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1. 5. The Mauser's sights are coarser than what many American shooters are accustomed to, but once you learn your placement of the bead in the shallow V, they are remarkably accurate. mauser 91 dovetail front sight blank. “Masterpiece” Banded Front Ramp. Additionally, shims can be used for gross elevation adjustment, reserving the Feb 24, 2003 · Reply | Edit | Del All Front sight on a mauser-----I want to temporarily remove the front sight on my Israeli Mauser (made in Beligum). The sights are rear notch and front barleycorn. All Steel construction and excellent quality. Prechtl is not, and will not, make the Type A four leaf rear sight. Mauser Model Es350B Meisterschafts Championship Single Shot Rifle . BROWNELLS. . D. Swedish Mauser Metallverken Vasteras Micrometer Adjustable Rear Sight (SPART1927) $95 00 The 66 sight (image above) is for the Winchester Model 94 and Marlin 336, 1894, 1895 and 39A. 5mm) high above 81° x . in occupied. It retains about 98% of the original blue finish with nice visible "fire blue" on the trigger, sight adjuster and extractor. Mar 29, 2020 · Want To Buy Mauser VZ 24 blade front sight. Rifle, Front Sight Height . M38 Turkish 8mm Mauser Front Barrel Band with Bayo Lug. Discussion in 'Want to Buy/Trade Threads - Participating Members' started by Literalist, Mar 29, 2020. Mausers of Turkey and The Ottoman Empire Home > Rifle Parts > Front Sight: Front Sight: 1: Front Sight Base: 2: Front Sight Retaining Screw: 3: Front Sight Blade K98 front sight hood, original German WWII production. Mojo sights make a handsome, well integrated enhancement to your classic battle rifle. Imperial German Military acceptance stamp is located on the top of slide in front of rear sight, "Crown over Gothic D". On that sight there is no "1" on the dial. MAUSER COMMERCIAL PEEP SIGHT. MAUSER 98K GRAY STRIPPER CLIPS MARKED "MAUSER" SET   Swedish Mauser Front Sight (0. Sep 19, 2007 · The Mauser K-98 doesn't have windage adjustable rear sights, just up and down elevation adjustments. Yugoslavian Mauser Front Sight Hood 4 Yugo M2447m-48 M48a 8mm Rifles. com has some information that should help. 00. more info Quick view Add to Cart. Key features of this rifle’s design include a cock-on-open bolt with two large locking lugs at the front and an added third safety lug to the rear as an improvement on previous Mauser models. This is an ideal set-ting for hunting with open sights. The barrel and receiver on this rifle is a deep blue polished finish. Mauser Sight hood. It takes a High . This steel front sight was originally intended for Mauser sporter rifles. Related Items. Mauser K98 Original Front Sight Hood & Trigger Guard Lock Screws *Very Good* $20. 00 . 5 (13) ak-47 front sight gas block. The Mauser–Vergueiro was a bolt-action rifle, designed in 1904 by José Alberto Vergueiro, an infantry officer of the Portuguese Army, and manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM). Plenty of extra material so you can file and shape the blade to original contour or a custom shape. The first time a rifle went to an Armourer for a minor repair he may make a punch mark on the trigger guard. 9mm) wide, . 1891 Argentine . Please remember, this is not a commercial web site. Carsten's book on Swedish Mausers shows a 96 rifle with a Lyman peep sight on it. 63mm Mauser; poor bore, fair grips, 5. Aug 12, 2016 · Front sight pushing tools help out a ton when you want to make more precise movement's. pattern checkering, sling swivels, capped pistol grip, original Mauser banner. Will have the crown proof stamp on them. 95. Select Grade. Original Swedish issue surplus part. $15. elevation setting, the latter being nominally set for a point-blank. Going to try it next week. 3 mm) from the same. Swedish Mauser M96 front sight blade -. The spacing. 26mm dovetail fits the Mauser front sight base. 375"/9. Made from blued steel, precision machined. Mauser's Patent" (in one line). This rifle features a high grade high gloss checkered walnut stock with european monte carlo styling. The finish is identical to that of the earlier variant, as is the grip, which continues to be available in either wood or plastic. Add to Cart. Mauser 08 rifle: Modified version of the K. The Argentine rifles were made in Germany (generally by DWM) or in Argentina itself, by the way -- not in Belgium. The rear ring is secured by windage adjustment screws, allowing the scope's internal adjustments to be reserved for precise sight-in. 75 or 1. best way for a amateur is to cut off and weld on a fancy Brownells one. mauser 98k leather frog for sling. 50 inches, barrel length of 17. I used them on all my Yugo M24/47s. Availability: In stock. This Mauser is a right hand bolt action single shot rifle in . Mauser FN, Husquvarna, Browning Hi Power and Mark X . For Mauser flashlights, Mauser laser sights, Mauser holsters, Mauser tritium sights, Mauser cases and tons of other gear, OpticsPlanet is the place to go! 279 Products in Accessories for Mauser Handguns - K98 Accessories Most mauser sights come out of the dovetail pretty easy, reemoving the base is another deal all together some are held with a set screw and that is usually rusted in place. The deal is to get rid of the inverted "V" of the front sight. Very easy to move military mauser sights,a run over with a propane torch is enough. FOR SALE! WW2 German K98 Mauser Front Sight Hood and 2 barrel Band springs. German Mauser K98 K98k Swedish Mauser M96 M38 Front Sight Adjusting Tool Wrench German Mauser. The barrel with frontand rear sfght. This late style blued-steel front sight hood fits the following models: MAUSER 48 YUGOSLAV and MAUSER 48A YUGOSLAV. Lightly figured walnut stock with wrap-around point-. Triple K Mar 21, 2019 · Installing iron sights to the Mauser with solder. You might try Googling, or visit the Swedish Mauser forums at Tuco's Gunboards. A silver bead front sight on a matted block is standard. 00 2d 5h 36m Standard Large Ring K98 8mm Mauser Rifle Parts Barrel W Front Sight Good Bore . Locks behind the front sight post with a ring. I have nothing for sale. The range of sight graduation is from 500 to 2000 meters. Rear tangent sight is in shockingly beautiful shape, and is a marvel of machine work and complication! 7. The "T" on the front sight signifies that the front sight was changed to a height so that the m/41 spitzer cartridge would be compatable with the sights. 9mm) to 6. 88) Tighten the front sight cover screw. 5, 1,. Barrel Standard Front 8mm Large Bore Good Ring Sight W Rifle Parts Mauser K98 Standard Large The new MAUSER 98 STANDARD presents itself as a technical milestone in the field of custom-made rifles. Wwii German K98 Mauser Front Band - Ab380. brownells (in stock) 4. This is an original Yugoslav Mauser 48 front sight hood. 95 Front sight: Inverted "V" notch (later models had a sight hood cover) Mauser, Obendorf was the only manufacturer to produce the K98 from 1934-1945. Also for 1909 Argentine, 1908 Brazilian, 1938 Turkish, 1948 Yugo German K98k, Yugo K98k - sight will not fit the Gew 98 (rear sight looks like a sleigh) May 22, 2020 · Mauser 98 Parts Show Filters . These are designated as the 17A Target Sight, the 93 Match Globe Front Sight and the 20 MJT Globe Front Sight. $8. They were a product of intelligent design and top quality German engineering melded together in a rifle that, arguably, should have been rather more popular than it was. MISC-310: M38 Turkish 8mm Mauser Front Sight Blade. CONTACT INFORMATION. After making a few guns with fixed sights, Mauser introduced their tangent sight, much like the sight on Mauser rifles of the period. I need some help guys. Considered a championship rifle with micrometer rear sight, ramp front sight (without hood), full checkered target stock and swivels. The m/94 cartridge was a round nose, 156 grain bullet while the m/41 was a spitzer 139 grain bullet. These were actual CETME barrels, complete with flash hider and front sight post. I think I got it cheap because it has Lyman front sights and is drilled and tapped for Lyman rear sights. HTH. Product Code: PAM96070L. In general, the Puška M. VG: 60: 5. W Sights 8mm Turkish Model Barrel Rear 1938 Rifle Nice Mauser Turk Front And Bore Turk Turkish Brass front sights are preferred by a very large number of shooters. Used on Commercial Model Mauser Rifles. In the past year I purchased a 1900 Dec 19, 2011 · Your rifle is a m/96 Swedish Mauser. This is a wartime manufactured Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" pistol in . These slide into place over the front sight to give protection and shade for Haven't made a decision yet on this project, but am considering taking the coward's way out and just replacing the front sight blade with one made by modern Mauser. It was used by the factory for initial sight adjustment. 0) Tall Version, *NOS*. Mauser: 1896-1899: 40. Mar 14, 2020 · I had the same problem a couple months ago. 2 - Front Sight Adjust. 375" high blade lets you zero the Model 96 Swede and others to point of aim. 18 Jan 2020 Specially made tall front sights so you can zero your rifle at 100 yards. Select one of these thumbnail images to view it in the above larger display. New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd. Dark spots in these areas are likely indications of barrel contact points. Buy Now | Brazilian 1908/34 Rear Band Spring, *Very Good* Brazilian Mauser Rear Sight, 30-06, *NOS Aug 11, 2011 · Finding the Right Front Sight I went to the shooting range with my 1918 CG m/96, a bag of front sight blades, a small hammer, a punch and a Kornskruv m/43 G. The Aperture can be rotated side to side for. 22 Long Rifle. 1924. It's the sight that brightens in low light situations. The controlled-feed bolt-action of the Gewehr 98 is a distinct feature and is regarded as one of the major bolt-action system designs. The base is a milsurp job that's been holding for 50+ years on a 7. 00 MSRP . I see SARCO has the rear sights complete but not the front sight bases. WGRS-FN Fits ANY FN type action . 360-inch European dovetail. Item # WX2-92971 / mauser 98k front sight mauser 98k front sight. Post May 28, 2016 #1 2016-05-28T21:37. Nov 29, 2018 · According to The History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, the Mauser 98 was “the best bolt action rifle ever made. 19. This offering is for 1 of our Swedish M96 Mauser front sights. 89. Blue/black finish and pictured next to our +2 sights for size proportions. M98 controlled-feed bolt action system Mauser M98, cutaway model. Serial # 9824. Blued steel used to insert or remove the front sight. 62mm NATO were installed. Make sure you blacken the sight by smoking it with a match or lighter before shooting. So, I purchased an 1895 Chilean Mauser a couple of months ago for a really good price. Mauser, Argentine . -G. 22 Long Rifle Cal. Buy Now | 03/A3 Rear Band Spring, Remington, *Good* Mauser 1893 & 1895 (19) Mauser G. Marine Corps issued the Springfield with a sight hood to protect the front sight, along with a thicker front blade. An excellent thread on swedish front sight adjusters at gunboards made me break out this cooler-than-cool item. It's the day time sight that's lightweight, and yet very durable. . Look at your front sight base and blade (mine are both marked with a 0). Height 0. When I set the rear sight for two hundred yards my point of impact at twenty five yards is fourteen inches above point of aim. Rework is perhaps necessary  Features of Williams Gun Sight Mauser 98 Front Fire Sight: Williams offers different sighting options for various military firearms. Jul 09, 2020 · By THOMAS E. 65 x 53 Cartridge. $20. 1891 Argentine The Gewehr 98 has two sling swivels, open front sights, and a curved tangent-type rear sight, known as the Lange Visier. I purchased the tall '91 mauser front sight from brownell's. Take down disk in the stock. A nice piece of history to add to your rifle mauser full custom built by kurt haase - octagon barrel w-leupold vari-x iic 2x7 scope. 10+ In stock with Brownells USA. 5mm, total height 11. 95€ * Details . Description: This is a very nice example of a Mauser 3000 rifle in . You can remove it and buy a new one which will also probably be off center. WW2 GERMAN K98 Mauser Front Sight Hood and 2 barrel Band springs - $14. Made from aircraft strength aluminum (front beads are made of steel) not plastic. June/2020:We are open and Shipping Daily/ $18. Belgium). 87) Insert the front sight cover screw. WGRS-M1-CAR M-1 Carbine. Original K98 Mauser / G43 If the front sight is original, it is very likely that the rifle will. At about serial number 460000 the finish is changed to a salt blue. No barrel The Swedish Mauser rifles were sighted in for 300 meter use, and the average sight blades used were quite low. 53178 53179 It is adjustable for both windage & elevation. $94. 95€ * (Rate now) Schweden Circle Mauser Model 1895 rear sight element. Mark them and then solder them on. Jul 03, 2017 · Front Sight Focus - How To Instantly Shoot Like a Navy SEAL - Duration: How To Remove and Install Mauser Sights (lead solder) - Duration: 4:04. T38MC / T38MCSS. 30-06 Springfield. Aug 12, 2008 #1 . Brand New Front Sight Adjustment Tool/Wrench for German Mauser K98 and Swedish Mauser M38, M96. 99. This fine rifle has a 22" barrel with banded ramp front sight, banded sling swivel stud, and quarter rib with one standing and two folding leaves. You will receive highly personalized instruction with the world's top gun instructors using positive reinforcement, with friendly constructive correction to build your skill, knowledge and confidence. 2035" edge to edge. 184298730713 Swedish Mauser M96 Front Sight Hood (Swedish). Works great with our new sight adjustment wrench that are currently available in our other items. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. "Double Crown over U" proof is stamped behind the rear sight. The micrometer adjustments on the rear sight work smoothly, and the blueing on both is still deep and bright. 13-inch barrel, an adjustable rear sight graduated to 2,000 meters and a straight bolt handle, while both carbines are equipped with 17. The whole action is only case hardened (thinly),and a slight grind removes any case. A propane tourch supplies enough heat to melt the solder. $34. Plus sometimes the tool manufacture will let you know how much the tool moves the front sight Aug 15, 2011 · The front sight that I chose to use was the N. The front sight performs all M48 windage adjustments. Front sight hood with the locking spring,the locking spring is almost always gone from these,so this one is exceptional. Mauser M 48 Yugo Rifle Gun Stock. The Mauser Model 1895 is a modification of the Mauser Model 1893. $95. This one, however, retains an inverted-V blade. 22 caliber bolt action rifles with either 1-inch or 15/16 inch receivers. Turning the post counterclockwise will raise the level of the front sight post, effectively lowering the POI (Point Of Impact) on the target. If your eyes are good (the open Mauser sights put a premium on vision) you might do even better. Use of our high sight blade will allow you to get accurate sightings at 100 yards. ” Author Robert W. $120. Jul 10, 2017 · The front bead is rather large, white and easy to see in any light. Non-slip handling in every situation is guaranteed by the soft-touch coating on the stock as well as the extra-large bolt handle. The front sight hood was introduced. 95€ * (1) Schweden Post Front Sight +1. 00: MAUSER BARREL BANDS 50+ MOST ARE UNKNOWN. 85) Using non-marring tools such as a wooden dowel and a mallet, tap on the upper band. 00 Swedish Model 1896 Mauser Rifle Competition Rear Sight Redfield 38 1938 Sweden Swedish Model Mauser sights are difficult for some people to use because the front is an inverted V. Popular custom diameters are 0. 741 Main Street Claremont, NH 03743 Call: (603) 287-4836 Different front sight adjustment vises were used. 00 0 $3,950. 000 03/A3 Front Sight Hood, Remington, Blued, *NOS* $12. Click to Enlarge. Swedish Mauser Front Sight Hood, With Lock Spring, 6. Delivery within 7-10 days. View as Grid List. Typical zero ranges will be 25 yards/meters, 100 yards/meters or 200 yards/meters. Barrel, 7x57mm, 21", Original Military, Used w/1893 Spanish Rifle Front & Rear Sights Mauser Front Sights. WGRS-742 Remington Early 742 , 760 ; Takes a higher front Sight. 86) Replace the front sight cover. $158. 95: K98K-711: Leather Sling for Mauser K98 Mausers with slot in stock for sling. But to really screw things up you just about have to have a computer. 00: SEE BOLTS BELOW: Mauser G-43 Semi-Auto Sights; Description Condition Quantity Available Price ea. More than once I have lined up my sights on one ear or the other without noticing. $10. Condition is very fine with some 80 - 90 % blue; mainly worn at the front end. Let me know! Leather Sling for Mauser K98 Mausers with slot in stock for sling. For many shooters, shooting with a tandem aperture sight set is an entirely new experience. From concept and design to creation, XS utilizes tritium, photoluminescent materials, and 20+ years of sight manufacturing expertise to create highly visible and durable sights for personal defense, military, and hunting applications. 00 Those rifles also have different rear sights: Gew 98 have a curved, tangent sight, while K98k has more modern, leaf type rear sight. The bottom of the post has very fine threads. The barrel is round and is 20-inches long. C. No wind gauge is provided. The screw for the front sight is hidden under the drift slide. Oct 04, 2013 · Mauser’s classic bolt-action rifle is a portrait of defensive engineering at its best. Swedish Mauser Flash Hider $11. The sighting apparatus consists of rear sight and front Jan 10, 2010 · Q I have an old VZ-24 Mauser that I like to shoot occasionally. Model: 96 SWEDISH, 38 SWEDISH. 70 in. venom tactical, llc (in stock) 3. The camtrack must not be You select a "zero" range. If the screw does not turn freely, heat the sight with the torch until you can see little blobs of solder, then remove the screw. Each year Re: M96 Swedish Mauser front sight size. Some guy was selling swedish mauser front sight blades and I bought couple (also dovetail). with 1/2 inch spacing. Unfollow mauser front sight to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Vintage Mauser Rifle Front Sight Base CZ 24 GEW 98. The magazine box contains 5 smokeless powder 7×57mm Mauser rounds, which is the only 19th century military cartridge still commonly used in sporting rifles, and can be loaded from a stripper clip. It is spring loaded for ea. $59. Obernforf a. rear sights. For longer ranges, the sight can be ad- Turk Turkish Model 1938 Mauser Rifle 8mm Barrel W Front And Rear Sights Nice Bore. The rifling is 4-grooves to the right with a twist of 1 in 9. 6 mm) to 1. It is sold in conjunction with several different interchangeable front sight inserts. Fixed front and 1000 meter tangent rear sights. Aug 15, 2008 · turkish mauser front sight ? Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by Krippp, Aug 12, 2008. For sale is 1 Swedish M96 front sight. Swedish mauser front sight (too old to reply) MrSL 2003-11-05 04:24:40 UTC. My Mauser is amazing accuracy wise. Complete matching sn # Mauser M98 Rear Sight Assembly, ladder,sight, spring 133 . A few, in fact, have trouble adjusting to the different sight picture. The old 8mm Mauser barrels were removed, and new 18. It has a 26. Now if you can be patient i will send you some pictures of a front sight stock and one cut down and a commercial 3/8 dovetail sight With the Mauser 12 EXTREME bolt action rifle, ultra-sturdy construction meets an almost indestructible polymer stock. Brownells Front Sight 9. They were made for a battle zero of about 300 meters. 00". 67” (42. Mar 19, 2009 · It's sights are standard old world Mau ser, with a V notch rear on a graduated slide, and an inverted V front sight protected by very heavy ears wrapped around it. XS Sights manufactures the fastest sights in any light. With this new wrinkle in my target shooting I’m hooked, but finding “quality” micrometer sights new or used is another story in itself. Collecting and Shooting the Swedish Mauser Target Model - Range Report Page 6 of 6 Mauser Sort By: --Select-- Product Name Ascending Product Name Descending Most Recent Oldest to Newest Price Ascending Price Descending Manufacture Ascending Manufacture Descending $58 NEW Mauser 8rd 45acp M2 Magazine View Listing Front Sight has relocated the course administration office to Nevada. Conceived in 1898, the Mauser Gewehr (Rifle) 98 is still the most iconic bolt action rifle design known today. 6mm with basis, Brownells USA. Most military Mauser rifles shoot quite high with iron sights at 100 yards. I prefer to remove the sight protector with it's ears while shooting. 8 1. 207" x . Sporting style, ramped beaded blade front sights. The bolt handle is a forging job for specialist ,if perfection is required. 5x55 *Good* $11. of Berlin. The Elit was very popular among match shooters with diopters on their m/96, m/38 or CG63 Swedish Mausers. Includes sling, leather-covered metal keeper and brass stud. Feb 18, 2020 · Anyone know the angle, depth and width of the Mauser front sight dovetail? It’s a M96 from 1912 nothing fancy. Stock disk markings are to be taken with a grain of salt. MAUSER M-49 , M-98/22 FRONT SIGHT BASE Image: NEW: 1: 15. 5 sights and are in excellent looking condition. Need the Mauser front sight tool to install them as well. hold at about a 300 yard target. They are both in great condition. Through the use of EDM technology, electrical discharge machining, we are able to consistently maintain a . The only way to cure this, is with a taller front sight. no need to heat the barrel ,let alone reciever. K98 Mauser Sling - Dark Brown Stamped. Very good + condition. Permalink. To get around the Treaty of Versailles the Standard Modell was intended for export rather than domestic sale, however some of these guns were bought within Germany. Would the front sight hood for what be compatible with a G98/40, which by the way, is not a Mauser. Standard Mauser Oberndorf markings on top of chamber and right side of frame, with the Mauser banner For sale is 1 Swedish M96 front sight. Member. Width 0. Like their rifles, Mauser’s sights are overly fine and consist of a leaf rear sight “V”-notch marked for elevation in hundred meter increments out to an optimistic 1,400 and paired with a Mauser trademark pyramid front sight. in 1941. Mauser 98K NDT (No Drill-Tap) Scout Mount - for Long Eye Relief Scopes - Duration: 2:18. Trigger guard with cross-hatching on the bow and large circular Mauser emblem on the original factory stock with original buttplate and grip cap. The first C-96 sights, as seen on the prototype and earliest production guns, were a fixed V-notch rear and a wide blade front. S. German Mauser Karabiner 98k, or K98k, 98k - Has a flat sight leaf on a tangent base; has a shorter handguard that starts in front of the rear sight: Yugoslavian Mauser M48 - has a flat sight leaf on a tangent base and a bent bolt, the handguard wraps around the rear sight and has a rear sight/handguard retaining screw: Mauser K98k front sight height problem Just picked up a RC K98k, and went to the range with some S&B 196 gr FMJ BT which I believe comes very close to the original loading. Brazilian 1908/34 Front Sight Base, *Very Good* $15. The standard K98 sight hood will fit on a G98/40 rifle, but it will not sit well and would not Don't know about the FR8, but ever mauser that I have removed the front sight from, ( and rear as well), were soft soldered in place. These were removed from the K98's that were captured by the Russians during the war. Mauser K98 98K Original Front Sight, NR! WWII Era German. Spain selected the best of its M43 rifles and began a rebuilding and refurbishment program that would make efficiency experts smile. Most of these rifles shoot very high at short range as their minimum sight  German M98 Mauser Front Sight TALL (K98 Vz24). (I've attached a photo of a rifle sporting this system as a reference). Fits most Mauser 91 through 98 rifles with military sight base. 33 each. Made to look like the original sights. Swiss43. The bolt handle is flat, another characteristic. Loading Unsubscribe from Mike Papa Kilo? Cancel Unsubscribe. Delivery within 7-10 days 10+ In stock with Brownells USA. Read more One thought is that findind a "new" complete rear sight and a new front sight base maybe the easier way out. Vtg Mint Savage Redfield 102m Receiver Peep Sight, Aperture And Leupold 2-Piece Standard Base - Mauser FN Reversible Front (RVF), Gloss Black …most versatile of any mounting system Leupold offers. Shoot yours with the rear sight all the way down to determine how much adjustment you need in front sight Oct 16, 2007 · The front sight does not move at all, did some reading and its true the front sight (no hood) stays fixed. With the drift removed, the screw is exposed and can be removed. These magnificent front sights are the number one choice of precision  MAUSER 98K FRONT SIGHT. All three sights are designed to mount in standard 3/8-inch front sight dovetails, except for one 17A type that has a . The original sights of the K98 Mauser are much like today's sights--worked into the weapon via a dovetail groove on both the front and rear. I was able to zero my front sight during a match with the tool for my mauser and 91/30. The front sight provides you with 'windage adjustment'. mauser 98 270 24”, open sights, 3-9 bushnell, bishop stock, 90% blue, stock shows hunting use, egraved flopor plate, jaeger trigger Gun #: 931045404 Seller: Wildwood Inc Wildwood Inc ´s a ring type insert for the Elit Kornring front sight. Hi, I own a Swedish mauser M96, on the front sight I can read the A) An accesory to a front blade and a rear 'V': The peep can be used as a diopter, which removes the common problem many (especially older) people have with blurry open sights. I picked this one up cheap ($150) and it was complete except for the front sight hood, which I may replace someday, but didn't figure was terribly important for the time being. Jan 01, 2009 · What is the secret of replacing the front sight hood on the Mauser K-98? The owner had removed the front sight hood to clean the front sight and could not get it back on. to align the front sight blade with the barrel witness. Results 1 - 35 of 35 Czech Mauser Model VZ 33 33/12 front Sight protector used. $6. Two sporting style sling swivels. Versions of the rifle were also adopted by Turkey, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. blade. Up for auction is a vintage peep sight set composed of a Redfield rear sight and a Lyman front sight for a Mauser rifle. Pre-World War I German Erfurt KAR 98 Carbine. will fit many rifle scope base holes. Any suggestions? A On a number of Mausers I have installed an M14 front sight. Raw Message. The narrow dovetail base measures approximately . The front sight is a low profile half-moon shape. The Argentine Model 1891 Mauser military rifle was adopted in that year, and the initial production contract calling for 180,000 rifles and 30,000 carbines was granted to Ludwig Loewe & Co. Make Offer - Vintage Mauser Rifle Front Sight Base CZ 24 GEW 98. $31. N. 842 inches. The first thing that struck me when I was first privileged to handle Continue Reading Note the U-notch on the rear sight blade. 5 rifle M/96 SWEDE Z109 | eBay Luger P08 Front Sight Adjustment Tool Marked "MAUSER". WGRS-7400 Remington 4-6- Models 7400-7600 . Item: MA-0001-5  Increasing the distance between the front and rear sights (called the sight radius or sighting line) helps to reduce  front sights - Brownells Australia sells front sights products from leading brands BROWNELLS FRONT SIGHT DOVETAIL . windage and elevation, that slides along a nine-inch set of dovetails on the. M96 Front Sight Blade -1 - Swedish M96 Mauser Parts. Dec 23, 2011 · With a fixed front sight and decent ammo, you should be able to shoot groups of 2 to 3 inches at 100 yards. Will not fit commercial Mausers, will only work on military Mausers that need to be drilled and tapped. 077" (1. I have a few of those Brownells Mauser front sights. We used to pack the whole bolt back inside and out with wet asbestos. 5 rifle M/96 SWEDE Z109 | eBay Standard Large Ring K98 8mm Mauser Rifle Parts Barrel W Front Sight Good Bore . This is a ramp sight that attaches to the barrel by means of a barrel band. Joined Dec 28, 2012 · 3,053 Posts . E. These standard sight lines consisted of somewhat coarse aiming elements making it suitable for rough field handling, aiming at distant area fire targets and low light usage, but less suitable for precise aiming at distant or Jun 16, 2010 · If your other rifle is a 7x57, it was rebarreled. Mauser Front Sight Kits. I like the fact that they are square on top. It will fit the 98 dovetail and it's tall enough that you'll have to file it down down to zero the rifle. Removing the rear sight can be accomplished with basic gunsmith tools. I can’t seem to find a Lyman 17a front sight with the Mauser sized dovetail so looks like I’m going to have to modify the . An original 1940's front sight-cum-muzzle protector for the Swedish Mauser m/96, m/96-38, m/38 and m/41 (b). SPECS: Steel, blued, matte finish. Buy Remington Model 700 Front Sight Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. 62 Nato Chilean rifle barrel. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS SENT TO APTOS OR WINDSOR, CALIFORNIA. $42. Designed for smokeless powder from the start, it is a bottle-necked, rimless cartridge with a powder capacity a bit larger than that of the . It's a spring steel that fits into a slot in both sides of the front-sight mount. The barrel has the (pre-1935) B, U and G crest factory proofs. In Germany the Mauser Oberndorf factory made a shortened Mauser called the Standard Modell with improved sights. Find Mauser 1895 Chilean rifle parts with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Small parts (bolt parts, floorplates, followers, and front. New Made Item: Exact replica of the often missing always needed 98k sight hood for the WW2 German Rifle. 1mm) from the center of the recoil lug to the center of the rear sight block pivot. $24. 48 had a laminated stock, an H-style muzzle band, a side-mounted sling, a hooded front sight and both barrel bands held in place by a single spring bar, all traits similar to the Karabiner 98k. estimated production run of 350,000 rifles. To adjust the front sight, start by taking the bolt out of the rifle and removing all ammunition from the area. 0 (2) front sight Square post blade gives an easy-to-see, well defined sight picture with issue rear sights. On top m/43G marked with instructions for adjusting the sight of the m/96 and m/38. Swedish Mauser The M48 front sight is a standard male post friction-fitted into a female dovetail and sheltered by a round hood. MAUSER 98 LARGE RING 7X57 BARREL W/ FRONT SIGHTS 19 1/2" Sporter - $99. Mauser ~ 3000 ~ . At its rear-most setting the sight is set for one hundred meters. External dimensions are Length 0. Package Contents. 26" (159. Please send all of your course applications and course payments so they arrive at least two weeks prior to the start date of the course to the following address: Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Model 1910 Mauser Carbine-This carbine is almost identical to the 1895 except that it has the large ring receiver and the front sight has ear protectors. Fits K98 versions K98k and M48. Add to Compare. Badace Tactical 41,033 views Sights on the M48 Mauser The sights are typical of the time and adequate, if not great. Email me when available. 00 The front sight has a round half-moon shape, though early examples may have the ramp front sight. No way of knowing if the front sight blade being moved would solve your problem or not. The rear sight makes ladder-style elevation adjustments with a sliding tangent. Serviceable Military Condition. Manufacturer: MAUSER. This slide can be removed with a small brass drift and a hammer. While a. 50 inches and a weight of 8 lbs. The Model 1889 introduced Mauser's one-piece bolt with front locking lugs. Oct 16, 2015 · Mauser Model GEW 98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle ** Mauser Model 1924 Bolt The receiver has x on top. 0002″ clearance fit between the staff and the mainframe. $13. sight bases) with Waffenamt “WaA103” and “WaA140” proofs were used (made by F. Dec 03, 2016 · The Mauser 98 is easily equipped with a receiver sight: Two drilled & tapped holes, whittle off a little wood to relieve for the base & staff and you're done. Original Turkish Mauser M1938 Parts in Used Condition. The rifle and barrel total lengths are the same as the VZ-24 Czech Mauser and both serial numbers barrel /receiver match (1xxx E) once I removed the stock and looked underneath but the rest of the Reproduction K98 Mauser sight hood. Its overall length of 37. Mauser 98 Parkerized Cupped Trapdoor Steel Buttplate (0) Swedish Mauser Front Sight Hood, Stripped, 6. It was and is a life saver to Mauser competitors in Vintage Military Rifle Matches because most European military rifles are built to zero at no less than 200 yards. The 90 MJT sight is for. Page. There is no cut in the lower edge of the front of the frame (beneath the barrel). 75 inch barrel with front and middle iron sights. WGRS-700 Remington 700-721-722 Hiawatha 1500 . 5x55 *Good* $13. 081" dovetail. 00 Align the sights by placing the receiver and barrel on blocks on a level surface. Mechanic Stuff 3,858 views. Here is an article written with these type sights on a Yugo M48. Front sights are of open, barleycorn type, on some carbines with removable semi-circular front sight hoods. 450 Front Sight. Is it soldered on? And how do I remove it if it is? The Curio and Relic Firearms Forum To err is human. Will a Mdl 93 or 95 front sight base fit the muzzle tennon of the Swede 96 rifle? Bob L. 39 Most front sight blades were changed from the original inverted-V sights to squared post sights at the time rear sights were changed to U-notches. *** SOLD OUT *** 20 May 2014 How To/DIY Mauser Edition EP. Williams Fire Sight Mauser 98 Front Sight Only Aluminum Black Fiber Optic Red Product Family #: 1006002383; Product #: 681790; Manufacturer #: 70940; UPC Mauser Front Tool K98 K98k Wrench M38 M96 German Adjusting Mauser Sight Swedish German Mauser K98 $95. • This sight uses steel-armored 0. 30 Mauser. The Mauser M98 Magnum features an action machined from high-grade steel, 3-position wing safety, Rigby-style cheekpiece, single stage trigger, express sight with big rear sight and bass bead front sight, large magazine capacity, and slim wood stock. They work perfectly. 281 FRONT SIGHT, BRASS BEAD, 3/8 DOVETAIL Swedish Mauser High Front Sight. Showing 1–40 of 62 results Front Guard Screw $ 5. 95 . It was developed from the Mauser 98 rifle with the introduction of a new bolt system derived from the Gewehr 1888 and Mannlicher–Schönauer. Swedish Mauser Front Sight (0. If you need a smaller diameter, I can do this, too. So decided to do something to front sight. The 57 sight fits on major bolt action rifles, including the Remington Model 700, Winchester Model 70, Savage Model 10/110, Mauser and Springfield. This set came off a Mauser k98 large ring rifle, but can fit other Mausers as well. Soonered · Premium Member. $20. 5 x 55 Mauser Front Sight Replacement. The front sight is similar to what I seen on older Models like the Turkish 36/46 Kale and the rear sight matches some of the South American variants. If you want to buy parts, try one of these companies: (Tennessee, Gun Parts Corp). Does not really bother me at all because I have always wanted to try out an old Mauser with peep sights anyways. Sights such as a Williams Firesight fiber-optic front sight insert provide a custom touch. They also block a significant portion of the target. 89) Slide the tapered part of the magazine spring into the magazine follower. The biggest obstacle to good shooting was the tiny sights. They consist of a standard rear notch coupled with a hooded front post, which is theoretically adjustable for windage but in reality, is a pain in the ass. If the point of impact needs to be corrected, the front sight is moved sideways. During reassembly of your rifle place the action in the stock and check for any forward or rearward movement. 98 made in Brazil in 1908 For sale is 1 Swedish M96 front sight. 28. 27" barrel with ramp front sight and tangent rear sight, adjustable for. The tip can get shiny or rounded off with wear and can be very hard to focus on. Hoping for a little insight on my Yugo/M48 8mm mauser. If you would like to center the front sight then remove the sight hood and drift it over with a sight pusher, or a hammer and punch. The 7. Sep 03, 2011 · This sight blade is an old friend. The screw mainly serves to locate the base in the proper position. It starts at ~250. No cut off is provided, but the magazine may be charged at any time by opening the action and inserting cartridges. It is unusual in that the stock extends to the muzzle. 375" (9. The Mauser front sight is actually on a band that is soft soldered on a step at the muzzle. Like the ones pictured, all are in good used condition. Barrel Standard Front 8mm Large Bore Good Ring Sight W Rifle Parts Mauser K98 Standard Large Norin / Dawson 30-06 Mauser Description: Full custom 30-06 Mauser with metal work by ACGG member Dave Norin of Antioch, Illinois and stocked by Bruce Dawson of West Plains, MO. This is the standard all steel version, used by the military and civilian shooters alike. A second, interesting feature of the FR8’s front sight post is that it also has a windage adjustment feature. Neither can I. Mauser Rear Sight and Spring. From the fully-milled action made of special steel, cold-hammered forged barrel, optimised trigger, plasma nitride steel parts, front sling swivel, front and rear sight on the barrel ring and finally a horizontal three-position safety system I’ve used scopes, scout scopes, regular iron sights and of course the Mojo Phase III sights (which I love as well). 5 rifle M/96 SWEDE Z109 | eBay P17 Wwi Front Wwii 1917 Handguard Enfield Walnut Us Original Us Front Wwi Enfield Walnut Original Handguard 1917 Wwii P17 Wwi Wwii 1917 Wwi Us Army Usmc 1903 Springfield Rifle Butt Stock Bore Cleaning Kit Wwi Us - $34. You just can't do that with a hammer and drift. 243 Winchester. The rear sight and the bayonet were the same as those on the Puška M. 1-Pc. Original, made in Serbia. Please remember that antique guns are not all the same, while this part fits 98% of the WWII issue German Mauser 98k rifles we have seen, there are some variations it will not fit. 030" and 0. Sight measures  Swedish Mauser 96 / 38 Military Front Sight. 80 in. The problem I have with it is the military front sight. Michigan USA Sep 23, 2010 · Mauser's first successful small-bore smokeless-powder design was the Belgian Fusil d'Infanterie Mle. mark. This tool fits over the barrel and has a lever. Our sights are manufactured from solid bar stock, with critical wear components heat-treated for long life. New Original 96 Mauser Front Sight. Fits the Dovetail The action is an original single square bridge mauser that was a 318 Westley Richards Acclerated, the bottom metal is original mauser lever release that I have opened up to take the 375H&H. Return your rifle to its original configuration. 060" brass post for precise shooting! • Covers 6" to 8" at 100 yards . 0 M38-96. This sight is one of our most popular. Minor scuffs and scratches from removal over the years. 58 results for mauser front sight Save mauser front sight to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 6-inch barrels, rear sights blued barrel with adjustable rifle sights, hooded front sight, blued mauser 98 action with thumb cut, swept butterknife bolt handle, checkered pistol grip with blued cap, black plastic buttplate, schnabel forend, sling swivel studs, barrel swivel as well, military wing safety (stiff) Redfield sight peep Vintage and Enfield SME 03A3 Springfield Mauser for 1903 1903 for Mauser Redfield SME 03A3 Enfield sight Springfield Vintage peep and winchester pre 64 m70 70 model 71 54 supergrade redfield 255 FRONT SIGHT winchester pre 64: $575. 5" CETME barrels chambered in 7. The Legend. Try seeing how it shoots first before you adjust anything though. Each rifle will have a different recommend "zero" range. The basic 1896 action soldiered into the 1950's, when it was finally replaced by a self-loader. I have a number of different blades, as seen in the picture. Made of thick spring steel. The Mauser 66 is one of the most interesting rifles ever designed and manufactured. 79 in. price is for one piece. Ball added that the Mauser was “a safe and robust rifle Used Mauser K98 Front Sight Hood. new old stock. Collecting and Shooting the Surplus Rifle - Mojo Sighting Systems - Mauser Front and Rear Sights Report When a rifle had been sighted in with the pointed m/41 ammunition, it should be stamped with the hight of the front sight post on the left side of the front sight base, and a "T" on the right side of the front sight base. NEW OLD STOCK. 5'' barrel, Worn original blued finish and grooved walnut grips. Mike Papa Kilo. Good luck with your Argentines. 308 Winchester but considerably smaller than that of the . If you need disassembly help, SurplusRifle. Mauser, Argentine Model 1891, Ladder Screw. I,m guessing I've probably done a couple hundred or so. MAUSER 91 DOVETAIL FRONT SIGHT BLANK. « Reply #1 on: July 25, 2010, 05:39:42 PM » SARCO has a replacement front sight that will -0- the 100m to 100 yards, IIRC. The simple expedient of heating with a propane torch and turning the sight slightly brought the horizontal POI to the center of the target and I was able to center the front sight on it's base as well. The band could be soldered on to boot. our price: $9. 12 results for swedish mauser sight Save swedish mauser sight to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 86" (148. Square post blade gives an easy-to-see, well defined sight picture with issue rear sights. WESSEL. Custom, quick release scope mount with the following maker address, "Paul Jaeger - Jenkintown, PA". Once you have the front of the barrel measured, divide the results by two; that's the distance from the center of the bore to the top of the barrel. You're currently reading Mine came drilled and tapped for a Lyman peep sight. Lyman micro-adjustable rear sights were installed on the back of the receiver. Dec 06, 2012 · The 7. The two-piece firing pin/striker also proved to be no improvement over the original one-piece Mauser design, and was a cause of numerous Ordnance repairs, along with occasional reports of jammed magazine followers. FOR SALE! Up for auction is a large ring Mauser barrel, 7 x 57 133425076433 Mauser, Argentine Model 1891 91, Front Sight Base. Front sight ramp has the plunger retained interchangeable blade system, though only the pictured blade is present and included. The left side of the slide displays following markings, "Waffenfabrik Mauser A. 375" MAUSER 91, 93, 94, 95, 96,  The Marble Arms® front sight, with its unique contour, has set the standard since 1900. 564 scope. The rifle has a hood on front sight. Apr 15, 2020 · The initial rear-sight was a really complicated affair with sliding ramps as well as other niceties that required knowledge for successful use, however some bigger types were less difficult. used condition. 1889 chambered for the 7. It sharpens up the sight picture quite considerably. 5mm Mauser 91-98. Most of these rifles shoot very high at short range as their minimum sight setting is 300 meters. Variants Edit. Fr sight not made to move otherwise I would have tapped it with brass dowel. $16. beautiful wood! gorgeous rifle! - 7mm mauser (7x57mm) $3,950. After making a few guns with fixed sights, Mauser introduced their tangent sight, The only variant was height - front sights on factory original fixed sight guns  The ramp will accept all of the Masterpiece Banded Ramp front sight inserts, including silver beads, patridge, fiber optic and folding night sights with both  Luger P08 Front Sight Adjustment Tool Marked "MAUSER". $63. The U. Specially made tall front sights so you can zero your rifle at 100 yards. 200" Fiber Mauser 98. Mauser 98 - if standard tangent rear sight and wood all the way around the rear sight, the Mojo sight should fit. 6. I just cannot get use to or use that darn inverted "V" front sight. Front Sight teaches the most proven, real-world techniques, delivered in the most efficient manner, by the industry's most select group of firearms trainers. probably not now. SKU: M98-022. 33/40 The Model 1896 rifle remained the primary Swedish service rifle until 1938, when the Model 38 was adopted, and the Model 38 was basically an 1896 with a 24" barrel and an aperture rear sight. 25. The darn thing is hopeless. 243 Win. The Elit is by many considered as the best front sight for these weapons, I use one myself and like it a lot. Mr. The type M was made with both single trigger and set triggers and with leaf sights or tangent curved sights. PRICE IS FOR ONE PIECE. Package  Gunsmithing and Front Base Required. 260 FRONT SIGHT, BRASS BEAD, 3/8 DOVETAIL: NEW: 1: 8. These are the super tall +3. From 39. The finish shows some very minor wear on the front and rear grip straps. We have several but quantities getting low, we can try to match your rifle`s bluing upon request, specify the % of bluing, otherwise one with 80% or more bluing will be sent. There is an included proper sheet-metal front sight hood. The front sight is dovetailed and the sight blade can be drifted using a BRASS (Only) flat nosed punch, left or right a little distance either way. SKU: M98-033. Mauser M91 to 98 fits Sweden M96 Rep. If you do not want to mess with the solder try using metal epoxy made by "LOCTITE" If you are using the old Mauser stock then you will need to shorten it some. To find it, just search the site for "mauser front sight" hope Globe Front Sight and 5 Inserts for Swedish Mauser M38, M96, or 1893 Spanish Mauser. In reality you'll use "Kentucky windage" once you set the front and rear sights in the way you like them for the particular style and weight of hunting bullet you are using. Authentic WW2 era German manufactured K 98 Mauser front sight cover. A 1939 model, has 2 inspection marks, rifling somewhat worn but no tragedy as I hear. 24. 65x53mm cartridge. The bolt-action retained the typical Mauser front-lug locking sys­tems, with incorporating of an additional lug to make the amount up to 3 for additional The 43M is a decendant of the pre war Hungarian Mannlicher 35M adopted in 1935 in 8x56, in 1940 the Germans modified the rifle to use the 8mm Mauser round & mauser clip instead of the Mannlicher clip, it also used a German bayonet attachment & German style sling attachments, this rifle was known as the GEW98/40, in 1943 the Hungarians in turn modified the 98/40 by returning to the Hungarian (Mauser System) The rifle Is composed of the following main parts: 1. Nothing I do can get the thing spread wide enough to slide into place. 00 1891 ARGENTINE MAUSER RIFLE Front sight blade & base. The adjustment scale is inscribed with range increments from 100 meters to 2,000 meters. WyomingSwede *TFF Senior Staff The sight hood is a little off center which is no problem. The Mauser Model 1895 iron sight line had an open post type front sight, and a tangent-type rear sight with a rear notch. 25" Military. Triple K Rifle Sling Walnut 1. I could ship the tool and a front sight out to you if you want to try. Krippp Well-Known Liberty Tree Collectors. The rifle comes complete with the SPI 4 x 32 M. G. Our club paid $950 for 15 rifles, postpaid. $37. It fits a wide range of Mauser 98-actioned rifles from countries all over the world -the Czech VZ 24, 1908 Brazilian, 1938 Turk, 1948 Yugo, and many more. Add to Wish List. The notches are normally to be aligned when the rifle is sighted in properly. Sights: The sights of the rifle are adjustable from one hundred meters all the way out to 2,000 meters! In one hundred meter increments. Free shipping. 32” (33. shoot higher than you would wish relative to the lowest rear sight. 99 more info Sold Out ; V23-6-6. The main differene is that it's a square post instead of triangular. That is exactly the same sight I have on my all matching (except floor plate) 1900 dated 96/38 Oberndorf. selection of three sizes of openings. The top back half of the barrel and receiver Click for more info 84) Slide the upper band over the front sight and onto the barrel. He said he made a four leaf rear sight for the last iteration of the Mauser company around 2000, but that sight was designed to be placed farther out on the barrel. Jul 26, 2006 · Is there a place where I can order a tap in ready taller front sight for my M48A Mauser. These blades are pretty high (8-9,5mm) so I might have some succeed. 65 x 53 cartridge was introduced with the Model 1889 Mauser. I have been thinking of some sights like this to try out on one of my Mosins or Mausers. Feb 21, 2010 · Twenty years ago there were a couple gunsmiths that made tall Mauser front sights expressly for this purpose, but I do not have any contact info, and it is likely that they no longer offer the sights. Some of my blades are super high +3, +2,5, + 2 and one or two items are super low, the numbers slips my mind right now. When they reworked and reblued the rifles these sight hoods were not reinstalled along with the capture screws and cleaning rods. The front sight on the rifle is hooded and the rear sight is Pragmatism prevailed. Originally, M96 sights had "V" blades, but all rifles were converted to the "U" notch in the late 1940's. The slide inscription on the left side of the slide is in all capital serif characters, as follows: While inspecting the stock look for any dark spots in the channel near the bayonet lug and the forward band area of the hand guard. Type M Mauser Sporter. The known serial number range for the 1941 “byf” K98k is from 4514 to 6474hh with an. At 50m, it shot 6" high, at 100m it shot about 12" high, and at 200m it wasn't even on paper. This offering is for 1 of our Swedish Mauser M96 Front Sight Hoods. Barrel Standard Front 8mm Large Bore Good Ring Sight W Rifle Parts Mauser K98 Standard Large Williams Gun Sight Mauser 98 Front Fire Sight, Black/Red, 70940, MPN: 70940, UPC: 53506709403, Code: WL-RS2-M98FFS-70940 Williams Gun Sight Mauser 98 Front Fire Sight, Black/Red 70940 1 of 8 images Mauser 98 Original Front sight Original front sight for the Mauser 98. 5 rifle M/96 SWEDE Z109 | eBay Mexican Model 1910 Mauser Rifle Parts 7mm Mauser Barrel W Front Sight Good Bore. He incorporated multiple redundant safety features that protect the shooter: In addition to the two fixed lugs at the front of the bolt, a third safety lug at the root of the bolt handle served as a backup. Blued steel used to insert or remove the front sight blade. Williams Gun Sight Front Sight . Sep 23, 2010 · The Williams front sight ramp was placed about 1 inch to the rear of the barrel's muzzle. Unfollow swedish mauser sight to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. It also allows for an up and down (vertical) distance of 1. When the dream of big game hunting calls, the Mauser M98 answers. Rear Sight Assembly, Complete. The front sightand front sight base has a notch on the front. 360 euro size dovetail down. top of the barrel. Mauser K98k Sight Front Adjusting Swedish M96 M38 Mauser Tool Wrench K98 German German Mauser K98 . Front Sight Muzzle Cover w/ Spring Loaded End Cap, 98K, WWII Era, New Unissued Product #: 1087370 Part Key: 17 model 1896 swedish mauser rifle parts. If the rifle shoots of aim you primarily correct it by choosing another point of aim. Re: Rigby Style Sights for Mauser rifle [ Re: zimhunter ] #7140696 12/03/12 Mauser K98 98k Front Sight Base And Screw - New. Discussion Starter Mauser M96/M38 Front Sight Hood (SPART1885) $59 00. Swedish Mauser Front Sight. I was not suprise that these blades did not match to the rifle but after some filing it was in place nicely. Vtg Mint . The mount will accommodate a front to back (horizontal) distance of 5. 95 For sale is 1 Swedish M96 front sight. Items 1-64 of 120. The 1891 rifle features a 29. I have a Lyman Model 57 98 Mauser peep sight for the rifle and it works very well. Use a saw to cut the front section down. mauser front sights

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