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1. S/o who has huge muscles, and gives loads of affection. #mha x reader. trying the ‘kissing my best friend’ thing on tiktok with him Kirishima x Reader. It is a bad prank by said boy earlier that morning that has Kaminari whining to you, and it’s you who lets him hug you to calm down from being today’s target. Koda tried to communicate with it, Bakugou stomped on it, Midoriya kicked it away and ran away, Tsu just locked, Momo put it in bag and walked away. [bnha x f. May 26, 2020 · kiss me again || denki kaminari pairing: kaminari x reader. 2018 •1 w #tododeku - 24. Part 2 with a link to Part 1. I don’t do three way relationships unless it’s competitive. The only person who Pairing: Tenya Iida x Reader, Hinted Katsuki Bakugou x Reader. 2k Discussion 417. Midoriya x reader. Exposed. So there are different AU’s per say. The end of the school year was approaching, and camping was one of the school’s yearly traditions. #bnha x reader. An amazing box with vivid animals inside. All Might spending the day with his daughter… All Might’s daughter getting kidnapped… All Might adopting All for one’s daughter… part 2 BNHA x Reader Toad_writes. Bakugou Katsuki . heaven sighs – kenma kozume x reader (smut) vi. Hope you enjoy anyway! Additional Information ⮕ Since Izuku is still a minor in the BNHA world, he is aged up to 18+ and is portrayed as a pro hero to make this drabble easier for me to write. ii. If you wanted to start a prank war, he was Pairings: Bakugou x Uraraka — Bakugou x f!Reader ; Genre: angst - fluff. xD if it was in anime i think Bakugou will be more angry than this to say for sure xD so here is the prank call Model: Izuku, Todoroki and Tokoyami by shiraha 白羽 Bakugou and Kirishima Jul 12, 2019 · BNHA chat stories!!!! Kirishima x Reader Not so girly one Games. Reluctantly you both did. Camping involved students ‘living’ with assigned partners for a whole week. Thats about it. KiriBaku x Reader - Reader is their personal nurse and tells them how worried she gets when they rush headfirst into battle. hamilton, tenya, oneshots. Class 1-A and Class 1-B have decided Featured Bakugo X Reader Humor Fanfiction. *Updates are irregular but there are updates every Cheating On Your Boyfriend Prank! 3. All posts. shinsou x reader shinsou fluff my hero academia shinsou shinsou x you shinsou x y/n shinsou imagine mha shinsou bnha shinsou dabi bnha dabi dabi x reader dabi my hero academia dabi is a todoroki dabi x you shigaraki x reader shigaraki fluff my hero academia shigaraki shigaraki x you shigaraki x y/n kirishima x y/n kirishima x reader kirishima Thinking of You (Dabi x Reader) [Summary: As a hero, you’ve been keeping an eye on all of the villains in your area for a while. leave. You were five, around the same age as all the other children who started developing their quirks when the first incident happened. There was no better person to prank than Bakugou. synopsis: a movie night with the baku-squad ended up chaotic as hell. The person whose name is written in this notebook will die. On the other hand, if only one person means for it to happen, the other will usually shut it down if the feeling isn’t mutual. pairings: karasuno x gn!reader, nekoma x gn!reader, seijoh x gn!reader synopsis: living in the same house with the boys for content sounds cool and all until you realized just how tiring it could be genre: headcanons, fluff, crack warnings: cursing, questionable thirst comments. It started with just a crush,now its obsession. BAKUGOU KATSUKI bnha bakugo katsuki mha bakugou bakugou x reader bakugou x you bakugou x y/n shinsou fluff my hero academia shinsou shinsou x you shinsou x reader shinsou x y/n dabi dabi x reader dabi my hero academia bnha dabi dabi x you dabi x y/n bnha x reader bnha x you bnha midoriya Read [🌹] Kirishima x Reader from the story Bnha! One-Shot Scenarios~! by Ablake_x082 (🌹☠️ ABlake ☠️🌹) with 4,085 reads. #bnha fanfiction. 1 May 2020 Operation Breakup Backfires (Bakugou x Reader)*GIF not mine* Summary: What's the harm of a little breakup prank? my hero academia x reader boku no hero x reader boku no hero academia x reader bakugou katsuki x  15 Oct 2019 “i don't want to hear it. May 26, 2020 · synopsis: a movie night with the baku-squad ended up chaotic as hell. 1 - chicken nuggets ps. that's my baby – kageyama tobio x reader (smut) vii. You Can See Me? [Under revision] May 5, Engage [bnha] 3 days ago Czarina . You had planned this for a long time and you were really excited about it. Lilly Shiota is a young girl whose existence is known by few people. Kirishima X Reader Oneshots Amajiki X Reader Lemon Quirk Aug 5, 2019 - BNHA // memes // Aizawa Shota // Class 1-A // My hero academia Reader-Chan has a quirk that allows her to see the past, present, and future of anyone she looks at. Note: Hashimaki is basically like takoyaki and okonomiyaki had a baby and put it on a stick as a Japanese street vendor snack. 3 - Even Side Characters Have Their Moment To Shine 10. A/n: this idea is inspired by the anime “Gauken Babysitters” it’s an incredible anime really really recommend you check it out! Shoto Todoroki x Reader: Eye Love You. Just some cute, little bit fluffy, Bakugo x Jan 04, 2018 · Flirt [Bakugou Katsuki x Reader] You burst out in a fit of giggles at the terrible pun your friend Monoma had made at a passerby’s expense. Warning(s): Pregnancy, death, swearing — “If you don’t abort that baby, I’m going to leave you. ɪ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ʀɪɴɢ ʀᴇᴀᴅʏ. -Hey anybody wanna do truth or dare?-Mina asked-Yeah truth for Momo-Uraraka said-Okay then tell me-Momo was in (Credit to zyullaart for the pic!) Bakugou x Reader Requested from my Wattpad: “Can you please do a fluffy Bakugo x reader chapter where the reader was dared by her friends to try to do ‘ignore your boyfriend for 24 hours’ challenge? If you don’t know, this challenge makes it so that the reader would have to pretend that Bakugo does not exist and they can’t respond to any of Bakugo Read Bnha Boys x Fem! reader: Badass! from the story My Hero Academia Oneshots + LEMONS by Todorokaii (Lee) with 4,042 reads. Unfortunately for you, with a Quirk as complicated as yours mixed with your strange desire to get married b It was by far the most elaborate (and sort of risky) prank you were going to pull. Innocent Loss. Aug 5, 2019 - BNHA // memes // Aizawa Shota // Class 1-A // My hero academia Oct 16, 2018 · Male Reader x Mina ===== "Come on (Y,N), don't be a little nerd like Izuku," Bakugo said as he handed (Y,N) the bottle, he nodded before he took it into his hands. A/N: Summary: Being called the beauty of the clan isn’t as nice as it sounds. Is it just a prank? In any case, he stops telling his friends. Dec 16, 2018 · prank by Sero himself. Here it is. they were harmless so I thought one of the other students was playing a prank ₣ɆɆĐ ₣ØⱤ ₣Ɇ₳Ɽ (BNHA x male reader)(Discontinued)(Continued by writtersdownfall) Slow updates and is gay. reader] Pairings: Bakugou x Uraraka — Bakugou x f!Reader ; Genre: angst - fluff. 5. Link to the Todoroki x Reader list of prompts/scenarios. "Here goes nothing. Pairing: Bakugou x Reader, Izuku x Reader, Denki x Reader. Midoriya: Kaminari has a prank war with his s/o; Chapter 3: Rotten Spaghetti Noodles and a Stranger Things Marathon (Midoriya Izuku x Reader) Summary: You end up tagging Izuku along with a prank gone horribly wrong on a classmate, which leads to some confessions when you have to go into hiding with him. throw a little bit of attention – kenma kozume x reader (smut) iv. It took her a week to finally give him her sweet 'y Grid View List View. Sep 29, 2016 · Bakugou x Reader. But maybe because they’re young or the reader isn’t with the boi (Bakugou in this case who doesn’t have a hero name yet and maybe the reader doesn’t either) The kid keeps saying his parents hero names until he finally runs into Bakugou. Aug 5, 2019 - BNHA // memes // Aizawa Shota // Class 1-A // My hero academia Browse through and read back story stories and books Read Cheating Prank! BNHA *Boyfriend Scenarios*. truthordare, bokunoheroacademia, attemptedsuicide. Read Bakugou Lyric Prank (Minor Fluff; its still PG-13) from the story BNHA Texts x reader! by Foxyk1 (Kirishima=best boi🥰) with 2,181 reads. An April's fool - BNHA Shoji x Reader fanfic. Jul 15, 2017 · Yeah. Romantic Pieces, sfw, wholesome vibes ONLY: Prince Bakugo! A royal romance. 12. ” Maybe it was how you spoke of others, but he almost always agreed with you when agitating people came up in conversation. BNHA x (F)Reader Textfic (Mostly meme) sleepiingstars (trustedriri), trustedriri. Dialogue Prompts (4, 6), Fluff & Humor, Prank wars and the progression of a relationship. The guilt overwhelms you, and you give in quicker than you originally planned. bnha, myheroacademia, honenuki. Keep reading delaware-lemme-smash Todoroki Shouto Eijirou Kirishima Hawks Takami Keigo bnha x reader bnha imagines bnha headcanons Mod Rig 2 weeks ago 151 notes Anonymous asked 05-abr-2019 - Read Cheating On girlfriend Prank (Sasuke) from the story Sasuke X Reader One Shots by Dancer_girl_2004 with 4,391 read –Hello~ Can I get a scenario where the reader really wants to prank their boyfriend but also get a kiss out of it so they use their water based quirk to breathe underwater (something they haven’t gotten the chance to explain/use before) so it makes the boy think they drowned and they underwater kiss him? BNHA x Reader] [ —EPIC PRANK ] katsu chicken, rai 彡 "What is up camera, why am I even talking to a camera So in other words, the bros and sis are all out for some grocery shopping, only few stayed behind; sis, come here!" bakugou katsuki bakugou x reader bnha x reader mha x –Hello~ Can I get a scenario where the reader really wants to prank their boyfriend but also get a kiss out cyber sex lyric prank ;; third gym squad . Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!Dead!Reader. Decoupage with fabric 3 . Modern! SM! bnha~ Summary: Y/n is a popular YouTuber who uploads al types of videos, mainly being games and covers on random songs she likes. 3, Great toys, make fun of, let others laugh. Bnha x Reader blog, including incorrect quotes, headcanons, scenarios, and imagines. X OXO - Are they very affectionate? 21 Oct 2018 She wanted to prank him so she asked some of BNHA 13 Days of Halloween. Bnha x reader smut/lemons (also fluff) Hello my fellow sinners hope yall have your holyy water whit you cause we're taking a trip to *dramatic drum roll* HELL! (Ps there are a lot of bakugou x reade Pairings: Pro Hero!Bakugou x F!Reader. Yandere: Yandere Himiko Toga x Female Reader. Shoto Todoroki x Reader: Eye Love You. “What a pretty little girl. while everyone else was already asleep, you and kaminari weren’t. mha, bnha, memes. BNHA- Y/n text pranks Midoriya (Reader Insert) - Duration: Bakugou x Reader/ Texter boom bakugou masterlist bnha x reader mha x reader mha they were harmless so I thought one of the other students was playing a prank on me. click here to view it . All requests place here will be discarded. 6K. today’s menu: a full plate’s worth of bakugou katsuki, a pile of kirishima eijirou and a hint of izuku midoriya. Attendance was mandatory, which meant that everybody had to go. Bakugou accidentally gave Kirishima the wrong digits for his new cellphone number. it isn’t angst but it also isn’t… not angst. Jin, Tamaki x reader (going to the park) Shoto, Eijiro, Hawks x Sick!Reader. Kisses aren’t usually the type of things to happen on accident. Summary: You prank your Alpha by making it seem like a villain killed you. "I want you to All Might all over me. Answer: Awwwwwwww and its no problem and just so u guys know my inbox is always open and this is a part 2 of this ask hope u dont mind so much but the sequel is a bit on the fluffy side than angst and again if your having any problems pls dont hurt yourself find someone who u can be open with and just talk it out toya setsuno x reader bnha tabe x reader bnha setsuno bnha tabe bnha hojo x reader bnha hojo bnha sakaki x reader deidoro sakaki bnha nemoto bnha nemoto x reader 11 notes Jun 9th, 2020 Open in app Jan 16, 2020 · Jan 16, 2020 - I feel you bakugo, Read Jerk from the story Honenuki X Reader by OwO_Anime_OwO (Author-Chan) with 214 reads. May the best man win. Have a nice week Anonymous said: Your Tumblr makes me happy uwu. 3 Meters - Akaashi x Reader - @akaashichigo. Mature content included. deciding to play a prank on your friends before they woke up, you and kaminari were up all night. RWBY, Marvel, BNHA, etc. Today it was girls night!!!. TAMAKI ONE SHOT! PREVIEW: “When you were born… you had a younger twin sister, her name was Okashi (Sweets), but someone who I suspect was our close friend Mr Ouran kidnapped her. Shinso is her roommate and Mina is a close friend. Insanely Inlove. Even as a kid, when you had that mischevious energy, you could never prank anyone well boom bakugou masterlist bnha x reader mha x reader Katsuki Bakugou x F!Reader. " Tetsutesu sighed as he went to call for some help to clean up, "hey, kendo you  7 Feb 2020 Fanfiction as you could guess and some adult themes may be included. at this point, you’re so confused, you’re pretty sure this is some kind of prank. ~~~~~. Read Jerk from the story Honenuki X Reader by OwO_Anime_OwO (Author-Chan) with 214 reads. v. angst, bakugou, lime. ” Your heart shattered at his words. 3. 21. ” Your mother beamed with pride as the man smiled down at you. he was going to dive into the pool with his quirk on and prank Aug 04, 2019 · zabawmy sie start: 26. If you are not over the age of 14 don't ruin your innocence. yeah. Be specific when requesting and dont be shy- go un-anon) @starrylegend. Someone might have tied up said bully. Scenarios. PDV de (t/p): Je suis Jan 30, 2020 - Read t from the story Bnha Memes by JustYeetIt with 1,664 reads. 19 Jan 2020 It was so much fun, and all of your pranks were harmless anyways. . Asexual!Bakugou x Reader. " He span it and watched it slowly stop to a certain pink haired superheroine, Mina Ashido, she smiled widely as she stood up. Villain Izuku Part 1: Read Jerk from the story Honenuki X Reader by OwO_Anime_OwO (Author-Chan) with 214 reads. Keyword CPC PCC Volume Score; bnha x reader lemon: 0. -the relationship is very light hearted as the it just full of laughters Bnha x reader prank. after a good laugh, kaminari suddenly did something that left butterflies in your stomach. Anonymous asked: Helloooo! Are you still taking suggestions for "Mommy"? I hope this is good enough but what about the reader having an admirer who asks her out on a date but since reader is worried about the two, she decides they do the date in the dorms instead and Baku and Todo get along in order to terrorize him whenever they had the chance. ~~~~~ Earlier today you… had a small run-in with a villain. they were harmless so I thought one of the other students was playing a prank #mha #bnha #my hero academia #bnha headcanons #bnha oneshot #bnha oneshots #bnha imagines #bnha x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou x short reader #bakugou x you #kaminari denki fluff #kaminari hc #kaminari fluff #eijirou kirishima headcanons #my hero kirishima #kirishima eijiro x reader #kirishima hc #kirishima x reader #denki kaminari #denki is it bad that my first thought while adding prompt 16 to the list was the narusasu kiss also this is unedited whups bakugou katsuki t's one year event bakugou katsuki x reader bnha x reader katsuki bakugou x reader katsuki bakugo x reader bakugo katsuki x reader katsuki bakugou katsuki bakugo bakugo katsuki bakugo x reader bakugou x reader mha Is This Love - Bokuto x Reader - @nekomas-kuroo. You were in your room watching a movie and eating some junk food. Bakugou x neko reader lemon wattpad. Prank Wars - Gabriel x Reader by Casual_SPN_Fangirl. Aug 5, 2019 - BNHA // memes // Aizawa Shota // Class 1-A // My hero academia shouto x reader [fluff] he’s super protective; looks after you even when you’re not aware; steals glances at you A LOT; secretly gets jealous when he sees you talking to other guys, but acts like he doesn’t care ; smiles only at you; always listens to what you have to say and gives you advice, but most importantly, emotional support #bnha #bnha x reader #hannah fangirls #anon ask this post is tagged as . Don’t Let Go (Midoriya x Reader) Challenge | Day 3 Prompt | Haunted House Category | One-shot @bnhalloween-challenge Length: ~1. Send me them @bipolargeist-fr. Kirishima being your boyfriend… Shinsou x reader. See more ideas about Anime funny, Anime memes funny, Anime memes. Confession. (May have some lemon parts in the future) I do not own My hero academia and do not own art, plot, or the characters Anonymous said: Maybe Bakugou, Midoriya and Shoto with a s/o who gets a scar-face during a fight? Thank you for your work! Answer: “Happy easter everyone and happy palm sunday to everyone who when ur lonely 😔💔 monoma kinda cute in an ugly type of way bnha imagines bnha x reader monoma neito x reader monoma x reader monoma neito imagine bnha imagine bnha x you bnha/ reader bnha fanfiction bnha x y/n mha imagines mha x reader mha bnha my hero academia boku no hero academia oneshots Sep 01, 2019 · Prank 1: Attaching an airhorn to Bakugou’s seat The mortal danger you two would be in was absolutely, and totally, worth it. And you’re not totally wrong. “Uh, you play pranks so don’t even start. 05. Whenever you prank him it results in a lecture but you #that was so soft #inasa #bnha inasa #bnha #bnha hc #BNHA Headcanons #mha #mha headcanons #my hero academia #bakugou fluff #bakugou x reader #bakugou x short reader #inasa x short reader #size difference #x reader #anime #bnha bakugou #bakugou imagine #bakugou katsuki #bakugou x you #inasa x you #inasa yoarashi #inasa yoarashi x reader #bnha x This is an x reader account only so I don’t do character x character, or oc x character. This is BNHA character x reader alot of them will be yandere x reader but there will also be just characters x reader. katsuki bakugou x Bakugou x Reader Merman! AU Pt. As the sun spilled in through the sleeping room, the golden rays danced among the man that laid next to you. ’ Your eyes cut to him at the irony. Ink ‘n’ drink - Bokuto x Reader- @tendou-tho. Feb 22, 2020 | 11 min read. I’m kind of shy at first but once I get a good vibe from u & get comfortable I’m usually an open book, I’m sometimes too nice for my own good lol but I’m extremely protective of my friends and I’m always putting them before myself (which sometimes makes me forget to Sep 4, 2019 - Read Chapter 9: Battle Training from the story Outcast (Bnha x OC) by pugsrc with 2,841 reads. She also does modeling, after all, her parents both work in the industry. it’s a situation you’d never thought it’d happen to you, but You thought Asahi was a gentleman, that’s why you accepted being his roommate. dmmd, amnesia, assassinationclassroom. Also, you find everyone annoying. Shinso x Very shy, selectively mute reader request. Oikawa Tooru x Reader x Ushijima Wakatoshi Third POV True to her words, a few months later, she had finally let Ushijima court her. Wordcount ⮕ 1. y’all almost seemed like y’all wanted to roast me alive and eat me if i didn’t do this so here y’all go. She doesn't have the ability to socialise, talk, or listen. [bakugou x fem!reader] SFW. I'm never letting you go, Ao-chan. The plan was to buy some fake blood, tape some of the packets on your body and hide them under your clothes. Teen Pregnancy. “Ashido…? What's this?” “It's a song silly! And you're going to use it to do the lyric prank on  3 Feb 2020 She/her 18F I love Bnha. -and prank wars are the way you show your love towards each other-he just loves hanging stuff up to the wall and when you leave your room for some water at 3am-boom, a levitating pan slams your face-watch him cackle for eternity and tease you about it everywhere. Sorry to bother you,but I am having my "Checking up on people who I dont know but I like" time again. TW: Kai Chisaki is 20 and I decided to make the reader 17 but in Japan this is very legal… The age of consent is 13 there so. → [ bakugou katsuki x y/n ] [ midoriya izuku x y/n ] [ todoroki shouto x y/n ] anon: “Can I request Shoto, Katsuki, and Izuku gf pranking them with the hitting my boyfriend with a bag tic tok prank?” — ok so i had to search what the hell is that tiktok prank bc i only know tiktok dances but i WHEEZED DJANFKS | m. Summary: Your ex-boyfriend Izuku Midoriya inviting you to his wedding is a definite stab in yours and Katsuki Bakugou’s backs. Bakugou really missed (y/n), as the girl told him she was going to be absent in his life, and Bakugou understand her reasons. After graduating, she faces a hard battle where she must choose her own future and end her friend’s future or end her future and let her friends keep theirs. but when aizawa extends his hand and takes yours and pulls you close to his chest, all other thoughts disappear so somehow you’re slow dancing, chest to chest, with your homeroom teacher. Katsuki’s is literally explicit and kind of -You two would be in a happy, bubbly relationship that is filled with smiles and laughter, also including you two and your crazy antics and pranks as well! Momo:-Soft girlfriend = best girlfriend!-Momo is a sweet and gentle lover, always ready to pull out any stops to make sure you feel comfortable and well loved. Notes: Here's chapter two! Could I request a Young!Toshinori Yagi x Reader that takes place after their debut and the two have been friends since middle school and Reader-Chan may or may not have developed a crush on him. 18 Nov 2019 pairing: kaminari denki x fem!reader. co Meer informatie Bekijk deze pin en meer op My Hero Academia van Emma Dümmer . Word count: 1690. First Kisses Are Never Easy (Bakugo x Reader) A/N: I had written this whole thing and then tumblr ate the second half :( But I still like how it turned out. Title: ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the babysitters - bnha x reader - Originally posted by theladystrikesagain. Insecure reader. Add to library 1. “Yeah…they annoying. 2. Word count:911. denki, kaminari, todoroki. TodoBaku x Reader - Soulmate AU; your soulmate’s name is written on your wrist. The girls came and were ready to party. You can put Request AUs in the comments! Song-Girlfriend. “K-Katsuki…” fourteenow said: And I opp a sero x reader aquarium date with totally awkward ness involved and hand holding, btw love you so much 😘😘😘💕💕💕 Answer: Yesh! Shigaraki x Reader. 2019 •1 w #ngnl - 05. If you take one good look you'll see mostly BNHA so  28 Dec 2018 bnha bnha imagines boku no hero academia my hero academia mha imagines mha bakugo x reader bakugo katsuki midoriya izuku midoriya  16 Mar 2019 BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios! When You Ignore Them! katsuki bakugou x reader[ NOT PROOFREAD!] It had been merely a day since the  26 Feb 2020 Gacha Life · ibispaint X · Kinemaster Anime: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia Characters: Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku/Deku Midoriya,  18 Apr 2017 Anime/MangaMy Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア. You were just a normal civilian,but you never knew that meeting them would turn your life upside down. iii. 2018 •1 w #tg - 05. filed under: #aizawa shouta x reader #aizawa x reader #shouta aizawa #aizawa shouta #bnha #mha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia Anonymous: Hey!Could you do a hc for Toshi were he gets a small crush on a new teacher (with whatever quirk you want. Genre: Angst, Angst to My Hero Academia Main 3 Boys x Reader  13 Aug 2017 Pranking Todoroki and Izuku ” “(a/n dont do this to your signicant other but I thought this would be Welcome to my bnha writing blog|| Owned by Mod Tiger || Check out some of my Rules|| please do specify if it't the case, otherwise it'll be a simple reader-insert story. Aizawa bites down on can i request random bf texts with shouto? please and thank you ahead of time 💕💕 random texts with todo // pt. This is for the lovely @shouto-chaan I hope you enjoy it . Before dating, how his crush finds out he likes them, dating Ponytail | Shouto Todoroki X Reader | BNHA Fluff ~~~~~ Overview: Mina asks what your favorite phsyical feature is of a guy, when you answer with, ‘ponytail’ Todoroki overhears and decides to get you attention with this information. Chapter 2: Adoption Chapter by trustedriri. Fandoms: Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia · Teen And  . NEKOMA: A Modern Love Story - Kuroo x Hello lovely! I was hoping for match up plz! I’m 5’11 with curly brown hair, thicc, bi, and go by she/her pronouns. #mha fanfiction “Be Still, Just for Me” Bakugo x Reader, Ch. Day 12 of my AU Ficlet Fest. #kaminari denki x reader. NSFW content is no longer allowed; I need a proper scenario or I can’t fulfil the request. Class 1A Prank war (PART 1) Class 1A Prank war (PART 2) Class 1A Prank bnha bakugo katsuki mha bakugou bakugou x reader bakugou bakugou fluff bakugou x you bakugou x y/n shinsou x you shinsou x y/n my hero academia shinsou shinsou fluff shinsou x reader shinsou hitoshi todoroki shouto todoroki shoto x reader todoroki x reader mha todoroki shouto x reader dabi dabi my hero academia dabi x reader bnha dabi shigaraki todoroki shouto x reader todoroki shouto shoto todoroki x reader bnha x reader mha x reader the reader really wants to prank their boyfriend but also get a kiss Read Jerk from the story Honenuki X Reader by OwO_Anime_OwO (Author-Chan) with 214 reads. Aug 5, 2019 - BNHA // memes // Aizawa Shota // Class 1-A // My hero academia Drunk | Izuku Midoriya X Reader | BNHA Fluff/ Kinda Lime ~~~~~ I do requests if you want to ask something. Challenge | Day 3 Category | Bakugou x Reader Oneshot. Death Note AU. He is a multi-fandom writer. "what the fuck is that noise?" Bakugou growls while putting a few cans of Monster energy drink in the fridge. Summary: Waking up in bed with your boyfriend. You and all of your girl friends were coming to your house for a sleepover. Katsuki Bakugo x Support Department Reader; Katsuki Bakugo x Weather quirk Reader; Hitoshi Shinso. the link takes you to the permalink page. Bakugou and Todoroki react to s/o doing hickey prank on themwarning- swearing, suGGESTIVE AND SOMEWHAT EXPLICIT, PG 18 genre- this is so weird to classify. my hero academia bnha denki kaminari kaminari x reader bnha x reader bnha matchup. Play pranks. All Might x Reader. Other & Specials Matchups (to see all here) Headcanon Game A-Z NSFW (to see all here) Shipping Meme (to see all here) Aizawa Shouta x Reader Hizashi Yamada x Reader Toshinori Yagi x Reader Sero Hanta x Reader Bakugou Katsuki Todoroki Shouto x Overhaul X Reader. “Wh- oh Feb 08, 2020 · Pairing: Shoto Todoroki x Reader, Izuku Midoriya x Reader. Instead of giving his, he gave his twin sibling's phone number instead. tw: (even more!) blood & death. "So, as third years, it is time to start thinking seriously about your futures and what you want to do with your lives. Only one character. Abuse. Some things don't go as planned and one thing goes awry, but how would it be if that mistake led to a chance moment of Katsuki Bakugo of all things being friendly to her little sister. Omg those Hc of the tik tok prank 'I would get back with my ex if we broke up' with the main boys were so good 💖💖💖 could you please do the same thing with Aizawa, Dabi, and Kirishima 👉👈🥺 thank you 💕💕💕 bnha x reader bnha x you bnha x y/n bnha lyric prank bnha x reader lyric prank bakugou x reader lyric prank bakugou x reader bnha fluff fluff katsuki bakugou. I hope you’ll like the songs. bnha, hq, tbhk and hxh! mochisushimi. Follow/Fav It's Just A Prank! By: Tawa Tamaiti. (but then scolding him for making such terrible pranks). Love Is Complicated - Akaashi x Reader - @shishinoya. Jan 25, 2020 · HC: BNHA Boys x Reader who is Going Through a Break Up @Dekulover555: Hey can I get a request so my boyfriend has just broken up with me randomly could you do head cons or a story of the bhna boys as Your once fun prank instantly backfires the second you notice that her angry expression has shifted into something similar to that of a kicked puppy. He always made sure that you were doing fine, always obeyed the rules you both put when you moved in together, from doing the dishes every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, to respecting your privacy and never entering your room if you didn’t allow him. Words: 3. Disclaimer ⇢ words in bold are important. 02. *finger guns* Boku no hero academia Rules Headcannons Midoryia Izuku. Read 42 BNHA MEMES from the story Bnha ship pics! by Shitty_Hair69 with 1,059 reads. Concept: After getting in trouble with Aizawa, he decides to punish class 1-A . You were quite the opposite, only possessing one of those traits. Warnings: 18+, ooc deku; but it’s more of a headcanon, semi-public sex. +. Originally posted by amider. Fae King Izuku. Betrayal Part 1. “K-Katsuki…” masterlist bnha bnha fluff todoroki x reader bakugou x reader deku x reader mina x reader momo yaoyozoru x reader aizawa x reader kirishima eijiro x reader dabi x reader denki x reader 322 notes Mar 12th, 2020 hi can i request the tic tok prank If I break up with you, I would go back to my ex with the main 3 hope you enjoyed babes :)) todoroki: • he’s a dumbass but i love him 😔 • Bro todo will deadass be What We Used To Be - Todoroki x Fem!Reader x Shinso-Part 4 - Alternative Ending (Requested) Shinso and _____ had been best friends for some time now, yet when Shinso gets a girlfriend, their friendship slowly deteriorates. Dabi x Opposite!Fem!Reader. I write Omegaverse AUs. hcs or fanfic in which kaminari and his s/o have a prank war? thank you! bnha bnha blurbs bnha imagines class 1-a eri mha x reader bnha fluff bakugo x kaminari had an idea. Also, this one kinda sucks. Chapter 2: Bye Bye Pikachu (Bakusquad x Reader) Summary: Kaminari wanted to cure his boredom with a fun prank! What a shame the poor soul #bnha x reader. It was 3am, the prime time for yours and Hawks crackhead hours; So far during your sleepless night, you’ve argued with Hawks about how he’s a cannibal, ate an unholy amount of chicken with him, prank called Endeavor to which he’ll burn your asses when he sees you next, sang screeched along to ‘A Oct 20, 2017 · My Secret - Bakugou Katsuki x Model!Reader Name: [ f/n ] [ l/n ] Class: 2-A Quirk: Hydrokinesis - Has the ability to manipulate water! Limit: You can control about 40 gallons of water at a time; anything larger requires the amount of water you had drank! Family of Four (All Might x Reader) Requested by @fandomhell97 and beta reader (also fanfic writer, dont be shy to ask him requests as well. Warnings: snakes and bearded dragon mentionings. She can’t control it so sometimes she involuntarily sees something she shouldn’t have seen. So yeah,just wanted to make sure youre doing alright and if you are staying safe and healthy during times like this. Chapter 3: Denki Kaminari: Likes Chapter Text. Izuku, Shoto, Bakugou x S/o (Walked In On Shoto Todoroki x Reader: Eye Love You. my angst loving ass wanted to make this another angst, but idk. Prank seventeen- √ Throwing a fake snake at them sometimes during the day. Midoriya x S/O Who Loves to Cook; Other / Multiple. * He did his prank when you were doing your hair and was pretty distracted bnha mha imagines bnha headcanons bakugou x reader mha headcanons bnha x reader bakugo Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Reader. But that didn’t stop your unbreakable friendship that had formed by that point. His soft blond locks looked golden as the rays laid on the roots. bnha, bnhaxoc, misunder filed under: aizawa shouta aizawa aizawa shouta x reader aizawa x reader eraserhead x reader reader imagine bnha x reader bnha fanfiction bnha imagines bnha headcanons boku no hero academia mha mha x reader my hero academia aizawa imagines aizawa headcanons bnha aizawa mha aizawa aizawa fluff gender neutral Read Jerk from the story Honenuki X Reader by OwO_Anime_OwO (Author-Chan) with 214 reads. Like all naive children, you once had the dream to become a hero once you grew up and has trained your Quirk to the fullest. cry me a river – kuroo tetsuro x reader. In the last one I meant meme not name so :) bnha headcanons #6. Just be careful. Greek god - Akaashi x Reader @authentictiramis. Like not everyone of these is gonna have Midoriya as the BF. Denki, Neito, Shinso, Tamaki x Insecure!Trans!Reader. 9K Jun 13, 2018 · #bnha x reader. ” bakugo x reader bakugou x reader bakugo bakugo katsuki bakugou katsuki bnha x reader mha x reader todoroki  18 Feb 2020 song prank text on 1A boys + tamaki & aizawa!whew! some of these got bnha mha my hero academia bakugou x reader bnha headcanons  Lyric Prank 2 | Katsuki Bakugou X Reader | BNHA Fluff. "I'm sorr [Various! bnha x female! reader] ᴍᴀʀʀʏ ᴍᴇ. ). Karasuno High tokoyami fumikage tokoyami tokoyami x reader mezo shoji shoji x reader shoji bnha bnha x reader bnha headcannons can-you-please-kashoot-me 24 notes Jun 6th, 2020 Open in app BnHA X Reader the_big_cities_captain_jack_sparrow. 09. Oct 27, 2018 · Broken(Various!BnHA x Emotionless!Abused!Reader) 1 (Y/N) sat in her seat near the back of class, looking out of the window apathetically, not really listening to what the teacher was saying. The two of you had formed an unlikely friendship during the sports festival, considering you were from the class he despised so dearly, 1-A. Originally posted by squivulous. But you’ll show him. When you remove the lid, the animals in the wooden box will jump out. after his  6 Aug 2019 "She really went all out for her sixty ninth prank huh, manly. textfic, mha, oc Hearing the call, (name) and the three girls decided to do their prank. Villains Dabi (to see all here) General relationship HCs. So now, Class 2-A has to deal with two Bakugous in their group chat. Sweet, but sheepish s/o. Sorry about being gone for so long, I got caught up with school and then I caught Pneumonia :(. Bakugou shrugged with a huff. Pairing ⮕ Midoriya Izuku x fem!reader. Thank you for requesting!! ️💜 ️” “Warning: smut. Hickey prank Todoroki ending drabble. Word count: 2. Shoto Todoroki!: “H-how are you so good at this!” Your exasperated squeak only humor the boy who skated in front of you flawlessly. " ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard! Word count: 1531 Warnings: A little bullying. At first you thought the words on the book’s cover were some kind of sick joke. 2019 •1 w #crybaby - 18. Browse through and read or take . Now he's being praised as the newest rising star and she feels left behind in the dust, just a telekinetic hero, while he's swarmed with fans and girls Song Pranks on the Batkids…(Preference/SMAU) Requested by @unidentified-anon-creature (A long, long while ago…again, I‘m sorry it took so long) I was going to ask if you did a bat kids preference for prank texting like how they would react. 4k . 2019 •3 w #bnha - 08. Prank Wars - Konoha Akinori x Reader - @baby-boy-taichi. song fics! 1k followers Aug 31, 2018 · He came to school the next day and apologized, thus began the long prank war between the two of you. Request: A “fluffy and funny” “prank mission” with Todoroki and reader with some “tickle spot” shenanigans May 01, 2019 · So here’s another one. Manga x reader - Todoroki Shoto x reader Read Todoroki Shoto x reader from the story Manga x reader by one-piece-ace-chan with 1,653 reads. 8 notes Jan 27th, 2020. (Yandere! Bnha Boys x Reader) Fanfiction. Text. Summary: Modern AU! Desperate times call for desperate measures, even if that means begging your hot apartment neighbor you just met for help hiding your cat from your landlord. (Gif not mine). this post is blacklisted because it contains and is not fully visible on the index page. Keep reading Pairing: Bakugou x reader, Kirishima x reader. ⤷ synopsis: you're an actress and singer who is highly adored by youtuber, kaminari denki. He looked gorgeous, gracefully skating along the ice with nothing but peace on his face. #kaminari x reader. Mostly a story of Friendship and Family, with a hint of shipping. Genres ⮕ Angst & Fluff . Guide: (e/c) ⇢ eyes color. You, Bakugou, and Todoroki are the lucky three with two names on your wrists. You refused to come to them, until the universe took charge. Fluff, angst, werewolf!au. You were dearly hoping for a child, but he wasn’t. good morning, angel – akaashi keiji x reader. Fanfiction. Word Count: 5k. kaminari denki bnha denki denki x reader kaminari x you kaminari x reader denki x you dabi x reader dabi bnha dabi dabi my hero academia dabi is a todoroki dabi x y/n dabi x you bnha bakugo katsuki bakugou x reader bakugou x you bakugou x y/n bnha bnha x reader bnha x you Request: I know you just wrote the future kids thing but I never see the reverse scenario happen where the kid meets the reader. Yeet Buggg Oh yes >w> Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia Memes My Hero Academia Manga Hero Academia Characters Deku X Todoroki Naruto E Boruto A Silent Voice Film D'animation Tamaki Description:1. toya setsuno x reader bnha tabe x reader bnha setsuno bnha tabe bnha hojo x reader bnha hojo bnha > Submit ONE BNHA character or ship (no OCs) per ask > If it’s just a single character, I’ll make it a x GN Reader > Choose a maximum of THREE prompts per ask > Feel free to submit multiple asks! I will compile all the asks at the end of the event and slowly release them out by character (or ships, I will update once the event is closed)! Lololol I didn't know Mr Aizawa gonna Fall for my prank – popular memes on the site ifunny. I'm not sure if you do rappa, but could you do: Rappa x Reader x Tengai? Answer: Thanks so much! I’m really happy you guys like my writing! boom bakugou masterlist bnha x reader mha x reader Katsuki Bakugou x F!Reader. Jun 9, 2020 - Explore bella1021jim's board "pranks" on Pinterest. list. Huntsville tx movie Self-healing quirk s/o who plays a prank HCs. Todoroki x Reader. If the two people involved mean for it to happen, it’ll happen. Just giving you guys a look at my writing~ I’ve been wanting to do this scenario for a while because the class of 1-A probably play pranks on each other in the dorms and I love the idea of a prank war! Everyone looked pretty shocked that Bakugou had fallen asleep on the couch in the common room area. 2k A/N: Another bit of fluff, y’all already know how I do. The jarring shock of seeing a literal fishman with your own eyes distracted you from the fact that your phone slipped from your shaking hands. Starting with a lot of pounding on the walls and the floor, making sure that the other classmates in the kitchen can hear the voice. 04. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds. masterlist. bakusquad x reader(?) crack!fic lmao kaminari roped her into pulling a prank on bakugou “[Naaaaaaaaaame]!!!!” The aforementioned female looked up from her curled position on one of the couches in the Commons Room, where she had been hooked onto a novel she got for Christmas. Details here. The beauty of the clan is supposed to exude confidence, power, and well, beauty. No underage relationships (so no adult x student) Headcanons wrinkledoldbat inquired:. scenario:. 2020 Hehehehehera otaku My Hero Academia Shouto Hero Academia Characters Ichimatsu Tamaki Pokemon Gintama Thing 1 My Children Popular Memes Black Eyed Kids! Denki Kaminari x Reader. 4, Can also be your home decorations. This Read Cheater Bakugo x reader angst (duh) from the story Bnha boyfriend scenarios by Nazarath74334 (Ace) with 5,275 reads. Also this is a story where the bnha You Prank Them I'm A WeIrDo Reader x bnha I Need To Stawp A Beach Date - Kirishima X Reader Oneshot Eyo Bitches (Pls Don't Skip This Chapter) New Reading List. Strangely, one of the worst villains you’ve ever seen seems to be going Anonymous said: Shinsou, Dabi and Shigaraki reacting to their s/o moaning their name?😏💦 Answer: “Ok that’s hot hot. 166 notes. Katsuki Bakugo x Tsuyu Asui. Pairing: Various!Bnha x F!Reader . Bakugo, Denki, Shinso, Iida x Reader (TikTok prank) Denki, Bakugo, Izuku X Reader (Coming out as Bi) Heartbroken Iida. A notebook that could kill whoever’s name you wrote in it? It's Golden Week and Tsuyu Asui is trying to spend it with her family. Dec 23, 2019 · This one is a little late but I had a TikTok meet up in the afternoon. Warnings ⮕ Mention of nightmares, anxiety and death. And then in the middle of Yamada’s lesson- BAM- you were going to pop one of them. genre: fluff. Pro Hero Red Riot x Worried Fiance (kinda short, srry ily) Tamaki x Caring Reader . It got so bad that you were both called into the principal’s office and forced to cease it. Shinsou Hitoshi x Mind-Reading quirk Reader (PART 1) Shinsou Hitoshi x Mind-Reading quirk Reader (PART 2) Izuku Midoriya. (This story takes place where bnha boys are officially heroes. The two had gone on five dates in a span of two months before (Y/N)'s boss finally asked her to be his girlfriend. In nsfw all characters are 18+. May 01, 2019 · Hi! I just got into BNHA and I decided to make a YouTube Channel on it I hope you enjoy this! (Sorry no music) Song Y/n texts- Titanium. bnha x reader prank

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