary component for adult horses. The re-baler is basically a series of tables and conveyors that separate and loosen the hay so that it can be fed into a small square baler. If possible, make the windrow as wide or slightly wider than the baler pickup. Yes, they are smaller than commercial square bales, but they take up much less space than loose hay and are easier to feed. The Challenger®model numbers SB34 and SB36 are small rectangular balers that build 14” high by 18” wide bales with uniform density. One of the easiest ways to get into baling on a micro scale is to build yourself a stout wooden box, roughly the dimensions of the bales you desire. Size of Bale: Small Squares and 3x3x8 Large Squares & some 3x4x8's. Jun 09, 2020 · Browse our inventory of new and used HESSTON Small Square Balers For Sale near you at TractorHouse. After compaction, the bale does not need to be tied with plastic/steel wires or pack with plastic bag. Custom baler Reuben Wood turns out around 20,000 large square bales and up to 50,000 small square bales annually. Operators who custom bale, especially for horse farms, are big fans of New Holland square balers. SIMPCO, INC. Company. Feb 15, 2017 · Standardized system for large and small square hay balers will help customers choose right baler for the job February 15, 2017 TULARE, Calif. wmv by BrettsRuralServices. Small square bales can cost more dollars in time and labor than anything else you do on the farm, but they can also bring home a big reward if harvested and stored efficiently. Prior years analysis available upon request. After 5-8 days drying time, the crop is baled into small squares, rounds or large squares of hay, dependant on market requirements. It converts in just a few minutes, allowing custom accumulating of square bales that have already been baled and on the ground. Buyer can pick up from our field (located in Whitewood, SD) we will load with our equipment onto their trailer. Thus, the size to hold this rope that we now use as twine needs to be quite a bit larger. 00-120. Prairie Square Bales $7 per Bale. The answer to all your hay-handling needs. The positive meshing of knotter gears is easily maintained with spring Small Farm Innovations 3701 State Highway 36 South Caldwell, TX 77836 Phone: 979-200-0766 or 979-200-1473 Fax: 979-258-2971 Hay - For Sale in Mondovi, WI: Hay 900 lb Bails in Eau Claire, 2020 1st crop 4x4 round in Eau Claire, Hay round bales 4x5 70 in Eau Claire, 2nd Crop Alfalfa Grass Hay in Eau Claire, Small Square Grassy Hay in Eau Claire. 50 after the hay producer has loaded it and stored it in a barn, and $8. Mar 29, 2009 · Hi. □ chopped into small pieces. Large Squares in 3x3x8's of Brome, Timothy/Orchard/Alfalfa. com Thank you! Baling on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. I started feeding flakes off one and it seemed fine but the bottom half of the flake seems to be somewhat dusty. (With the optional big bale cutting system, it can also accept 3x3, 3x4 or 4x4 big bales. You'll see there is a dramatic change when we go to the 575 and the 5070, how we get that hay off the pickup into the bale chamber itself. Does not contain much alfalfa. One bale will fit in most Pull into the field, set your desired length and density and start baling great looking bales that do not give you a backache. If you’ve ever seen the mechanism of a bale knotter, it’s a wonder that anyone ever engineered such a curious device. If this is not done, the top two layers of the stack are often lost to rot and mold, and if the stack is not arranged in a proper hayrick, moisture can seep even deeper into the stack. McCook, NE. Hay Type Quantity Available Bale Type Delivery Available Date Submitted/Updated 617: Small Square: Yes: 06/24/2020: 204: Straw: 1000 Tons: Square 3x4: Yes: 04/24 Dec 19, 2015 · High-quality (or low-quality) hay can be packaged in round or square, large or small bales. Analysis is 2019 crop from Equi-Analytical Labs. I only bale a couple thousand small square bales a year. High quality, large round net wrapped oat hay bales. Larger round bales or the large square bales are larger in size and weight. BALE  Straw has very little nutritional value, and is best used as bedding for animals. In the Southeastern U. Only small bale what is pre-ordered. Keen to increase the pedestrian pace of small-bale hay production, Virginia farmer Rusty Inskeep designed and built a baling system that almost tripled the farm’s output. 00-9. Read More. This saved the farmer a lot of time 2015 Massey Ferguson 1840 (Small)Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson Model: 1840 In-Line Ingenuity - The Hesston 1800 Series Small Square Balers by Massey Ferguson Thanks to our exclusive in-line design, every small bale produced by our 1800 Series is easier to handle, stack and feed. “The national hay yield in 2012, for example, was the lowest since 1998. $0. Hay and straw can be used for rustic decor, outdoor seating, landscaping, animal feed and bedding, and construction projects. Timothy Grass hay sold in 21 small bale bundles $210 eachWeight tickets available upon requestGuaranteed to be free from mold and damagePlease call or text or If you call, please leave a message as we have been getting an extremely high call volume of scammers. We use state-of-the-art Sep 26, 2018 · It's time to get this hay baled! Using our 1955 Oliver 50 square baler to complete the making hay series, join us! . This hay-making system’s major limitation is the amount of hay that can be successfully baled and stored before it rains again. You can potentially add acreage for hay into your farm management plan that big equipment can’t reach – increasing production and decreasing mowing or brush-hogging. , the Massey Ferguson dealer in McConnells, South Carolina, Nance sells some of the bales through the family equipment dealership. By the 1930s, hay baling equipment could be pulled by tractors and pick up the hay from the ground. Pumping Systems HayBoss G2 AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS The Hay Conserver Feeder Saver really does save us hay (and we can prove it, since we have a Hay Conserver Feeder Saver and 2 regular round bale rings in a pasture. Nolt, a Pennsylvania Dutchman, invented the prototype for the small square baler back in the 1930s. The round bales are hard core making them about 150 pounds heavier than a soft core bale. of high quality horse hay. I'm also feeding the pony, who will finish up the full roundbale (I'm taking hay off in flakes for her). That’s because the MF1840 is actually used to rebale round bales and large square bales of grass hay and straw into small square bales that are sold to hobby farmers, horse owners and contractors. Hay Balers. According to builder, inventor and farmer Rusty Inskeep, this revolutionary machine is constructed from two conventional square balers. The shape of the bale won’t influence the nutrient content of the hay. ) and small enough to be transported in the back of a regular-sized pickup truck or flatbed. If in square bales, probe from the sides. timothy, grass mix. May 2018 - Sponsored by Kubota. A baler, most often called a hay baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay, or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store. It was not processed and baled without preservative (applicator was broken) moisture fortunately at the time was around 14%. 50 per small square bale of hay. Looking for small square baler drive assembly I need the electric motor brackets and shaft assembly for a small square baler elevator. 00-180. Hay waste can occur during both storage and feeding, and can add up to > 40%, depending on forage type, storage method, environment, and storage length. Aug 08, 2013 · DULUTH, Ga. Professionals put their trust in BC5000 model balers because they make consistently dense, well-shaped bales that are easy to handle. This would be equivalent to about 7 millions bales of hay per year with a value of about $22. The cows always eat the hay out of the hay saver first, too. Browse our inventory of new and used NEW HOLLAND Small Square Balers For Sale near you at TractorHouse. That's plenty. If we do the math, that works out to be. There is a plate on the top of the chute and a pair of wings on the Drought, too, led to lower production. Leave the crowbar there for about two hours. Talia Morelos Steer. (For the purposes of this article, the term "bale" refers to a 50 lb. Change food and add fresh water daily. 2% to 0. 00 for a small square bale now picked up out of the field like small squares, but certainly the sooner the better. D. Oct 07, 2019 · The hay is cut, left to dry, then raked into rows. Whether you are producing hay to market and sell, or for your own livestock, the Kuhns Mfg Hay Accumulator is an economical solution to minimize the labor in small square bale handling. Models include BC5070, 273, 575, 570, BC5060, 565, 311, 316, 580, and 315. 500 Series Automatic Hay preservative Application Systems for Small Square Balers For Baler Models 570 575 580 & BC5060 BC5070 Jun 11, 2014 · The hay turns in the auger housing, enabling the feeder forks to fold each charge as it enters the bale case. Plus, you save lots of money. As the saying goes, you have to “make hay while the sun shines”. The 18 bale sytem is our most efficient and is perfect for loading van trailers. Small square balers are most commonly used on smaller farm operations, where the small bales are more practical. If you are figuring what it costs you to make hay on your farm, add mowing, raking, and baling at 20. Baling takes place around dew point (either in the morning or night) so that leaf and/or grain is maintained on the stem. 00 small squares 7. The one other time I fed off a large square bale I had the same thing happen. 5 million. Thankfully  8 May 2017 Our horses didn't like this hay, so I made it in to small squares to sell as cow feed. Tapex offer guaranteed  If feeding small squares or loose hay load the desired amount into the slow feeder and close as above. When I'm tired and have to much to do, that is when I think of sitting on the porch. Innovation 1800 Series Small Square Balers. Red Willow 308-340-1598 Alfalfa/Oat Mix. The cost to produce it keeps going up. I can get small squares at probably 50-60lbs each from a guy nearby for $2. First of all, in most climates, hay will not dry well unless fluffed, flipped or turned by a tedder and/or rake. The baler rolls the hay into the large, round bales. Oct 07, 2017 · www. Small square bales count as one of that hardest, require lots of labour. Diesel has gone up, labor, fertilizer, twine, parts, equipment, etc. Sammy 99,983 views. Alternatively, you may use a piece of 3/8 in. small square bale of hay. Medium square bales (800 to 1000 lb) are increasingly being used across the northern dairy regions to reduce the labor associated with hay and haylage making. The packs can then be stacked in the barn with a grabber. hay or silage, baled or forage harvested. Hay Rake (and Baler) – Follows and scrapes the hay into windrows and the baler makes the hay into bales. Harvest the crop at Seal bales as soon as possible after baling. is a family-owned company in Northwest Ohio that is dedicated to making horse hay for racetracks across the country. 20 per bale (Machinery Cost Estimates, University of Illinois Extension, June 2015). I dont know much about the balers and need some advice. Perry, OK View Listing. Both large square and 3-tie balers were used to bale dry hay during the day with steam re-hydration and at night when dew re-hydration was apparent. Please email scott@equineadoption. Oct 05, 2018 · 4. We believe in providing a consistent product at a convenient location and an affordable cost. Figure 5 Small square bales should be stored on their edge. Those little guys can be sold for as much as $88, which is $58 benefits per large round bale straight in you pocket! An Abbriata Roto-Baler ejecting a net-wrapped small round bale. Unlike other bale accumulators, it uses no hydraulics, electronics, or chains. Forage never has more quality than right after you first cut it. 5/27/20 Kain Hay. 1st Crop hay for sale small squares. Uses gravity to collect the bales then dumps them. A mister should help with that problem. Small square bales of hay are generally the better choice for smaller farms. Forks – The forks are used for many tasks. (Aug. The round are covered with John Deere CoverEdge™. Assuming that a small square bale of hay weighs 50 lb. Details Website: Hay, Feed, Seed Hay. The best moisture level for baling hay or green feed depends on the type of baler you use. In order to bale hay, it must be raked into windrows. Available for pickup from Clark Equipment Heatherbrae or visit https://www. Credit: John Schutte. Get out in the fields early, even on cloudy days, and work later in the evenings when dew is heavier. Receive email updates for the latest "Hay And Forage, Balers - Small Square " Used Farm Equipment. 00 Good quality Mixed Grass hay 80. Buy Round Bales 1ST CUTTING (2020) - $6. If the baling string does not remain tight, the bale will separate – making it a massive pain to lift. First cut, high in fibre, contains timothy, orchard grass, brome and other types of grass - 2020 crop. Enorossi Small Square Baler - Enopack $39,000 Enorossi Balers are used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay, or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store. Small squares $5/bale (approximately 50-60lbs). Price's vary on the type of hay & bale size. This machine fits the needs of small-scale hay producers wanting to add value to their small square bales T's E-Z UNROLLER, manufactured by SIMPCO, INC. If you do not have a long temperature probe, you can use a crowbar. Barn Stored Hay for sale in Elizabeth, CoProfessional Delivery Off Loading and pick up Available. The size of a mini round bale is roughly the same as the small square bales most people are used to seeing. I am able to buy excellent  Offering a spool size designed to fit into all small square twine boxes. Used Balers / Hay Equipment for sale Buy and sell used Balers / Hay Equipment at IronPlanet. 5%, respectively) for large square balers and 43% (0. 00 - $9,399. They're not compressed as tightly as a commercial bale, so they aren't exactly equivalent. in value each year; hay that used to sell for $1. 0:50. 00 GoBob is proud to announce our new line of 3 row hay trailers, the Pyramid Hay Trailer! These bad boys handle 4' or 5' round bales from 12 bale all the way up to 27* hay bale capacities! *27 4 foot bales, or 24 5 foot bales. Boxel wished to produce and sell a machine capable of compressing small, square hay or straw bales and banding the “bundle” together to increase ease and efficiency of storing, transporting and loading/unloading bales. The 1800 also works well when connected directly to a conventional, small square baler for rebaling incoming loose product. This allows us to convert any of our 3×4 products into a small hay bale for salefor easier handling and feeding. I’m The baler gathers the cut hay from the windrow and compresses it into square- or round-shaped bales for easy transportation and storage. This baler is very easy to operate and maintain. The process of converting large square bales to small square bales starts with the large bales being loaded onto the in-feed conveyor. No rain. Each needs about 1/2 bale of hay per day when not on pasture. This small square baler is mainly used in biomass industrial to bale the material like hay, straw, wood shavings, etc. Sep 06, 2013 · The idea would be to sell the hay at around $4. Each type of bale type requires a different machine which is driven by a tractor. Mini round and compact square hay balers for your small-farm haying operation. Semi load only for deliveries more than 75 miles of Commerce City, CO. 00 small squares 5. 2200 Series Large Square Balers Our new 2200 Series balers deliver maximized capacity, more consistent bales and increased density. Cash, Check The bale chamber is 14 by 18 and has one hundred strokes per minute for those who want to drop a bale every 5 seconds. When the bales have formed a neat pack, the tray then Another question on large square bales. Quantity For Sale: We are Year Around Supplier's. The highest recommended moisture content for safe baling of hay is about 18—20% for small rectangular bales, 16—18% for large round bales, and 12—14% for large squares bales (Rotz and Muck, 1994; Collins, 1995; Rotz, 2003). Today we are aided by the advent of tractors and hay balers that wrap the grass into tight rolls that will feed livestock when winter arrives. Have round bales to sell as well and people buying the small squares. Accurate Knotters: The knotters of the small square balers are driven by the shaft and gears, providing a positive drive for dependable and accurate functioning. 816-506-5833 Jul 15, 2013 · baling small square hay bales with a john deere fleet of tractor Co, Armagh - Duration: 4:22. 9 Feb 2018 It important to know the weight of both small square and large round hay bales to determine feeding rate and economic costs. Square bales are sufficient for farms with few animals. Unlike competitors, our 1800 Series is designed to follow directly behind the tractor. We re-bale our own hay and straw as well as doing custom re-baling for other farmers. Guaranteed length. If the hay is in round bales, probe the bale ends. 4:22. Square: Even a small square baler costs nearly three times as much as a round baler with large square balers coming in about the $180,000 mark. $130/bale. Jun 11, 2019 · Keith Fink — We baled the last bit of grass from the woods into small squares. , more producers are looking into baling silage for feed. Once the compartment was filled with hay, the door was closed by counterweights. The highest recom-mended moisture content for safe baling of hay is about 18–20% for small rectangular bales, 16–18% for large round bales, and 12–14% for large squares bales (Rotz and Muck, 1994; Collins, 1995; Rotz, 2003). 15, 2017) — AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO) and Hesston by Massey Ferguson ® , the industry-leading hay equipment brand from AGCO, introduced a standardized classification system for small and View our complete range of farming machinery & equipment, irrigation equipment, pumps and tractors for sale throughout Australia Apr 24, 2013 · Moisture at baling for large square bales should be no greater than 12 to 15 percent; for round bales, no greater than 16 to 20 percent; and no greater than 18 to 20 percent for small-square bales. Our hay is baled either as small square or big square bales. Price: Call for price. Aug 04, 2010 · The main aspect of our business is re-baling hay and straw, into small square bales. The Jadan Accumulator is designed to attached directly behind your small square baler, collecting 10 or 15 bales as they exit the bale chamber. is located in Bleckley County, Georgia Because small squares require more drying time between cutting and baling, the window of opportunity for harvesting hay can be quite limited, especially in wet, cool climates. too dry to bale and a lot of leaf matter shatter will result. Bale quality begins in the windrow. “We tend to get a lot of rain in this part  2 Oct 2017 I've been doing a little looking into this lately, has anyone on here got a bale barren, why does he not just bale the hay in small bales in the  For hay producers, is the large round bale more economical than the small Because small squares require more drying time between cutting and baling, the to the molds that grow in the huge bales, when set outside, even in hay-rings. Small square baling should be done when the hay is below the 22% There are three main kinds of hay balers: small square, large square and round balers. it is most customary that round bales are a more mature hay verses small squares. Shop By Price. Hay Type Quantity Available Bale Type Delivery Available Date Submitted/Updated 720: Small Square: Yes: 04/05/2020: 720: Alfalfa: 7000 Bales: Small Square: Yes Jul 23, 2020 · In this video we will be raking and baling 1st cut hay there will also be us unloading the hay into the barn Computer I use MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) Processor 2. Hollis, OK View Listing. Balers/Hay Equipment to Mower Conditioner and Round Baler, you can be sure to find exactly what you need. small square bale hay for sale. 00 Small squares 6. The Bale Band-It is an automatic small square bale packaging machine. TBD close to the Bancroft . Small Square Bales Small square balers produce bales that by design are small and light enough for a person to pick up manually, ranging from 40 to 60 pounds (depending on the type of hay, the density/size of the bale, and water content). Nov 12, 2009 · An alternative is to have several hands fork hay from a RB into the small square baler. May 17, 2019 · Insert the probe into a hay bale, and use a piece of light wire to lower a thermometer down into the end of the pipe. Just like we can vary the size or the length of a bale in a small square baler, we can do the same thing with a round baler as well. If the haystack is large, push the crowbar in between bales as deep as you can go. At Cowboy Hay we use a Steffen Bale Conversion System that converts our large 3×4 bales into small 60 pound bales. Red Deer Lake area. A 5” hydraulic cylinder forces the bale through 2 fixed horizontal knives that gently slice the bale into three equal slabs. By re-baling hay as needed into small square bales, the bales are often better quality hay. Learn more about the SB541C baler. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. Hay baled with more than 22 percent moisture should probably not be put into storage for at least 30 days. I've followed your small hay grapple build. I noticed that you have to bale very slow in most cases. A rake to rake your hay: non-negotiable, you have to have one of these. See how we do it on our  An Iowa State study found that baling hay into the small square bales costs $14 He built the hay rebaler to unroll and fluff up the hay from a large round bale  However, he insists there are other reasons for baling the crop as round bales and later rebaling it into small square bales. 99 organic seeds - https://migardener. 102 Bales of Large Round Oat. Will round bale the rest. Small square balers are used to make smaller rectangular bales of compressed cut grass, silage, or straw. $3. Square bale grass hay $3. Guaranteed Minimum Length Bale Wrap. The SB34 has a wide pickup and is designed with the medium and small farm operation in mind. So, using an example of 50 acres with two cuttings per year, yielding 50 bales per acre Small square bales are stacked in a criss-crossed fashion sometimes called a "rick" or "hayrick". This baler features a two-point hitch system and constant velocity PTO shaft which can get you into tight places where the others guys cant. The Model HAY45 combines the best of our small bale and large, round bale hay feeders in a convenient mid-range size. ThirtyPlus™Hay Preservative enables hay to be baled at moistures up to 30% with small square balers. Hay in small square bales is particularly susceptible to this, and is therefore often stored in a hayshed or protected by tarpaulins. The small bales are lightweight enough to be moved by hand (50-150 lbs. All the feeders provided a physical barrier between the horses and the forage. 6' bale just fits in most round bale feeders and usually actually measures closer to 7' than 6'. This machine has very simple knotter system which makes it very reliable. After you are done baling you come back with the grapple and load up. I am sure there are machines designed to replace much of the need for manual labor. Bales weigh about 1100 lbs and are end-wrapped. Decide which system of forage conservation to use, e. So obviously these will retain core moisture, thus internal heat longer than the small square bales. 55 Gal. Watch the bale lenght if you're going to use your round bale feeders. Mini Baler & Bale Shredder. 25 Jun 2013 What's so important about hay bale dimensions? With all the time and effort that goes into planting and harvesting hay crops, farmers of livestock, small, squares bales are used because they can be easily carried by hand. 7% to 0. Jan 25, 2017 · Small Square Bale Tension Adjustment question - posted in Machinery: New to making hay here, spent a lot of time bucking bales when I was young but I never saw the baler being adjusted. Blair 403-651-9050 I’m looking to have it cut and baled into small squares. c Apr 29, 2019 · For untreated hay, the high end of moisture for small square bales is 15 percent. For example, in 2015 in Central Texas, hay growers may sell square bales to individual customers for $6. Mechanical hay balers are exponentially faster at collecting and compacting hay, and have revolutionised the productive capacity of modern farming operations. The term “making hay” may hold different connotations for many people, but if you grew up on a farm or lived in a Mar 06, 2020 · Let’s do some math: a large round bale can cost as little as $30, but once processed, it can be turned into as many as 22 small squares, valued at $3 or $4 each. Hay was carried by hand to wagons that then took the hay to these early balers, where the machine pressed the hay into square bales. Missouri hay producer finds niche market for small square bales dipping into dry hay supplies early this year and are scrambling to find high quality hay to buy. Hesston's innovative technology on the 1800 Series creates pre-formed bale flakes with nutritious leaves more evenly distributed on each side of the bale. Also have an elevator available. The reduced length of precut hay or haylage has been shown to boost forage intake and improve animal gain. Beautiful, clean (weed free!), and green 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cuttings horse hay from our professionally seeded hay fields. Needing 2 months ago by Lee · Hay Bailing · Toolern Vale, VIC  Hay mowers come in all shapes and sizes, from mini sickle bar mowers to the largest trailed In order to bale hay, it must be raked into windrows. pipe that is 8 to 10 ft. They offer a small accumulator and grapple package. On the second story, workers pitched loose hay into the baling compartment, where a hinged door opened to the side of the press. Round Bales The round bales weigh approximately 650 pounds and are stored under cover. Our twines are used widely in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan. Perfect for use with compact tractors. The average sized large square in the Midwest of the US are usually around 1000 pounds. The result is dense, high quality hay - with no flimsy banana-shaped bales that immediately fall apart when they're picked up. A baler to bale the hay. 00-125. $. Also, the non-corrosive formula will not harm your equipment, operator or livestock. For good hay, this in’t unreasonable. Making Hay – The Process and Helpful Tips. Most hay is stored as bales, with small square bales weighing 40-70 pounds (18-32 kg) and large round bales weighing 750-2,000 pounds (341-908 kg). 55 bales mostly brome and legume--no fescue) 4X5s baled with 2016 JD 459 megawide baler. Horse farmers are looking for good hay, and they’re willing to pay for it. You can pack a barn with at least double the amount of hay. Hay Map » Hay For Sale » Select a State AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY Hay For Sale In Ohio 338 Twine/Wire Baler Hay and Forage Equipment from John Deere. Works like a charm!!! I'm 63 years old and might sell the baler as well. This i s particularly true with round balers. No minimum for pickup, 105 bale minimum for delivery within 75 miles of Commerce, City, CO. Our Accumulator can gather 10 bales of hay into one easy to manage row. With three models, these balers get the job done right with high-capacity features like wide pickups and heavy-duty, smooth rotary feeding systems. long to test the temperature of hay. Big Square Bale Converter with 24 ft. I talk with Kuhn at the National Farm Machinery show this year. Price $45/bale if all bales purchased, $50/bale if less. Pull into the field, set your desired length and density and start baling great looking bales that do not give you a backache. If making hay, these bales need to have 2 to 3% less moisture at baling than small square bales to avoid molding and heating. Store in a cool, dry location. Packaging options include large squares, small squares, large round hard core , large round hard The sizes listed below are rounded to the nearest inch. 75/bale in field. Quantity For Sale: We are  By re-baling hay as needed into small square bales, the bales are often better- quality hay. A Virginia farmer has successfully built an operational hay baler proven to do the work of three square balers. The specialty of this machine is that the bale of the small square baling machine is small block. Common Bermudagrass Round Bales $35 per Bale. “In the process he should be able to make $150 to $200 a ton, and maybe more if people are buying just a bale or two at a time,” Haldeman says. For as long as there have been hay bales, there have been people tasked with bucking them onto a truck or into a barn. As president of Nance Tractor & Implement, Inc. Handles bales from 32” to 38” long; Bundle dimensions are 64” to 76” wide and 82” to 94” long; The tie row allows for cross-stacking with the KN510F or 510F, making a more stable load on the wagon or truck. An anti springback pattern machined into the product uniformly compresses the hay and keeps it compressed when the plunger retracts. Sammy 99,955 views. On this day, the Rheault family was baling the smaller “square” bales, which are a little more labor intensive than the big round bales, since each bale has to be handled separately. A Kuhns grabber or Tie-Grabber mounted on a front end loader or skid steer can pick up the bales and load them onto a waiting truck or wagon. Shed stored. baling hay into small squares

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