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5. Sims Metal Management provides local, national and global collection and recycling of metals arising from waste streams,   We buy & sell at the best prices, with the aluminium recycling taking place at our Extrusion; Aluminium Radiators; Aluminium Cable; Aluminium Cans. 271. INDUSTRIAL AND DEMOLITION COMPANIES At Koscove Metal, our belief is honest business equals better business. ALUMINUM CAN & PLASTIC BOTTLES RECYCLING Certified by the State of California, SA Recycling has several locations authorized to reimburse the official California Redemption Value (CRV) for your aluminum cans, plastic and glass beverage containers purchased in California. We can pay for your scrap metal or metal for recycling today. Milton Iron & Metal Company, Inc. If you are scrapping your auto parts like lead wheel weights, catalytic converters, alternators, or starters, be sure to keep your Aluminum Rims aside for scrap too. Bring your scrap metal and Aluminum Rims to Rockaway Recycling for the best scrap prices in the area. $0. Recycle your Aluminum, Copper, Steel and Brass. Phone: 419-655-2220. Be sure to check the local prices and report scrap prices near you on the Free iPhone and Android Apps. We are proud to be recyclers’ first and business people second. In just three years from now, Americans will be recycling nearly 200 million tablets, phones, and other devices on an annual basis (Compass Intelligence). Prices go up and down but are usually similar throughout the country at any given time. 72 billion lbs. 651-224-4877 . Local metal collectors and dealers like the quick and friendly service they receive from Sims. Aluminum Automobiles Bicycles Busheling Cable and wire Cast iron Chain link fencing Coils Copper, including #1, #2 and bare bright Drums, barrels and other containers Electric motors Electrical parts Electrical wiring Gas cylinders and tanks Heavy melt steel Industrial Metals Insulated wire Lead-acid batteries Metal banding Metal roofing WHHOME Shabby Chic Classy Designed Silver Milk Can Galvanized Finish Metal Vase Country Rustic Primitive Decorative Flower Holder, 7. Call us today at 408-292-3333. At Great Northwest, we’re not just any scrap metal recycling company – you’ll find a wide range of services and accepted materials! Purchases include aluminum cans, copper, brass, stainless steel, computer cards plus we accept donations of cardboard and plastics. Locally owned. 3R Recycling - 513-771-4002 - providing waste recycling equipment and services to individuals & industry throughout the Greater Cincinnati and southern Ohio area. Many of these centres also buy foil, but check their location, policy and prices before you start. The metal legs and feet can scratch hardwood floors and dig into carpeting, and gliders help distribute the pressure more evenly and prevent the frame's metal feet from making direct contact with surfaces you want to protect. Items could be aluminum cans, siding, vehicles, appliances, etc. View Detail Northern Metals - St. An aluminum can is generally turned into a new can and back on store shelves within 60 days. J&D Recyclers was established in 1999 to address the growing need for local recycling in the city of Durham. 90 a lb with the plastic sheathing on and $2. Our scale attendents can help you with sorting your metals and ensuring that you get the best price for every item you bring in. Below, we have the details of how aluminum prices are determined, where to find aluminum scrap, and how to sell your scrap aluminum. If you’re thinking about recycling your phone/device, you’re not alone. McCoy Iron & Metal buys all scrap metals, even appliances and cars. Some other metals–like Au, Ag, brass, and Cu–are so valuable that they are rarely thrown away. 8355 About Mid-Tenn Metal Exchange Since 1989, we have turned our customers’ old and used scrap metal into dollars they can put into their pockets. Please call the nearest CMC Recycling location to you, as we may be able to arrange a pick-up or roll-off so we can process your scrap metal or we can recommend someone in your area. 00 but in Connecticut there’s a 5 cent deposit charged per container. aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, lead and others. today. Jun 24, 2019 · Aluminum can prices at scrapyards and recycling centers around the country vary, but not much. $. Our buyback hours for aluminum cans are Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon and on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. You will not find a better aluminum scrap price in the Sunshine State. Come in and see us today and walk out with Aluminum Cans. (If a magnet sticks, it is not aluminum; Bi-Metal, Steel, & Tin Cans Metal lids  Lastly, we recommend using Earth911's Recycling Locator to find an aluminum can  Canit is a mobile application developed for the sale and purchase of refundable cans and bottles. Steel scrap. Recycle with us today! Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask where you might sell aluminum such as tabs off of soda cans. Garbage Collection, Recycling Collection and Compost. To cut down on metal thefts, since 2012 scrap metal dealers are not allowed to give paper cash for metal, but can pay by electronic transfer or cheque. If you do not have one, you may purchase one from our scale house for $1. That is a recycling rate of nearly 70%. Pricing is subject to change without notice. foil and pie plates/trays mixed in with the cans. 99 Jun 15, 2013 · At Safran Metals, we specialize in the Buying and selling of non-ferrous metals. And if you do find a better deal for your aluminum recycling in the state of Florida, we will meet and beat it, GUARANTEED!*. 28 Clean Aluminum/Copper Radiators $0. For small scale scrap metal recycling in Coral Springs, Plantation, or Ft. We encourage you to join our efforts to advance green business practices and environmental sustainability. Some scrap metal yard near me also buy electronics, appliances and vehicles that will be dismantled, scraped, and then sell their metal to refineries or even other scrap metals brokers. com Aluminum Cans. Lauderdale, you can bring your items to one of our three conveniently-located facilities. Common household items to outdated machinery, we guarantee payment on time, every time. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Recycling Centers in Green Bay, WI. D. This includes over 80 types, shapes and sizes of sheet metal. Copper recycling. SCRAP METAL RECYCLING SPECIALIST IN EAST VALLEY. Metal recycling is more important than ever, and you can do your part to help scrap metal come full circle into new products. 99 $17. Discover how we can help you: 1. Before anyone starts collecting beverage containers, they  Cash for cans is an aluminium can recycling scheme run by Bryson Recycling and is an ideal way to raise money. we sell  Aluminum Cans Scrap Price USD/LB in USA and Canada Scrap Yards Today, Recycling Centers, Aluminum Scrap Material Prices near me. Refrigerant Finders buys R-12, R-500, R-113 and R-114 refrigerant. Clearly, we want 210-661-2341 5785 E. MATERIALS: pen or pencil handout: Math The bottle bill gives people an incentive to keep litter off the streets and bottles and cans out of the landfill. Aluminum cans are one of the most recyclable materials. We serve individuals, groups, local municipalities, and all sizes of businesses. 19 10-10 Extrusion $0. An aluminium can is 100% recyclable; there are no labels or covers to be removed. Customer service is our #1 priority – with our knowledge, skills, and management, we process people faster than any competitor in our industry. The search box below will help you find out what your metal is worth per tonne. a Global Scrap Metal Supplier. We do NOT accept cans. Jun 09, 2011 · Best Place to Sell Aluminum Cans in Mesa or Gilbert, Arizona? I'm wondering what place offers the most cents per pound of aluminum cans. 30/lb under 100 lbs $0. E. Cygnet, OH 43413. We take pride in our state-certified scales and competitive pricing. Learn More. AZ Metals has served the residential, commercial and industrial metal supply needs throughout the East Valley and beyond since 2011 and have been a metal supply source in Arizona since 2001. Houston St. 12729 Jerry City Rd. 1966 Coke can - These are the first-generation of cans to offer pull tops and the first to display the harlequin logo. These include copper, brass, stainless steel, insulated wire, aluminum and zinc. Aluminum – We accept various types of aluminum scrap like sheet, siding, wire, and cast. Houston Scrap Metal Recycle USA, Inc. Rather, it is a continuous resource – made from old automobiles, appliances, buildings, bridges, airplanes and more. Aluminum Can Prices At Recycling Centers. . For more than 20 years, we have been providing the fastest service and the best prices in town. Americans throw away more than $700 million worth of aluminum cans every year. 95 per cent less energy is used to make cans from recycled aluminium than Taking advantage of 'hand me down' baby clothes; Swapping clothes with With real nappies, you can ensure you are putting natural fabrics next to your  We're only suggesting council-based recycling options at the moment. Our reputation for professionalism and exemplary service has … Continued sc law requires that you must obtain a permit to transport non ferrous metals in order to sell copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, batteries, catalytic converters and any other metals classified as non ferrous. First Street Recycling is a non-ferrous scrap facility located at 1321 East First St. We are your local CRV Recycling Center. 911 E. Serving the Baltimore Area since 1979. We take pride in having the BEST customer service AND paying competitive prices for all metals. I highly recommend doing this in your spare time to pay off debt or have more money to go on fun family vacations. Daily load limits of empty CRV beverage containers are 100 pounds each for aluminum and plastic, and 1,000 pounds for glass. Langley Recycling, Inc. 75 +lb with the sheathing removed (plastic insulating coating on copper wire). Sell Your Scrap There is money to be made with the junk laying around your attic, basement and garage. Give us a call or come by and recycle your aluminum cans and plastic and glass bottles. We strive to promote a cleaner environment by reducing the amount of materials that are introduced into the landfills and road side ditches. 7 Apr 2020 PET plastic bottles, steel and aluminum cans, and glass bottles are included - whether you're a whisky connoisseur or just enjoy the odd can of  Aluminum cans lost to landfills. The seller gets rid of their empty beverage cans and bottles  Can I Recycle Aluminum Cans? SLO County IWMA tells you what you can recycle and what gets tossed out. We pay cash for all types of household nonferrous metal (like aluminum, copper, brass and wire) and ferrous metal (metal that sticks to a magnet like iron, steel and autos) at our recycling facilities. Sep 11, 2019 · Aluminum is the most recycled metal on the planet due to its lightweight nature and widespread use in ordinary objects like beverage cans, food cans, and appliances. At PSC Metals, easily turn your scrap metal into cash. Find out how to recycle your cans for cash. Commodity prices change daily, please contact or visit us for the pricing for your metal. At Capital Scrap Metal, LLC, our recycling center offers you the “highest prices paid guarantee” for your aluminum scrap. Use a price of 60  You get cash back when you recycle CRV Beverage Containers at state certified drop-off locations! (Limit: 100 pounds per day). A majority of scrappers use online sites such as Craiglist to look for people who are trying to get rid or selling items. Paying Top Price for Scrap Metal ! Welcome to Green’s Recycling #1 in Catalytic Converter Recycling. We are a cash for scrap metal recycling facility located in Miami, Florida. Apr 21, 2020 · Earth 911 is definitely one of the first websites you should try to find recycling centers near you. Located in Mesa Arizona serving the entire Phoenix East Valley. Contact us for a custom, hassle-free quote for your project! Our scrap metal prices are updated daily, but they are subject to change at anytime without notice. Scrapys also buys scrap autos. Since 1992, we've made every day a payday for countless satisfied clients! From aluminum cans to brass to electric motors—we can take it, and we'll pay you for it! Harman's Recycling is a full service ferrous and non-ferroues metal recycler and processor. Other Aluminum Can Collectors and Recycling Stories. Recommended, however, is to donate them to The Ronald McDonald House as they are recycled to make wheelchairs. scrap metal recycling raleigh nc. Small wonder with the price of #1 grade copper at the scrap metal yards when recycled is approx. College Drive Bloomdale: WaterShed (near water tower) Custar/Milton Township:  Bring all non-ferrous scrap except aluminum cans to the area pictured. Recyclers of Oklahoma is a member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. Attachment brackets make it easy to secure your headboard and footboard to a set of bed rails. Aluminum. The prices of metal can vary from place to place. Use the Recycling site locator  Can Redemption Center Near Me. How to get Cash from Cans to raise funds for yourself, a charity or community Not only does recycling aluminium cans help the environment, but it can also be To help you find your closest recycling centre to earn cash from cans, we've  To help you find your closest recycling centre to earn cash from cans, we've listed a a list of centres around the country that will buy aluminium cans from you. To see our current ferrous prices, click here. ,  5 Where To Sell Aluminum Cans Near Me? 6 Summary. With a large printable surface area and a wide range of sizes, shapes and decorating options, aluminum cans are the perfect packaging format to create a compelling brand presence where it counts — on the shelf and in consumers' hands. Schnitzer's 44 conveniently located recycling facilities are designed for easy access and convenient unloading. Non-ferrous is the type of metal that contains NO steel or iron. Valley Girl Recycling – Scrap Metal About Valley Recycling . 711 Arial Street Alexandria, LA 71302. Instead, find out if a local recycling centre will pay cash for used aluminium cans. Currently, we are paying 25 cents per pound for aluminum cans. We no longer can accept pet food cans and alum. There are over 500 cash for cans centres or mobile van sites across the UK, where you can exchange your aluminium cans for cash. 3. com Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Se Habla Espanol. Can you give an example of how a bottle deposit might be charged? Sure. 221. These must be separated - and we will accept for no pay. Copper – We buy all types of copper scrap including bare bright wire, tubing, wires, and cable. Let’s say you are in the state of Connecticut and decide to purchase a 12 pack of a carbonated beverage which is in 12 ounce aluminum cans. the dumpsters nearby can have auto parts full of recyclable metal. According to Alcoa, aluminum from recycled cans, tabs included, is identical to aluminum smelted from virgin ore. Because it can be re-melted and reshaped into new products countless times, scrap metal is a resource that will never be We Buy All Types of Metal Scrap. We aim to exceed the expectations of every customer that comes to us. Trent from The Simple Dollar collected cans as a kid. We buy everything from industrial scrap to metal scrap from individuals. If you are trying to find out where to recycle aluminum cans in your area scroll to the bottom of this page and search our recycling locator. In 2013, 1. Each Schnitzer metals recycling facility may have different policies for metal acceptance based on local laws, facility equipment capabilities and local conditions. The more you have, the better! Take a look below to learn about the refrigerants we buy and cylinder tare weights. Loveland Location 2929 N Garfieid Ave (970) 667-4059 M-F 8:00a-4:30p. Website · Bowling Green Recycling Center. Sell us your material for cash today. Collect your money – we will pay for the cans you collect, current prices are listed below. How to Recycle Aluminum Cans. Bright shiny copper wire is considered #1 copper, of course brings the best price at the scrap metal yard. Next Materials starting with  30 Oct 2014 Recycling aluminum cans is cheap and efficient. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Blue mixed recycling bins are for aluminum and tin cans, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars You may also utilize the Find a Location Near Me tool:. RR Aluminum Cans Q. All individuals selling junk cars must have title… Contact us today in Louisville, KY to learn more about our auto recycling, aluminum recycling, scrap metal recycling, and copper recycling services, and get a quote on your scrap. Here is how that math works in case you want to use the price in the chart above: Formula for price of aluminum cans: (# of cans) x . Scrap and recycling service. *Every day, approximately 100 million steel and tin cans are used by Americans. We carry a wide range of metal products including hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel and more. Download the Free iScrap App to get the full experience of tracking scrap prices near you and contacting local scrap yards. Mar 29, 2019 · The idea is to sell as much as possible in one transaction -- so unless you can trade in all your metal together, you won't benefit by waiting. Call Us! A scrap yard is a recycling center that will buy your scrap metals such as steel, iron, stainless steel. We have tried to make the list as comprehensive as  You could use collection programs in East London for aluminium and tin cans; Recycling centres accept, recycle or dispose of most metals for free; Scrap metal   29 Feb 2016 There are a number of places where you can recycle aluminum cans for cash in St. Processing Capabilities. These are NOT prices you will receive from ANY local recycling center. Recycle Right! Always make sure to rinse and drain the cans before recycling them. This means that there is a great deal of recycling profit out there to be gained. Email: Contact Wasatch Metal Nothing communicates product freshness quite like opening a beverage can. About SA Recycling. We offer fair payments for every pound of acceptable metal, including steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, tin and more. com. PROHIBITED SCRAP LIST LEARN MORE Dec 26, 2013 · You will be paid for clean cast aluminum. , we offer exceptional customer satisfaction. Recycling-Facility. Aluminum Car Wheels – remove the tire and the lead wheel weights. If you have over 100 pounds of cans we’ll give you a price bonus for recycling in bulk. Can Land pays top prices and cash for the following metals – copper, brass, aluminum cans, all other aluminum, insulated wires, stainless steel, auto and truck batteries, lead, die cast, magnesium, electric motors, catalytic converters, electronic scrap, printed circuit boards, and most other non-ferrous metals. Since 1968, Newnan Salvage Co in Newnan, GA has been salvaging and recycling ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, along with other materials, to help reduce environmental waste. 3300 S. The Premiere Indoor Scrap Metal Recycling Center. If you have any questions about what you can bring in please let us know. is a family owned business for over 30 years based in the state of Arizona. Queen City Metal Recycling & Salvage is one of Charlotte’s largest scrap and secondary metal recycling centers. We accept all ferrous and non ferrous materials including but not limited to: copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and alloys, radiators, insulated wire, aluminum cans, steel, and appliances. Doing research about aluminum can recycling near me and average prices for selling cans is the first step towards making extra cash. San Antonio, TX 78220 recycle@longhornrecycling. As a number of to find out if it has a bra bank near you. Aluminum recycling. Queen City Metal Recycling & Salvage is also growing in E-Recycling for computer scrap. Welcome to Action Recycling We are a Non-Ferrous buy back facility located in Spokane, Washington. Nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum cans are lost to landfills every year. OmniSource, LLC is one of North America's largest processors and distributors of scrap and secondary metals. 22 Aug 2019 Closest facility offering buy-back recycling now is Pleasanton 4 p. Buying. The only place I know of is 75 cents per pound, thinking there might be better places. CMC Recycling Tulsa 1804 North 166th East Ave. We buy a wide range of metals from automotive core parts, to appliances, farm equipment and industrial scrap. Recyclers of Oklahoma is the leading Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap Recycling center located just South of Downtown Oklahoma City, easily accessed from all major highway connections. Scrap metal recycling center, purchasing all types of scrap metal, copper, aluminum, brass, batteries, AC units. We can handle all of your recycling and scrap needs. Aluminum cans are the most recycled drink container in the United States. Try Selling Your Aluminum on eBay St. We collect cans from. 20 Old Cast $0. You shouldn’t really toss bulky and unwieldy pieces of scrap metal to the curb and wait for the weekly pickup to take them away, and for good reason – metal was meant to be recycled, not trashed. We buy other items such as circuit boards from your electronic devices and buy precious metals. Over 16 years in business. Paying TOP PRICES for the following metals: Guide to local resources including recycling centers, how to recycle, scrap into cash, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment. We Buy All Types of Metal Scrap. 45 Aluminum Transformers $0. One pound of aluminum equals about 34 empty cans or 1,500 pull tabs. Permanent location for collection of cardboard, newspaper, plastic and aluminum (6 days per week; closed evenings, Sundays and holidays) *For Oakland hours of operation, please call 465-8523. S. We are leading purchasers of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals! With over 67 years of experience in the industry, we ship directly to some of the largest consumers in the world, ensuring that your scrap fulfills its life cycle and eventually ends up as a new product. 5575 or e-mail recycle@scrapmarts. WE PAY FOR YOUR METAL TODAY. 6 Sep 2019 Recycling isn't just good for the environment, it can boost your bank balance too. We’ll give you green living news, share our DIY tips, and help you recycle just about anything. Aluminum recycling has been a common practice since the early 1900’s and was quite widespread and intensive during World War II. The can itself is every bit as valuable and recyclable as the tab. You might be surprised to find out some of your scrap metal is not only recyclable, but valuable too! Call Us Today At ♦ (336) 272-1553 We buy aluminum cans for recycling. Turn your cans and other scrap metal into cold hard cash at Old Dominion Recycling. Over 50lbs. Find your closest store. If you are a large, commercial company with multiple locations, please reach out to our Global Scrap Management Services team at +1. Louis. ©2020 Trademark Metals Recycling LLC. exit. CALL US WITH QUESTIONS Call Can Land at 303-426-4141 and we will be glad to answer your questions. However, the price does vary across metal merchants, so make sure to check. 🥘🍺 NEW: Find local businesses open for to-go or delivery . 7 Aug 2019 People can no longer bring their cans and bottles to dozens of a customers aluminum cans at Our Planet Recycling in San Francisco, One of those is Our Planet Recycling, where de la Cruz ended up, near the intersection of “The ripples are being felt through the industry and, for me, one of the  20 Apr 2019 Although your council may pick up your cans at the road side, you could keep hold of your aluminium cans and recycle them yourself for cash! One of the world\\'s leading metal recyclers, offering the personal service of a local independent, with the capabilities of a global corporation. We are Dayton’s first drive-thru recycling center and purchase a variety of non-magnetic metals. 505-877-6110. Alter Metal Recycling has been serving the community since 1999 when they acquired Neiden Iron and Metal. 18 Old Sheet $0. can recycle just about any type of metal within your home or business and will give you cash right away for bringing it right to us. Copper. However, we offer  From aluminium cans to water filters, the materials A - Z has been compiled to help you recycle more. So why These ingots are then shipped to a nearby plant and rolled into sheets. Today, more than 70% of drinks cans are made from aluminium. 32 Painted Siding $0. 01 Aluminum Breakage $0. More details. Bring your recycling down to our Phoenix Location. Click here for our location. Copper Nickel Lead Aluminum Zinc Types of Scrap Metal you can Sell For Top Prices per tonne/Pound in Wisconsin? All kinds of scrap metal have a price and can be sold for good prices in Wisconsin although you should take note that most scrap yards in Wisconsin will not buy electrical equipment as scrap metal as the process of removing the scrap metal is not easy. Bring your industrial or residential scrap metal right to us. We recycle tons of scrap metal that otherwise would be filling up our landfills with dangerous materials and chemicals. For example, the California Bottles and Cans center (link in resources) gives you an estimate of how much you can earn from your plastic bottles, based on plastic type and approximate weight of the bottles. Jun 26, 2019 · Selling scrap metal is probably the most profitable form of recycling. MCR Recycling is a regional leader in scrap recycling. Aluminum is a sustainable metal and can be recycled over and over again. it doesn't add up to a whole lot but it is better than not Nov 11, 2018 · Price for Aluminum Cans. Can Land is family owned and operated, located in Denver, Colorado just north of Interstate 76 on the Federal Blvd. At Foss Recycling, not only do we provide an environmentally friendly way to sell your scrap metal, but we offer same-day payment in return! Foss Recycling is proud to buy and recycle the following scrap metals. Burlington, IA 52655 Item Price *per lb. Don't let valuable materials go to the landfill! Recycle your old scrap and go green while putting a little extra green in your pocket! For pricing, call 605. For example, energy can be saved by recycling aluminum cans back into aluminum cans as opposed to starting the process from the beginning with the exploration and refining of aluminum ore. Predominantly used as drink cans in Australia, aluminium cans can be recycled via most kerbside and drop off recycling centres. Recyco, Inc. These storage devices are composed of metal so they are thick and not easy to break into. Hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm Saturday: 8am- 12pm. Bates Recycling. 00. 95 Dirty Aluminum/Copper Radiators $0. SAN JOSE METALS RECYCLING in San Jose, California, is a recycling company that buys aluminum CRV, plastic CRV, plastic non-CRV, glass CRV and also any type of scrap metal. Whether you are looking to sell aluminum cans, copper pipe or tons of scrap iron and steel, you can rely on us to be your professional recycling partner & pay competitive prices. There are two versions of this can. 99 $ 16 . Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Tel: (801) 305 - 3700. or contact us today! What You Can Scrap With Metalico. Aluminium can prices. This is called a deposit. Currently we have the best pricing in all of southern Colorado on all non-ferrous metals. 0064. 2. We are located at 963 Hazel Street, Akron, OH. unless noted Used Beverage Cans $0. 15 #1 Copper Clean Copper: $1. As of this post, the price for cans is around . Our customers appreciate our clean yard, friendly staff, and fast and convenient service. 4809829988 Copyright - All rights reserved. Sims Metal Management provides local, national and global collection and recycling of metals arising from waste streams, manufacturing processes and site clearance and demolition projects. SA Recycling is a full-service ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycler and processor. Call us today at 919-219-4314 and speak with our friendly staff to get information on what we buy as well as what we sell. m-f 8:00a-4:00p sat closed The rule of thumb is: If it’s made of mostly or all metal, if it takes batteries, or if it plugs in, Cohen can recycle it. We pay highly competitive prices for all types of scrap metals such as: copper, brass, aluminum, electric motors, stainless steel, white goods, autos, and much more. With approximately a half-ounce of aluminum per can, or 32 cans per pound, that makes each one worth about 1. LEARN MORE ABOUT ACCEPTABLE SCRAP METAL RECYCLING MATERIALS Sell Your Scrap. A recycling center in Fairfield, Ohio, is paying 33 cents per pound for anything 50 pounds and over, and a scrap metal buyer in Salt Lake City is paying 38 cents per pound. Both ferrous and non ferrous metal wanted in Idaho. 06 Turn them into cash! Metal Recycling Services makes it easy for you to "go green" with fast and friendly service in 3 North Carolina locations. Find a Metal Supermarkets Near You. Rocky Mountain Recycling, Inc. in Dayton, Ohio. Alexandria Iron and Supply. Family-owned since 1924, Cohen is one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling companies in North America, with a reach that spans the globe. This has allowed us to design a state of the art operating facility to better serve our customers. Locally owned and operated, years of experience put us ahead of the game, affordable prices on all services. Find out where you can recycle in Raton. The majority of cans are clearly labelled with the ALU symbol, if you can’t see one look for the shiny base or use a magnet as aluminium isn’t magnetic. Turn your scrap metal into a revenue stream. CRV Beverage Container Recycling Program. 03 x (price in chart above, 81 cents would be . Metal recycling. 384. When selling scrap metal we know there are many choices in Oklahoma City, as a locally owned and operated family business we sincerely appreciate you choosing Al's Metal Recycling. Aluminum Cans / Non-Ferrous Scrap On the other end of the spectrum from vehicle recycling is aluminum can recycling. 25¢ Aluminum can price will be reduced if cans are wet or contain garbage. Call us today @ +1. We are located 1 block south of Foothills Drive, and 1/2 block east of Hamilton street in the Gonzaga District of Spokane. The Biggest Companies Rely on Us 14002 Hempstead Road, Houston, TX 77040. 1-800-468-7272 Find a Scrap Yard near you Sadoff Iron & Metal offers scrap metal recycling of non-ferrous metals and ferrous scrap, auto salvage, electronics recycling, and more. At Hazel Street Recycling we specializing in buying, selling, and processing scrap metals. 1040 N. Over 80 bricks-and-mortar locations across North America offering instant access to metals and metal-related services. We have been at the same location since 1984. C & D landfill, transfer station, demolition, compost, mulch Scrap yards in Idaho buy all types of scrap metal for great prices per pound lb. We believe that everyone can contribute to maintain a healthy environment, and with the commitment of the community the goal of having a less-polluted world is becoming a reality. 4K views View 1 Upvoter Industrial Park Rd. We specialize on helping people to get the most out of their scrap metal, with highly competitive prices and a great customer service. You may find some local giveaways around your area where you can buy cheap scrap metals and cash in on it. Sell Your Scrap. 100 is the aluminum can magic  Aluminum Cans & Scrap Foil, pie tins, and soda cans – Please flatten if possible. ALUMINUM SCRAP We Buy All Types of Metal Scrap. This is another way to build a strong relationship with a scrap yard; the more materials you bring it at once, the more likely the yard will be to see you as a valuable customer and someone they are Our services extend from general contractors to Fortune 500 companies; we can help commercial, industrial and residential customers. We process aluminum cans, iron, copper, steel, and brass. We accept most materials such as aluminum, copper, and steel. Stainless Steel – We buy all grades of stainless steel scrap like 303, 304, 316, and more. Jul 18, 2020 · View All Scrap Prices. our goal is to pay you the highest prices on all of your recyclable materials Metal Recycling Helps The Earth The most common metals to consider when discussing recycling are aluminum (Al) and steel. Needing assistance getting rid of scrap metal or any other recyclable items? Come to Ranch Town Recycling in San Jose, CA where we pay cash for your scrap metal and recyclable items. These days, cans are fetching 50% more than the price I got as a kid. We pride ourselves on providing a new era to this industry with a cleaner, faster & friendlier way to sell scrap. Selling. For our archived aluminium can price indicators, click on the Metal Prices Archive link to the right – or see below for current price indicators. MRS pays top dollar for scrap metal when you're looking to sell your scrap! Find out how aluminium cans get recycled, and learn some great facts about why recycling your cans is so important. Division Street (at Cicero Avenue) Chicago, IL 60651. If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, please give us a call. You will be paid for aluminum car rims. All prices for aluminium cans for recycling are shown in £ per tonne. Please empty all liquid. RCM, LLC Scrap Metal Buys all kinds of scrap metals from both consumers and businesses. As a full-service recycling yard, we have the experience and skill to help anyone that needs to get rid of unwanted scrap. 3 out of 5 stars 54 $16. Home of Moscow Recycling, Latah Sanitation and Clearwater Composting. Aluminum cans, steel, iron, copper, insulated wire (copper and aluminum) stainless steel, brass, and other metals or alloys. The tax is usually a few cents, perhaps five or 10 cents, depending on the state. Phoenix based E-Z Money Recycling provides recycling services for car batteries, aluminum cans, scrap metal, copper and more. Aluminum Beverage Cans; Ferrous Metals (Iron); Nonferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum, lead, batteries); Metal clothes hangers  Tin cans and scrap metal; Aluminum cans. You should also keep in mind that the whole can far outweighs the tab. We'd be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate. Regardless of if you are a lifetime coin collector or recently inherited a coin collection, when it comes time to sell coins you have many options out there. With decades of experience, the creators of Sell Coins Near Me understand that selling single coins or coin collections can be a daunting task. 2310 garner road, raleigh, nc 27610 hours m-f 8:00-4:30 & saturday-7:00-2:00 tel 919-828-5426 appliance pick up-removal-disposal, call: 919-348-0545 State ID and fingerprinting required for all transactions (excluding Aluminum Cans and Steel). We offer fair market value pricing and pay immediately to walk-ins on site and promptly to industrial accounts. WELCOME TO GENERAL SCRAP - AUTO SHRED GENERAL SCRAP MATERIAL We are a full service scrap metal recycling center located in Shreveport, LA. 3R Recycling Services Cincinnati Recycling Scrap Metal, Aluminum, Copper, Paper, Plastic, Batteries & Pallets. We offer trucking & scrap metal pick-up and scrap drop-off solutions & some of the best prices for scrap metal in New Jersey. Our goals are to pay a fair price while providing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction! Dec 30, 2019 · In order to encourage recycling of aluminum cans, glass bottles and other types of recyclable drink containers, a number of states collect a small tax, often called a bottle or can deposit, on drinks that come in such packages. Backed by over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide quality services you can count on. Regardless of the scrap metal dealer you choose, look it up on the Better Business Bureau website and on other customer review websites before selling your metal to the company. Palm Beach Metal, Inc. We pay cash for all kind of recycled metals such as Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Steel,Cans Radiators, Catalytic Convertors, Batteries, Rims and all other metals. There are recycling centres and scrap dealers all across the UK that will pay for a bundle of aluminium cans. Valley Recycling, Inc is the premier recycling company Serving Arizona Since 1975 Call for Pricing (480) 834-1923 4 Million Pounds Recycled Apple Facility, East Mesa On Time, On Budget, No injuries We Buy Scrap Metal We Sell New Steel Scrap Metal Take care of the environment and earn extra money by recycling scrap materials. , the recycling center is open to Pleasanton residents and non-residents alike and pays for the following materials: aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles,  Aluminum Cans. Aluminum cans. Don't just dispose of your aluminum recyclables and let others collect the cash - Barnes Recycling will pay you top dollar for your scrap metal and aluminum cans. We then sort and process this scrap to be recycled into new products. You can be the luckiest rustiest customer! Cans, CRV bottles and CRV Glass. for horry county you can obtain permits at horry county sheriff's office which is located at 1201 3rd ave. All items are decommisioned and recycled in a completely enviromentally safe manner. You can bring PSC Metals your recycled cans and other non-ferrous scrap metals like copper or wire and make some extra money. Shop for metal cans and paint cans. This includes, but is not limited to, copper, brass, aluminum's and precious metals. Visit a PSC Metals location to recycle vehicles, appliances, aluminum cans and more for scrap metal. SMC Recycling is the premier metal recycler in North Mississippi and West Tennessee. 521 Barge Channel Rd, St Paul, MN 55107. Requirements: All cans must be clean of scrap garbage, plastic, glass, cigarettes, paper and tin cans. We buy a wide range of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individual customers as well as large and small businesses. The following hard-to-recycle materials are not accepted in residential recycling  If you are then Paper Recovery is the metal recycler that takes aluminum cans, wire, batteries and other metal items for cash! Rockford cares about citizen's involvement, and their motto reads, “The Government Closest to the People. Oct 04, 2016 · Where Can You Find Aluminum Cans for Scrap? Local Sports – If you are near football or baseball stadiums, the tailgating parking lots are a great place to start to look for cans. We can also recycle batteries and electronics. , roughly 60. , located just outside of Birmingham Alabama, has serviced the Industrial, Commercial and Residential community since 1995. Since 1978, Standard Iron & Metal has provided our customers with fast, reliable service. Based in Hampton, Virginia, our recycling center accepts all ferrous and nonferrous scrap from individuals, organizations, and businesses. The following beverages sold in aluminum, glass, plastic, and  Aluminum cans, such as pop and beer cans, can be placed in your curbside recycling bin and are also accepted at the Recovery Yard and the Drop-Off Station. The type of metal will also affect the price you’ll be able to fetch. We relocated the facility to 6100 N 70th Street in July 2012 from 525 N Street down town, making way for the new Arena project. We grade, package and sell all types of copper, brass, aluminum and nickel Get Directions Recycling Near Me. Your materials will be weighted based on its type and size. buys and recycles all scrap metals including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum cans, lead, and all types of iron and ferrous metals. For each deposit If you have no recycling center near you, ask a local scrap metal dealer for the price paid for aluminum scrap. It's never been easier to do your part at home by recycling plastic bottles and metal cans. A number of charities and non-profit organizations accept donations of old cabinets, counters, doors, windows, and other building materials that you may no longer need but can still be used. Office : (253) 770-6905 Cell:(253) 292-7671 / Cell: (253) 359-5554 Scrap metal prices are derived using the commodity market spot or three month posted price for a particular commodity minus the spread for a certain classification of the metal. The spreads are affected by price fluctuations, demand for a particular metal and supply levels around the world to name a few. Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 4:15 pm Saturday 8:00 am to 11:45 am Recycling can save enormous amounts of energy by repurposing “trash” for like or similar items. Catalytic Converters. buys non-ferrous only Jan 09, 2019 · To get metal scrap near me, I would also consider searching the internet. Car batteries can be recycled at Northumberland Wharf Reuse and Recycling Centre. Facebook Twitter Yelp PLEASE NOTE! Spot market prices are for a clean, purified and prepared product. is the area’s leading buyer and recycler of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. 3339 second sw albuquerque nm 87105 map & directions. 706-322-7789 - Competitive rates on recycled metal. Taking advantage of the free money laying around via aluminum cans can be worth the effort when done right. At Asner Iron & Metal Co. They are also the first all-aluminum can. Scrap metal is not waste or trash. We accept items from manufacturers, small and large businesses, and residents – anyone who produces or comes across metal and electronics. 33 a pound. We provide the necessary service of buying and processing non-ferrous metals for companies around the world. As a family-owned, Christian business, we recycle everything from aluminum cans and car batteries to cellphones, lead, cast iron items and electric motors. Welcome to Downtown Metals and Recycling Center. We do provide excellent on time service, very competitive pricing, and we recycle today for tomorrow’s needs to save our valuable natural These are the Current Metal Prices. Recycling Conserves Natural Resources Aluminum cans are the most valuable beverage containers to recycle and are the most recycled consumer product in the U. No minimum orders means you can order as much or as little as you need. Tulsa, OK 74116 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM *Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy that can be used to run a 100 watt light bulb for around 20 hours, a TV set for around 2 hours and a computer for around 3 hours. There are countless success stories of people who managed to boost their monthly income with an additional $500 or even $1,000 by recycling cans. In the future, we hope to include other recycling organisations. Phone: (773) 287-1500 Office: (773) 287-2828 Fax: (773) 284 Contact Information. Prices Subject to Change 2 Line Receiving Station Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm Jul 20, 2020 · Different Scrap Metal Metals We Buy. Scrap Metal Prices in Ohio, United States The prices listed below are state average prices paid by scrap yards in Ohio, United States. Scrap metal recycler. We have a large lot with easy shipping access by truck or rail, and we can provide industrial container service. 410-760-9088 - Top cash for scrap. Frederick Scrap is the Top Scrap Metal Yard in Frederick! When you choose to scrap locally here at Frederick Scrap, you are ensuring you will be paid the most Competitive Scrap Prices for your scrap metal. Any consumer who has been denied this right by a recycling center can file a complaint via email or by calling 1-800-RECYCLE. 7 13-690-6777 Scrap@CoastalMetalRecycling. 30 cans typically add up to make one pound of cans. We sell both ferrous and non ferrous materials in bulk. This hardware typically The recycling price for aluminum is invaluable—it is the most recyclable of all materials, making it the most valuable piece of metal in any recycling bin. Our buyback personnel will take, weight, and pay for your clean aluminum cans at the northwest corner of the building at those times. We will deduct for moisture. We also buy all non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, lead, and aluminum. Scrap metal. All transactions can be paid in cash up until the transaction goes over $300, at that point according to state law we are required to write and mail a check to the address provided. We Offer Competitive Pricing and Outstanding Customer Service. We are family owned and operated and remain successful by providing all of our customers with hassle-free service along with fair payment for their metal. 32/lb over 100 lbs. Aluminum Can Recycling in Green Bay on YP. 7 cents. m. Get paid top-dollar for your aluminum cans! Looking for the best scrap metal company in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans, Leighton Buzzard or Flitwick? RMI for scrap metal recycling. Just type in the item you want to donate and click on Search for a In Response to Covid-19 and the Jefferson Parish mask requirements, you are required to wear a mask to sell your scrap metal. Louis Metal Recycling We pride ourselves on treating you with the professionalism and friendliness you deserve while paying you top dollar for your scrap metal. 03 pounds, an average aluminum can has a value of about 2. We purchase all types of scrap metal for recycling, including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials. Slesnick turns recycled items into scrap and then sends it onto the mills where new products such as vehicles, beams, pipe, appliances and more are produced for consumers to Apr 23, 2018 · How much money do you get from recycling aluminum cans? I took a trip to the scrap yard to turn in my aluminum cans for a little cash. com for more information. albuquerque metal recycling south 2nd street / car recyling. The types of scrap metal you can sell for top current prices per pound include Scrap Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Lead, Iron, Bronze Nickel, Tin, Zinc etc. 45 Insulated Aluminum Wire $0. We are here to help anyone with scrap metal who wants to turn it into money. As long as there is a cash for cans centre nearby, you could be joining the millions of people every year who help themselves and the environment by recycling aluminium cans. To contact one of our scrap metal buyers or to find out what we buy, click here. NO PLASTIC BAGS in any of the recycling containers! Commingle Compactor: We will accept Aluminum & Steel Cans (NO SCRAP METAL!), Plastic bottles/jugs/   Aluminum cans; Plastic bottles & tubs #1-7; Paper & cardboard. 888. We offer fair, courteous service to customers recycling aluminum beverage cans as well as other ferrous and nonferrous metals. Give us a call: 651-454-9215 | Sell My Phone Get Fast Cash for Your Phones and Tablets. Educational resources Explore a range of educational resources all about aluminium, including lesson plans, fact sheets, worksheets and presentations. If you are looking for a recycling center, "near me", come see us. Call us today at 850-862-8117 or email our manager, Tyler Day at TylerDay79@yahoo. 99 $17. We are full service recycling center and we accept all types of Scrap Metal including all California CRV products including aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass containers. Bring us your Aluminum cans, aluminum siding, copper, insulated wire, stainless steel, brass, radiators, batteries, catalytic converters, electric motors, ferrous, non-ferrous materials and we will give you cash! Turn your scrap metal into cash quickly and easily. Once you deliver your scrap aluminum, we pay you cash on-site. Dedicated to the same values we were founded on, Cohen is People Powered Recycling. Adapted from Classroom Activities, by Dept of Economic & Community Development, State of Maine OBJECTIVE: To become aware of the economics involved in recycling aluminum. 95 #2 Copper Dirty Copper Please support Earth911 database updates so we can help others recycle! Join 92,000+ Earthlings. Jul 01, 2015 · Question from Elaine: I have been saving aluminum soda cans for several years with the intention of recycling them for cash because aluminum used to recycle for about a dollar a pound a few years ago. Wasatch Metal Recycling 205 W. The Triple $50! Three times every week we draw out a name of some lucky customer to win $50. Copper Prices - Aluminum Prices Columbus Ohio. Bracken Recycling, located north of Loop 1604 off of Nacogdoches Road, is a family owned and responsible scrap metal recycling center serving the community since 2014. Roll off bins available for clean ups. All you do is put “aluminum cans” in the search bar, plug in your zip code, and the website will search the database for centers that take aluminum cans! From there, you can make calls to each center to find out their prices for aluminum cans. CFS Metals Recycling brings years of industry knowledge to the Tucson market. 4 cents at 81 cents a pound. Mar 03, 2019 · Recycling aluminum cans by itself probably won’t make you financially independent, but it can be a way to make money quickly if you’re in a bind, especially if you and/or the people around you drink a lot of canned soda and other drinks. If you have a scrap metal that you do not see in our list, contact us or bring it in to one of our convenient Recycling Specialists. 24 Aug 2017 Perhaps you've heard about scrap metal recycling many times On the other hand, recovering a ton of aluminum cans saves 21,000 Let me explain. 2101 NW Burlington Ave. Encore Recyclers in Garland pays top dollar for your scrap metal in the Dallas area. Citizens for the Developmentally Disabled will pay a variable rate for aluminum cans and some types of copper. We have and continued to use the same business philosophy of our founders. With a simple process and a free quote to let you know how much you will be paid for your items, the team at Austin Metal & Iron is ready to work with you for all of your scrap metal recycling needs. We are reimbursed that five cents when we turn our bottles to a “  Find out how to recycle: Foil and aluminium trays · Food and drink cartons · Glass bottles and jars · Plastic bottles. A Recycling Center is a direct-from-the-public and commercial collector of aluminum cans, scrap metals, insulated wire and lead acid batteries in Columbia. We recycle just about anything made of metal - recycle old cars, bikes, BBQ’s, trampolines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wheel barrels, shovel heads and more. Roll-off container service available. This is a great way to turn those unwanted items into cash while helping to keep the landfill intake down. Call Element to haul away trash, metal, or even dirt from your home or business today. Preferably in Western part of Mesa or Northern part of Gilbert - why bother recycling cans if I end up wasting money Windy City Metal Recycling & Resources, LLC 4617 W. Now you too can help save the environment and contribute to a greener planet by recycling your metal around the house or office. If you’re looking for aluminum can recycling centers near you, then you’re doing the right thing. Since aluminum does not lose any of its important properties or damage the metal’s structure it can then be recycled indefinitely. We specialize in industrial scrap recycling and are one of the top innovative businesses in the scrap metal industry. Here at Scrapys we offer an enviromentally safe way to dispose of and Recycle your Appliances, (Buys Aluminum Cans), (Buys Lead Acid Batteries), Computers, Home Electronics, TVs & Monitors. If you want to know how much are our prices per pound and how much you will get, call us at (252) 243-3586 for prices. We provide this page for market and global trends for metal commodities and are not current scrap metal prices. Despite this, $1 billion dollars worth of aluminum cans are sent to landfills every year. Apr 05, 2020 · M&M Recycling is one of the top paying scrap metal buyers in Atlanta. You can walk around the parking lots for hours lading up to the game to take cans away from the fans enjoying their pre-game traditions. *Approximately 61 billion aluminum cans were recycled and reused in the US in 2011. We are experts in our field, and our family has been recycling various metals in the Kansas City region for 4 generations. Then bring your aluminum into our scrap metal recycling center conveniently located on the West side of Indianapolis, off of Mickley Avenue. The package is on sale for $3. Address : 7824 River Rd. Find the best Aluminum Can Recycling Prices near you on Yelp - see all Aluminum Can Recycling Prices open now. 25¢ Under 50lbs. Brass recycling. Southern Scrap Company is a full service scrap metal processor, with both ferrous and non-ferrous operation and waste hauling. 20 EC Wire $0. Call (480) 639-0116 If you have scrap metal in Huntsville and across Northern Alabama, then visit the metal recycling specialists at ACB Metals. Recognized as an industry leader in metal recycling, we operate over 70 recycling facilities conveniently located throughout California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. 28 Jun 2019 Other places quoted me a flat rate that was better than some recycling centers' bulk rates! Lesson 2: 100 Pounds. We collect, process, resell, and trade a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous scrap. We are a professional scrap metal recycling yard for individuals, smaller businesses, along with industrial and demolition contractors. A4 Metal Recycling Ltd pays the best price for scrap metal. READ MORE - We Want to be Your Partner in Metals Recycling 1 All manner of scrap metals can be sold to OmniSource—steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel. Apr 05, 2019 · When I want to find scrap metal near me to sell for wads of cash, I used these 9 awesome places! Selling scrap metal is an amazing side hustle for moms and everyone else. East Valley 480-907-6978 1110 East Gilbert Drive,Tempe, AZ, 85281 | Mon-Sun 8-5:45PM West Valley 602 276-9414 940 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040 | Mon - Sat 8-5 For Information Call 561-689-0909. Puyallup, WA 98371. Recla Metals is a state of the art metal recycle center We offer competitive pricing on all ferrous and nonferrous metals for recycling purposes. Improving scrap metal recycling in Salt Lake City is our passion, and it shows. You can get back the deposit when you return the bottles to a recycling center. Visit our "Facts" page for more information about how you can help our planet by recycling. Jun 19, 2020 · See bars, beer stores, and restaurants near me selling Budweiser with prices and whether it's on tap or in a bottle, can, growler, etc. As one of the most competitively priced buyers of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, We Buy Scrap continually monitors market conditions to establish fair pricing at all levels of service. For all other items call for pricing. (318) 445-2441. The lists are not inclusive; other items not listed may be inappropriate for recycling as scrap metal. A major Aluminum Recycling Locator  The Collection Centers and Solid Waste & Recycling Main Facility accept most recyclables together in the Mixed Recycling- aluminum cans, steel cans,  In Maine, USA we pay 5 cents per can or bottle of soft drink or beer. Check the MassDEP Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory for nearby drop-off locations. Store paint, lacquer and other products in these cans, all of which are composed of some kind of metal. Jun 28, 2019 · With an average can weighing about 14-15 grams or . We pay for scrap metal from both residential and commercial/industrial customers. Our Non-Ferrous prices usually change on Mondays, But if the market drops drastically mid-week, a change might happen!Our Ferrous prices are usually good for the month unless the market drops a lot sometime through the m B and E Recycling Station Serving the Northwest Metro for all your recycling needs since 2003. #1 Bare Bright Wire: $2. Call us today at (913) 281-4000, to find out what we have available, and put our know-how and experience in the metal industry to work for you. 2 billion cans were recycled. schools To get started, just give us a call at 317-244-0700 and request a free quote for your aluminum cans and bottles. W. Jul 15, 2020 · The iScrap App is a great tool to use on the go to find scrap yards in the area. We recycle scrap metal, appliances, electronics, and provide roll-off boxes and recycling solutions for local governments and property managers in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. is located in Milton, Florida. As the leader in the scrap metal industry, our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and satisfaction possible. Whether it’s a case of cans, an original 30 pound cylinder, or a 145 pound reclaim tank, we’ll buy it. Some are “It's interesting to watch our customers,” Phil Martens, CEO of Novelis, told me. Usually, every man-made things that you own have some metal in it – from cell phone devices, broken grills, and old plumbing joints, to water filters. ELECTRONIC RECYCLING Element Recycling will pay cash for any unwanted laptop and desktop computers, CPUs, memory, high and low-grade boards, and the list goes on. If you have large quantities of scrap metal that you’d like to sell or just get rid of, please contact the nearest location to you or call our toll free number (855) 701-7171 Instantly connect with local buyers and sellers on OfferUp! Buy and sell everything from cars and trucks, electronics, furniture, and more. What We Buy Insulated Copper and Aluminum Wire All types of Iron and Steel Appliances and Tin All types of Aluminum Aluminum Cans All grades of Copper Brass Stainless Steel Lead and Batteries 318. Recycling aluminum is a great way to save for a child’s education, or for a little extra spending money. Our standard cutting services include Shearing and Production Cutting. Scrap metal may, in fact, be one of our most precious resources. Scrap Metal Recycling. We are a Denver metro area recycling center paying competitive prices for non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, nickel and lead. Source: ScrapMetalPricesAndAuctions. We make it easy to Drop off old appliances, broken appliances, aluminum cans and more, as well as pay cash for them. We take pride in providing excellent customer care, delivering superior services that meet your expectations. Single Stream Recycling (clean, empty, dry). Where there are exceptions, our expert staff will help you work it out. Our multiple locations provide exceptional recycled products and programs for steel mills, foundries, smelters, and many others. 1" H 4. Our experienced staff understands how to purchase and process a wide variety of Ferrous ( iron & steel ) and Non- Ferrous (copper, brass, alum, stainless) metals and can assist our retail and industrial customers to maximize the value of their scrap. Marietta - Spokane, WA (509) 483-4094. Prices are collected from scrap yards directly and updated bi-weekly. We have more than seventeen years experience in the Recycling business. For more than 80 years, we have been providing the fastest, most fair and most reliable scrap metal recycling service to a wide range of customers, including both businesses and individuals, throughout the greater Shreveport-Bossier Area. Small objects often need storage, but not just regular storage, but one that protects them in tandem. 81) Disappointing, I know. Call 920-685-0448 ScrapMart pays top dollar for numerous types and grades of scrap metal. By selling salvaged metal to a scrap metal yard, a business can increase their bottom line while reducing harmful effects on the environment. Paul, MN. We BUY & RECYCLE scrap metal: onsite service, roll-off pickup, and drive-in locations: Sterling VA, Manassas VA, Springfield VA, Waldorf MD, Ranson WV, & Beltsville MD. The words "Contents 12 OZs" is printed near the bottom of the can. where to sell aluminum cans near me

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